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Fu Yanzhi is a famous ice king in the Diyi Hospital. He is aloof, self-reliant, and just like a snowy mountain, no one could shake him.

One day, Dr. Fu’s office started being frequently visited by a cheongsam-wearing belle-designer. She had an alluring figure, red lips, and fair skin.

At first, his colleagues began to bet that she would be rejected by Dr. Fu in a month’s time and never again set foot in their department.

A month later, she was still coming around.

Three months later, a colleague saw her talking intimately with Dr. Fu.

When she came out of his office, the high and aloof Dr. Fu’s ears were stained with bright lipstick and he was full of vitality.

A year later, Dr. Fu and she received a marriage certificate.


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New hybridiris
August 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I read this novel through MTL.

About the story

MC is a girl who perseveres through adversity with an indomitable spirit. She pursues a life that allows her to follow her own path but bears the burdens of her past. In a serendipitous moment, she falls for ML and decides to pursue him. In the process of her pursuit, she draws from him strength to face her own past and overcome her obstacles.

... more>> About the MC

She may seemingly be strong but within hides a fragile heart that craves a sincere love. Throughout the first half of the novel, she manages to gently wedge herself into ML's life. She's very careful in her approach, always taking into consideration ML's intensive job and balances her interactions with him with her care for his well being. She is charming, witty and likes to tease the ML. The author has really captured a very real girl who has insecurities, dreams and disappointments. Not everything goes smoothly for her but she will always take the next step forward. I find her story full of warmth and inspiration.

About the ML

The ML is very careful with all who approach him, probably having seen his peers and their relationships encounter difficulty. He wants to know for certain that MC is willing to accept what it means to be with someone who might be on-call at any moment or not be available at times. He does this by letting her into his world little by little. His love for her is really wonderful and sweet. In their interactions, they mutually support each other and it makes for a much more healthy relationship than I've read in many other novels.

About the MC's career

MC's love for cheongsam really shines throughout the novel and each garment she wears has it's own story and meaning. The author did a wonderful job interweaving MC's career into the story. This is both a novel about love and MC freeing herself from the shackles of her past to pursue a brighter future.


Read this for a relaxed and realistic yet sweet romance between two wonderful characters and follow MC's career path as she strives to leave the shadows of her past. There are poignant and thoughtful lines from both MC and ML that are heartwarming and wise. This is novel has a soul and is more than just a fluffy and sweet novel. I really recommend it. It'll bring a smile to your day <3 <<less
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Akime yuko
New Akime yuko rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Oh god I love this one so much.

It was just a feel good novel. The plot were ordinary but also that what makes it so special like there were no real villain and unnecessary drama. The plot focused more on the mains relationship 😍 I love that.

The MC. I really love her. Everything about her were into my liking, she could be considered perfect with her talent and face but also flawed like normal human being, she's bold and confident with her pursuit but know how retreat and never went... more>> over the line and also she got flustered when got flirted back 😂 it's funny

The ML. (I'm so sad this man doesn't exist irl) he's very cold at first like I've known a lot cold characters both in Danmei and BG novel though he might be not the coldest but he's on the top lol back to topic. Him not accepting the FL feelings from the beginning which later explained is logical and I like that but once he completely accepted his feeling it's like the switch is flipped and my man unleash his 20+yrs accumulated tenderness and love to his lover and lust 😂 ok that's it.

I'm not good at giving review but I hope this will be enough to make u interested and enjoyed this as much as I do

PS: love their marriage life so much wish theres more <<less
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I have found the ideal male lead.

Okay, both the ML and FL are goals~ I aspire to have FL's elegance and wit. She's so likable, urgh! On the other hand, the male lead is someone I seriously want to marry. Not kidding. I don't think I wanna fall in love if the other person doesn't show as much consideration and genuine love as Fu Yanzhi to Ji Qingying. I want to find someone who I can love and who'll love me like in the novel. 5 stars cuz it made... more>> me reexamine my standards. Haaaay.

On second thought, I probably won't be able to get married with such high standards, maybe I should take away a few stars... <<less
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clair17 rated it
September 1, 2020
Status: Completed
I just need to write this review to tell the whole world you guys this novel is really worth to read!

Plot (5/5)

Romance (6/5 for extra moderate smut)

... more>> Pacing (4/5 - a bit too long-winded in the end after the climax/extras)

Overall (Perfect!)

