Amnesiac Queen


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Once again, Ye Zhen Zhen had lost her memories. When she opened her eyes once more, arranged in front of her were——

1. A Maternal Grandfather, the mu*dered Victim

2. A Large Inheritance

3. A Deeply in Love Fiancé

4. An Overbearing Maternal Uncle and his Wife

5. A Docile Servant

6. The Aloof, Cold, Abstinent Doctor in Charge of the Case

7. A Seemingly Difficult Police Officer

Reincarnated as a detective, Ye Zhen Zhen stared dubiously at them all. Who was the mu*derer? Was it her? It…?

Only one was the real mu*derer, but there was far more than just one culprit.

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Shiyi Nuwang
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mirijk rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: c15
I really like this novel so far. Our female lead has lost her memories and suddenly finds herself surrounded by unfamiliar people, of whom she can't seem to trust anyone. Her emotional struggles are portrayed very well and one really can feel her helplessness. But even though there certainly is a lot of suspense and some darker moments as well, Zhen Zhen is by no means a gloomy or pessimistic person and this makes it fun for the reader to follow her journey as she finds out more about her... more>> surroundings, her past and her own self.

The romance is very refreshing because it progresses extremely naturally. I always find myself waiting for the male lead to appear because he clearly manages to cheer Zhen Zhen up every time (and both of them are just way too cute). Last but not least, I have to mention that the translation is done beautifully and I really want to thank Kiseki for translating this novel.

Definitely check it out if you're into well-balanced mystery and romance with a bit of slice of life. <<less
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Binge_reader rated it
August 7, 2020
Status: c64
It was a nice read. The mystery plot got me hooked.

Although I got annoyed with the female lead at the end.

... more>>

it's just that after reading the novel, I felt really bad for li jia jia (twin sis of FL).

I mean, to find out that she was abandoned by her family just because of a s*upid superstition. I feel sad and hurt for her. ?

She's really smart (smarter than the fl), she always get first place in her exams. She must've worked really hard so that she could be accepted by her grandfather.

Although, at the end, her grandpa found out that she wasn't his "beloved grand daughter" and decided to change his will. I mean, wtf?! ?

Just because she's not the real ye zhen zhen, doesn't mean you have to disregard her? She's still your blood related grand daughter. ??

He really deserved to be stabbed twice. HAHAH

At the end, she was just a cannon fodder to kickstart the plot of this novel. Ahhh poor Li jia jia ?

and Qin kong ughhh another waste of good character...

I mean he was, until he committed the crime.

He's also smart (he graduated with honors, I dont remember the details)

He could've become someone great but his inferiority complex became his downfall. ?


P.S. Im writing this review just to vent my frustration over the wasted good characters of this novel.


P.P.S. Im also writing this, hoping that I might get the chance to transmigrate into this novel as li jia jia

Ughh... That's it. I read to much isekai novels HAHHAHAHA

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orientalfairy rated it
October 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Dont think too much and you will enjoy this novel and appreciate the fluffiness :) Shameless MC and kina shy but still appealing ML. Definitely on my top 3 of Chesnut novels.

Dont let the other reviews discourage you!
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earlgreyt rated it
December 1, 2019
Status: Completed
I like Chestnut, she's a good writer for a heck-ton of fluff and classic romance stories.

This one was somewhat different due to the crazy twists the mu*der mystery takes as well as some weird hints of supernaturalism. But it has her usual flair: humorous, pro-active heroines, slightly more mature take on life/romance (not shoujo), and tons and tons of angst-free fluff.

The amnesia/mu*der mystery adds some extra tension to this one, but overall it maintains a pleasant, lighthearted tone.

For some reason, I find this one a little bit more shallow than... more>> her other stories. Perhaps the plot was too focused on the mu*der mystery, but the rest of the MC's life, from her classmates to her career (including the romance) didn't get much development and seemed too convenient/fairytale-like at times. The romance especially felt a bit flat to me. <<less
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_sagexx rated it
January 31, 2022
Status: Completed
this story was funny, interesting and full of unknown mysterious that kept the suspense. I loved the ML and fl's relationship. Also the time FL was wooing ML exactly like a scheming ceo of some novel was so cute and funny.

my favourite character is defiantly office zou he. I missed him a lot when the case got closed and officer no longer appeared again. I hope he gets his own romance novel.

