Midnight Cinderella


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Newly crowned Film Emperor Feng Jing; good looks, good stature, good acting, good character. Except he has one unshakeable rule—any drama he acts in cannot go past 12 o’clock. The media, with ulterior motives, chases after this little crazy secret of his. Yet remaining unconcerned about how the outside world falls into turbulent times, Film Emperor Feng still stands tall and unmoved.

Jiang Ran recently felt that her dog has become somewhat strange. Ordinarily when she kisses, hugs, and raises her dog up high, her dog would always be especially happy and lovable. Now whenever she kisses, hugs, and raises her dog up high, however, her dog was h**ny…

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OHtheNovelty rated it
December 27, 2017
Status: --
Why is everyone immediately rating this? Calm down, it's only the first chapter.

As I've mentioned, it's only the first chapter so my rating could change as the chapters progress. So far, it looks promising. 1st chapter is based on the ML's pov as how he's an actor who has recently won a prestigious award and receiving the title, "Emperor".

He's seemingly loved by all but doesn't chase anyone or let anyone to continue hoping he will reciprocate. Not to say he's cold, but more like, he's not interested in dealing with... more>> people that want to be all over him.

The first chapter is also the time where he first transforms into a dog and meets the FL. Based on his observation, she's beautiful and seemingly delicate but that's all we get because he's too busy freaking out.

So far, looks interesting. I say, give it a try, don't let the ratings scare you away. <<less
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January 20, 2018
Status: Completed
This may turn out to be my favourite Chestnut story. The lines are witty and characters realistic. And I gathered all that by reading MTL, so the translation will be (has to be) a thousand times better. There is a touch of human feelings--not sad or melancholic exactly but definitely a notch or two lower than the usual carefree attitude found in these stories. We see struggles that Chestnut left out or just skimmed through in her other works.

The plot is marvelous and I loved the dog (ML and original).
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emmyazzy rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: Completed
Are you tired of overly dramatic novels where the main characters will meet one obstacle after another? Are you looking for a novel where the main characters are sweet and funny at the same time?

If so, this novel is totally recommended for you. I was hesitant to read this novel at first due to the body swap. However, after reading a few more chapters it is very funny where I can’t stop giggling and laughing after reading.

The plot pretty much focus on the male lead point of view although there... more>> is some parts of the female lead point of view. It also mainly focus on their interactions as well. The plot isn’t overlydramatic where honestly the obstacles they faced are solveable. Therefore I think in its sense it is rather relatable and realistic.

The body switch is the funniest part in my opinion where it explains the struggles of the male lead.

The romance of the novel is pretty much the male lead being attracted to the female lead both during the times when he was Er Huang (the dog) and when he was in his own body. The female lead however was attracted to him after watching his movies where at first she wasn’t a fan of. It slowly sparked after many interactions with each other. Throughout the novel, both of them trusts each other a lot. The female lead is very mature in my opinion and she still trusted the main lead even after certain situations happen and slightly doubted their relationship. The male lead however was really concerned with the female lead and he usually shares a lot with the female lead. I would say this romance isn’t the type of romance that is super romantic nor cold but it is a relationship of trust and being blissful with each other.

The translations are really well done in my opinion and I honestly hope they will continue translating this novel.

In conclusion, I would recommend this novel if you are looking for a “not complicated” novel or a novel that just contains sweet, trusting and funny romance. <<less
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DOHere rated it
July 17, 2019
Status: c86
Not my fave Chestnut story, but still good. My only complaints are that:

    1. It's a bit ridiculous. Dogs are not that smart, they don't think in sentences in their own language like us. You added a supernatural element, I understand, but to say that the dogs that exist on our Earth are almost these human-like creatures in dog bodies, it's too much.
    1. Not understanding half of the translation, since it's machine translated. Only 10 chapters are properly translated as of now.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ricachuu rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: Completed
Another lighthearted and fluffy romance novel uwu

The FL was a very likable character. She was kind, hardworking, and open-minded even when it comes to the bizarre idea of soul swapping. She did not rush to misunderstand the ML and would always communicate with him. She trusts the ML wholeheartedly and she is very true to her feelings. I like how she was very direct in rejecting the 2ndML because she did not want to give him hope. Also, she was not afraid of the ML swapping with her dog at... more>> midnight, and instead is amused by the idea lol.

