Clear and Muddy Loss of Love


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A natural moat called the Luo river split the great land into two. Jing of the north, and Wei of the south.

One was the Prince of the grass plains who had no worries nor sorrow. One was a lawful Princess who received exclusive favour of the Emperor.

A war turned the Prince of the grass plains into an orphan, she who had laid dormant for ten years had originally planned to become a sycophantic official, to manipulate the enemy kingdom into chaos, but was appointed as Fuma at the Chionglin banquet.

Wait and see, how this debt of grudge from a fallen kingdom and devastated home will be settled.

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Jing Wei Qing Shang
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New PianoGirl rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Clear and muddy loss of love was an exellent story about Qi Yan and how she falls in love with the daughter of her ennemy. The story is really well written and the caracters are all interesting.

However, "Spoiler"

The author just wants to see us suffer (which can sometimes be really good) BUT, the author with the plot just keeps writting senario after senario where everyone suffers and I know it's because of the main storyline, but I just don't like it (I'm talking about sunu's death that really shocked me... more>> just after the reunion between Qi yan and Jingnu and I wanted to stop reading). She didn't really have to die in my opinion.

I was a bit disapointed near the end because apart from the reunion between Qi Yan and Jingnu, the author doens't really develop the relationship between Qi yan and her "supposed kids" as an example. I was so sad for Qi yan's son who never really got to meet his family (I felt he was abandonned by the author).

Also, I felt that there was to mutch detail and I felt that the author could have done so much easier with much less. For me that was the main weakness of this novel because to much detail can get annoyoing to read.

Finnaly, the author doesn't really explain why the 8th Prince killed Sunu (maybe because of how she saw him with the knife? But he wasn't really obligated to kill her in my opinion as she was going to talk him out of it) or where the 7th Prince fled to. Or who was the father of Jiya's kid (I think the 3rd Prince is the dad, but the author doesn't confirm).

In conclusion, I really enjoyed reading this novel, sometimes it drove me crazy, sometimes sad, sometimes happy. I really loved the relationship between Qi yan and Jingnu and I wish we had more chapters of them. It took me 10 days to read it all but it was a very good experience. <<less
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New yooa_12 rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: c1-10
okay, sooo I finished reading the novel a few days ago but I forgot to write my review.

I would give 5 stars to the characters, bc they were really well developed, each one of them was interesting and felt real, they made mistakes, they fall in love, they get sad, they get angry, they get happy. It was very good in this aspect. Qiyan and jingnu are very smart women, although they are very impulsive, specially jingnu, but they have their goals and motivations, and I like that of them.

jingnu... more>> had a really grand char development, and I felt like I was my child growing up, she went from a reckless, pampered girl, to a magnanimous and strong woman, that was amazing.

qiyan always resorted to arson, which I find funny haha, but she's so very smart, so intelligent, like wow, I was amazed by her, how she plots so many things far ahead, that's whew-

the side characters were also pretty good, specially the shifu, I like her a lot. About the nangong sisters, I didn't really enjoy Shunu's development, I felt it lacked a bit more impact, her first half of her story was so heart wrenching and I was looking forward to her growth, but I felt it underwhelming. Howeverrr Sunu!!! She's so perfect, , , , i- she's the best eldest sister, she's funny, she's smart, dedicated and strong, *cries*


I understand she had to die because the past dinasty princess was born from a "star of bad luck" and she would bring tragedy to her loved ones, , , , but I still can't accept that sunu died just like that


About the plot, I give it 5 stars too. It shows that the author was very meticulous with it, she took care of details and she planned it a lot. I never got bored, since something was always happening, there was drama everywhere. Yet I never got bored, or didn't understand or it wasn't clear enough or nonsensical.

For the pacing I give it 4 stars, because everything was very cool, but I didnt like how the author closed up thing, I felt it was so rushed, like she wanted to finish asap and left many plot holes for the side characters. You couuld also say it's an open ending for the rest, , , , and I dont like that kind of endings

Just gotta mention if you're not into slow burn, like REAL slowburn, you probably shouldn't read this, because it's more about politics, court drama, and revenge, than the actual romance, which starts veeeeery later on the story and it's really slow <<less
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etheraxia rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: c150
Gotta love the slow burn and character growth (--thinking of the 2nd and 3rd princesses). I think the author definitely decided to forgo any complaints and truly flesh out the characters like they wanted to in this novel.

