Sweet Illicit Love and S*xual Coincidences


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Every female employee in the company wanted to be Mrs. Zhou. They were all thinking about how fine Zhou Yi’s body was under his fitted suit.

Only Su Nanxing accidentally had a one night stand with him.

She wanted to say: Boss Zhou is even more powerful than what you think after the lights are turned off.

However, Zhou Yi was no longer the aloof Boss Zhou after this one accidental night. Instead, he became an insatiable beast.

Su Nanxing noticed that Zhou Yi was looking for all kinds of excuses to cling to her.

She was fed up and asked, “Can you let me go?”

Zhou Yi said, “You are too delicious. How can I let you go?”

Later, Su Nanxing realized that he was a man who bought beautiful red clothes when he saw it and he liked buying her red lace underwear, red bikinis, and red dresses.

But what he enjoyed the most was Su Nanxing wearing each of these pieces for him to see.

She was like a present tied up with a red ribbon, waiting for him to unwrap her.

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Honey Peach Colored Coincidences
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ApolloAresZues rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
This was ok. Kind of lackluster. The female lead wasnt my taste at all (there were things about her that irked me) and I found male lead to be kind of... blank (still a good guy tho. But he existed to be FL man, this picture perfect guy, and that was about it). For smut, its fade to black, and I've read better smut as well.

To explain the things that irked me and made this a 3 was what I would call the ambiguity of relationships. I'm the type where... more>> I dont care if the leads are together or not, but if they're interacting in a romantic fashion, it weirds me out to see them do similar things with other people (outside the leading pair). For a good amount of the book, FL has s*x with the ML and hangs out with the second lead ML, who is obviously pursuing her and not in a lighthearted way. It was... weird to be honest. It was like she was saying she didnt want a romantic relationship, esp with people in her workplace, which I completely got and respected her for. But she kept sleeping with ML and pushing the no romance thing. While hanging out with the SML (Second male lead) who pretty obviously had an interest in her. Both worked with her. It was obviously beyond workplace stuff too, her and SML werent meeting for work. He was courting her. Neither men knew about the other while they kept propositioning and romancing her, until she finally picked one. Then it was suddenly like they both knew about each either (Sorry I still think this is super icky I dont know). While she was with both, she considered both of their pursuits. She listed SML good qualities constantly, like she was about to end up with him or something. And the way she kept referring to them as sort of... synonymous? Idk. Like heres these two perfect men equally as perfect. Dream guys. Anybody would love to be with them. Including her. And she just kept saying it and comparing them. The only reason I thought she picked the ML is because, frankly, they f*cked first. Thats not to say she was a lusty person but she certainly wasnt an emotional one either. She treated them similar to how Greetings Ninth Uncle FL treated her suitors, like they weren't people, but like how much they were worth monetary and status and appearance wise. But this time they're in the modern century which makes it hella tasteless when that's all she seemed to think about prior to getting an the relationship. It was just.. really weird bruh. The romance in the later half was sweet, but the build up with the other guy and the way she would describe them was so offputting. Let me just say, that if this was a man being pursued by two women, and describing them like this one is the cute and charming type, this one is the cold and sexy type, both are his type and hes just constantly going on about why their both appealing and why he would get with either of them. Whilst they chase him and he takes his sweet time choosing. Doesnt that seem... kind of scumbag like? No? Just me?

Now, that being said, my main issue came from the fact that if she had not slept with the ML at the beginning of the story (and was still in a s*x relationship with him) I would not care what she was doing. She could keep getting courted by whoever she wanted, leading on ambiguous relationships however she liked. But it felt like I was watching her explore two relationships and testing the waters, while stringing them both along just in case she changed her mind. Like I tried to give the benefit of the doubt, I mean she was a pretty, successfully, hardworking women who had to support her poor family. I didnt actually want to dislike her. But her management of relationships was so terrible. Imagine if the SML had found out that while he was constantly making offers to be with her (get married and everything) and giving her time to think, which this happened like twice, and she would say ok imma think about. She'd go right back and hang out with the ML or sleep with him, not telling ML sh*t either (at this point he was also showing romantic intentions besides sleeping with her. Which he made obvious). He found out by catching her when she was driven home by SML, right after SML confessed to her again. And ML was rightfully jealous. Like imagine if you basically got home from what I can only call a date, got confessed to by date, decided to think about, and that same night ended up right back into the bed of another man, while you thought about accepting that other man's pursuit. That is weird!