In short, it is a very good and balanced novel. It has rich emotions (yes, you will feel sad, happy, disappointed, excited, worry etc. At the right moment) yet fluffy and light at the same time. It got some moderate smutty contents with proper pacing of the romance growth. The pace of the romance it not too soon but not too long, just right. It has very good and make sense, as in reality-wise, characters growth and backstory for the plot. The only setbacks for this novel probably, there are some characters that is not well-introduced as you need to read the author's previous works to know them. Also, it got a lil' bit boring ONLY AFTER the climax and well, you could consider it as extras. But honestly, there is no plot-hole or some absurd-twisted sense of reality, so you can relate and engage to the emotions within the plot as the story goes. All characters have flaws and not one dimensional.

For the long review and spoilers:

  • MC is a designer specialized in chongsam while ML is doctor.
  • MC has complicated and tragic backstory (but later, it's all worth it)
  • MC character growth is likable, esp for me who likes to read strong yet loving MC. Having went through multiple awful experiences, she was brave and confident enough for herself yet afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She felt she had enough and that was it, until her encounters with ML slowly changed how she perceive things. She is devoted to what she loves and her dreams, including how she chase after ML. Later on, she slowly became what she capable of but still, she is a human being with deep wounds and traumas that couldn't be cured easily with only ML's love which I really like about this novel. She understood the love of people around her, forgiveness and acceptance.
  • ML is relatively stable, his character growth is just simply because he has MC by his side. But I really like his character personality-wise. He was indifferent and cruel to his suitors because he didn't play around. He put a strong front so he could tell who could break-through that front and worthy of his feelings since he consider relationship as important and not just a passing thing. And MC was the first one for him, not because she is beautiful but because she devoted to him and respect his job although she was quite a stalker. ML actually was not very indifferent to her approach. The way he responded to MC's approach was to slowly introduce his daily life, mainly his profession as doctor, to MC so she could understand what she was chasing for. Well, it might seemed like ML is a jerk to make such a test to look for the best suitor, but aren't we all looking for the best match for ourselves? Later on, ML realized his feelings and everything changed. He felt grateful for MC courage for approaching him and afterwards, he basically gave his all to MC and did every thing possible to make MC happy.
  • For the antagonist and part of MC's backstory. It was about design plagiarism that allegedly MC did in a competition. This whole design plagiarism for me is quite realistic and not a plot-hole as it happens in real life and that's why I kind of like this setting of trauma and challenge.

All in all, I just wanna say my emotions were spent reading this novel but it's worth it. Some novels are good cuz it's fun to read despite its plot-holes or illogical story but this novel is good cuz the author good writings. I even checked how far have I gone cuz I just didn't want it to end so soon at the start. Also my heart broke when I read the moments MC broke down at the climax of the story against the antagonist cuz it felt real and raw, despite me reading it in MTL version.


So if you are hesitating whether to read it or not, I would say you might miss a gem if you don't read this one :) Maybe my review is a bit subjective but anyway, I read it in MTL version and couldn't wait for the translation so I could have better understanding for the details of the story.

Thank you for introducing and translating this gem! <<less
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Kassandra rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: Completed
5/5, this may be a bit bias but yes, I'm giving this novel a rating of full stars. This novel is about love and each person's dream. The romance started slow but once it sped up, it quickly became sweet. No misunderstandings.

... more>>

Though, I feel sad about Qingying's past. Her sincerity was exchanged by betrayal. Her family, in-laws, and friends love her too, very supportive of them.


It started with Ji Qingying, a designer, who fell in love at first sight with a doctor, Fu Yanzhi. Fu Yanzhi is handsome, cold, aloof, and dedicated to his work. Many woman are chasing after him and Qingying is just one of those woman. But! What is different is that, Fu Yanzhi has special feelings for her. Allowing her to chase and be close to him.

Once, there was this female doctor who is also chasing Fu Yanzhi, she bad mouthed Qingying and using her status as a doctor to tell QIngying that she disturbs hospital personnel's work, including Fu Yanzhi's.

Qingying seriously contemplated if she disturbed people at the hospital. Due to this, she didn't came to the hospital for days and Fu Yanzhi feels strange about it. He knows that something is wrong but doesn't know what exactly it is.
Then this female nurse told him that she saw Su Wanying (the female doctor colleague), and Qingying talking but doesn't heard the exact convo.
She (nurse) also told him that she heard Su Wanying and her (Su Wanying) friend talking about Qingying. She heard them bad mouthing Qingying, saying she's just a little prettier, and that she's shameful chasing a man.
Once Fu Yanzhi heard this he became angry. He talked to Qingying to reverse their identity. That he will be the one chasing her and her being chased by him. He told her that if someone asks what's the relationship between the two of them, let her answer that Fu Yanzhi is her suitor.

