Slowly Falling For Changkong


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Recently, Xiang Changkong has been making food deliveries to Xu Lian. After delivering takeout after takeout, he eventually becomes the delivery.

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Xu Xu Lian Chang Kong
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frostcrystal rated it
January 14, 2020
Status: c28
I'm a little biased as I've translated a couple of other Chestnut novels (but not this one! :D). So it goes without saying that I almost always like her work. True, they're usually not that deep, but they're unfailingly sweet, entertaining, quirky, and funny.

Slowly Falling For Changkong is possibly my favourite installment of the Truly Precious Universe so far. Like another reviewer said, it has a slightly more mature tint... I guess I would describe it as having more of a josei feel compared to the others.

I'd say that the... more>> thing I like most about it is that Xu Lian, the FL, takes the lead in this romance. She's such a breath of fresh air after all those blushing, "the next day her waist hurt so much she couldn't get out of bed" heroines! Shy around boys? Not Xu Lian! Xu Lian is the Julius Caesar of cute romance heroines - she came, she saw, she conquered, she buys her own cond*ms.

Meanwhile, Xiang Changkong is a thoughtful, gentle, sweetheart of a soul. He's ridiculously smart, so I guess the author had to make him special somehow, but he's not some unrealistic, idealistic CEO that one can't ever hope to meet. He's just a nice, cute, guy off the street, and we all hopefully know at least one.

Finally, cheers to the translator! I'm really enjoying their work so far. Thank you for your hard work! :3 <<less
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Mashalllee rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c42
This hasn't been updated in a while, so I decided to try google translate; I found that this novel is pretty good and its a little different from chestnut's previous novels.

This novel from what get from translate is a little more mature instead of being fluffy but I can say its enjoyable just like Chestnut's other novels. It focuses on the ML lead pursuing a dream he had once thrown away for the sake of his family, a complication with his family and how the female lead helps him throughout... more>> his journey.

The female lead is anti-social until she meets the ML (this female lead is very assertive, you could say the roles are somewhat switched). She runs her own shop and is a successful woman.

The male lead is incredibly shy but knows what he wants (though he doubts himself once in a while but overcomes it very quickly). As the title implies this guy works as a takeaway guy but of course there is more to him.

I will mention that get together quite fast and its surprising (it will catch you off guard) and for those who find it a little unbelievable/unrealistic, treat it as love at first sight (I'm sure you'll understand once you read the novel whether they decide to translate this or you use google)

I hope someone will continue to translate this (Sadly I don't know an ounce of Chinese) because there are some lines in this novel I feel are quite powerful, even more so if properly translated. Oh and I don't really understand the rating on this novel, don't let is discourage anyone who is interested in reading this especially if you're someone interesting in translating (this is my first review sorry if its wordy or all over the place, I'm just writing my honest thoughts) <<less
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ironiclovestory rated it
October 28, 2019
Status: Completed
:) I love this story. :) It is super sweet, endearing and unique.
This story for me is the best there is for two reasons:

  1. The ML is the passive and the protagonist is the active one because she is basically constantly looking for him, although he also does not lag behind.
Besides that the protagonist is such a cute character and I love him so much.

  1. The other reason is that finally not ideal men like CEOs but in this one the boy is the one who doesn't have a stable job. So that makes me want to know how it is overcome.
You will not regret reading this story because this is like a breath of new history where we see a safe and beautiful protagonist at least when it comes to... more>> love.


In this you can find the characters with which one can identify even a little.
You have to read this until the end.

gOOd reading. :) <<less
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tedy2004 rated it
October 10, 2020
Status: --
The beginning of the novel was ok. I liked the FL's character and the ML's too but:

... more>>

The author just had to ruin it. Examples: The FL's worker Supp FL just had to introduce the ML as the one who has been coming with the food for some time besides the ML had some interest in FL, then the FL is interested in him, etc. You can feel the plot too much. Then another plot where some guys intrude in too her shop and then the ML comes saves her, he gets injured, the police comes. Then it starts the FL OOC-ing too much, by looking after the ML kinda because yea he was hurt, she even went to his home to give the alcohol medicine which is OK but if you read further you would start to not feel the characters anymore FL and ML, you will mostly feel the plot. Then FL after a busy day orders out at night for taking food and ML comes, and they eat and they have..... Really? before doing that.... which I thank the translators for the warning. Do you know what FL said? She said in the meaning that she felt she wanted to kiss him and feel his masculinity when she was near him, like they barely met...

What this novel shows for me is only the plot feeling for Lust, not Love just... Lust..