I hated the repeated mention of ' emperor mo' in the story his image that was created is overly... more>> charismatic and extremely popular. I just felt that this character is really irritating. When he had a cameo appearance I felt that this guy was arrogant and uninteresting too. While every other cameo appearances are humble and short why does mo zhen gets to be mentioned so many times like he is a god or something. The time his mention was useful to the story was okay tho. <<less
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February 1, 2020
Status: Completed
A good story plot and if the writer can expand with more detail on the Ye mystery, outcome of the mu*der case and Ye Chen Chen life after instead of rush in through....I still love Emperor Mo!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SaltedEgg rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Didn’t like this so much for a number of reasons but the biggest was probably: you should like the male lead and root for the girl to get with him. I didn’t like Dr Ji. He was arrogant, looked down on everyone, hardly ever said anything nice and often just put her down. Jokingly, sure, but coupled with hardly ever saying positive things about her, it just put me off. He felt manipulative and controlling and didn’t trust her judgment but treated her like a 5 year old or a... more>> mentally deficient person. The whole ice cream thing? Not cute.

They had no reason to fall in love with each other besides looks and that Dr Ji was such an amazing doctor so he romance felt shallow and rushed. Also, neither of them had friends. PCC didn’t count - she was just used and tossed aside.

The mu*der mystery was interesting until they started to solve it and then it just got messy. <<less
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chande rated it
January 17, 2021
Status: Completed
This is my least favorite novel from Chesnut's works so far. I don't know, I think mu*der and mystery genre doesn't suit Chesnut much. It's better if he/she just stick with rom com genre like most of his/her other works.

There are many points in this novel that make me disappointed. For example:

  • The plot itself seems a bit forced. To sum it up, it's about twins exchanging place while taking advantage of the car crash. Coincidentally, the "good" twin (MC) lost her memory so the "bad" twin could be at ease taking over MC's life. But unfortunately, both twins involved in their grandfather's mu*der and MC lost her memory (again) in the process.
  • Seriously, would MC's brain be alright? She lost her memories way too many times.
  • Is MC's grandfather blind? Why would he betroth his precious granddaughter to merely the third son of a wealthy family who didn't have a bright future because of his status? (Yes Qin Kong, that's you). MC's grandfather should know better that QK high likely has other motive when pursuing MC considering his status.
  • I think MC and ML fall in love with each other way too fast. It's like out of nowhere to me.
  • I thougt Zuo Yi would be a 2nd ML but surprisingly he didn't take any actions to pursue MC. I expect a firce battle between him and ML because ZY cleary cared about MC too, more than what he should. But sadly it didn't happen.
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Li Gou Dan
Li Gou Dan rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: --
Basically I'm just here to rant. I know that li jia jia is also a victim. Because she was abandoned by her family just because of some superstition stuff. But she didn't loss her memory she clearly know that she's not Ye Zhen Zhen and she's still in contact with Li Su and she knows that her twins lost her memory but she clearly took advantage of it she even pretended to lost her memory. She took ye Zhen zhen's life. I know it's her life too but why did... more>> she abandoned her twin. She's completely selfish because she know that the moment her grandpa's know the truth she would be abandoned again. And the most annoying part is even if she did that Yi Zhen Zhen didn't hate her. Yi Zhen Zhen considered her as her family. So I don't know why people think it's Zhen zhen's fault and she's not smart enough.

The true people to blame is her grandfather because his the one who abandoned her. <<less
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Saphie rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: Completed
Hmm, for someone who likes Chestnut's works, this one did not stand out as much as the others. The wit is still there, but it feels like something is lacking.

The ML fell for her out of nowhere, and

Zuo Yi's words in the latter half made me think he likes her because she is in fact YZZ, but surely not, maybe its a part of it, but still... it was uncomfortable


The mystery was like it was jjst there for convenience sake.

