Additional Inheritance


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Yaya died.

She committed su*cide.

This person, with whom he had no blood relation – whom he’d called ‘elder sister’ for many years, was all too suddenly gone. She left him not just a considerable sum of inheritance, but also a child.

That year he was only 19 years old, still a child himself, and yet all of a sudden was in charge of the welfare of a 15 year old youth.

This child was not bothersome, he had none of the impatience nor rebelliousness characteristics of a typical adolescent.

He had an extremely high IQ, paired with a stability and maturity far exceeding his physical age.

Be it daily living or academics, he didn’t have to worry at all with the boy. He was able to manage everything on his own.

But the more he got to know the boy, the more he realized how frightening this child’s many intentions were.

He wanted to change his mind, could he just take the money and leave the person behind?

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Additional Heritage
Additional Legacy
Fujia Yichan
Phụ Gia Di Sản
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11 Reviews

New ririrei._
May 06, 2024
Status: Completed
This is the 1st time I’m reading Shuida’s work in her 188 series, I came here for dogblood and it definitely delivered!! This was so well executed with the tension and it brings me on edge every time the MC get’s away from ML, the plot is pretty straightforward but sometimes u can also take guesses.

In regards to characters, I love both Wen Xiao Hui and Luo Yi. (Reminder: Luo Yi’s personality is complex and the things he does are not condemnable I’m just a reader that likes Psychologically complex... more>> characters) but it’s really interesting to know his tought process. And congratulations to him for wining an oscar lolz

Would highly recommend for people who are okay with dogblood n angst but go n check the TWs before reading Shuida’s 188 series has a good load of TWs <<less
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New sofourmore
May 02, 2024
Status: Completed
Before I start, I think it is a fair to mention that this review will be long. Also, if anyone is interested it's best to check the CWs.

This is a 4.5 stars but I am giving it 5 stars because I think it deserves it. Shuida's stories aren't for everyone due to the content and her couple dynamics, but for the ones that are willing to go deep into her "188 group" universe, Additional Inheritance is a great addition, pun intended.

I think this novel delivered exactly what it promises. Some... more>> people might find it over the top, but I personally love how nuts it turns into. It executes the tension very well while leaving some hints along the way for the reveals. They're aren't difficult to see coming, some guess it way before they are about to happen, but it doesn't feel as if there's no pay off. It makes sense within the story and that turns it compelling. There were many intances where I felt anxious and one of the many things I have to praise the author for is her ability to create an atmosphere of suspense and mantain it until it explodes. It becomes a very fun experience. I also love her descriptions and her writting style, I think it's neat, clean and precise without getting tiring.

Now onto the plot. The story is about Wen Xiahui (also known as Adrian or Adi) who has recently lost his sister (no blood-related), someone he hasn't contacted in a very long time. Once he gets to know of her not being alive anymore, he gets her one last petition in a letter. His sister asks him to take care of her son as his last wish, and to accept an inheritance. Wen Xiahui doesn't have the heart to reject that petition. The son's called Luo Yi, 15 years old, with a high IQ and very polite. However, it seems as if he is hiding something and Wen Xiahui will try to do everything to protect his sister's son. It's a well constructed premise because it hooks you up. There is a mistery, and the more you read, the more complicated and dangerous things get.

About the characters, I am both annoyed at them but also fascinated. I started liking Wen Xiahui a lot. He was the type to be down to earth, confident, caring and extroverted. Seeing him

go from such energetic person to the one that Luo Yi turned him into was devastating

and the author succeeded in doing it beliavable and avoid turn him into a caricature.

The relationship aspect left me with even more mixed feelings. First of all, it is important to mention that this is sort of pseudo-in*est, but not that extreme to the point of being taboo, since it is between an adopted uncle/nephew, both character don't know each other beforehand, any "romantic" activity doesn't happen until Luo Yi is 18, and they also have a small age difference of 3-4 years. I don't see it as a romance, but as a really good

depiction of a controlling relationship

. It is good take because in other books I've noticed they don't go deeper into the effects of such dynamic between a couple.