You know, at first I'm quite angry that Qingying is the one doing the chasing, even if he has reasons for it. Because even if it's not that conservative now, it's still bad to see a woman chasing a man. Me as a woman, know the consequences too well. But when I've read the chapter where they've reversed their roles. I cried. Literally. I don't know, I'm touched. Very much. The only thing that's on my mind is, "He's a true gentleman, through and through."

And throughout the novel, he didn't fail me to be touched by him over and over again. There was this one time Qingying won championship at a designing competition, and she's wearing a sexy cheongsam. Yanzhi came to the event, becoming his mother's male partner. He was possessive and jealous knowing many men are looking at her. And this is his thought about it:

[He admits that he is a bit machismo. But in Fu Yanzhi's place, Ji Qingying's likes are ranked first, and all of his can be pushed back. As long as she likes it, she's happy. Otherwise, he is relatively casual.]

Another line that I like:

[Ji Qingying is not the kind of person who wants to show off, but Fu Yanzhi just doesn't want her to fall behind others. As long as she needs, he can give her all of his own. Whether it is a ring or a wedding dress, or a wedding. Fu Yanzhi will do his best to give her the best and most perfect things she likes.]

And another! [There is a very lively street in this city, which is very beautiful at night and there are many people. There are still many small shops. Ji Qingying is interested in the things in small shops. She likes those gadgets that have characteristics, but look very useless and messy. Because of this, Fu Yanzhi also specially vacated a room for her and asked her to put the gadgets she liked.]

And I'm touched/moved all over again! (&Gt;//w//<) After you've read this, you can't help but also want a Fu Yanzhi. He's just too damn perfect on his own that I'm crying. (╥︣﹏╥᷅) I love how when he's known as cold, aloof, and indifferent but to Qingying he can be talkative, speak sweet words, be aggressive, domineering, sexy, etc. The contrast makes it more hotter for me. &Gt;///////<

One thing I say, this is a MUST READ. One of my favorites. The novels was still not completely translated, you can read it in MTL. It's readable and easy to understand. Little bit of spoiler: [It was actually Fu Yanzhi who had feelings first.]

P.S. Read the fanwai, the story of Chi Lu and Bo Yan. It's sweet. After reading that I find myself wanting my own Bamboo Horse. <<less
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orientalfairy rated it
October 29, 2020
Status: Completed
Moderate smut, nice pacing, stable ML, well-written MC and good supporting characters. No angst, just right spice of drama and fluffiness.

Love it. The plot seems simple at first but it dives in further with the MC’s backstory and goals, it doesn’t simply end with MC chasing the ML. Completed this by MTL and it was tolerable, honestly. Also, I like the plot like too much that’s why I tolerated MTL.

TBH, ML somehow reminds me of Xie Jing Xing from Malicious Empress because of the OP-ness that the ML possess. Except... more>> that ML here is not aggressive and more gentle and sweet. As much as I love our MC, the ML here, Dr. Fu, is really just so high-quality. Never treated the MC meanly even from the start, even if she was ‘chasing’ him. Also, it was very natural for them to progress their relationship and he turns really, really affectionate and sweet.


Can’t be bothered reading the extra chapters because of MTL quality but I skimmed and it’s a lot of extra fluff, smut and little bun. Plus side stories for the other characters. Main story ends at Ch.65 :)

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chaa rated it
March 14, 2021
Status: c95
If you’re looking for a whirlwind romance, this aint for you. I personally love this book because of the slow burn. The main leads are logical and mature-ish. There is no petty shi that goes on, and these characters are probably one of the most communicative (in most books I have read on NU), especially the FL. Sure, there will be minor misunderstandings, but FL/ML are quick to understand each other so easily that they get resolved, imo, fast.

I’m not finished with this novel yet as translations are not completed.... more>> I have to stress again that this is a slow burn and that the romance in this book does not happen instantly like some of the books on here.

Can I also just say how much I was enjoying this book until foxaholic took over the translations 😢. Now I gotta wait until they release the chapters where I am at. Ugh. This isnt the first time I’m reading a book, another group takes over translations, and re-releases chapters slowly..... and releases them in parts. So sad. <<less
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crprlnm rated it
February 20, 2021
Status: Completed
There is this one scene in the novel that could complete summarise the novel..

