Why Harem Intrigue When You Can Just Raise a Dog Instead


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The “Dog Emperor” gets adopted by his fake “Favored Consort.” This story follows their story as they experience all sorts of trials in the imperial harem and find true love.

The dog king will recover his human body.

This is not a legitimate harem drama novel – there will be love, there will be pampering.

Enormous silver platters, shocking melodramas, all part of the package.

Looking at his own concubines and imperial offspring from a doggy’s perspective:

Who used to be the sweet, gentle, and eloquent flower turns out to be a venus fly trap behind the scenes.

Who used to be the filial and courteous, intelligent and adorable, imperial princes and princesses transform into demons in a flash.

The progression (of the story) overturns understandings and unmasks countless illusions.

But by the protection of the gods, the dog emperor met a healing owner. Although the path is rough, the end is pleasant.

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Cung Đấu Không Bằng Nuôi Cún
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73 Reviews

New itsxoi
May 28, 2024
Status: c1
This may be one of the best stories I’ve read where I’m fully satisfied with how long it takes for the ML to win the heart of the fl. He definitely did serve some time with his groveling, and I’m happy with that. Such an interesting and fun read too.
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Nov 16, 2020
Status: c67
So, I have mixed feeling about this novel.

Although the dog part was cute, we learn that the emperor was, a dick, very mean towards the MC,

... more>>

Including poisoning her so she could not have children, and using her as a front so his real lover didn't have to suffer.


He felt guilty, but for me wasn't nearly enough guilt to compensate for everything he did. That left a bitter taste in my mouth but because I was expecting, due to several reviews here, that when he turned human again he would change for the better, and that he would apologize or make amends for all the shitty things he did to MC, I continued the novel. Instead, he acts like a spoiled child, harassing the obviously uncomfortable MC, like, just because he is the emperor, and she is his concubine, eventually, she would have to forgive him and fall in love with him, despite knowing that he treated her like sh*t before. I guess he couldn't apologize, since she didn't know he was her dog, and so she wouldn't really believe his apology, but still, this entitled behavior is super annoying. Some people said he had grown up, but I don't think so. If he had grown up he would sincerely think about his mistakes, he would be humble and not demanding. Sometimes it felt like he was really going to change, but then he kept pestering the MC again.


He later uses her family to "get close to her". Like when she decides to become a nun and go to the monastery with the Dowager Empress to get rid of him, he keeps bringing her family into the conversation to trick her into thinking she has to flatter him or else her family will suffer. It was supposed to be funny or cute I think but it wasn't, especially considering that before turning into a dog he was planning on getting rid of MC'S family, so MC is really scared he's going to do something to her father or brother.


A lot of the "cute" scenes just feel like he just wants to have s*x with her, even tho HE KNOWS that she is unwilling. If he at least waited for her to start liking him, I would've respected him a bit more, but NO.

For me, this novel just proved, that you can take any asswhole with good looks, put him in a position of power, make him repent less than half of what he did, or make him pamper the MC like never before, even tho he disregards what she wants all the time and treat her as a possession, still is fineeee, because he is so cute and handsome, and bla bla, and finished! You have an ML who can deceive the readers into thinking that he is a good man, and MC is lucky to be with him.

I Was really disappointed and thought of writing a review in case other people out there get the same feeling I did, and to tell them to not waste time waiting for him to be worthy. It was really annoying seeing him feeling sad and victimizing himself instead of reflecting and being humble about his mistakes.

This novel is all about romance, so if you can't believe the romance anymore (like me) then there's no meaning to it. To be fair, the writing and translation, are indeed very good. The author seems a lot more professional than others, and I can say for sure he/she is a good writer.

It's a pity that the romance didn't work for me. In spite of that, I would not rate this low, because these are just my personal opinions, and the author can't please everybody with the progression he/she chose, and I was happy nothing too outrageous happens like r*pe romanticization, and that kinda sh*t that happens (sadly) in most c-novels. (until the part I read)

But, I would not give a high score either, just because the romance was a huge part of it, and was also the most disappointing.

If you have a bigger heart than mine, maybe you will not mind it so much and believe in the ML, if so, this would be a very good read to enjoy. <<less
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May 27, 2018
Status: Completed
OMG!! This is amazing! I mtl'd this and I obviously missed a couple of points but all in all It was one of the most satisfying reads I have ever seen. FL is a transmigrator. The fact that he falls in love with her as a dog and discovers the cruel nature of the concubines he loves and the ugliness of his children all builds up to when he finally gets his body back after he dies as a'bao.