3.5 I guess
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ike_00000 rated it
April 29, 2020
Status: Completed
NOTE: BIG spoilers below, I recommend not reading it if you haven't read the story yet.

It's alright. I liked the mystery element, and there were a lot of twists and turns. However, I felt like some of it was just there for the sake of being mysterious. Note: BIG spoiler below

... more>>

Like how Wang Er Gou gave the second stab, it totally wasn't necessary and could've been Housekeeper Zhou herself or someone else. Poor guy.


I also enjoyed the romance but how it started doesn't really make sense to me. Like they didn't jump into it, but I still don't see howML would've started to like her. He seemed inclined to her from the beginning, which given is "setting" is pretty weird.

Also, big spoiler:


MC is not mad at Li Jiajia at all, which I find pretty ridiculous. Like yes her fate wasn't fair to her, but that doesn't give her a right to take away your blessings.


And my biggest complaint: That whole "supernatural" piece felt sooo unnecessary, like author didn't know how to wrap up the story properly so just stuck that in. It was such a small thing too, I feel like it could've been wrapped up better. Big spoiler:


Why did the family hate twins so much??? Felt so out of nowhere

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DOHere rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: epilogue 2
Don't really dig the supernatural addition to Chestnut's novels. It wouldn't be great as a detective novel, but it makes a nice and fluffy romantic comedy
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November 14, 2023
Status: -
Chestnut is the most dedicated author when it comes to interconnecting their novels.

From what I've read there will always be homage to her other novels. Did you know that this novel was used as a script for a TV series in their latest novel 娱乐圈女王还是我[重生] (*I'm still he queen of entertainment). If you didn't it doesn't really matter. It's a fun fact to me. It doesn't spoil anything btw, which at first I thought was a bummer, but then I saw it was written as a separate novel long time... more>> ago it then downed on me why there was no storyline described.


The only spoiler is I suppose the car crash, but it doesn't go further than just a fact - car crash.


And I'm just pasting this random fact here, because I'm not going to read it. FOR A REASON! It's not a big reason, but I think Chestnut isn't really good with handling mystery. I really loved their casual romantic stories a lot, but when it comes to mystery... It's not bad, but could be much better and finishing 拿了狗血剧本后我看见了弹幕 (*Seeing the barrage after taking the bloody script) and the above-mentioned entertainment queen your impression about their attempts at mystery might get down pretty quick.

I will put my impression under the spoiler, so you can read if you'd like to.


Both novels use the "innocent victim" type of plot. This is a major spoiler, so don't continue if you want to read for yourself.

'The queen' has a situation where FL forgot she has a voice recorder in her purse and she was mu*dered because of it. She completely forgot about it, but was believed by perpetrators that she heard the content.

'Barrage' also has the same thing where inedvertantly capturing a mu*der scene with the drone FL had no idea that her computer had encrypted video file and she was attacked with the same motive, to silence her as a witness.

But both novels lacked in more details or tension, it was more like a casual mystery instead. And most annoyingly is that these facts were provided only at the very end of the novel, as if the author was too preoccupied for readers to find out the truth and get bored/drop the novel. I don't know, I don't prefer this casualness and lackluster feeling.


How about writing a review that is not about the novel huh)))) <<less
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tornberry rated it
March 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Just gonna rant a bit here; its a big spoiler though so please don't open before finishing it ... more>>

I feel really sorry for Li Jia Jia and Li Su. She had been forced to live without her immediate family just because of some superstition from her grandpa, and when she actually found out about this (she was still a kid), she grew up quite twisted.

After that fated car crash, she actually managed to steal her twin sister's place because of her twisted personality and her adoptive mom's love for her, but ironically she still wasn't able to obtain happiness... she got r*ped and pushed down to death. From what I've read, her life at university was also not that eventful and she literally had no one that she can depend on, because the only person who truly knows and loved her was only Li Su.

When the mystery got unveiled, this came into my mind : this lady's life is so tragic, it wouldn't be strange if at the end of her life she would question herself this -> why was she even born in the first place. Truly a tragic life.