She really likes Fu Yanzhi’s words, ‘let’s go home’. I always felt that when these words come out, she, who was originally floating, had a safe shore and a place to stop.”

Seriously, this scene struck me the most because of how perfectly describe their relationship. This novel is one of the best, sweetest and heartwarming novel I’ve read.

I love both of the characters. They’re both a puzzle piece that complete each other. The FL has... more>> the mix of courageous but also soft and sensitive side. She’s courageous in terms of chasing ML but knows her limits and understand the importance of ML’s work. But when you get to see her soft side, oh god you just want to give her a hug! I cried a lil bit when reading her past experience like PLEASE PROTECT HER

As for the ML, OH GOD PLEASE GIVE ME ONE FU YANZHI PLEASE!!!! A hardworking, sweet, sexy, and caring ML, what else you could ask for? He maybe be cold at first when it comes to FL’s chasing, but he has a decent reason why.

Literally just finish reading this a minute ago and im still full of feels, literally just so in love with them, with their relationship! <<less
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cashewnut rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: Completed
update: I found the button to change 5 STAR YAY ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

NOOOO WTF MY DUMBASS DID!! Pls my dumbass hand accidentally..I REPEAT ACCIDENTALLY rate this 2 star please forgive me 😭 I am soo dissapointed with myself smh

THIS NOVEL DESERVE 6/5 OK PLEASE READ THIS ohmygod how can I change my rate, why is there no repent button here how can I forgive my sin

i read the raws for 3 days & 3 night and it is worth it!!! The pace, the emotional roller coaster, the story delivered and potrayed... more>> are perfect.

FL & ML are power couple, theres no unecessary drama

Supporting characters also are well written. Everything is superb.

The only thing not okay is I rate this novel low :') Please read this novel guys. It deserved more attention <<less
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izznis rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c47

The FL is beautiful but conservative. She has elegant demeanor and loves wearing traditional clothing like cheongsam and qipao. But since she's a fashion designer, her clothings always have little bits of modern twists to suit the situation and place. And I love her character! She's bold, confident and stand with her beliefs but kind of a social introvert. She likes quietness but can be social when she needs to.. Especially whenever she's courting the ML, she knows how to use her skills and beauty🤭

The... more>> ML. Well he's the typical cold ML but a gentleman and very polite. He's a doctor. So although he's cold, he has a kind heart and help people whenever his specialty is needed. Doesn't play around and very straightforward. He doesn't like to socialize but he does give some special treatment to FL.. So we know he does feel some attraction to the FL😏

That's all I can give a review so far.. There's 47 chapters here when I'm writing this, but when I checked the mtl.. The real chapter is actually only up to chap 14 atm😅 the translator broke the chapters into parts so I can't review much cos the plots only just started taking off.. But I am in LOVE with them so I thought off leaving a bit of review just to share a penny of my thoughts🥰 <<less
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Nelle rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c245
Chapter 47 here on novelupdates is chapter 14 on mtl. I read up to chapter 73 in mtl, so I made a rough estimate that it would be chapter 245 on the translated version.

I love the female lead's personality! She's so kind despite all the stuff she went through. The male lead was endearing as well. You'd find out the reason why he makes her chase him, which I think is very rational.

I give this 5 stars up to their wedding and 3 stars for the remaining chapters.

The only thing... more>> I didn't like was the story dragged out towards the end. I think the story should've ended at their wedding and then just make another chapter for the epilogue.

As for the smut genre, it's not the type of novel where you'll feel horny while reading, but there is A LOT of s*x in the story.


The honeymoon which was covered by several chapters was just full of them having s*x. The author dragged it out by describing their s*x over and over again.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Alessia Cassano
Alessia Cassano rated it
November 13, 2021
Status: Completed
This is probably one of the best I've read in this site. The FL is just so bold and charming, that it's so attractive. Also, even if the ML was kinda cold, at first, later on, his partiality towards the FL is shown. The pacing of the story is also my cup of tea since it wasn't too fast or too slow. DEF a must read.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kucing kucing
Kucing kucing rated it
June 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Can't wait for the translation to finish so I just MTL the rest.