Then he proceeds to regain his throne and clean out court and woo the FL. He is already in love with her but she is still as she was at the beginning of the novel. It is unique to see his devotion and the fact that he pulls out all stops to show her his heart <3 <3 there are misunderstandings when he replaces the drugs she was drinking with good medicine but of course she is skeptical (duh!) The part I loved the most was that after 13 years.. Yes! It takes 13 whole years!! He always tells her he loves her but she has never responded and at the very end during this festival he is on one side of a bridge /river and she is on the other side and she had an epiphany, she cups her hands and yells that she loves him. They have three kids; 9th prince who becomes the crown prince, 10th prince who is being trained by his mom's military family and the 11 th princess (who looks like mom).

This is a must read!
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Jan 25, 2018
Status: Completed
Cute romance story in which ML spend a lot of time trying to win MC heart. ML in here is not as s*upid as a lot of other ML and recognize when other women try to trap MC. In short this is not a very infuriating and tactic filled harem intrigue story, instead this is a simple sweet romance with intrigue as spices
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Jun 22, 2020
Status: c26
The translation quality is excellent, so props to the translators.

The story has a lot of fluff, but has a lot of underlying problems in it that is common in these sort of stories, and I'm in utter disbelief over it.

The main character is 17 years old, which means she is still a minor. Yeah, she's about to become an adult, which somewhat appease my troubled self for a while.

... more>>

until the story came out to say that she had been taking birth control for three years. Then the main character mentioned that while he was faking being passionate in bed. Which means the emperor was having s*x with a fourteen year-old.

The story's not really clear on how old the emperor is, but considering that his second oldest kid is nine years old or so, he must be an adult right now. An adult was having s*x with a minor, even if it was only one-year apart. He also gives off the impression of being in his late twenties or so with his way of thinking.

Anyone who tries to excuse this makes my eyes roll. Why couldn't the author have made the main character older?There's never a specific reason for it. Not even a 'oh look she's so young compared to the older concubines' It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


The main character is a complete Mary Sue with absolutely no imperfections. Yeah, one could say her somewhat lazy attitude is a character flaw, but not really? It always suits the setting because when it's needed, she is active. There is literally no proper explanation for this.


It's vaguely, very vaguely explained as her being a reincarnated person (why is every author jumping on this plot device?). Her being able to read the expressions of a freaking emperor and deduce literally everything about his is explained as her having abusive parents in her past life. So you're telling me, that only this girl, out of the hundreds of concubines and people trying to take advantage of him, can read him because of such a flimsy reason? Not even that, she knows all of his schemes, and nobody else has figured them out yet! Not even her own head nurse and the emperor's most trusted eunuch!


The main character loves animals! What a considerate person! The main character is a very well-studied person with hundreds of books and can paint pictures beautifully. She can design an office space literally better then anything that the emperor has seen. What a surprise that the emperor loves this! She also has slender! Legs! Big b**bs! Thin Waist! Without makeup, she's a 100 times more beautiful according to the emperor who has seen hundreds of beauties! She purposefully wears gaudy makeup because she's too beautiful! The very definition of a Mary Sue.

You know what? Perhaps I would have been less annoyed at all the reasons listed if the story wasn't trying so desperately to come off the same as some of the more serious harem novels with it's politics.

That being said, I'm glad that the story is only 90 chapters because it moves at a snail's pace. Really, the plot moves so slow. The chapters are full of fluff, the interactions of the main character and the dog!emperor and unnecessary scenes of what the antagonists are thinking/doing. The fluff becomes repetitive over time because the emperor's still a freaking dog, so there's no drama there until he transfers back into a human. Also, despite being so immensely praised, the emperor comes off as a big fool for placing his trust in the wrong people and being disgusted with the wrong people. How did he survive for so long being the emperor when he can't read people properly?


Besides being a potential pe*ophile, he also harms the main character by giving her birth control medicine. Birth control medicine, which, back in the day, was very harmful. He still did it because he was disgusted by this minor fourteen year-old girl he was sleeping with. It's all explained by him not wanting to give power to her dad, but sure, whatever. Also to those who defend pe*ophilia in stories like these, I will cheerfully respond that the author is in our era author and unless they write pe*ophilia in a negative light when writing these stories, then I'm going to assume they are fine with pe*ophilia in this era too.