1 star for translation.

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akiraa rated it
July 4, 2020
Status: --
this isn't surprising but yes here we have another high quality novel from Chestnut!! I can confidently say that i've read almost all of her works (note almost cause although I'm confident, I'm forgetful) and this is one of her best work. Sadly, I don't understand why this novel didn't hit as big as her other novels :/

but then I realized that this novel really broke the stereotypical asian leading characters. So maybe that's one of the reason. However I do hope more novels with this type of leading characters... more>> will appear in the asian community. All my asian girls come and rise ladies, what is docile? What is obedient? Are those edible? Hee hee

tFL is an independent, sexy and confident woman who is sort of an anti-social but not really. She likes to shut herself in and doesn't like to get involved with other people because she can't connect with them. But she has a pleasant personality so she's not all "cold" or anything like that.

the ML (ah my favourite character after our amazing FL) is a shy, calm and collected young man. At first I thought he was younger than FL cause he gives off a young adult feel but turns out they're the same age lol. I like this type of ML- considerate, loving, caring (not a chauvinist either huhu plz I hope my future husband will at least have one of these qualities).


my boy do be delivery boy on streets, beast on sheets doe hehe


these two characters fit each other like a mold and I just wanna say, can they adopt me please.

even the side characters are nicely written and my heart really goes out to second ML who is FL's long time friend (and the only friend she's ever had) it's such a pity that he spent almost a decade trying to move her heart, but they're just not meant to be. I really hope he will have his own deserved happy ending.

therefore, 5/5 for plotline and 5/5 for translator. Totally satisfied~ ^O^/ <<less
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Kawaiixlena rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: Completed
This is an amazing novel. The switched gender roles is so satisfying! I simply love a strong independent female MC. In this case, she is the "cold, domineering CEO" and the ML is the "sweet, out of luck and caring lover." The MC is unapologetically straightforward and blunt, and you will love her for it.

I have read other novels by this author before. I always felt that they were super sweet and fluffy, but they lacked substance. This novel has substance! It really has a lot of feelings and maturity... more>> to it. Unfortunately, the author wasn't able to expand on some plot ideas due to declining readership in the Chinese website. What a damn shame. But nevertheless, I still highly recommend this novel. <<less
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DOHere rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok, let me begin a rant about ml's mother.
... more>>

I understand it would've been hard to raise 2 kids alone, but she wouldn't have been alone, she would've had her son help (the daughter is useless as well). It's much harder for a kid to take care of his mom and younger sister since young than it'd be for a single mom to raise her kids.
I get that she cared about her husband, but she wasn't showing she cared about her kids as well. She didn't do anything other than sleeping, lazing around, eating and having her son do everything for her. And she doesn't even speak, worse than even a pet.


Edit: After completing the story, the mother's psychological journey was badly done:

To begin with, the way MC vented at ml's mother was a BIG NO NO. Don't ever do that to a mentally ill person. She could've killed herself that night and both MC and ML would've had to live with guilt and hate respectively.
In actuality, that was a more likeable scenario compared to what the author wrote, which is that she just magically and suddenly got all better :). You cannot be that sick and then completely recover the next day, this is a gradual process.
I get the pressure the author was going through from the readers, but it could've still been better handled. After the "wake up", she just straight up became the perfect mom she couldn't even be associated with a day before.

I'm actually even more annoyed with ml's sister:

At least the mother was only sick for a few years, before and after that period she was a good mother. But ml's sister was just a parasite from beginning to end.
Her brother gave up his studies for the other 2, he made all the money in the house, took care of the mother and did all the cooking. The sister couldn't even fricking wash the dishes?? (She only did twice or sth when mc/XL was involved).
He's only a few years above her, but he's had to give up school and pay for all his sister's needs, her rent etc. Yet not only she doesn't get a part time job to help relieve her brother's burden and doesn't/can't study well, she can't even help a bit around the house??
This wasn't ever addressed, but as I was waiting for her to make some effort for her family, I kept getting more annoyed and realised she's useless (can't cook, can't study) and selfish (doesn't want to help).


I was initially rating this 4 stars, because their couple dynamics was simply not my taste. The usual roles of woman and man were revered.

MC was too cold for my taste, and ML too wuss-like.

There's nothing wrong with that, it's just not my cup of tea though.
But additionally, because of the badly addressed mental illness and the completely-not-addressed behavior of the sister, I'm decreasing my rating from a 4 to a 3.
Not my favourite Chestnut story, but not a bad one either. <<less
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the_rebel_ rated it
November 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel. It is interesting and different from the regular stereotypical novels. The MC is awesome, I really really like her. Her personality and her character is so unique and refreshing. I admire her so much that I kinda want to be like her.