Another thing with her and SML is that I guess they had slight feelings for each other while dude was married, albeit arranged, but still married. And that felt off to me as well. It was simply too clinical and taboo and ambiguous to sit right with me.

Anyway, most of all that went away when they got together. In which case the FL grew a heart and ML acted super cute in love. They communicated well and made alot of good decisions in the relationship. All good things happened then. Those parts were worthy of this 3 stars. It was everything before that made me sick. To be honest with you, I really felt like she was playing those two guys. And they both worked with her. Which, for someone who said they didnt want to mix business with their personal life, she seemed very ok with essentially leading on two of her superiors with work competitions among them already. It was just very distasteful handled. I'm sure the author did all that to put more chapters in before the leads got together and to show how great FL was that should could lead two perfect men by the nose, but it reflected badly on her in my eyes. Like for a mature women I felt she shouldve been more clean cut in her relationships with people who obviously got more heart in the game than she does. Like you're having fun choosing, but your keeping this guys hope alive by sleeping with him and another guys hope alive by never telling him no outright. All because you consider them both good matches and your so indecisive you cant pick between vanilla cake and chocolate cake. So she uses the excuse that she wont be in ANY relationship to just keep up that status quo for chapters on end. This bugged me so much!

Anyway, things ended good. I guess. It was a happy ending. The extras with the SML and how he found his own happiness was kind of weird but strangely was a much better toned story than ML and FLs was. I'll add a spoiler for that.

Basically SML takes a liking for the "fat" friend of FL who finally lost weight (I didnt like the way they handled this but I loved the friends character). Friend feels weird about it (as she should! Finally a normal person who feels weird about such ambiguous relationships entangling!) and even goes out of her way to avoid him because she knew he liked FL at first and she didnt want all those conmplications. In the end though they get together and I thought they were a cute couple. Though I dislike how SML trapped her by basically imp**gnating her on purpose so that he wouldn't end up being the guy who finishes last, like he did with FL. So my morals said now why on earth? But it wasnt that bad.


By the way, other people obviously loved this and maybe I'm too morally "pure" to understand why they found no issues the way I did. So take this with a grain of salt. Read other reviews besides mine to see if this is for you. I guess this is more of a warning for people who also cant stand ambiguity in romance and who dislike love triangles. Because that's love triangle felt pretty f*cking big to me. <<less
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rosie bae
rosie bae rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: Completed
i have read it's mtl version in 2 days.

it's worth

MC is independent and strong women after broke up with boyfriend she slept with her boss who is dream guy of all the girls in the company.

she thought at first thought that was one night stand

but ML and her boss can not just ignore that was kind of thing happen again again MC just don't want to be in the middle of rumor with boss. But things won't go as her way coz they fall in love and secretly date

MC is strong type of super women who handles her sh*t by herself

s*x scenes are not detailed coz there is no adult tag that's forvigable.

her roommate and 2nd male leads story was good too.

there are some annoying rumor spreading sisters and spoilt brat too just ignore them they are not worth.

I think novel's main idea to readers is that hardwork can do miracle just do what u can do, don't care melon eating crowd.

overall it's good and short story with happy ending

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08phamann rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Super enjoyable read.

The smut scenes aren't explicit but they are still steamy. It would be even greater if it was steamier...

I love MC and MLs character. MC herself is a strong and independent girl. Even though her family is in debt, she still works to maintain a good attitude and has a plan to pay it off. What I like about her is that she's not s*upidly optimistic and happy go lucky, but the type of grounded and driven optimism that comes from knowing what you are capable of and... more>> having that willingness to work for what you want. If she was the type of simple 2D character who made everyone fall in love with her because she smiled a 100% pure smile at them, I would have dropped this novel so quick. But ML falls for her work ethic and driven personality, and her sexy hot body of course. ML looks like a straight laced handsome guy in public, but he is actually shameless and adventurous in bed. MC found this out eventually and realised that she never knew he had that side to him. But overall, he was a very good ML in that he always supported MC and her carer, never was overbearing-president and although he did get jealous a few times, he never took it out on her and dealt with it in a normal way.

