Professional Body Double


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ZhouXiang didn’t know if God was giving him a second chance to live because he wanted to give him extra loving care or was it because he hasn’t messed with him enough.

Otherwise, how could it be that both in and out of his entertainment career, whether it was in his past life or his current life, YanMingXiu would consider him as the substitute for the same person.

He also didn’t know, between him and Young Master Yan, who was actually more pitiful; the one who could only be treated as a substitute or the one could only find a substitute.

In his past life, ZhouXiang was the stuntman for the big star WangYudong.

But not just as his martial art stuntman…..

Even within his deeply ill-fated relationship with YanMingXiu, he was also undeniably a complete substitute.

Disheartened, ZhouXiang went with a group of documentary film crew into the deep valleys of the treacherous mountains. Unexpectedly, he lost his footing and fell off a cliff .

When he awakened again, it was already two years later. Nevertheless, he awakened in another person’s body.

What is even more tragic is that he still couldn’t escape the fate of being a substitute…

T/N: 替身: Tishen is a person who replaces another; a substitute, in filming the tishen is a stuntman/body-double.

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The Professional Substitute
Zhiye Tishen
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Wolvelyn rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: Completed
I like to abuse my heart, that's why this story suits my taste.

I didn't realize that I've read the books from the same author until I feel the same pattern in those books: heartbreak, misunderstandings, and regrets. Oh, the author also likes to use flashback. Basically, this novel will be about MC's past until chapter 40 or so.

Although the characters are actors, this novel is more focused on the romance.

... more>> But warnings ahead, this story contains:

  • A kind-hearted MC who is a body double for an actor called Wang Yuede. I kinda suspect that he's a masochist; the ML f*cked him up over and over again, but guess what? he keeps coming back to him *rolls eyes*. Seems like he has a thing for heartbreak.
  • A bastard ML who doesn't really know what he wants (or in this case, who he wants). So, he likes this Wang Yuede guy, but this guy is his sister's boyfriend. One time, he mistook MC for Wang Yuede because apparently they have the same back view (lol wtf), and long short story they became f*ck buddies.
  • A freaking Wang Yuede: he's a really sketchy guy. Honestly, he doesn't have that much dialogs, but all the problems related to him.
If u really really curious and like to abuse your heart like me, go ahead and read it. Or if you like spoilers you can see it here:


Are you sure?Here's the summary:

MC is a body double (a stuntman) for WY

ML mistook MC as WY cuz they have the same back view and what not

They become f*ck buddies

MC loves ML dearly: he cooks for him, treat him gently, spoil him, etc but the ML took him for granted

Until one day.....

  • The ML called WY's name when he f*ck MC (IKR?!?!?!?!? THAT"S SO CRUEL)
  • MC got a role in a movie instead of WY. WY called ML to help him get a role. ML agreed and restrain the MC inside his house which makes him lose the role

So bam, MC is heartbroken, desperate, and sorrowful.

Then he accepts a job from his friend to film a documentary movie in a mountain. Suddenly it's raining, and he basically fell off a cliff and died.

The ML shocked and eventually realize that he loves the MC (too late for that buddy *rolls eyes*).

and YAY reborn!

Because the new MC resembles the former MC, ML got attracted to him. and guess what? HE IS SUCH A JERK! man, he paid 2 million to MC to become his f*ck buddy because that time MC's mother is sick and they have a huge debt to pay. And s*upidly, the MC agrees (*rolls eyes*).

Honestly, the ML is such an a**hole. He stops being an as*hole when he found out that the former MC and the new MC is the same soul.

And to no ones surprise, they got back together. the end

ugh, I feel so dissapointed. I feel like I wasted a lot of time and brain cells (I used MTL btw)

so the moral of the story for me: please save yourself a lot of dramas and cringy ass heartbreaks by stop involving yourself with a bastard. Or, if u realllly love the bastard, pleeeaseee communicate with each other clearly.

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Fundle rated it
December 8, 2018
Status: Completed
So I ended up binge reading the entire thing. That's how good this novel is.

The story is the classic misunderstanding with feelings story, but they way they show how much they love each other and coming to the realization that they love each other despite the misunderstands is a great journey.

I ended up not reading the flashback of the at all until I ended the novel and it was actually better that way. Because I knew the motivation behind some of the actions of the ML. Who seems like a... more>> jerk in the flashback but is really just young.

This story is actually great to reread, I should know I reread it already twice. Definitely give this one a try.


So the entire time you are waiting for someone to figure out that he is the same zhou as the one who died. And the reveal is so worth the wait.

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Sceer rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: --
There are things that happened in this story that made me so angry

1. ML used MC as a substitute for WYD

2.... more>>

ML is unreasonably jealous to LX because LX loves MC but ML punishes MC for it



ML tied up MC so that he can't attend a conference (because LX and MC are in this film together and he is a motherf*cker who thinks he can control people) thus he wasn't able to star in the film



Using rebirth MC as a substitute to the original MC.