... more>>

The ML is very cute and sweet. He is so innocent and gets embarrassed easily. MC is the one who always takes initiative and every time his face becomes totally red, gosh! It's so funny when reading. The way our ML is, makes us want a boyfriend like him. It is a cute and fluffy story. This story is not only all about fluffiness and being cutesy, but also there is story development and character development in here.

About the plot


This story tell us about a delivery guy who feels insecure against the MC, since she is beautiful, independent and charming while he is just a delivery boy with family problems and also whose dream is not achieved. Throughout the story we can see the character development in both the leads as they overcome their own problems and stand together.

But the only thing which I don't like about in this story is the ML's mom, just because her husband died means she can't just give up on life. I can understand that she is in pain or shock but doesn't mean that she will not care about her son and daughter and push all the responsibilities on her son. She will first become totally paralysed and only after few months later she becomes normal but again she doesn't respond or talk to anyone even to her son or daughter. And I don't like the fact that she is restricting him to do what he wants. And suddenly one day she starts talking and tells him that "you've grown up". I was like srslyyyy!!


Overall, It is a good book to read. I would definitely recommend it. <<less
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November 17, 2019
Status: Completed

It is the MTL-er here! I've completed the series after binge-reading it, and excluding some side stories that aren't of interest to me, and side character stuff in the main story, I've found that this was quite a fluffy, light-hearted story! Though there were some plot points, and I did shed a few tears, it was overall sweet, and I was quite happy to see the leads interaction and relationship! It was nice!
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tears of manhwa
tears of manhwa
July 14, 2023
Status: c66
This story is quite good in every aspect, though I thought it would've been better if FL's shop become atleast little bigger in those 5 years.

Sometimes FL showing no emotions in front of injuired SML even though both were friends for 9 years, it's somehow make SML a bit too pitiful. Not as a love interest, but as a 9 yrs worthy friends, I thought atleast FL would make some common concerning questions to SML, but there are none!
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YouToon rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a very subtle romance about a confident woman who knows exactly who she is and what she wants and a man who has lost all hope for his future.
... more>>

I love the way she pursues him. No fuss. No histrionics. Some of the secondary characters are fussy and prone to histrionics but not the FL. The ML is a solid dude in a tough situation who cant help but reach for happiness when its offered to him even though he doesnt believe it will stay. You want him to be happy. The world building supports the story. The characterization is strong. Both their various jobs and dreams are uniquely interesting.


If you like slice of life adult romance, give this a shot. <<less
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TheEscapist rated it
February 9, 2020
Status: c32
I love this one so much! Im a Chestnut fan, but this one is a notch above the others in a few ways... 1) its even more lyrical and descriptive, beautifully written in all its nuances (have to really praise the translator too well done :) 2) the FL and ML are really not usual at all... much more mature, complex and well developed. I love them both but the ML is outstanding. Everyone will “slowly fall” for him. 3) The storyline is fluffy but more josei as remarked... more>> by another reviewer. Chestnut is growing up. Best of all her stories, cant wait to read the rest. <<less
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February 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I finally finished reading this, ⭐4/5!

What makes it interesting and different here is that the FL had a successful career and comes from a good family, while the male lead is at the lowest point in his life and almost gave up on his dream.

The FL is independent, confident, rational, and straightforward. The ML is smart, hardworking, warm-hearted, and has insecurities. Fresh reads because the FL is more active in starting their relationship, and how is the ML pursuing back the fl.

🍒 What I like about this novel:
1. I... more>> really like our main characters, both of them have very beautiful personalities. I really like how they can love and support each other.
2. I'm glad there are no misunderstandings between couples, and no annoying women.
3. I also really like some of the supporting characters, like the ml's younger sister. And the fl's family, they are very supportive.
4. And to be honest, I'm very relatable to the ml, because I've been in a position like him (about uni).

🍒 What I don't like:

the plot about his mother's illness and her behavior, in my opinion it is nonsense, unjustifiable, and seems forced.

I also lost my father, so in general I know how it feels to lose someone close to me, even though I know everyone is different in dealing with their problems. But in my opinion, the backstory of the illness is not quite right, because it is very unjustifiable for a mother to abandon her child for the sake of her own selfish feelings.
and honestly, it's very strange how his mother suddenly recovered as if she had done nothing wrong before!

with a plot about life's problems, this part of the story is very nonsensical if I may be honest.