Only read this if you like slow burn. It takes about 15-16 chapters until the leads meet each other and love takes a long time to develop. There's plenty of scenes where the leads are interacting or thinking about each other. However, it is getting darker as the MC is diving deeper into... more>> her revenge schemes.

My favorite angsty novels are the types that causes my heart to wretch in pain... This one definitely does that. And like Female General and Eldest Princess this will have a happy ending :).

The translator is doing God's work...


Edit 3/18/2020:

My GAWD I've never seen a translator update so fast! I need a donation button for them!! They've added 50 chapters in the span of 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I also recommend following a jjwxc guide to buy the entire novel via the app once it's complete.) <<less
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Riptide01 rated it
March 9, 2020
Status: Completed
I binged read this all the way to chapter 100 in one night, and I gotta say, it's fantastic! For those of you who are hesitant because of the Yuri tag, I say, don't be! Although essentially this is a GL novel, it's more of a historic novel with plots full of revenge, brothers fighting for the throne and intriguing mysteries that leads me wanting to know what happens next. The translation is superb, I can actually follow along with no problem. The only thing that bothers me is the... more>> chapter 101-110 is unaccesible for some reason... I'm hoping that the translator can upload it and make it accessible soon... otherwise, it's amazing so far!!! I LOVE IT.

EDIT 7/31: Finally finished reading this absolutely wonderful masterpiece after all the updates were done. Was able to access all the chapters this time: thank you translator-sama for all your hard work. This novel is so amazing that I have shed tears by the end of it. I can't even see my keyboard rn cause my tears are so blinding. Qiyan Agula's slow revenge was written perfectly and the main couple's unbreakable love was both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It's been so long since I felt anything for fictional characters but the author was able to toy with my heart so easily with this story. Please, I beg you to read it, you'll be missing out otherwise. <<less
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bijx204 rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c303
Caution: not for the weak-hearted.

This is a slow-burn novel. It's not everyone's cup of tea. If you came for fluffy romance, this isn't for you. There's a lot of heartbeeaking scenes.

However, PDL is an amazing author. Her writing is phenomenal, and Melts did an incredible job with the translation. The characters are all fully fleshed out and are three dimensional. Even the side characters are amazing.

This novel is quite long but PDL never lost sight of her story. Everything that occurs makes sense and goes over the course of 17+... more>> years. Yup, it's long. But it also moves at a fast enough pace. The angst that occurs early on don't necessarily take too long so it doesn't feel that bad. I won't spoil too much. But if you love a good literary work, this is it. My heart broke so many times throughout this novel. The angst, the trauma, the love, everything about it is so good. Definitely give this book a chance! <<less
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C104 rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c303
Absolutely great,

I habe rarly read a novel/book with such character depth, development and growth. The story itself is also superb, completly without the usual plotholes nor the usual plot amour. (There are still some open plotlines but they add to the realism, and the author might work on them in her extras) The characters are smart but far from almighty, they suffer, sometimes they rise above, sometimes they fail. The balance is perfect. This novel singelhandly saved my opinion of chinese novels.

One of the most important and well executed... more>> features of this novel is the character growth.

The FLI basically turns from naive manipulation target to badass schemer and female emperor. And the MC from revengeful malicius genius to still genius wife of the FLI with a well written inner conflict



One thing that annoyed me extreamly is the illness of the MC. The condition on her lungs is comletly fine, the "water condition" reflects a real medical condition after considerable lung damage through drowning. What was not okay was the effect on her brain, it was just so random, seemed to be a self insert from the auter had no actual effect on the story and was later just abandoned and forgotten. The "I got dementia now suddenly, without any reason" was so annoying and useless. However the story was so good that I continued reading.

The other thing I was slightly unhappy about was the ending, it should have been flashed out more. But maybe I got that feeling only because I had to wait for every new chapter, because at that point the story wasnt fully released. The auter also wants to add extras where this problem might be amended


This book is also extremely gripping, so I advise to start only when you have 3-4 days completely free. I didn't. I also couldn't stop reading and missed at least 4 deadlines and 1 meeting!