Plot wise, the story was ok. It was very slice of life-like, and mainly focuses on the developing relationship between MC and ML. And for once a story is realistic because they constantly say to each other, "I have to go to work tomorrow." And damn, don't we all know that feeling. Of course this doesn't stop ML from trying to get into MC's pants whenever he gets the chance. There's also a bit of office politics going on, and the story focuses a bit on their developing carers as well.

I kept waiting for some sort of dramatic climax to the story. Something like, an ex-lover wants ML back, and MC realises that they were never going to work because she is not worthy of him, and she lets him go and he chases her and yada yada. And tbh, I love that shit. But this never happened. The love story of ML and MC was passionate, sweet, and then lovey dovey. There was never any drama because MC and ML killed the drama in the craddle. He cleanly turns down his childhood friend who was in love with him for 10 years, he rejects his ex-gf who returned to China and wanted to get back together. MC rejects this guy who was serious about being a relationship with her. They are some sort of dymanic duo that shoots everyone down before they can maka trouble. That being said, all the above people are normal people with normal brains and reactions, and none of them went crazy and over-reacted. They took the rejection and moved on, like normal people do. Kudos to all those guys.

The side story with MCs best friend was sooooo cute. SO CUTE. <<less
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Fyrehydrant rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this novel a lot!!!

... more>>

I liked how there was an actual development in the company. Most of the time cn novels in a corporate setting dont really go into what’s happening in the workplace. The biddings, travels, promotions, workplace gossip, and corportate drama added some depth to the story.

I admire the FL’s EQ and personality. She’s career oriented, diligent and proud. Also, How do you pretend nothing has happened when you had an intense one night stand with your hot boss and have the guts to subtly reject him when he’s clearly hung up on you??? What a girlboss I love her

The ML was imo realistic. Some men are initially drawn to beauty. I assumed he only liked her for their s*xual compatibility but he eventually fell for her personality. I liked how the FL did not give into the ML at first because she weighed the consequences of being entangled with such a high profile man and thought that her job was more important. Eventually the ML really listened to her and dated her low profile.


What I also really liked in this novel is that no character was really punished too harshly. Everyone was practically dealt with realistically. The supporting characters eventually found love and past lovers stayed in the past. Huang Xinran’s character would usually find a horrible end in other novels and even though she was knocked down a peg, it wasnt really a death sentence for her.


Overall I really like the message of story. Working for your goals is never easy but you will be recognized for your hard work. I was expecting the FL to be disadvantaged because she’s a woman but her superiors really saw the work and effort she put in. There will always be people who will doubt the FL’s success but I’m glad she never had to explain herself because truly they don’t deserve her explanation.


i highly recommend this novel ❤️ <<less
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Bunny_gray rated it
May 16, 2021
Status: Completed
I just finished reading the novel.... I like the story very much.. I like the MC and the ML they are so sincerely towards each other. The MC is so independent and the ML loves the MC so much. They have their own past. I like the short story about the mc's best friend.... When I read from the early chapter I feel that the mc's best will be together between the ml's friend or the mc's friend (the ex superior's mc).... And yeah she get to mc's friend... ❤❤❤❤
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lilywoods157287 rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I read three chapters of this novel and boy I was hooked. The story was very relatable, profound and not crazy. It was a good read. The ML and FL have a deep relationship in which they understood each others needs and personality. There was no low EQ idiots in this novels that make people frustated. I liked how author highlited the importance of independence and monetraty freedom of women in the novel. As a chinese novel of course it had a earth shattering, soul wrenching sad scene but well... more>> duh it is a chinese novel.

Over all it is a good read and mtl is also very good and readable. This novel doesnot exactly has smut scenes but it has a sweet intimacy and mature aura that a lot of chinese novels do not have. If you have read a western story with adult talk but want a Chinese serious romance, then this is for you.

Don't worry, FL is not a sobbing, ah ah embarrassed and afraid of s*x type of FL rather a confidant FL who likes s*x and is confident about it.

Like I said, western influence is there in this novel <<less
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bluesonnet rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Beautiful story, and I related to the FL on a personal level. It's more FL centric, with the story focusing on her struggles, her principles, and how these affect the development of her love with ML. Don't expect major character development from the ML, because he really is perfect from start to finish. Actually, they both are perfect, and the story was mostly developed through the struggles/plot devices which were thrown into the mix. Regardless, it was very well done, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about two perfect people falling... more>> in love and having mind-blowing s*x. It's not mindless smut, though, and steamy scenes were done well. Recommended. <<less
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waterplease rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished reading the mtl. This novel is such a good read. I love FL's character and mindset. She's very hardworking, independent, and strong willed. The ML is a perfect match, not the tr*shy type of ML like other novels but I really love his character, he's head overheels🤣
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ntww12 rated it
June 20, 2023
Status: Completed
Really enjoyed this story! It's about how two people from the workplace are kinda like friends with benefits who actually have crushes on each other but eventually fall in love. They had a one night stand first which progressed further.