One last thing I wanted to mention was my love for the cast. It is refreshing to see an MC so close to his mother, someone who is present through the entire novel despite MC being a (young) adult, I think some books forget that parental relationship which is a shame. Another good thing is the friendship Wen Xiahui had with others: Luo Rui (his childhood best friend), Li Shuo (Luo Yi's love rival, as well as Shao Qun's) and Li Chengxiu, these last three from Sissy. It was exciting and painful to see part of that story from Wen Xiahui's POV, as well as recounting the shared events. I am obsessed with this universe so I will be reading the rest of the series soon. <<less
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Dec 29, 2021
Status: Completed
MTL'd this since the translation seems to be dropped.

Just when I thought SQC's gongs couldn't get more crazy than Song Juhan (Years of Intoxication) or Shao Qun (Sissy), the author writes an even bigger psychopath. The ML here is strangely a bit more likeable though, although that might just be because he's completely single-minded, shamelessly pursues his goals by every possible means, and because unlike a lot of the other 188 gongs, he doesn't physically abuse the MC. Which is kind of a relief.

Still, what he does is 100% terrible,... more>> and the MC's suffering is almost equal to the MCs in Sissy and Years of Intoxication - which is really saying a lot.

Still, I really enjoyed it, such a roller coaster of a novel!

The plot is the standard dog blood cliché - scummy gong who takes advantage of the MC, makes him fall in love, and then breaks his heart through betraying his love and trust in the most horrifying way. Here the betrayal is purely psychological though, there's no actual r*pe or domestic violence, and fortunately the MC isn't left as isolated and penniless. The ending is also typical - it's HE between the MC and ML.

The 188 series usually have a very clichéd plot, but the author manages to give the characters psychological depth. I thought that this novel is one of the best, because the ending feels earned. While I would never, ever want a real life version of the MC to end up with someone like the ML, it makes sense in the context of the novel. One thing I like about SQC is that she never romanticizes the betrayal and abuse, and even the MC is always aware that the ML is crazy and his actions can't be excuses or even really forgiven. Love prevails in the end, but it's a very uncomfortable kind of love that I hope no one would want to happen in reality.

The MC is as usual a well-rounded character - Wen Xiaohui/Adrian is sassy, vain, and superficial, but he's also quite perceptive and has a kind and generous personality. You can't help but care for him. His relationship with the ML is a slow burn, and it's fun to watch him deny his obvious attraction for moral reasons.

The ML is a complex character, super OP, but also an idiot when it comes to love - like all gongs in the 188 series his feelings eventually get the better of him. He's also a purebred psycho, but oddly endearing by the end. I'm not sure he repents, mostly because repenting would crush him, since his whole life has evolved around one goal and backtracking and facing how much harm he has done to himself and the MC would be too devastating.

As always, childhood plays a part. It's always a point in SQC's books that parenting and childhood environment plays a huge role in how the characters develop. Those with good, loving parents who are consistently present throughout childhood become kind, righteous and caring people. The ones with absent, cruel parents and parents who only care about status and money usually become twisted and crazy without any working moral compass.

The MLs usually fall for the MCs precisely because they let them experience unconditional love and care for the first time ever. It's not unrealistic that the MLs go crazy and full-on yandere when the MC leaves them and they realize what they've lost. The ML here had it worse than most:


Luo Yi is a pitiful character. Despite his super high IQ, his single-mindedness, his successful plotting, and ending up with both a lot of money and the love of his life, he's not a happy person. He's toxic and crazy, but the novel explains why he is like that. The 'antagonist with a sad childhood' is a cliché, but I think it works well here - better than in some of the other 188 books.

The ML has had the worst childhood ever. He has been completely isolated, with absent parents and a nanny who seems to have barely cared for him and couldn't even speak to him, a psycho gangster-like father who just wanted to toughen up his son and who abused his mother in front of him (it's implied that besides inflicting torture-like violence on her, he likely also r*ped her - and Luo Yi had to watch), and a mother who wasn't able to care for him (she obviously loved him, but didn't show it properly). He had no other family and no friends. In view of that it's not unrealistic that he made it his purpose in life to kill his father. Although he acts unfeeling and pretends he doesn't even care for his own mother, that's obviously not the case.


The novel is a dark romance - it's not a comfortable read, and the happy ending is ambiguous.