Great read, just take your time 5/5 <<less
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toukonotto rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c303
  • This story is marvelous. Do not hesitate to read it. I bet you guys won't regret it in the end. If you guys like this one, I'll recommend to read "Female General And Eldest Prince" by the same Author. Both stories are superb.
  • I have linked to the translation to the chapter that are out until now. If you guys are curious about why chapter 271 link is alone, It's because 18+ moments are included in there. While in links together with 271-280 chapter 18+ content was removed. Chapter 279.5 happened after chapter 279.
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potato128 rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This was the first time in my entire life reading something that made me feel so emotionally involved with the characters and that's saying something as I've read thousands of books. The love between the main characters is so deep and I've never read something like it. The author is a master of letting actions speak louder than words. Something I noticed that's uncommon among chinese/japanese/korean/etc. Authors is that they don't talk much about what the character is thinking about, but this author does to the point that you feel... more>> like you're going through everything yourself. It's the reason I felt every emotion the characters felt.

Tbh, while reading this I couldn't help but wonder if I was a masochist as it constantly rips your heart apart and puts it back together, but I don't regret reading it for a single moment. I really recommend reading this and setting time apart from your life to finish it in a few days as it allows you to remember everything and enjoy it much more. I wouldn't be worried about it being dark if that's what people considering reading are thinking. The novel eases you into everything so you don't feel overwhelmed and the pain I felt while reading this was really just from the emotional angst between our Qi Yan and Nangong Jingnu.

Now I'm gonna go cope with not having to read this novel anymore now. ALSO please be reassured that no matter what happens or seems like is gonna happen both our characters are gonna live a LONG and happy life with each other in the end. <<less
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meow-chan rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c303
Qi Yan/Qiyan Agula is undoubtedly cruel. The riveting kind of cruel.

After reading the entire story, I know I'd be having a difficult time reading another.

melts' translation was superb. If it's not melts, it takes time for me to get into.

This has been such a great ride. Thank you.
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blazingseraph rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
I didn't expect to like this so much with how many warnings were in place before reading it. It's essentially a revenge story embroiled with political intrigue and plotting that is muddied by the romance. The muddying is deliberate though, and it enhanced the rest of the story with it.

Characters: 5/5

I enjoyed reading about all of the characters. Even if I didn't particularly like them as characters, they were well fleshed out and had their own motivations. The main characters had amazing amounts of character development and I especially loved... more>> Agula.

Plot: 5/5

It was such a long and well thought out story. Everything happened for a reason, and a lot of things wove together beautifully. I went into this knowing the author also wrote FGEP so I wasn't disappointed at all. The political intrigue really grabbed me, and it made sense too.

Romance: 4/5

Honestly... I'm only giving it a 4/5 because Jingnu pissed me off near the end. I believe that Agula was right in her revenge and I also think she deserves better. BUT, that doesn't take away from how well-written the romance was. It was a very long slow-burn and a lot of things about it would be considered problematic, but it was real and raw. As a pure love story, this would be really shitty, but as an accessory to the greater plot? It's phenomenal. The romance and the main plot go hand in hand, and it made the story much better for it.

All in all, I really loved reading this. <<less
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Nofacetoslap rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Another unforgettable story, we have here folks. The emotion that this story bring will go straight to your heart.

It is a heart wrenching and tear-jerker love story. I love both the growth of both protagonist. Their happy ending is worth for their amazing story.

I actually having second thoughts reading this book because the Female General and the Eldest Princess already bring so much heart break on my little heart. But then I got curious, without knowing it I already got engross to it, breaking my little heart once more. But... more>> then again I actually have not regret reading it.

Thumbs up for the author and for the translator for their amazing job. <<less
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Lingxiao rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: Completed
This. Is. So. Good.

I tell you all, read it!!! The translation is superb, the whole plot, story, and the ending just making me sob all over again.

No spoiler here, just read it!!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ishikawa Kiyoko
Ishikawa Kiyoko rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Angst. Angst. Angst. Angst. HAPPY END! ?

My heart hurts even now. Very Good Novel! I love it...... very much ? (Damn~ When did I become a masochist??) When I saw it first released, I didn’t read it immediately as I was bracing myself for the pain. Now I read it as I thought I was ready...... and I realized I will never be ready for any pain. The characters suffered so much, the author suffered too and, of course, me and my fellow readers. We did well guys ??

Very Good!... more>> Very Good! I’m looking forward to My Wandering Spirit Lady~ See you there folks~ <<less
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trixam rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: c303
This story just isn't a fun read for me, they claim the two are in love but for every crumb of romance that's thrown our way is an unending wave of contrived fights and anguish designed to try and make the readers feel bad. I'm not even sure where to start with this, but the main character is every single meaning of the word unstable. Until the bitter and extremely confusing end she will express sole and devout dedication to the princess and in the same breath vow to never... more>> again trust a wei dog and decide to die, it's insane how she doesn't get whiplash from the extreme changes in direction her moral's take. Also somehow most of her plans involve convincing the FL that she's either been horribly injured or is f*cking another woman? Isn't she supposed to be a super genius or something and you're telling me the only way to get the princess to listen is if she catches the MC f*cking her stepmom? She's downright abusive at the start of the marriage too, gaslighting, acting sweet one day and ignoring the next, it's not okay the things she does. If it weren't for "romance magic" that relationship would have been over day one.

