Good Morning, Miss Undercover


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The first time that I met him, all sultry, I frivolously advised him, “Young man, next time do not look so attractive. It is dangerous to wander around.”

The fourth time that I met him, I was wearing a high school uniform and carrying my school bag. I bowed to him respectfully and said “Uncle, you are so handsome. You will make a great match with my teacher. When both of you get married, I will be the flower girl, ok? ”

The fifth time that I met him, he chased me in the street until I got stuck in a dead end. His eyes slightly amused said, “Want to be my flower girl? You are twenty four years old, also want to be a flower girl?” I said: “Big Brother, don’t get too excited ah …” He replied: “Of course I am excited. Have you heard of the bride being the flower girl?”

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aiya03 rated it
September 16, 2016
Status: v1c7
I'm really not much fun of modern CN but I find this novel fun and entertaining. The plotline from the summary, it makes you look forward for more and though it's in the early stages (translation aspect) it's showing great potential. Hahaha, I specially love how the guy and girl MC met in the club. Of course, many misunderstanding there, working undercover and all, but the thing is she gets into more trouble with her own clumsiness or should it be bad luck with men?
Haayz, I hope someone pick... more>> it up since it hadn't move or updated for a while now. <<less
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HoneyBee349 rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: Completed

Everything was going well, but out of nowhere they married and she was pregnant

I didn't know when that thing happen... or I jumped chapters? But I checker it and was right...


Ok MC is good, ML is good, side characters are good, is a new taste for me.

Book with good handwriting, good narrative, excellent plot... and with the end is with I have said I dint catch it.
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Imychan rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: Completed
Wow!! This all I can say.

i just finished reading this novel and it's so lovely. Our MC is a professional liar. The type to lie even if she doesn't have to. While our ML is one who can easily bust her just by looking in her eyes.

This is a romantic story about a justice seeking liar of an undercover police officer and a black belly hunting his prey who tries at every turn to run away.

For those who wish to know the names are:

... more>>

MC: Fang liang liang

ML: Kang Zixiang


BTW, the novel is already completly translated in Wattpad. That's where I read it 😅😅😅

The only reason I gave it 4 star instead of 5 is because of an event that really broke my heart:


While the MC was in an undercover mission she had to pretend to like a certain guy who is the 2nd ML. He was so sweet to her but then he found out that she was only using him and he told her that he would never forgive her. It really broke MC's heart and mine at same time. However when she was in the hospital, he visited her even though everything that happened and told her he doesn't hate her since he doesn't know her (FLL) since the girl in his heart isn't her but Jian Mei Da (which is her name when she was undercover)

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usag1 rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: Completed
Thank to the translator who did a good job and chose really good novel.

MC's very funny and she could lie with open eyes... but her eyes has betrayed her true intention.. She was a d*ck head, wilful but very loyal and emotional person...

ML knows what he wants despite their first meeting and her undercover status but he was curious and before he realized.. He trapped on his emotion and need to catch her everytime she was running away and

... more>>

she called him Uncle while she was undercover as student :0 and he was upset and so many sweet moments too


the reader will love all the characters as they're so hilarious and lucky she got so many good friend.

the only things that made me sad.. dont click on bottom spoiler if you dont wish to know...


Principle Yang was a good person but ruined under his son hand.. but in reality so many parents did very bad things because to save their kids.. He ended his life and he never wanted to hurt anyone... but the story did not cover about his son.. just know he's a gambler and because of this case MC met ML

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