Good Morning, Miss Ghost


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The handsome Emperor of the acting industry, Mo Zhen, has caused thousands of girls to fall in love with him in his 26 years, but has never fallen in love before.

That is until a certain shameless ghost shows up at his house and decides to move in with him to become a freeloader.

Not only does she blatantly try to follow him to the bath, plots revenge against any females with ulterior motives within five meter distances, but she even wrecks havoc online by providing secret info about him to his fans!

Honestly, how shameless can a ghost get?

Out of all the ghosts in the world, Emperor Mo still loves his little ghost wife the best.

And out of everyone in the entire world, the little ghost still likes to watch her family’s Zhen Zhen bathe the most.

Associated Names
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Chào Buổi Sáng, U Linh Tiểu Thư
We Have Very Few Friends (大家的朋友都很少)
榛子与贞子 《Zhēnzi (Hazelnut) and Zhēnzi (Chastity)》
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dysry rated it
May 20, 2017
Status: --
The best word to describe Ban Li Zi is 'safe', and that all her series are aimed at getting the largest audience to like - but not love - reading them by being subtle and inoffensive enough to keep following, and for the author herself to leave a lasting impression by choosing quantity over quality. While the quality is nowhere near whichever favourite series you might have, the sheer amount of her work being translated/written makes it easily accessible, and since it's not bad, you may as well keep reading... more>> the rest.

For me, Good Morning, Miss Ghost is one of her better novels. While in most of her series at least one of the characters is already in love/instantly attracted, the romance in GMMG is slower, with a cold ML slowly warming up with a spunky FL, before realising he eventually has to let her go. (The chase after that was clumsy and anti-climatic though.)

However, the real charm of GMMG is that it feels like it was one of the author's earlier works, and that there's still a sense of freshness and enthusiasm in the characters, story and conversations before she stopped trying and just kept reworking her standard recipe of "Light, sweet love, 1V1/Monogamy, HE/Happy Ending" with her staple dog food/goudan jokes, shy female lead/pervy male lead, extensive obsession with wechat netizens reactions and highly geared towards celebrities (which is an 80% rehash of GMMG anyway).

Overall GMMG stands above the author's other works, but only as a 8 compared to 6-7. The story was actually really good in the first half, but it lost its charm in the second half

when the FL regains her original body but loses her memory, the ML was the one chasing her, but chose to do so with public declarations, indirectly pressuring her by telling their families, clumsy seduction techniques etc rather than actually interacting with her. While the FL lost her spunk as a shameless ghost and was merely overwhelmed throughout this. In the end she regains her memories and they end up together - lucky for the ML since he probably would've been rejected otherwise.


Other notes - Amnesiac Queen also seems interesting, but it really depends on how the rest of the story plays out. <<less
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mirijk rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: c18
As a fan of Chestnut's novels I am extremly happy that this is getting translated. If you have read any of her other novels (e.g. Just Blame Me For Being Blind In the Beginning), you should really give GMMG a try as well.

This story is a bit different as our main characters are quite unique. First of all there is Mo Zhen, a famous actor with a cold personality in private. He suddenly finds himself cohabiting with a female ghost who is actually quite shameless but slowly gains a place... more>> in his heart. So far, I really like her hilarious antics in protecting him from all the crazy fans, as well as their cute bickering. We have yet to learn more about the ghost's background story but there are still many chapters left so there definitely is enough room for development. I have to add that the translator is doing a good job and releases are very regular, so that is another plus. All in all, highly recommended. <<less
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Mar_782003 rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: c19
Don't worry it's not really a Ghost story, I believe MC is a coma patient that will wake up one day. I like the story from this writer not much angst, the romance build up slowly and nicely.

There where some fun part when the when the MC using her power to protect the ML. And if you like idol story, you can catch a glimpse of it from this story (ML is famous actor Mo Zhen that has been mentioned in 'Just Blame Me Being Blind at the Beginning").

The update... more>> is really fast most likely daily, that why I like reading it. Thank you Novitranslation for picking up this story. <<less
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RannSy rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: Completed
So I finished reading this story months ago and I'm a loyal fan of Chestnut's stories since last year. This is a funny and fluffy love story of an actor and a ghost who fell in love with each other! And don't worry, it's not tragedy, this is a happy ending! Though it was really heartbreaking when they had to be apart for quite awhile (I won't spoil the reason) but then, our cold actor turned into a bit of a rouge (HAHAHAHAHAHA) when they got together again.
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neri21 rated it
February 11, 2018
Status: c1.1
The first time I read this novel, I totally empathized with the 2nd male lead. Yup, I liked him better than Mo Zhen, the ML. He's loved the MC for the better half of his life and won't even let Mo Zhen peek at her picture for fear of him falling in love with her and what happened? Fate screwed him up big time. The girl went into a coma and her soul wandered around like a tourist and just happens to land on Mo Zhen's field of vision.... more>> Is that f*cked up or what?

Then the girl wakes up and everything that happened between that and chapter 1 is wiped out as the love story commences on its predictable ending. I feel for the for 2nd ML though. His pain is palpable and I sort of didn't like how the author conveniently put the 2nd MC on his path like a proverbial 2nd consolation prize. It's so convenient and so trite and so undeserving of this interesting character.