The ML was one of the MLs I've read that perfectly balanced work and love. Upon liking the FL, he chased her immediately albeit very subtle initially. He also is the type of man who clarifies possible misunderstandings directly. I like how he reminds me of my boyfriend lol especially with how he treats the FL like a treasure but at the same time respecting her decisions, and how he tends to get h**ny with the slightest contact with the FL hahahaha

Their love came out of nowhere but it was so warm and soft. It started

because the dog was scared that the FL would be alone after he dies, so he asked the gods to let the ML switch with him at midnight and facilitate the start of the relationship between the ML and FL

It also talked a lot about the entertainment industry and how it usually works. Good thing is that the netizens in the novel were not constantly black powder and that they adapt according to the truth of the matter. I also like how they easily accepted the ML and FL's relationship despite being a bit unwilling lol. <<less
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fanneeywp rated it
July 17, 2020
Status: c52
Cute story. Although an actor, ML's lifestyle is quite low key, just like brother next door. He's straightforward, sweet, little bit silly.....
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 6, 2022
Status: c124
Its a very cute story. The MC turns into the fls dog every night, and while it is a commonly used trope, the author wrote it very well! I saw almost no overlap with other books ive read of the same genre and I personally love er huang. It did feel a bit bland further along in the book, but I xpuld out up with that for a satisfying ending :)
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pepengsmith rated it
August 12, 2020
Status: c67

In the entertainment industry, you don't just provoke people, especially those with great backgrounds. Money talks, it can create and destroy.

You can't just say truth without evidence as truth, you're just killing yourself with it. Not everyone is as dumb as you. You need to atleast create a material with potential so that the passerby will buy it.

Media aren't that lawless, they're the most affected by money. Unless information have backings it wouldn't spread. Well if they really want to die that badly they can do it.

Paparazzi can't shoot civilians, unless they want to be sued. This isn't even a high profile case and they are bothering people. No one is this lawless and s*upid.

How lucky can a paparazzi be on taking a shot on some random dude's window. Are they nerfing paparazzi when it's convenient, then just out of nowhere they'd become gods?

Kidnapping has always been a pre planned action. You don't just go out and kidnap people and get away with it.


s*upid af novel with a bad plot, yet good characters.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SpicySugar rated it
July 10, 2019
Status: --
The story 4.5/5.0

The translation was a bit hard to read. Was it MTL? It kinda had the same vibe when I mtl'ed it. Anyway it's a good novel, if you don't mind Mtl then go on.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kaister rated it
January 2, 2023
Status: c75
It's better than I expected. A cute romance story told from the male side, in which the MC switch bodies with the FL's dog. I like both the ML and FL. I found the main characters cute but ultimately the plot isn't that great. I mean it's serviceable but just not amazing to the point I'm glued to the story. As evidence of me having no qualm taking breaks. So really it's a character driven novel and I do like the characters, hence I still gave it a 4 stars.... more>> Translation is serviceable. The story split each chapters into "night" so it's 78 chapters or "nights" with 8 extras. I'm on the 75th nights so almost done with the main story. So total of 86 chapters. Translation split there's "nights" into multiple chapters. Hence you see the translation chapters different than the actual chapters count. Honestly I'm not sure why translators do that. I rather they do 10.1-10.2 instead of reordering into a different chapter count. <<less
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superyunyun rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: Completed
Overall a fun, light-hearted experience. Jiang Ran is an understanding lady, leaves no loose ends and overall a wonderful female lead. As for Feng Jing, he has a high EQ, which is very fortunate for reader eyes that already got used to cold male leads that for some reason litter Chinese literature.

Also, as for the chapters halfway through until the end, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the translations.

... more>>

Maybe it's just me, but it feels a little underhanded to split apart the chapters just so they can have more pages and therefore run more ads. I don't mind that they set up a patreon after, I want them to have money, be happy and continue translating of course.