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Dec 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Translator dropped this wonderful novel, so I had to mtl the rest of it. And while mtl does reduce the enjoyability of the novel by quite a certain amount, at least my thirst to know what happens was sated.

    • Puppy ML is killed by that eunuch on the orders of concubine Shen. MC then wakes up in his real body.
    • He secretly swaps himself with the fake emperor while he is out on a trip or something.
    • Comes back, settles everything in court, tries to court MC.
    • MC doesn't trust him, doesn't think he is the real emperor at first cause he is so nice to her.
    • ML gifts her a puppy who looks like A'bao. MC realises that it's not A'bao almost immediately. ML gets jealous of Er Bao, makes a rule that when he is there Er Bao also cannot be there. Also he cannot sleep with the MC in her bed. ML is jealous of a dog lol.
    • ML cleans up the harem. Shen concubine realises that ML is back, but ML doesn't care about her anymore. Kills her family to nine generations, leaves her alive to be tormented by other concubines.
    • One day when they are torturing her because they are so angry that MC is getting all of ML's attention, she reveals to them that the fake emperor has slept with them, making M wear the green hat. They realise that it's lucky they are still alive considering that they have had s*x with another man that isn't the emperor.
    • Some drama with MC's father. He returns successful from the war after killing 100, 000 prisoners of war. People are criticising him, saying he is ruthless and that he should be stripped of his position. ML calls them s*upid and makes them realise MC dad is a war hero because he nipped the problem in the bud, whereas the idiot officials would have let the prisoners go and remain a threat to the country.
    • MC dad tries to give back the tiger seal, but ML refuses.
    • Some cute family moments.
    • It's revealed that MC's uncle tried to frame MC dad for something. He basically betrayed the nation and colluded with the enemy state. ML sentences them to death, won't exterminate family cause MC is part of family but also the war merits of MC dad offsets their crimes.
    • After a bit of drama, the concubines are selecting candidates to serve the emperor. One of the candidates is MC's cousins. When MC's cousin is performing, MC faints.
    • ML is informed straight away and gets there faster than the doctor.
    • MC is pregnant. ML is ecstatic, saying he will make her his Empress and the child the crown prince. MC is scared and frightened, begging him not to, saying that she can do anything for him, but to just let her child go. ML realises his mistake, he was too hasty and didn't think about how MC would feel.
    • MC has morning sickness. MC's family is over for lunch is ML is there as well. During lunch, MC throws up and ML helps her like he has a thousand times, people marvel at his devotion to MC.
    • The end: MC and ML have 3 kids. 2 sons and a daughter.
    • 13 years later after ML fell for MC, MC finally returns his feelings, saying "I like you." ML, poor guy, is so happy.

EDIT: I went back to read some of the novel again and I have to update my rating, because now I realise how toxic and problematic the ML is.

The "fluffy" and "cute" moments between ML and MC mainly consist of ML trying to curry favour with MC, all the while she is thinking he is fake and scheming something. He himself realises that all the smiles and affection she gives him is fake because he has the power to destroy her family. But he is willing to take what he can get.. Angsty right? NO. He continues to try to force his affection on her, expecting her to reciprocate immediately. He spend 5 months as a dog with her, which is why he grew to love her, but to her, he has mental problems. For someone who is supposed to be smart, this ML sure is dumb. Imagine if you had an enemy, and one day that enemy is super kind and tries his best to be your bestie, of course you would be suspicious and question his motives. This is what MC does and ML has the nerve to get bu*t hurt when she doesn't return his feelings.

You may say, oh but she is willing to give him her body so he can look after her family. But this transaction is not equal and also it is sick. You shouldn't be with someone just because they can destroy you life if you offend them. It's like living with a bomb that can go off anytime. She clearly tries to escape from him and this sick relationship, but he forces her to stay without considering her feelings. That's his true love right there. It's pathetic. And yes, I know the context is a harem. I get it, but the ML can't go around touting his love and professing his unmatched affection for ML all the while having all these concubines around him. Also he is terrible father. His children get poisoned, abused, and killed and he doesn't seem to give a shit. He just goes along to have his romance with MC.

He is a kid. He gets jealous of a dog. That he got her to make her happy. Then forbids her from being too affectionate with the dog otherwise he will throw the dog away. Even after living as a dog, he can't be kind to animals.