And the Major Spoiler of all


ML thought he liked WYD due to a film he saw but it was actually the MC as a stunt double for WYD


For me the story was beautifully written but I just don't like the ML at all. There are people who likes a male lead that is a scum at first then try to fix his mistakes. I also like to read novels like these sometimes but this is too much. Angst is used to develop the plot instead of the plot giving the readers the feeling of angst (Am I making sense? Lol)



WYD wronged ML and MC many times but the face slapping isn't satisfactory at all. He is still doing well because he is married to ML's sister.


If you like this kind of story then read it. <<less
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lorry rated it
November 14, 2018
Status: c71
I haven't read the other stories from this author, but from what I've gathered they really like angst, unrequited love, and as*hole MLs, so if drama and angst isn't your cup of tea, go now.

MC got involved with ML, and only later discovers to his heartbreak that ML was only using him as a substitute for his unrequited love, his sister's boyfriend, to whom MC bears a resemblance. MC tries to break it off, and ends up in what appears to be a fatal accident... only to wake up transmigrated... more>> into the body of a comatose person who shares the same name as himself.

He swore to make use of this second chance, and avoid ML and live his life. But fate has other plans.


MC meets ML, who fixates on him because of his uncanny resemblance to MC's original body, who ML refuses to believe is truly dead as there was no body recovered. MC just assumes ML is fixated on him because ML sees his resemblance to ML's brother-in-law again.

ML all these years is grieving for MC, whom he realized too late he was actually in love with. He was shaken to see the current MC and later coerces MC into a relationship as a substitute for the original MC, while MC just assumes ML is using him again as a substitute for his unrequited love, ML's bro-in-law.

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SalmonRapier rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Reading the reviews for this novel, the first question I have for whoever reviewed and whoever is reading this — did you not come here for the dogblood?

If you're not here for the dogblood, move along. There are several other novels that will give you the fluff and happiness you're looking for.

Please, read the tags. Read the summary. You know this isn't a novel that will give you the sunshine and rainbows you're looking for, and this definitely isn't the novel for snowflakes who can't handle angst.

Unlike you, there... more>> are actually people who enjoy dogblood and are here for that particular reason.

The one thing that impressed me the most about the novel was the characterisation of both Yan MingXiu and ZhouXiang. The way the author built them was done so well, and I thoroughly appreciate it. It's not everytime that you get to come across a novel with such well written characters!

So with regard to that, my review will be based solely on their characters, take it as a character study (which is why I will also not be spoiler tagging, read at your own risk).


Yan MingXiu:

This is especially meant for those of you calling Yan MingXiu (ML) a bastard/shitty person. I am not going to paint him in the light of a saint, because he isn't, but I will lay out everything I understood about his character — everything that I can clearly see you missed out on, or even completely ignored.

First things first, he is just 20 years old when he is introduced in the novel. Please, take into consideration how young and immature he actually is. And being young and naive, who doesn't make s*upid mistakes?

I'm not justifying his actions by stating his age, I am only stating that you should also take his age into consideration, because no one can entirely expect every 20 year old to be very level-headed and to carry out all their actions rationally, and in a mature manner.

Hating on him just because he does not fit your mold of what a gong should be like is very illogical. He is his own person, and not everyone is a saint.

This is *his* story, and this is how Shui Dada wrote for things to unfold — not yours :')

If you really look at it, Yan MingXiu had, right from the beginning, his feelings confused — and who doesn't when it comes to love?

As for the matter of him calling out Wang Dong's (I will not bother remembering this scum's full name) name while Yan MingXiu and ZhouXiang were doing it — I have no reason to justify that, but let me also point out that he was very drunk, he was in anguish because the person he thought he loved just got engaged to his own sister that very day, and finally, if that never happened, ZhouXiang would have never known he was a substitute.

For most people pointing Yan MingXiu out to be a scum, saying he was selfish and only cared for his matters, and only came to realize his love for ZhouXiang *after* ZhouXiang's death, I don't think you even read the novel.

Shui Dada, the author, went into great lengths to keep adding Yan MingXiu's personal thoughts about everything. It's clearly written that he had started to realize his actual feelings for ZhouXiang much *before* ZhouXiang's death. I have no idea how most people missed out on that.

The back that looked so much like Wang Dong's once began to look like it's original owner's, i.e., ZhouXiang. ZhouXiang's position as a substitute in Yan MingXiu's eyes was slowly being erased. Yan MingXiu was happier when he was around ZhouXiang, and this started making him conflicted because he wasn't sure where his true feelings lay.

There are paragraphs (paragraphs!) written with regard to his conflicting thoughts on what his actual feelings for ZhouXiang were.

And all of this happened *before* ZhouXiang's death.

Also, Yan MingXiu was not the one who made ZhouXiang die. He was merely one of the reasons. Please get that right. The both of them had several things going on in their lives at that moment, and they were both on the edge. Things would have gone much smoother had they only truthfully conveyed their feelings properly, but that didn't happen.