Xiaohui decides in the end to go back to Luo Yi because despite everything Luo Yi has done to him - to the point where he's a broken person with severe trust issues - he learns that he loves Luo Yi to the point where he can't actually live without him. He's not blind to how terrible a person his lover is, but he realizes that love isn't rational and life without Luo Yi is far worse than life with Luo Yi.

It's similar to many of the other 188 MCs - they go back to the ML because the love that the ML gives is addictive - it's wild, crazy and harmful, but no one can ever love them more than the ML, and they are also hopelessly in love.


It's really questionable whether these endings are happy ones. They work because of the dog blood plot and the author's writing skill, but in real life you would just want all the characters to get therapy instead.

The side characters are great - we get to see scum-president Shao Qun have a bit of conscience, and Luo Rui is just precious. Poor Li Shuo is cast as the unfortunate second ML once again - the perfect guy who always loses to the charming and crazy ML. But unlike in Sissy, in this novel we see why the MCs don't end up with him despite all him being so perfect - and it's his own damn fault. Fortunately he finally gets his own romance in Winner Takes All.

It's best to read Sissy (if you can stand Shao Qun!) before Additional Inheritance and read Winner Takes All after, since they're all connected.

Basically this book is great for fans of the author, and I hope it gets a full translation at some point - it's really well-written. <<less
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Dec 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Enjoyed this novel. I want to take the ML home. My son! I also love MC's character. Such a happy and bubbly personality would love to have a bff like him irl.

ML is a lesser scum of all the gongs in 188 universe. His personality is so complicated but I still love him. He got one goal in mind and will do everything to get the goal done.

Got to give him an award. Lol. *Winks*

Again, going to give a warning: for those who does not like dogblood and scum gong,... more>> this is not for you.

P.S: Read Sissy first before diving into this story so that you will know who are the characters referenced in this one. <<less
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 01, 2022
Status: c67
I MTL this garbage story. I thought ML was just a little twisted. I didn't know he was full blown scumbag. Not just a scumbag, but a sociopathic disgusting creep of a scrumbag. So I skip to the end... more>>

ML and MC are together and happy EVEN THOUGH MC RIGHTFULLY HATED ML. ML had repeatedly used MC, even sent MC to his triad dad.


NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE just say no this story unless u like dogblood, Stockholm syndrome, and realistic yandere. MC is also dumb. I didn't mind in the beginning cuz he didn't know any better but he's white lotus dumb. Sure author added some frills with all the crass language but

MC still tries to help ML even after their breakup in the name of following Yaya's wishes and not letting ML go up against ML's dad. Oh and author wants us to feel sorry for ML for his really sad and pathetic past she must think we are the white lotus MC.


EDIT: I was gonna add a star for translator, but the rest of the commenters make me question life so I'm going to keep the stars low as a warning for others. <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 04, 2021
Status: --
I read the MTL of this novel and I'm very happy that it was picked up for translation!

Should be read after Sissi, since it's a story of Adrian - one of the characters from Sissi. If you didn't really like Adrian before, believe me, you would LOVE him now! He is MC and his ML... well... it's 188 so what do you expect :D

Luo Yi (the ML) should be protected since he is very precious (when he is not psycho! hehe). Not so many triggers in this book, except that... more>> first half ML is a minor who is secretly in love with MC. But nothing really happens between them until he reaches 18 years old.

Read cautiously only if you enjoy scum gong and dog-blood and rediculous turns of the plot! <<less
18 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 27, 2021
Status: <font style=
My eng isn't good, sorry, but I will try