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May 26, 2019
Status: Completed
I got to know of this novel through another novel of the author’s named 忽如一夜病娇来 where the novel is about a fake sibling love which I really enjoyed as well. So I thought I should try to read the author’s other novels and this title and the ratings of this novel happens to attract me which I started reading and I’m very glad I read it.

I love the female lead’s personality and character. She’s very logical and she knows what she is doing well. She accepts the fact very quickly... more>> and adapt to it. She treats her position like a job and acts like the character she is supposed to which is a pampered consort. Even though she knows the emperor is just using her, she isn’t dishearten about it and enjoys her life to the fullest. With her logical mindset, she is able to think ahead and climb her ranks that is though she insists that she shouldn’t give her heart.

Honestly, I kind of think that the emperor is s*upid from the start. Well, he may be a good emperor but he is bad at seeing who is worth loving and who is just using him. He only realised it after becoming a dog. He got attracted to the female lead because of the care he received as a dog. After he got back into his own body, he started chasing the female lead and it was hard for him. Haha, I kinda think he deserves it after pushing the female lead and using her so that the person he supposedly love won’t get involved in the drama between consorts. Well there was only one time, when I truly pitied him.

I believe it was when the emperor found out that the female lead was pregnant or when the female lead has given birth to a boy and the male lead crowned the baby as crown prince. The female lead flared at him saying that he can use her but not the child. (This is because there will be a lot of rejection if the child grows up to be not suitable and/or that she wants her child to live happily in his younger days)

The Male lead got hurt because he realised that after so long the female lead hasn’t truly accepted him. But he slowly gave in and agreed that he shouldn’t be that rash in the decision.

But to be honest, I can sort of understand the female lead. She’s living in such a tense environment she only wants the best for her child.


Anyways, this novel ends on a good note where the female lead slowly accepts him. I really enjoyed this novel just because it is hard for me to find a female lead with such a strong personality.

To conclude, this novel is a much innocent or happier version (in the sense of the romance) of 妃嫔这职业 which is by the author of To be a virtuous wife but both female lead has strong personality. I will recommend this novel to anyone who is looking for a Imperial harem (宫斗 novel that is not too dramatic or cruel and someone with a strong personality female lead. However, if you are looking for a traditional imperial harem novel that is literally competing for the ranks, I would suggest reading 淑妃. If you are looking for something similar to this current novel, the above mentioned 妃嫔这职业 would be the best novel to read. This is because of the writing style, foreshadowing and the female lead’s personality as well. <<less
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Feb 03, 2022
Status: c27
I hate the ML. He's annoying. I feel bad for the FL. She's way too good for him. He should be with his white lotus childhood sweetheart; they deserve each other. Both are suspicious and spiteful. Both are wildly ambitious and scheme against people who haven't harmed them. They're two peas in a pod. Where did he get the guts to look down on her?

... more>>

Every time he scorns the other concubines for not being in true love with him... even though the FL also wished that he wouldn't wake up from his coma and would just die (as she should!)... his EQ's too low. He thinks just because she rolled around with him when she thought he was a puppy, that she's in love with him? The FL mentions that lots of people in the Forbidden Palace have personality disorders; he has several.


I won't finish this. I can't bear to see him have a happy ending. The worst part is that he never acknowledges just how awful he is. His moments of guilt are fleeting and only seemed to exist while he was a puppy. What he does much more often is feel betrayed and ooze killing intent, still showing an overly harsh and unforgiving perspective towards his other wives. He hasn't learned enough. <<less
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Sep 01, 2018
Status: c16
This is amazing! MC reminds me of MC from To Be A Virtuous Wife. Her main priority is to keep her life and live as comfortably as possible. She's completely indifferent to the ML and considers him an employer, at most. But MC is really loving towards her family, servants, and her dog (ML). She's a really gentle and kind person, as seen from how she treats her dog like her own child, though she hides it under her tough exterior.

The story is from ML's POV. ML is the typical... more>> hatable scumbag emperor; he's a good emperor and is very intelligent in managing the country, but in the beginning/before the story starts he's a complete scum with how ruthless he is to his women. He used his other women including MC to balance power in the court (because he's an emperor and is paranoid) and to shield his actual favorite woman (the antagonist).