Yan MingXiu is a character who had so much mixed feelings, was very desperate and confused — it's a shame he could only connect the dots to everything too late.

For the part right before ZhouXiang's death, when Yan MingXiu stood by Wang Dong's side and placed ZhouXiang under house arrest — I was angry too. It was very unfair for ZhouXiang. That was a really s*upid thing for him to do, and the pushing point towards the end of their relationship.

But consider this, Wang Dong was his soon to be brother-in-law, practically already part of his family, so at such a time of conflict, you can't expect Yan MingXiu to side with someone who isn't part of his family instead.

In Asian culture, family is given utmost respect and importance. If Yan MingXiu did not support Wang Dong at that time, it would have been seen as a big insult to the family and Yan MingXiu would have had to face dire consequences.

Yan MingXiu was also just 21 then, and didn't have the power to stand on his own, or defend himself even if he did go against his family. This isn't like the Western scenario where you can simply walk out on family.

Continuing with this, and considering how important family and filial piety is in Asian culture — the very fact that Yan MingXiu actually stood up for love, for his love for ZhouXiang, against his entire family towards the end of the novel, makes me hold respect for him.

As for the part of ZhouXiang being taken in as a substitute again, but this time for his past self — think about it. Yan MingXiu is *not* someone who would merely go pick a random person just cause he slightly resembled ZhouXiang.

This is a story where the supernatural and fate play a big role, and it was fate that allowed the two of them to meet once more. Again, the author wrote specifically on Yan MingXiu's reaction the first time he saw ZhouXiang after ZhouXiang's rebirth. It wasn't just a moment where he felt this person seemed familiar — it was more of a moment where his heart, and everything within, screamed that *he knew* this person. That he was the one. I believe the strong hints at all those coincidences only existed for the two to come together again in ZhouXiang's second lifetime.

Some of Yan MingXiu's actions are inexcusable yes, go ahead and call him selfish and a scum, but remember, he almost gave up, and was also ready to give up (in worst case scenario), his family just to be with the person he loves after so much hardship.

He had so many moments, and so many chances to give up and move on — but he did not. He stayed true to his feelings till the very end.

He even grew out of his distrust, and strove to be better, stronger — all to be with ZhouXiang.

Evaluate that however much you want, but to me, that's a brilliant growth in his character.


I have so much words of praise for him. He is such a mature character, and a shou who actually has brains and doesn't act rashly. I found this very admirable and so refreshing!

This doesn't mean that he's all perfect, in fact, he turns out to be more of a relatable character. Someone who isn't in the pinnacle of life, but is doing everything he can to get through with life — rational, cautious, independent and, in a way, sure of himself.

Even after his rebirth, he didn't take this second chance as an opportunity to get back at the people who wronged him. Sure, he did have such thoughts of wanting to see his nemesis (Wang Dong) fall — but he realized that that was s*upid of him to think. And while it did bother him, he did not allow such thoughts to take full control over him.

He knows how to let go of grudges; knows when to take a step back from situations; how to hold in his anger; and how to go about with things. He was, all in all, a wonderful portrayal of a mature character.

Being able to see his selfless side when he took such great care of a woman who was not his real mother — it made you see just how nice of a person he was.
But just because ZhouXiang was nice doesn't mean he was a pushover either. He was strong, highly aware of what he wanted and a person dedicated to his goals.

It's very disappointing to see how several reviews paint him in a weak and pathetic light. ZhouXiang did not go through all that he did just to be viewed as a victim in the end.

He did not easily give in to Yan MingXiu's pursuit for his love after his real identity was revealed. Like I said, ZhouXiang is not a pushover.

He was tough and determined to remain away from Yan MingXiu for so many reasons — having to also sort out his real feelings and the shock from realizing that Yan MingXiu had loved him all along, being one. There was a lot of pushing and pulling before he finally gave in, and decided that, yes, he wanted to be with Yan MingXiu.

This was not a half-hearted decision, and absolutely not a decision made out of guilt or because he felt he was forced to.

If it was any of the above, ZhouXiang would not have, towards the end of the novel, gone all by himself to Yan MingXiu's parents and declared his love for Yan MingXiu.

Considering how powerful Yan MingXiu's father was, even to the extent that he had confined Yan MingXiu and even raised a physical hand against his own son, ZhouXiang still went to meet them despite knowing this. He was nervous and probably even scared, but his love for Yan MingXiu would not let him sit back and be a mere observer in the entire period of conflict within the Yan family.

ZhouXiang's decision to remain with Yan MingXiu for the rest of his life was his own. He did this entirety out of his own consent, and this was what he wanted. He is not a victim.

He is a survivor.


Overall, I was highly pleased with the entire novel. I came for the angst and the dogblood, and it fully delivered. It also presented such well-written characters that I honestly did not expect to see.

