The Abyss Game


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Reborn in a strange and brutal game world, he had only two choices – to devour or be devoured. But is this the world that human power can build? “The place you are in is the abyss.” – Within every human body lies a source of energy, and if you establish a connection with it, you will transcend life and death and become invincible.

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Date Group Release
05/26/23 KnoxT c11
05/23/23 KnoxT c10
05/23/23 KnoxT c9
05/21/23 KnoxT c8
05/21/23 KnoxT c7
05/21/23 KnoxT c6
05/21/23 KnoxT c5
05/21/23 KnoxT c4
05/21/23 KnoxT c3
05/21/23 KnoxT c2
05/20/23 KnoxT c1
05/20/23 KnoxT c0
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