The MC is also a half-baked character with no drive and ambition. Or maybe because she was exhausted and needed rest? The author was trying to channel a Helen of Troy vibe on her though that abruptly ended like she changed her mind because the novel was getting longer and she needed to put it up for publication asap? I was kinda interested in the cousin that tried to murder MC but like other ideas in the novel it went south and fell off a cliff somewhere. There's also an immortal who could have been incorporated more in the novel but again he went nowhere and was never heard from again. Oh well. <<less
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Arken00 rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: c18
I love this type of story where romance builds up slowly and there is playful banter between the protagonist and the love interest. &Gt;.< The translation is very good and very fast. Thanks Novi guys for getting this sweet read to us :)
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Vanessanellyn rated it
July 16, 2017
Status: c49
The story is about a celebrity who can see spirits, and a ghost (?) who doesn't have her memories and wants to latch on to the ML's thigh because he's pretty much the only one who can see her. I just love how the ML's coldness gradually melts the longer the MC sticks to him. This was a great read.
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original rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c65.2
Amazing novel. I don't really read Josei novels as much, but I was searching for a novel to pass the time and found this one interesting and it was great.

However, I do recommend for those who wish to complete the novel to not read 'Babelnovel' version, even though it is completed from there, their translations are really bad, they make the website look great but when I read the novel it was just MTL copy and pasted, the names weren't even corrected and the plot was just confusing. Read till... more>> 65.2 and hopefully the rest would be translated or not. <<less
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Shezz1111 rated it
February 22, 2018
Status: c58
When will the update come??😠😠

I am a really greedy person... Complete soon 😭😭😭

I really love mo zhen and his cute ghost.. plz I want to see their full story.. the Google translation is shit...

Love the story tooooo cute... I really cried when the ghost left him.. 😢

I am happy they are together agin 😍😍😘

Love this story 😍😍😘😘😘😘
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Czarinananana rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: Completed
You don’t really have to read everything or far here that know that this is a GREAT novel.😍

... more>>

The comedy here is Great!

Romance progress is Great!

Plot is Great!

Male Lead is handsome, sexy and is GREAT in bed.👌🏼

Female Lead is beautiful but cutie, quiet naive but not s*upid.

their Son is the best and is a mini version of Mo Zhen😍. (JK, the male lead is the best here Mo Zhen baby boy is the best!)

This novel is drama free and a great stress reliever. Better than any medicine for stress and boredom.👌🏼 Welcome in advance. Enjoy!!😍

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alexfilia rated it
August 9, 2017
Status: c37
This novel is a cute romance between an amnestic ghost lady and a shaman actor guy. Add his cute master and cats and you have a slice of life full of fluff and cuteness
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earlgreyt rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: Completed
I like some of Chestnut's other works a bit better but I liked this one quite a lot too.

I think this story shines the most up until the hot air balloon part. The later half is very clumsily done.

... more>>

The beginning of the story has a very mischevious and shameless little ghost as the MC. So the MC takes a lot of initiative and has a lot of personality as she chases the ML. The later half, the chasing is reversed. However, I'm guessing that since the ML doesn't have a lot of experience chasing people, he ends up dominant, overbearing, and kind of bull-headed instead? He kind of tricks the MC into a bunch of situations and makes her assume his intentions instead of stating them outright.

To be honest, he lost a lot of points with me later in the book because of that. He's literally this crazy famous superstar and keeps coming on to the MC (randomly kissing her or touching her) from the position of her boss and she as his clueless assistant. She has no idea that he's not just playing around with her (hello? famous superstar?). Uncool.

Even if she lost her memories, he could have approached her from an actual respectful standpoint like, hey I like you and I know you have no idea who I am, but can we try dating? Instead of being a walking sexual harrassment case. I honestly preferred the 2nd ML near the end...


Translation is really good, I definitely recommend. I enjoyed the extras a lot too, but it feels like the MC lost so much personality after she officially gets together with the ML and is basically suppressed by him nearly everywhere. Meh.

The friend's story is pretty hilarious (but those tropes...!), and I do ship their kids together... <<less
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mielru rated it
October 21, 2019
Status: Completed
Read until Ch.66. The rest of chapters were dead links, so I read the poorly machine translated chapters at Wattpads. At least I have idea on how it ended ^^

This was my 2nd novel I read from the universe. Overall, it's a bit boring. The plot was shallow and the characters were 2-dimensional. I force myself to finish reading it.


The hot air balloon story was definitely the best arc, but afterwards, the story was pretty much predictable.

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deobu rated it
April 18, 2019
Status: Completed
This is so cute, I laughed a lot! Lots of fluffiness and also shamelessness, hours reading all of the long chapters was worth it!

I don't really agree with one of the reviewer actually. The MC always treated the second male lead as her brother, and never been more than that. It's very normal for her to reject him.

The storyline and the plot is thoroughly cute, the MC is adorable and foolish meanwhile the ML is shamelessly cute!

Recommended, uwu.
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darlingv rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: Completed
This is a really cute story of a haughty actor falling in love with a 'ghost'. The entire novel is sweet and funny except for ... more>>

the part when he knew she was leaving and would forget him. I definitely spilled some tears during the touching hot air balloon/ holiday scenes.


It's not something I've not read before and both MC and ML are the standard cookie cutter types from this sort of romance novels. But, that doesn't make it any less enjoyable!

I have to admit though I feel like I liked the second ML more, even though I usually never do. <<less
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