I do hope the two live a happy life together, after this ill-fated relationship spanning two lifetimes filled with so much hardship that tried to keep them apart — their heartbeats solely beating for each other, forever. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sleep-deprived rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: c1
I really liked this novel at first. It had all the delicious angst and misunderstandings you wish to see in a romance. The best part of the novel is the twenty-something chapters of flashbacks.

Then, you have about a few dozen decent chapters, where you start to feel something is not quite right with the story but you still hopeful.

And then you realize that it really lets you down, ignoring the most glaring issue with the ML, and letting a few love confessions to absolve the scum from the matters that... more>> should not be treated so easily. It is not even a question of morals as much as dropping the ball and significantly lowering stakes of the conflict.


My main problem with the story is that the male lead literally is abusive towards main character in his first life, this hurt/comfort cycle, at first threating him like sh*t then, as soon as the MC tries to pull back, reeling him back in. ML also tries to make MC cut some people out of his life due to jealousy, while being hung up on another dude himself. It culminates in ML literally illegally holding the MC captive, tying him up, locking him in his own apartment without any way to contact the outside world, just so that MC will lose the opportunity of his life in regards to career - on behalf of the guy ML was in love with and due to jealousy again. He even has the guts to frame it as a good thing: saying that he, ML, will provide the MC with other opportunities - disregarding that at that point, MC already knows he's being treated as a substitute and being fed up with him and wanting to break up. ML also, there is no other way to put it, r*pes MC.

This never really brought up later, the most MC accuses him of is that the ML treated him as a substitute when the issue is much deeper. ML, unknowingly, already fell for MC at that point and not really treated him as a substitute. Yet, he did those things anyway and regretted nothing.

In the future, after MC was reborn, ML pulled similar shit: he didn't know MC is MC but simply felt that he is similar to the MC. Thus, he pursued him and, paid him to have s*x with him. All the while insisting that the love of his life, MC, is not dead. I mean, okay, you love him so much and want to believe he's coming back, what's up with you f*cking a guy who is like him?

This wasn't really resolved either. All swept under the rug of his love confession. MC has some misgivings about whether to believe him, but I don't really think that is what he should have been focused on. Because if that's what ML's love like...

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July 15, 2020
Status: c107
It definitely hit the mark when it came to a dog blood rebirth novel, that's for sure. The translator did a good job, and I'm very appreciative of their effort. The translation flowed well, easy to read.

Now, the only problem I have is with the characters/story (considering this is supposed to be a dog blood novel it is expected that there is SCUM but like, they're not at all redeemable, ML can throw himself into a tr*sh can please ;-;).

Warning: from here on out, it's my full blown rant about... more>> how much I despised the characters while still persisting in reading these sort of angsty stories :) The author really knows how to get a person's blood boiling, props to them

This story revolves around the terribly unhealthy relationship between an unsalvageable, strangely childish scum ML and our used-to-have-something-of-a-backbone-but-lost-it-after-rebirth MC.
Unfortunately, I disliked ML from the very first time he thought to himself "oh hey this one night stand looks like that dude I have a crush on", all the way to his whiny, guilt-tripping self after the MC's rebirth.

Initially, I liked the MC. During the flashbacks, we saw him start of as someone who was kind of a face-con and was attracted to ML's appearance (relatable), then fall in love and secure a relationship with the expectation that he would be loved in return (as is supposed to happen in a good relationship). However, it seemed that he started to become less and less mature, and things finally began to culminate and travel into a less favorable direction after his rebirth.
His pain was well done. After all, to him, not much time had passed since his death. It made sense that he would react severely to ML, while also retaining a yearning for any sources of his past life (leading to him making some not very well thought through decisions). But as the chapters went by, it started to stand out to me. How he was described from the outsider's view as "calm and mature". Meanwhile, seeing his POV goes in stark contrast with that. I would never have believed that this was the same person in the flashbacks. Why has he become so... irritatingly weak? He acts like an angsty teenager, unable to let go of his brief one year relationship that he now knew was one-sided

Though for the sake of redemption it's revealed that the ML is an actual moody teenager and treated someone who sincerely loved him as a substitute for that "piece of cake" that he was horny for during his teenage sexual awakening :)

even though at one point he had a complete breakdown over it (during which I cheered and felt, "finally! My boy is enlightened!" only to be severely disappointed).

