Appearance Changes

Rich Richie
21 Series 0 Comments 245 Views 0 Follows Nov 20, 2022 Rich Richie
A list of gender bender stuff that I read. Some stuff here are already famous enough as is, but I still add them here anyway. I also don't read female to male because... I simply don't have the will to. Maybe in the future. If you got a recommendation, put them in the description. I got a lot of backlog to dig through, but there's always spot for gender bender.... more>>
10 Series 0 Comments 10590 Views 10 Follows Sep 8, 2021 Ittsuki
Lists of novels that have bullied protags and due some kind of power, their appearance was drastically changed (forced changes that comes with pain).... more>>
10 Series 2 Comments 6240 Views 40 Follows Jul 22, 2021 bubblypopp
I couldn't find a list for this so I've created one! This list contains the novels I've personally read and enjoyed about:... more>>
27 Series 1 Comments 15926 Views 63 Follows Dec 21, 2020 Unna666
Novels that if you're a "tr*sh of the count's family" fan, you might like. (Mostly no romance)
20 Series 2 Comments 13521 Views 16 Follows Aug 8, 2020 Lehiye
Novels with spirit beast٫orc٫goblin٫doppelganger٫shapeshifter٫animal etc. type protagonist ... more>>
50 Series 0 Comments 7557 Views 7 Follows Apr 26, 2020 Ayumaendara22
A collection of different stories about rebirth, reincarnation and transmigration that will lead you to another world of romance and drama.