For one, to prevent MC's family from getting too powerful, he had been giving her birth control poison to prevent her from giving birth to an heir. He had been completely using her while pretending to favor her, though MC knowingly allows this to keep her and her family's life.


It's really satisfying to see him getting his world view shaken (faceslapped, basically. This is a dream come true payback against this kind of emperor MLs lolol) as he lives as a dog. With truths getting revealed left and right (since no one guards against a dog), he even realized how he was too blindly trusting to some and over-paranoid to others. He gets humbler as time passes, and falls in love first with MC (meanwhile MC remains unbothered). <<less
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Dec 10, 2021
Status: --
The writing and FL is phenomenal but the ML completely ruined this for me.

He doesn't deserve the FL after all the horrible things he put her through and just because he realized the woman he loved before isnt as innocent as she portrays and used him, he casts her aside.

Like you despise someone exactly like you?!

No. You deserve each other you impudent prick.
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Mar 18, 2022
Status: c72
I honestly really liked the story but I had to drop it because I can't stand the ML. He was tolerable at the beginning but started getting more and more annoying in recent chapters and now I actually hates him. He is probably the most tactless, self-centered, and egotistical ML I have ever encountered. I tried to pick it up again multiple times but so far, I haven't managed to since the ML irked me so much in every chapter.

All in all, the other characters and plot itself is honestly... more>> not that bad but the ML can go die in a hole. <<less
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Jeez Louise
Jeez Louise
Jun 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I usually stay away from anything with harem, but this one is an exception because:

1. THE ML FIRST APPEARED AS A FRENCH POODLE PUPPY!!!! I mean who doesn't love puppies?!?

2. Smart, beautiful, pure hearted but cunning FL. OMG I can't gush enough about her! She's so intelligent and perceptive and always 1 step ahead of everyone's schemes. Also, she doesn't do petty things to a child of a concubine just because the mother is a b*tch! She even saved a choking prince although it was a thankless act, but according... more>> to our badass FL, she didn't regret doing it and she will never turn a blind eye to a person in trouble especially a child who is easily instigated by its scheming mother. That alone earned my respect 👏👏

3. Face slapping the dogman emperor was fun too. Although I'd have more fun if he had stayed as the adorable Ah Bao 😂 but at least we get to see how the emperor was still paying the price of his sins and past wrongdoings and groveling to Sangyu for many, many years! Our girl didn't give out her heart that easily, how awesome is that! 😍

I braved through MTL to read the ending of that white lotus/white moonlight of the dogman emperor

the ML didn't allow her to die until she was tortured enough by the other concubines whom she had schemed by having the fake emperor sleep with them and poison their sons coz this b*tch wanted her son to be the only prince alive. She's so greedy for the throne that she even let the fake emperor imp**gnate her coz she thought the ML wouldn't ever wake up 🤢 Her ending was truly satisfying. She even thanked the emperor for letting her die


but I wouldn't recommend MTL unless you're willing to risk hurting your brain lol! I'll definitely re-read this once the wonderful translators are done with their superb translations 😊 <<less
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Jul 31, 2021
Status: --
I love this I enjoy torturing the dog emperor emotionally. The MC is smart they ML do not deserve her in my opinion.

Although I do understand his doubt base on his POV it does not justify his action he was blind and s*upid. I do not read tragedy but I was hoping this one to be tragedy. The emperor was too much he do not deserve to experience MC love. ML is cute as a dog, he should just stay as a dog
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Apr 26, 2021
Status: Completed
The author is ML's step-mother that's for sure but he totally deserved the abuse. As someone who likes abusing the ML, I love this novel.

FL is intelligent and cunning. I love how she psychoanalyzed the ML and slapped his face (figuratively).

I usually stay clear of harem but Sangyu is just BAE. Once you read this, you'll know Sangyu is the perfect wifey material. At least, I wish I was the ML (scram, dog Emperor). Anyway, the writing is really good and easy to understand although I know a lot was... more>> lost in machine translation. I love how the author wrote ML slowly succumbing into his fate-- falling in love with Sangyu.

Even though I've finished the novel, I am patiently and diligently waiting for the translation because I also want to commend the translators and editors for doing an excellent job on the novel. <<less
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Mar 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Story is very cute. ML was quite awful at first but quickly changes for the better after getting his comeuppance from life which happens very early on in the book. Living life as a dog opens the deluded emperor's eyes and he can finally see who is truly good and who is truly fake.