The one thing that, in the scheme of "make it or break it" that completely broke it for me was how hard the author had to make the ML seem pitiful. If one looks at his situation from a more objective view, his "suffering" is almost laughable. At one point it's as if the author's trying to put some of the blame on MC during ML's chasing so that the reader will be forced to look at ML and go, "Aw, maybe MC should take back this unstable yandere who can't even get his act together and function like a proper adult". Where I'm at right now, ML's family and the person MC was a substitute for have: humiliated him repeatedly, blocked his career path, threatened him, and generally made for the WORST future in-laws ever. Yet later, some of the family that support ML (note that I say support ML, not support the relationship, they for sure still regard MC as some gum on the bottom of their shoe, it's just unfortunate that their dear ML just so happens to like this gum) come to MC and his poor mother and essentially guilt trip him into considering taking ML back, even after literally treating him as an inferior tr*sh and warning him to get away from ML. Meanwhile, we as the readers can only wail from the abyss while knowing that the entire time it was the ML that was so persistent and thus was related to pretty much every single complication and humiliation the MC suffered. I honestly feel terrible for the MC, even after suffering so much his first life in his second life he still has no power or influence and thus is easily trampled over (and making it worse, it's coupled with his complete lack of a backbone). No, the ML is not "pitiful". Oh, so he's protesting against his family by not eating his meals for a few days. That's horrible, send MC all wrapped up in a pretty bow to make him feel better. Is this really an adult? He has no power either, so his only form of going against his family is this sort of childish tantrum that the elders don't even take seriously. Oh my, you only got to eat some pieces of bread. Let's just overlook all of the horrible things you've done to the MC because you've sacrificed SO MUCH in order to be with him. Yet for some reason, this is enough to persuade others, including MC, to go and pity him.
A summary of ML's life so far;

Rich kid, fell in love with a hot actor after seeing his scene in a movie, forgot about it for a while, hears the dude got engaged to his sister and thus wants to possess him again, unknowingly falls in love and treats his partner as a substitute because he's not over his horny teenage crush, is childishly possessive and interferes in his partner's life despite not being sincere with them, loses partner and "regrets" in an unhealthy and obsessive matter (like a kid who lost their toy), finds partner again and is even more childish and obsessive than before, gets grounded essentially and has his brother speak on his behalf to get pity points.


For those who don't particularly care for how scummy and annoying an ML can get, this might just be the novel for anyone looking to get angst and "repentant" ML. However, personally, I really can't stand how forcefully the main couple is being pushed together, despite all of nature going against it. <<less
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TDA rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c94
This novel is about an MC who was reborn in another body with the same name. Said body got into a coma on the same day when MC died, so when MC realised he was in the body, 2 years had already passed.

I'll spoiler the rest since I suck at not spoiling things when giving my review.

... more>>

Before MC died, he and ML had a 1 year relationship which was ended by MC, cause MC found out that he was used as a substitute for that white moonlight WYD guy that ML love but can't get. Of course it was a one sided break up cause ML doesn't acknowledge the break up. Before his death, ML end up ruining MC's career by tying him up and preventing him from going to a publicity event where MC took WYD's lead role. His shitty f*cked up reason given was that he was jealous of a love rival being close to MC and acting in the same movie, as well as the fact that white moonlight WYD called ML to stop MC from going, therefore the company will have no choice but to say WYD is the lead role instead of MC.

So MC got depressed and asked his close friend to give him a documentary job where MC fell off a cliff and died.

When I saw the flashback at the start of the novel and how MC and ML ended their relationship I was hoping there was some sort of revenge later on to "justify" the sh*t that MC had to go through. Sadly this is one of those novels where ML basically f*ck MC until MC forgives him.

ML, a close friend of MC and love rival found out MC was reborn cause apparently you could recognise someone from their backview. Then MC gave excuses to the close friend and love rival, saying how they shouldn't go against ML cause ML's family rich and powerful.

ML saw that reborn MC's body has a mother who wasn't terminally sick but required expensive treatment and used that to his advantage.

The ML took the new MC's mum to a better hospital when the MC was financially unable to afford the better hospital and then use it to guilt trip MC, saying that MC didn't want to help his mother. Like wtf? And then he expects MC to accept ML's help which we all know ML is going to make use of to get MC to rely on ML.

Throughout this whole time MC kept telling ML why he did wrong, and all ML did was spew a bunch of excuses, hoping that if he kneels, cry and say sorry, that MC would forgive him. ML ruined his previous life and in the end he is still using money and s*x to get MC to go back with him.

The last straw for me was when MC allowed ML into the house and just have s*x While. The. Mother. Was. Next. Door. Sleeping!!! ON THE SAME DAY WHEN ML TOOK HIS MOTHER, WITHOUT NOTIFYING HIM, TO THE HOSPITAL.


I've had it with this novel. I came in hoping for some face slapping, some revenge, some closure for the MC. And all ML did was sit and cry and say sorry and then the 2 had apology sex.

Dropping this novel. Wasted my time. <<less
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Efu-sama rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: --
what baffled me so much was just what kind of true love that ML supposed to has actually? The MC died and yet the ML find another person that resemble him to be f*cked and be the replacement of MC? It's good that the person ended up being the reborn MC, but if you think of it again at the broader sense, the whole idea is actually really f*cked up. Like you say, as long as ML can f*ck someone to replace MC actually there's no reason for MC to... more>> exist at all. There's no real romance or true love within it. Everything was greatly written, for this I really respect the author and the translator, but the angst and tragedy really make this story as an unhealthy romance, one sided abuse, scum ML, and hopelessly masochist MC. The whole idea of this romance are dark and unhealthy, it makes me cringe and my heart feel uncomfortable.