The ML is very cold and indifference to FL but it's not because he is a jerk, he's just giving enough time for the FL to back away from the relationship. Once you in, you'll never be out.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Momo199 rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
  1. Too good I am sucker for the books where FL chases ML. And this was by far my most favourite. Had this in my to-read list for a looooooong time. Found it yesterday and completed it today. And did I mention how much I loved the book? Satisfied with a good read after a long time
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sonialu rated it
February 1, 2021
Status: c76
Quite a relaxing read. The author also creates very good atmospheres which adds to the slice of life aspect of it all. The plot line is also pretty interesting and cute, and I especially like the chemistry that takes place between the main couple. The side characters though could get a bit more development as even up till chp 76 their sense of presence could be called next to nothing.

Would definitely recommend if your looking for some light reads to lighten up your mood perhaps but for those who are... more>> looking for a more in-depth novel that has a great plot and excellent character settings, then I wouldn't have my hopes too high up if I were you. However, do definitely give it a try if you've got the time ;) <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 31, 2022
Status: --
I liked it, I loved everything, but for the plot it was a bit weak, it is not until you get to the middle that you read more interaction between the protagonists, but of course their scenes where they are together as their first night make up for a large part
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nkai rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: Completed
I can't wait for the next update so I read it by MTL, its very readable so I enjoyed reading it tbh. Prolly will check this out again once the translation is completed >3<

I really love the ML WHERE CAN I FIND ONE?? He's sooo ideal ngl. The FL is awesome and admirable. I love them so much <33

Worth the read!!
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Elahyra rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: c50
This. This is the story that I would never stop loving. I MTL-ed from 20-50, and despite the MTL is wonky, it didn't deter from the fact that this story is amazing. The MC and the ML was really written well. They don't actually have a lot of dialogues but the author made up for it in her narration. With this, it's safe to say that with little dialogue that they have, they can understand each other completely, and it makes their dynamics so much better.

The slow burn in this story is the one you'd never get tired and impatient of. MC chases the ML in such an intriguing and cheeky but classy way that it literally

leaves the ML speechless. He even said that he found himself in a position that he couldn't do anything but accept the advances and it's not in a bad way. He obviously could, the MC gives her all the space and opportunity to step back in case he's not into it, but I suppose he's that enamored by her that he just couldn't.


The author did well in explaining the thoughts of the two characters, why one was hesistating hence the slow burn. These parts where the author narrates instead of giving the two more dialogue felt so pure to me and made me love the novel more.
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incaendo rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
A sweet, fluffy modern romance of a beautiful qipao designer x handsome cold doctor.

One of my favourite things about this novel is the three-dimensionality of the characters. MC is a strong, intelligent and capable woman who's able to do her own thing, pursue her own career aspirations and passions alongside the ML. The MC, the ML, and even the secondary characters and villain (s?) are all well fleshed out, with backstories, emotions and motivations that make you feel for them.

... more>>

In fact, the author actually has written separate novels all part of the same universe, exploring the story behind the other secondary characters (like MC and ML's friends, Chi Lu, Bo Yu, Yan Qiuzhi, Chen Lu Nan) - so if you're interested, you can read those too!


Conclusion: A love story that's as sweet as a candied hawthorn stick. 5/5


(if you've read the story, you'll get the reference hehe :))

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LoVeLy Fu Yanzhi
LoVeLy Fu Yanzhi rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I really loved this book. I have read the rest from the MTL as I couldn't wait for the next update.

I really enjoyed the MTL so I can't wait for the Translated novel to be completed.

... more>>

I really love how Ji Qingying chases him and how their relation develop after the get in to relationship. Fu Yanzhi becomes super sweet when they start dating. Fu Yanzhi helps and supports Ji Qingying when her past in university gets spread. When Ji Qingying was still in university her best friend Lin Xiaoshuang, stole her dress design for a competition and told everyone that Ji Qingying stole her design. That time Ji Qingying didn't have evidence to prove her innocence and after the competition she had to go back to her home town as her grandmother was sick. Many people who looked up to her started criticizing her and looking at her with disgusted look so Ji Qingying had bad memories about joining competition's.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
piper rated it
January 26, 2021
Status: c72

Full of fluffy scenes and it also has some past stories relating to the FL that is relevant to the story.

The ML and FL are so perfect with each other!!!!!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: Completed
first of all this is fluffy romantic novel with lots of dog food.

I like how MC takes initiative to chase ML because she falls in love at the first sight. ML is not really cold as his appearance, in contrary he is a passionate and romantic man once he falls in love.

There are not many love rivals, only 1 or 2 and easily solved. Not much ups and downs of the plot. Its just light and happy read.
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