I didn't mind the sidecomments, I'm sure they are lovely people. As for the footnotes, they were often informative about other cast from other works from the same author and we were quickly done away with intrusive, loud-colored sidecomments immediately, so that's a plus. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
June 20, 2021
Status: c1
It was cute. Tbh I laughed several times while reading this. I like the dog most ┭┮﹏┭┮ he literally wish to God to send someone to the owner so that she wont be sad when the dog gone :<
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 31, 2024
Status: Completed
Like, trust the writer 🥹
The characters are fun, the story is super sweet 🥹🥹

The author always creates a lot of great couple characters...
Our ML is really a dream husband candidate, I even want him in real life. He's too impossible to have but we all want him anyway. Our FL is also fun, he's sweet, but doesn't act like a weak white lotus. Even Er Huang, our cute dog is fun...

What a comforting story in the midst of a tiring life 🫶
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Mystiqueeee rated it
June 22, 2023
Status: Completed
It's lighthearted and mostly funny. The first few chapters when Film Emperor Mo was mentioned, I'm just calm even if the ML was ranting about him until I remember that it's my Film Emperor Mo Zhen from "Good morning, Miss Ghost" huhuhu and I was like, Feng Jing, darling, calm down HAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, the plot is good and there's not much drama nor major misunderstandings. The ML is really funny though, especially when he's a dog lol. As for the FL, she's not that bad but not that outstanding nor... more>> memorable. I mean, I'm not asking for an OP FL but the story is mostly (and usually) focused with the ML and his dog adventure, so even if it's a FL centered story, I still think that the ML's exposure and impact is at least twice the FL's. There's even some chapters where the FL didn't appear or she's there but doesn't have any dialogue

Like when she and Feng Ya were kidnapped, it's just mainly Feng Ya and those bastards talking to each other and she's just there. She only talked when the ML appeared. I understand that maybe Feng Ya did the talking since it's her ex husband's scheme but she could've at least tell Feng Ya to calm down or say something, right?


Also as I'm writing this review, the side stories are not yet translated and the main story just ended so my mood is somewhat somber because

The main story ended with Er Huang's death huhuhuhu. That dog has even more exposure than the FL y'know.


Overall, it's not that bad but if I have to do a comparison, I think I like the "Good morning, Miss Ghost" written by the same author (and a shared universe story). Anyway, it's a 8.5/10 <<less
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Tutubitter rated it
March 5, 2023
Status: Completed
Didn't really live up that much to expectations for a 4.5 rating.

As with Chestnut's other novels, FL and ML are well set-up but same cannot be said to other characters (that aren't protagonist in Chestnut's other novels) , especially antagonists.

this novel includes the antagonist's wife/ex-wife. :) I could rant so much about how s*upid Feng Ya is :) Much of this wouldn't have happened had she had a functioning brain :) Sincerity and loyalty shouldn't be mistaken with s*upidity and delusion :)


For the plot, as another reviewer said, 'bad plot, with good characters.' May have turned better if the antagonist was someone else and not such a tr*sh that just got through the net cause of everyone's underestimating and poor choices :) Better yet, why not just focus on romance :)
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YouToon rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Whats an actor to do when every night he switches bodies with a dog and the owner of his doggy compatriot isn’t even his fan? Educate her, judge her. Love her and spend a lot of money on repairing damaged furniture.

This concept is silly but the world is built up enough that it feels grounded. The characters are all well developed. One of the the unique strengths of this story is the male partner is our primary perspective and MC.

This one is adorable and laugh out loud funny in several... more>> parts. Enjoy. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KeejaKim rated it
April 11, 2022
Status: Completed
This is more on the ML's POV, but I'm not complaining, because the ML is funny, he's really funny and has a high EQ. I can't help laughing at his thoughts.

This is light hearted, fluffy, and cute. Really recommended.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Vivilliam rated it
February 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Both ML and FL personalities are really good.

Plot is neither light nor heavy and is full of dog food.💗
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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