Well but if you just want to cry, bawling your eyes off, abusing your heart without care about the whole idea, then this story is definitely a 5 stars! It's translated and written greatly <<less
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secondthots rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: Completed
When I first began reading the novel, I felt a dull headache slowly creep up... little did I know that it was only prelude to the emotional pain I’d feel after.

Let’s put up the warnings: ML is a scummy punk ass gong- you will get mad at him, you might want to thrash him around more than once, you’ll want to see him repent. Noncon/dubcon is present. The plot is just oozing with dog-blood, so if you really can’t stand frustrating characters & wack situations, sit this one... more>> out. I’m gonna need a really fluffy novel to cleanse my palate after.

This story- I mean if you came in looking for fluff- CLEARLY you were not reading the synopsis nor the tags. I don’t know about anyone else, but the whole idea of finding a “substitute” for someone you can’t even dream of obtaining screams RED FLAG! This is not a lighthearted read; this spicy chicken novel is a total telenovela. I probably had several TIAs while reading. My heart goes out to MC because he genuinely is a charming & gentle person. He’s patient, trustworthy, but I suppose that acclaimed gentleness makes him an easy target for the goddess of misfortune to strike. Not only is he pursued by TWO overbearing male characters, but he gets to relive a pretty shitty life TWICE. So much for a rebirth with face-slaps... this novel has a lot of angst, cliffhangers, & just idiotic characters (imo). The amount of times I cursed at a character’s actions is immeasurable at this point.

SIGH- I will not justify anyone’s actions tbh. Both sides have their terrible cons & limited pros. ML is selfish, a noob at romance, & was trapped under the illusion of his first love. Throw in the legacy of having a rich family & too many expectations on his shoulders & you’ll have yourself a handsome but demented male lead. My only gripe with MC is that for a seemingly sharp person, he’s surprisingly obtuse when it counts.


Especially with the issue regarding the persistent pest surnamed Lan & ML’s feelings after his rebirth.


I’m not saying that he should outright forgive & forget. I think it’s rather normal to be clouded with bias after being betrayed & heartbroken. Trust comes both ways & although I was frustrated with the onslaught of communication errors, I understood WHY it happened. Honestly, if you hate couples with severe communication problems, this story will be your adversity. You have to be in a serious drama-craving mood to want to read this. As a soap opera, it’s absolutely phenomenal! <<less
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Nixx98 rated it
February 8, 2021
Status: c94
Honestly I'm surprised I even made it this far.

in a nutshell this is exactly as advertised: an angsty rebirth story with lots of misunderstandings, regrets, yearning and angst with a happy ending.

For me I don't think that the angst is emphasized enough so here is my warning: THIS IS SO ANGSTY THAT CALLING IT ANGST ISN'T ENOUGH - I WAS SUFFERING.

The start of it you are expecting many things when you know you're going into a story that has rebirth due to having been wronged but what really gets you... more>> is the slow dawning horror in that yes everything may have ended badly in MC first life but boy it gets so. much. worse.

the rebirth is super realistic almost to the point of causing me literal anxiety of being an entire human being in someone else's body with ALL of the body's previous problems (with no memory of them) yet all your own sh*t added too. and of course, NONE OF THE BENEFITS OF YOUR PREVIOUS LIFE BC YOU ARE AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT HUMAN BEING.i think that was something I felt was super good and realistic - very humbling to think that if you aren't reborn in a certain social class your second life might be quite shitty.

So I think that's the only reason I rated this 2 stars instead of 1 - the writing and/or translation is phenomenal. you get sucked in almost immediately, the MC is fleshed out really well and I guess because everything is mostly coloured from his perspective you get to know the other character's very well too - even if some not as well as the others.

NOW HERE IS WHY I STOPPED: I. HATE. THE. ML!!!!!!!! from bad:

This ML starts off as your average and frankly stereotypical second generation spoiled rich kid. he has no sense of right or wrong therefore you kind of see that he never thinks of his actions as just or fair - he does things with no motivation other than the fact that he can. like using the MC as a substitute for the person he really fell in love with. and yes YES it's in the summary that this is a story of falling in love with the person you think is "second best" but not getting the chance to tell them before it's too late, but the thin is the author kept Telling us ML is in love with MC but damn if I felt like it was love. all I felt was a heavy sense of entitlement the whole way through like - you made me fall in love with you even when I was an as*hole to you so take responsibility because I love you back!


to worse:

ML ends up being one of the main catalysts from MC's death in the first place; and while I personally feel that this is shallow on the list of things to atone for from of dear scum ML I think that is why the author hones in on this particular part of the story - is bc this was the one redeemable trait ML has is that he feels bad for but like it's not totally his fault MC died in the first place. but no ML feels SO BAD he has to be a good person right??? WRONG. So f*cking wrong - yes ML did take away a big job opportunity forcing MC to take a shitty job that had him in the mountains and subsequently fell to his death. but that's mainly what it was MC fell off a cliff in a freak accident. he was pushed emotionally to a bad place but physically not even he did it to himself... fate did. but ML tieing him up in an apartment they shared bc the guy he initially liked wanted to get the acting job and wanted to humiliated MC, yeah that is ML's f*cking fault. the fact that ML emotionally blueballs MC until MC actually tells him "hey I like you, we've been f*cking and living together and i've been basically your live-in housewife and changed my entire personality for you and had to deal with your possessive ass so like - when are we going to be officially exclusive?" ML just throws a tantrum and says "no that's not what we agreed to but I like taking advantage of you and we have great s*x - even if I refuse to look at your face and we both know it's bc I'm imagining someone else" to which MC tries to leave the relationship and HIS APARTMENT BUT GETS HOGTIED AND TOLD TO STAY PUT



then the author tries it like REALLY tries to put it as no the only reason ML did it is bc he's a rich second generation with connections and can get MC a new job anyway. when sir actually no?? MC tired to tell you why if he doesn't get This Job it would be the end of his career bc of of your s*upid crush that painted MC into that corner IN THE FIRST PLACE! then after rebirth it gets so much worse bc a now near destitute but at least positive thinking MC and saying he needs to stay away from ML bc his life clearly went down hill starting with that man but "fate" and author will makes it that he is RIGHT BACK WERE HE STARTED EVENTUALLY but in an even worse off. bc he lacks the authority or ability to say no to ML without being bulldozed over - this goes for his friends too. forced and at times borderline r*pe-y dubcon s*x scenes told in enough detail as to make it obvious that MC is doing it out of nostalgia??? or bc ML just won't take no for an answer so he just never fully says yes to the s*x and just tries to "take what pleasure he can from it since after rebirth he's never enjoyed s*x and really misses enjoying it... that's the chapter I finished... this is where I stop. the ML wont get better - I know this bc he's bratty and an as*hole and it's clearly been getting him what he wanted so what would force him to stop? and a MC I genuinely like but is stuck in a frankly abusive relationship that has stripped him of his will, his hope, his career and his life. all. to. do. it. again. after. rebirth.

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Fluffy From Flufferland
Fluffy From Flufferland rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: --
One of the most realistic rebirth novels I've read. I have to say this is one of the best books I've read.

Wonderful translation, wonderful writing.

The MC isn't OP after rebirth and he's honestly very likeable except for his taste in men. Although the author really has her way with words lol, usually I would have despised such ML and found him really annoying but the skills of this author is really something to make me soft hearted lol.

I definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a taste of something... more>> realistic other than those with little time to spare Cuz you'll be like me with an exam tomorrow and unable to put the book down lol. <<less
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dee_ism rated it
October 12, 2020
Status: Completed
An angsty story.

Many will find ML annoying, but actually he's not such a bad lover, if not for his obsession toward his 'supposed crush', but our ML got punished enough and prove that he's worthy.

The ML also not have it easy

It's good that they finally can works their relationship well, at the end
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Drunk_Lotus rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: --
The novel was well-written and cohesive, and the MC is unique, logical, and very likable. I enjoy the occasional sad story, but it's a shame that ML ruins it. After reading the description I expected miscommunication and angst, but I didn't count on the ML a totally unsalvageable character. The relationship is toxic/abusive, includes a disturbing amount of violation of consent, and it doesn't improve. Though there's a characteristic 180 of 'regret', there's no change for the actually important points of coercion, forcefulness, and manipulative behavior. In other words: This... more>> was f*cked up.

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SayMrrp rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Read this if you want angst and for the couple to suffer. :D

It's one of the best novels I've read in terms of angst. The characters are pretty interesting, and the plot moves along well. Fun stuff happens, and I like the way the author arranged the events to not be chronological. It made it feel even more emotional. I cried multiple times, but I'm weak.

Warnings: dubious consent and r*pe as listed in the tags. Don't expect a fluffy novel.
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Keisotsuna rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: Completed
Highly recommended!

I believe this novel is a treasure. In fact, I was originally discouraged in reading this because of some reviews about how the ML is just, well, hateful and angsty, yada yada. But then again, I really love the concept of the story so I gave it a chance. And I'm so happy that I did it!! The whole novel itself is very well-written, with a nice flow of events, smooth plugging of flashbacks, and the characterization— I love how the characters are written. Especially the MC! He is... more>> just soooo difereent from most MCs I've ever read about. He is mature yet empathetic, gentle and patient, and he is such a smooth talker (〃∀〃)

Don't be scared off by the angst (because if you've read the synopsis, you'd understand that it's inevitable considering the whole concept of the story itself). Also, about the r*pe. Yes, yes, it exists. But I do advise anyone who's reading this that just because a novel has r*pe in it doesn't automatically make it a bad novel. Because I've been noticing lately that many novels are tr*shed in reviews just because they mentioned or depicted r*pe in some way or another. Don't judge a story just because you don't like that one part of it. If you really feel uncomfortable, stop reading and don't be masochistic. There's even a r*pe tag in here, so there goes your warning.