The MC is extremely likeable with a strong personality and great self-awareness. She's loving to her family and merciful when she can but absolutely firm when it comes to destroying her enemies.
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Mar 09, 2024
Status: Completed
I feel conflicted about this novel. On one hand, I love undying love of the emperor which suited my modern thinking taste but when I think about other women other than FL in the harem, idk, I couldn't really bring myself to be happy about FL and ML's love story.

... more>>

In the end, ML indeed only favored FL and he also didn't add new women into his harem but he didn't entirely dismiss his harem. There were still other concubines and some of them even had children with ML. From FL's POV, of course she was happy that ML was only with her but what about the other concubines?

I'm sure not all of them are bad and maybe there were also who genuinely loved ML but in the end, they were forced to live in widowhood while seeing FL and ML being lovey dovey everyday. I know that ML couldn't easily dismiss his harem but still, I feel bad about those women.

I also feel bad about those prince and princess who lacked of their father's love just because they weren't borned from FL. ML could wholeheartedly love his children with FL but he was lukewarm towards his other children which was quite chilling for me. I wouldn't be surprised if someday they joined hands to rebel because of ML's negligence. Moreover, they were poisoned and couldn't live long so they had nothing to lose.

Also, FL's judgment towards concubines who got deceived by the imposter was a bit harsh (she lamented by how those concubines didn't even know who they were slept with). I mean, wasn't it normal for most concubines for failing to recognize ML? Most of them only met ML in the night and ML also didn't let them getting to know him so it was expected that they couldn't differentiate between ML and the imposter. Not all of them were as observant as FL nor had the same mental state. I also pitied them for being sullied unknowingly and ML even used their embarrassment to make them giving up of fighting for his favor.

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Jun 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Hey, this is one of those stories where the ML redeems himself in the most satisfying way. Not gonna lie, he was a real a$$ (to everyone else, albeit the perfect lover to his sweetheart if you ignore his harem + still sleeping around as a proper emperor. In other words, the typical cold and aloof ML in novels but not to our MC) but the best part of the novel for me is that the times he was an a$$ weren't directly written in, so the novel has the... more>> best mix of self-loathing and suffering of ML and sugary sweetness with his treatment towards MC. Meaning, there aren't scenes of ML favoring some other consort or calculating against the MC at the immediate timeframe that the novel encompasses. They are alluded to, but predominantly serve as a means to introduce the characters and plot (s) and make the ML's conscience go through hell hahaha

To me, this novel is a sort of second chance novel for both the MC and ML. MC's past life wasn't detailed to the extreme but we know she didn't have it good. This life she didn't have any hope in attaining happiness since obviously she was taken in as an imperial concubine and everyone knows that if you aren't the sweetheart you are just cannon fodder so she was coasting and doing a good job being happy by herself. Until ML fell in love with her. Then she had to take a leap of faith. Obviously ML spends majority of the novel making up for his mistakes towards MC and simultaneously wooing her, so it doesn't have to be said that he is striving for that second chance to gain her love. What made the novel extremely readable for me are the ML's sweet and gentle, tolerant, puppy-like, loyal dog treatment of MC from chapter 1 to the end. And the MC's unyielding and independent character that also lasted practically until the very end--say goodbye to those MC who fall in love as soon as the ML shows some tender feelings and gentle actions cause this MC is savage and I love her. And her dad. And the Empress Dowager. These three know the ML was an a$$hole and didn't immediately go googoogaga over him after he changed. <<less
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Jul 10, 2023
Status: c78
Dear readers:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

You are reading a story with the tag of #Ancient_China and it means

There will be:

    1. polygamy;
    1. age gap between couples, and
    1. NO equal rights for woman, what's so ever.
Why some readers are so ignorant? Open yours eyes.

There is no women rights in polygamy.

There was no women rights in ancient times.

We are still living in a world that some women are being denied of their basic rights. Watch news about Afghanistan.

I don't know about other countries but in my country, Iran and in some part of it, we still have families that marry their 9 years old daughter to a 25+ years old man.

It is acceptable to marry a 9 years old child to a full grown man in Islam.

It was acceptable in many other cultures in ancient times.

Nowadays, You see some women in other countries that gave birth when they were 14 or 15 years old and you don't know who is their partner and how old is he, but you think this acceptable?