... more>>

I liked it a lot!!! It's very well written, Luo Yi became one of my favorite characters, even when he made mistakes I didn't come to hate him, after all he is not a bad person, his father made him sick, he hurt and tormented his son to the point he became mentally unstable, if he had lived a healthy and normal childhood he wouldn't have gone to the dark side, he would resist and stay on the right path. He reminds me of the character fei du from modu, both suffered greatly at the hands of their parents and had to watch their father torment their mother to the point that they died, but while fei du knew he had improper and twisted thoughts and held back, Luo Yi didn't feel he was making mistakes and felt no guilt or remorse, he never regrets anything, he has no clear emotions, obviously in the end nothing is more important to him than making wen xiaohui happy, our MC becomes the most important person for luo yi, but if he could change everything and start over he would do it all over again, he would only change his methods to not hurt wen xiaohui, and don't worry he is not scum, just a psychopath? Lol, he makes mistakes of course, after all he is a gong of the 188 group, there will be heavy scenes, but in the end you are very happy that he can finally have a normal family with wen xiaohui, he has the chance to be an ordinary person with a quiet life. A child that went through everything he went through obviously would not be normal, but thanks to wen xiaohui he finally has someone to keep him on the surface and not sink into darkness, he has the chance to start over and forget the past, have a big, loving and peaceful family, they are very cute, I fell in love with this couple, they both deserve to forget the past and move on, the ending is very happy, wen xiaohui is one of the best characters he is fearless and kind, he doesn't care about others opinions and expresses himself as he feels best, he is not ashamed to be a effeminate gay man, he is proud of who he is, it is very inspiring, normally people despise shou when he is feminine) : and they think the only ones that deserve to be valued are the manly ones, I hate it, feminine shous deserve a lot of love ok!!!! Wen xiaohui is so precious, give him a lot of love <333 anyway, luowen became my favorite cp from group 188 <333

16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I've read about 5 of SQC's novels for now. So far this is my favourite one of them because Luo Yi is a really loveable character. Sure, he's a bit chaotic as usual like many of SQC's characters but I find him endearing. He is how he is due to his background and it makes me understand him and why he does certain things. His love for Xiao Hui is very real and he isn't scummy like the rest and is still kinda respectful to him. Luo Yi is my... more>> baobei<3

Xiao Hui on the other hand is very straight forward and takes no bs from anyone. I like this side of him who stands up for his friends. Main cp is really sweet when they're together. I also like Xiao Hui's friend Luo Rui very much. He's a very supportive friend and kind hearted. I felt so much warmth from their interactions. The overall characters in this story are very memorable. Extra chapters also has Luo Rui's love story (sure the gong is being an a-hole earlier on but it turns out real sweet too) which is a plus! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 04, 2023
Status: Completed
Are you into male yandere? Look no further!

This is my first foray into the wife-chasing crematorium genre, as well as my first novel from the 188 group (yes, I've ignored the recommended reading order of reading Sissy first), and it has opened up a new world for me.

Wen Xiaohui (MC) : sassy, confident, kind, strong

... more>> Luo Yi (ML) : intelligent, calm, mature but youthful at the same time, yandere

The whole story was a rollercoaster of emotions and dog blood that was brilliantly executed. I was afraid the story would become melodramatic, but the way the emotions were built up felt relatable. The character and story development is very well written and never felt cheap; there were moments where I laughed out loud, almost cried and moments where my jaw dropped. Despite Luo Yi's objectively messed-up actions, I couldn't help but find him very endearing.

Bonus points for interesting side characters e.g. Luo Rui (Wen Xiaohui's BFF) is precious and gets his own love story in the extras.

Highly recommended! One of my all-time favorite novels now after avoiding this genre for a long time. Will definitely reread! <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Wen XiaoHui is cute and outgoing; I like his personality and he seems like a good friend. LuoYi is twisted and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, he is smart and good at acting. Their relationship is complicated, there is sweet and bitter moments. Surprisingly, I like LuoYi character compared to some other 188 gongs though I still think Wen XiaoHui deserves better, I accept the ending though it felt like he was too tired after everything that happened and just wanted life to be peaceful.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 11, 2024
Status: --
if I could rate 0, I would. Contrary to my rate, this is well written except the ending and apparently the author has track records of writing this kind of plot with scum gong (he is scum, psychological abuse is worse than physical abuse and I stand by that). Is there any of her novel where MC has happy ending? And by happy ending them being able to free from ml.

ML is a psycho and I'm not sure if I hate him? He is tr*sh that's for sure but he... more>> is a psychopath it only make sense he did not understand his wrongdoings, he is truly a cruel character to the point I feel numb, I have no sympathy for him but I do wish he won with the battle of him and his father. This could easily get 3/4/5 rate if they went their separate ways or MC being freed from ml. Shame the author always give her characters this faux happy ending. They say she didnt romanticise it but she did if they keep making her MC going back to their tr*sh gong. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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