Anyway, since the beginning, the story will show you that the two main characters have a toxic relationship shattered by misunderstandings, misplaced pride (mostly the ML), and miscommunication. The characters change as they gain more experience (and pain) and we get to see then grow. The two main characters both have their flaws, evidently, and along the way, they learn to deal with it and survive against whatever fate throws at them... at the expense of a lot of pain.

Please do give this a chance. It'll make you laugh and cry, and cry some more after you thought the tear-jerking parts are done. But it's a great story that deserves more recognition. ♡ <<less
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thebadgirl05 rated it
November 28, 2019
Status: --
I knew things were about to be full of misunderstandings and a lot of dogblood just after reading a few chapters but I clearly didn't expect that my expectations were still off by a mile.

The story is great, that much I can say but from my point of view, I found it unbearable to continue any longer after reaching nearly half of the story.

Sorry but I just have to say that I hate both the MC and the ML. Frankly speaking, second chances are definitely possible but it still has... more>> a limit. For the ML to degrade the MC so much with such condescending attitude and for MC to evenlet that slide and basically forgive the person who ruined his life, I find it annoying and the plot line completely sucked away all my enthusiasm.

Honestly speaking, it would have better been off if the MC became acquainted with someone else. I just can't accept the ML, not with everything he did. Sorry is sorry, but could it change what already happened?

One is a masochist, the other a sadist. But if other readers don't care about these and want to simply read a happy ever after then go ahead, it's still good but simply didn't jive with my principles. The story was well written and the translation is good. <<less
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Staringatastar rated it
September 22, 2019
Status: Completed
As the translator mentions, this book is similar to others by the same author, with similar theme of misunderstandings, side love interests used to invite jealousy, and awful characters that do 180 after realizing their emotions too late.

I enjoyed the story and the angst, but I can see how it might not be for everyone.
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btsdynamiteAUG21 rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel gave me the feeling of true pain, regret, sadness, understanding, love, and reality. The whole story was full of ups and downs on MC and ML's love that was rooted to a not really misunderstandings of being a 'rebound' or a 'substitute lover' of someone. I really loved the concept of this novel from the start. I though it was a love story of a stuntman and the real actor but it was not. Chapters 1 - 40 I think are flashback chapters (MC before rebirth) then it... more>> continues on. Many people wanted to skip these flashback chapters but I don't recommend to skip it. If you would read the present chapters (MC after rebirth), you can see, think, and feel more because of those flashbacks. There were many plot twists that even I could feel being ruthlessly played by destiny...

    1. ML used MC as a substitute to the Male Cannon Fodder ML liked in the start, thinking that MC and male CF have same back proportions. ML used MC to vent his sexual frustrations and urges. Not to the point it became abusive though.
    1. They kind of hit it off being lowkey "s*x friends" and they mutually consented that they should not interfere with each other's lives and personal social matters.
    1. MC fell in love with ML that he even pursued him. ML did not literally answered him with a clear answer but somewhat consented to it because he though that being with MC with that situation was fine as MC is attending to his needs and he even said that MC has a good temperament and felt comfortable with him. ML's expressions and way of communication in this parts (before MC's rebirth)
      of the novel was kind of awkward and too overbearing. He was so selfish and immature to his and other's feelings. He basically controls MC's social life and being overly jealous to MC's past relationships to the point of being unreasonable considering him and MC's current relationship - basically ML misunderstanding some events on his own and blows his anger to MC on his own.
    1. MC accidentally heard drunk ML saying male CF's name intimately then BOOM this was the main trigger for ML and MC's problem.
    1. Because of some events, MC died then rebirth again into another body that has similar proportions to his past body and male CF's.
    1. The next events are just full of rollercoaster of puss and pull of emotions from both the characters...
    1. Ironic as it is, in MC's rebirth, he also became a substitute..... not male CF but with his past self because ML's feelings for him (old MC).
I can't stop myself from reading more chapters to reveal the next coming of events.... WYD is such a douche. ML's sister is so dumb as hell. Besides the main couple, the side characters also made the story a bit more exciting and thrilling. I'm glad LXR did not end up with MC in anyway...I don't like people like him who still refuses himself having a potential to be bisexual... he may like MC wholeheartedly but I think he feels too much reliance to MC to the point it became that 'love' he talking about....

This novel deserves a 5 stars from me and really recommended for people looking for hot and fiery romance with angst (with smut scenes ofcourse) filled with emotions and drama. <<less
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February 26, 2021
Status: --
For the first time, I felt lucky that I've read spoiler < ( ̄︶ ̄) >

Such tr*shy ML, need a good bashing.
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