Did you ever watched "sleeping beauty"? In that animation, the princess told the fairies that "I am 16 years old" and she meant that she was old enough to enter a relationship.

And do you think that the rights you have right now, are given freely? No, there was many women who sacrificed many things to obtain freedom and equal rights. So don't think that what you have right now was there from the beginning.

So, if you can't handle this kind of situations, pleas DO NOT READ THIS NOVEL, and many other's as well.

By the way, to whom that think the ML must apologies to FL, you obviously don't know that men, specially the ones that have powers, don't apologize. With power, I don't mean the power of the king, in those cultures, simply the power of being a man is suffice.

Thank you.
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Feb 03, 2021
Status: Completed
Surprisingly good! Seriously!! ML turned into MC dog and saw the other true side of MC that made him fell in love.

I somewhat pitied ML because he finally saw that everyone has many faces and he learned to understand the darkness of human hearts. He was even made to wear a green hat.
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Oct 29, 2018
Status: Completed
I absolutely loved the story, even despite the pain that google translate brought me.

In my opinion, what made the story so great was the correct choice of main character.

"Unfavored consort captures the heart of the cold-hearted emperor by letting him see that she is the only pure soul in the palace and he comes to love all of her flaws, spoiling her and ignoring/dismissing all of his gorgeous (but wicked) concubines" - such a standard premise suddenly becomes interesting when we see it from the emperor's point of view.

His journey... more>> of falling in love is very real and very satisfying to read. And what's even better is that his struggles doesn't end by him realizing that she is the apple of his eye. He seriously hurt her, and she will not fall in love with him just because he dotes on her with no bottom line.

In fact

Even in the last chapters she is scared to the point of kneeling and breaking down in panic because she does not believe that he isn't using her


The empress character is just a good. She can take care of herself, but she is not a super-human. She feels fear, but is not moved by fear. She tries her best to secure herself and her family a safe life, despite the fact that her family is a thorn in emperor's side (though, it's no longer true after he falls in love with her, but she doesn't know that).

In fact, after the emperor turns back into a human, it should be obvious that she will have a good life (he protects her well). And yet, her struggles never feel futile, and I couldn't help but worry about her. <<less
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Jan 05, 2021
Status: Completed
It was so unexpectedly good.

Usually I love the idea of a plot that involves transmigration and cute pets, but most are poorly written or they start good but the ending is tragic to the eyes.

But this plot is just right. And everything that happens has a meaning. The face-slapping is also well done and without too much dog-blood which seems to permeate most of harem-fighting novels. The thing is, our MC really doesn't want to bother fighting and just wants to live well. But she doesn't act like a 14-year... more>> old like modern women are usually portrayed as in transmigration into ancient times novels. To a certain point her attitude reminded me of Qu Qing Ju (from "To be a Virtuous Wife"), but different to her our MC has different reasons and views to be emotionally distant from the ML.


While Qu Qing Ju is a modern woman that experienced the truths and lies of the entertainment cycle and just feels like love is not the most essencial in life, our MC was deeply hurt in her previous life and grew aware of her surroundings, she has a high EQ but is very much afraid of being emotionally hurt... in this aspect they hold very different views on love. However, while Qu Qing Ju's feelings develop silently, through her actions, Sangyu's have appeared early on. She was not unmoved by the change in attitude of the emperor.


And about the love in this story....


In fact, I disagree a lot with someone that said in the reviews that it took 13 years for their love to bloom. Their love has bloomed way earlier and this is shown in their interactions from after she decided to truly accept him when she found out she was pregnant. But it was pointed out early in the novel, that our MC is afraid of being hurt and often fools herself to see the world around in a safe way. She did that when A'Bao died and even though she knew he was most certainly dead, she created a story to console herself.

Admiting her feelings for the ML also took time for her, because she was confortable with not taking the risk of professing her love. If she didn't, even if he hurt her in the future she would be able to console herself in saying that she didn't love him that much afterall, so his betrayal wouldn't hurt.

But our ML never let her down. And so she was finally able to reflect upon it and profess her true feelings for him openly.


This is a good novel, its entertaining... funny and also sad sometimes. The ending is well wrapped and chapters are well written.

Ah, and ps: I was just laughing when the emperor uses an excerpt of "Feng seeks Huang" to talk about Sangyu when he goes back to his body. I just think those lyrics are the apex of romantic feelings ~~ <<less
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