FL has a tough family situation and seeing how her parents struggled has changed her to be focus on career and making money. She also keenly feels the gap between her and her other coworkers who has better conditions than her. She's just a temporary worker (initially) at her workplace and... more>> doesn't earn much. So FL does have a sense of low self-esteem but I think its quite practical to have that mindset. She doesn't want to get together with ML because in her words, he's an exquisite French dish, an expensive one that she can't afford. She tempers her expectations because she doesn't want to place her hopes up too high and get disappointed later. Another aspect of the novel that emphasizes on this is the Big Data thing. Its an app that analyses their background and finances and then match them with another person who has a similar background. FL matches with a security guard initially and she thinks "yeah this is my status. I can only match with security guards who earn the same as me". Does this get her down? No, she works HARD to earn more, to get promoted. She's a tough practical lady. That's what I like about her. And the best part, while she's tough at work, she's a softie at home and downright wild and sexy in the bed.

ML is her boss and he doesn't harass her and all. He was very clear on boundaries till that one night when they're both drunk and she came onto him. He likes the FL for who she is and loves that he sees all aspects of her. He loves that she's tough at work but such a lovable one at home. She can be shy and cute and then sexy and confident. ML is just head over heels for her. ML is also not a typical cold faced CEO. He is mischievous, shameless and loves to be coquettish towards FL haha. He is cute.

Their love story is so sweet. Not much smut tbh. It's all vague descriptions but still pretty hot.

As for the 2nd ML:


He's her former boss and the reason why she left that division is because she realized that he liked her and she was moved by him. He was however married at the time and she quickly left in order not to fall deeper for each other. She didn't want to be the third party. He does get divorced from his wife due to wife's request to split up since it was a business arranged marriage. But by the time he wanted to pursue FL, she's already in an ambiguous relationship with the ML. It is pretty sad since I did like the 2nd ML but he does get his happy ending in the extras hehe.


Don't worry the FL is not ambiguous with the 2nd ML and draws the line clearly in a short while. ML does get jealous but he's also rational and knows FL won't betray him. <<less
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shinsenryuu rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: c16
I had high hopes for this because of the rating, but it ended up being an okay story for me.

The author writes very well and seems to know or research quite a lot, but it's gotten to the point we're I feel they're over describing everything. From work, to how to prepare a salad, I feel like the author spends way too much time describing in detail everything, to the point we're I basically ended up skipping most of the story unless there was a dialogue.

Characters and plot seemed to... more>> be good, it's just that this style of writing is not for me and it made it too slow-paced for my liking so I had to drop it, but for others it might just be their cup of tea. <<less
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Haruna.Yuuki rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: c29
umm, well first thing first I don't like love triangle kinda relationship story. So, when the 2nd ML got into picture and saw her response I was like aah I just want to see the ending already, don't want to watch the process.

Maybe when the translation completed I'll try continuing this, for now read other story first.
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moonlight dream
moonlight dream rated it
May 18, 2022
Status: c29
Please just remove the smut tag fir it is not smutted at all 😂😂 I mean, I came for the smut with the plot but for the 3 s*ex scene up till the last translated chapter I read. It's very bland.

MC is a kinda super hardworking girl who knows her place. It's kinda sad how she belittles herself because of her situation.

ML is a kinda cold boss but warms up to his woman type (even if it's in private). But he paved her way silently and protect her privately without... more>> nobody knowing. Silent pampering is still romantic. Even though in reality it's super s*upid.

I read the spoiler some reviewers share. The upcoming chapter will be they are to realize their feeling and work for them. Some gossipmongers and a particularly spoiled brat will surface. A typical cannon fodder. Just wait for the face slapping.. Hopefully, it's satisfying. But since the translated ver is still ongoing, I drop this story first. I might continue once it over.... Or maybe not. I mean, its not that worthy to continue read in MTL ver. <<less
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