It is also quite ironic that the only way for her to obtain happiness is actually to just severe her relationship with Ye family, because from what I've read, Li Su truly did love her as if she is her own biological daughter. That is something the entire Ye family wouldn't be able to give her at all, except maybe our MC.

Li Su as her mother was also looking quite sorry to me. Its quite clear that she is inexperienced as a mother and she had no husband to depend with as well, nor had she have anyone to consult with since the entire thing was being kept a secret. If not for all of that, she could have prevented Li Jia Jia from growing up that twisted. They couuld have grown up as a normal, loving family.


Finished ranting. All being said, I truly like this novel's MC. She is optimistic, cheerful, bold, and funny. She's the sole reason I can finish reading this novel. <<less
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CrazyBaby rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is actually not bad, I'm not sure why some readers say that the mystery/plot is bad. From someone who grew up reading Sherlock, Nancy Drew, Secret Seven and so on.... this novel is actually quite alright and the mystery is fairly engaging and suspenseful enough to be an interesting read. Chestnut is more famous for her romance novels but this light mystery/crime story is also quite interesting for me. I had the same headache as the police officers as the clues and confessions became more complicated but I'm... more>> glad that MC and ML ended up happily ever after. The slight creepy cult/supernatural stuff towards the end also raised my goosebumps a little. I also like the police officer and his sister-in-law has appeared in "Slowly Falling for Changkong" as one of the pub owners. I hope that he has his own spin off too as his character sounds quite smart and interesting. Overall, an easy and light interesting read. <<less
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Amber_rose_serect rated it
August 4, 2021
Status: Completed
This is the first story I have ever read when it come to Chestnut work so I can't really compare much about this novel to her other novel. But from what I read in the review from her other story and the current one am currently writing a review on now "Amnesiac Queen" she appeared to be a very famous and popular writer. After checking out her other novel I can tell that they must be pretty good since most of the novel she wrote got an average rating of... more>> 4 stars or higher which is a really good rating especially if it come from Novel Update, since people on Novel Update tend to be really strict and honest when it come to reviewing. So I decided to check this novel out since I was looking for a complete novel to binge so I can fully experience the feeling of reading a novel.... and also because the description sound interesting lol.

And I can say this with full confident that this novel was a very good novel! If you looking for a complete, short, light, fluffy, rom-com, with a side of mystery then this is the perfect story you! But if you come here looking for a full course dish of mystery with a side of romance then umm I think you should go elsewhere. Like some of the other review said this story is much and I mean much more focused on the romance then it does the mystery. Almost to the point where you would feel the author decided to just add the mystery on a wimp. So if you come here wanting a mystery-thriller with suspense then I suggest you go somewhere else. But because I want more romance than mystery this was the perfect story for me~!

The reason why I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 after praising it so much is because of the character.

In the story I really pity Qin Kong some people may not understand and find this ridiculous since after all Qing Kong was the main villain aka the mu*dered but if you look past the fact that he was the mu*dered you can see that he was only a pitiful cannon fodder with a tragic past. Am sure he would have make a great character if the author only gave him some character development and not make him the freaking mu*dered ┻━┻ ︵ヽ (`▭´) ノ︵ ┻━┻



Another thing am annoy at is how the author just slowly erase Zuo Yi existent at the end of the story like even if he and the FL can't be together and date they could have at least be great friend so why did the author just made him fade into the background at the end of the story like that... like why... JuSt WhY? (≖_≖) /


Other than that the story is pretty good and I would definitely recommend this to my friend and family to read. So if you hesitant whether to read it or not then go ahead and read it, it pretty good~! (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖) 👌


P.S. If you wonder who the ML is, it the doctor Ji Zhe Yan~ (👍≖‿‿≖) 👍

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ohmycalla rated it
February 15, 2020
Status: --
I saw this novel a lot when I'm searching for a modern story. I would always skipped it because of my preconception that its not a good story based on the title. But once when I tried reading it, I ended up finishing the story in two days because the plot got me hooked. Overall, this novel is pretty good but underrated.
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