🍒 Overall I like this story, but to be honest I feel this story could be better. So I still recommend you to read this beautiful story! <<less
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September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Typical Chestnut writing style.

Premise being promising and then slowly fizzles out in the middle and gets boring in the end. She did mention her editor rejecting her initial plot. So that's may be it.

It's a pretty stable novel.

I especially liked how straightforward Xu Lian is, but the rest are forgettable.
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Lazyhazy rated it
July 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This book is cute and fluffy without much drama and more realistic. I really really loved fl's personality. Her chemistry with ML is perfect. She may always be my all time favorite FL character. This is my 1st book from the author of this novel and I'm gonna check her other projects too.
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thetourist rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
the best novel in the series written by chestnut.

i gave it a five star because I like the fl. Her character is well written and the romance between the leads is satisfying, I like how straightforward the FL is and she is quick to act on her thoughts. ML is good but this FL is the best.

This is my first chestnut novel and since I liked this I read other chestnut novels like miss ghost, marriage concerto, hear my heart, etc. But man I miss Xu Lian, her character was... more>> unique and caught me searching for novels with similar fls but couldn't find one that satisfied me as much in romance genre, well there are such ones in harem fantasies though. The FL in "hear my heart" felt slightly closer to Xu Lian but still, they are all a 4 while Xu Lian is a 5.

Just binge read this for half a day, its worth it, fluffy and heartwarming. No angst in romance and its smooth sailing with an early romance.

I hope to find similar fls and good novels.

Happy Reading! <<less
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donkey rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked this novel because it was sweet and fluffy. We get to see the ML's realistic growth personally in his career alongside the relationship between ML & FL. I am a fan of fluffy, realistic modern novels, and this ticked all the major boxes. The only thing I didn't like was Wei YiChen (a side character) 's repeated involvement in the story, as his gangster-ish side didn't fit well with the rest of the novel. But other than that, it's definitely not a bad novel at all! Would recommend... more>> for a light read. <<less
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November 13, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel was actually cute, and I love how the ML and the MC interacts at the beginning of their relationship. But some parts bothers me like...

... more>>

how they brush off the money problem considering it was a very big problem at the beginning. Suddenly everything was smoothsailing. Although it may be attributed to the change of ML's mentality of him wanting to be braver and face the challenges. But all in all, the second half of the story felt a little bit flat compared to the first half, though it doesn't make it a bad story ! It's still good... The author's note that was translated by the translator made me felt sad and shocked, I hope she gets all the support...


I do reccomend to try reading it though, the first half was a very fun ride. Very fun characters ! <<less
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Shortk rated it
November 13, 2020
Status: --
Its crazy to think that despite writing so many successful works, the author still has to worry about money that it's an issue she had very little readers (on her Chinese site) following this story.

... more>>

I guess this really makes me against people who make money translating these works unofficially, it's crazy the amount of money they charge for early releases some of them. (I think donations to support the translator is fine like I think this translator.) Because look, obviously the AUTHOR is struggling financially that she had to give up the full plotline for mother bc she was losing money/readers which really did make the story lower in quality.


It's really such a shame she rushed that plotline with the mother because I do think that even though I couldn't agree with the ML's mother, the author was genuinely trying to attempt to create a character in mental illness. It made the character more real and ultimately made the story more mature.

Such a shame and super surprising the author worries about money enough that she couldn't fully flesh that out without losing readers. That decision ultimately made the book from difficult but intriguing to ah fluff and slightly no feeling at the end.

But really round of applause for one of the coolest MC females. And the ML is also cute but did feel like the author lost a grip on their individual characteristics after she "quickly resolved" the mother. The second half definitely isn't as good as the first half. In fact it's pretty mediocre in a way that the fluff doesn't even feel satisfying because I don't feel emotionally attached. I think you could feel like the characters became 2 dimensional imo. <<less
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chande rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: Completed
What can I say, Chesnut's novel always successfully gets me hooked till the end. The story is quite simple. What I love the most is FL's character. She's so straightforward and dares to take the initiative. And ML is not the overbearing type like many other Chesnut's novel. On the contrary, he's the shy type that makes him kinda cute.

The ending is quite satisfying. Almost everyone get their happy ending. I feel bad for Wei Yichen though.

... more>>

He fell in love with FL for 9 years but lost to ML who was coming out of nowhere. And in the end, he even couldn't do what he dreamed and ended up working in his father's company. I hope he could be happy with Fang QiuYun.

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