The princess is the same, they'll be in trusting blissful unity for 30 chapters and then the MC will go do something she already discussed she was going to do with the FL and the FL will just start losing her sh*t breaking things in the room because she might be defecting (?). They both act like they're 14 years old, just for the entirety of their time together and it's infuriating. Nobody talks to anybody else until it's just barely not too late, it just all feels so calculated.

I really figured since it was so difficult to get to the point of the big reveal in the story that the author would reward us with a happy ending or a nice satisfying ending but instead

the suffering just continues until the very dreary and sudden end. There was some Power Rangers villain behind everything the whole time who never really gets dealt with. Somehow despite not actually discussing what their last fight was about the miracle couple ends up together in retirement town, pretty much the same ending as FGEP. I dont know what happens in the extra chapters because quite frankly I'm not sure they deserve extra chapters in my mind.


There's some really just weird arbitrary plot choice too. Like

when the northern tribes are attacking the luo river nobody in the Wei kingdom can think of a way to defend the river, so the MC has a flashback to when her father recalled the enemy having "sudden ice castles" and is inspired to freeze the river into walls. The enemy she took this from was the Wei kingdom. Nobody in the Wei kingdom including the general that had made that strategy in the past could think of this strategy? And to top all of that off the Masked Villain coincidentally had harvested like a few barrels of oil years ago that perfectly countered ice walls so there was no point for this entire sequence of events anyways.


In the end I kind of regret powering through my initial displeasure to finish the main story. I was expecting for all the anguish for there to be some sort of cathartic release at the end, you'd look back at the hardships and appreciate the journey that took them there, but it's just more anguish. This box of lucky charms came with no marshmallows but if you insist on eating that catfood they use for filler that's on you.

Great translation by Melts tho <<less
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welliu rated it
July 13, 2020
Status: --
This novel made me freaking cry multiple times. It made my heart ache so much while reading the damn angst and I WAS f*ckING DOWN FOR IT.

I have never read a novel that would impact me so much. I still think about them after reading this. The translations are AMAAAAAAZING OMG.


The only con is that I wanted to read more about how Qi Yans younger sister and the 2nd princess developed feelings for each other. Still an amazing story though


also loved the characters <3
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1zva rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: Completed
(Please read the edit)

I don't think I've ever been so pissed off at an author of a novel so much.

This story is simply a string of coincidences, filled with superficial reasons and sophistry set by the author in order to plunge both heroines into deeper despair. The author is simply sadistic, and while the story is well thought out with immense world building and characters that feel alive, I deeply abhor the author's tricks.

... more>> warning: never read the author's notes

edit: I completed it. I am full of heartache, my tears won't stop dropping. This is my 2nd experience of the author's work following the female general and eldest princess. I thought that I knew enough to know what to expect, but the misery never stops knocking on my heart. I also have a new reason to hate the author, because after reading this masterpiece I can't seem to be satisfied with any other novel anymore. <<less
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sorryforlaughing rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: Completed

I'm so happy That I'd chose to read this masterpiece. Please please give this novel a try.
author-nim you've worked hard.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 25, 2020
Status: --
the story is really great!!.. It really showcase the authors skill in writing!!.. It has a great plot and characters, this and female general and eldest princess is a brilliant story!! As well as the matrilocal marriage!!.. Highly recommended :>
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kahirama rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: Completed
This was such a masterpiece.

It is a long story and it took me quite some time to finish it, by the end I was actually getting kind of exhausted by having to read something that has over two thousand pages long, so I wanted to finish it as fast as possible. Then it was over and I was satisfied.

But it came to me only the next day, what a wonderful novel this actually is. It was a huge journey, especially when I take into account how many years I spent... more>> with the characters. Suddenly, I felt a huge emptiness in my heart. This novel had such a big impact on me without me realising it.

I love the historical setting and the plot about revenge. I came here mainly for the romance but got so much more out of it. All the plotting and politics were very intriguing, although I'm not a big fan of politics.

But the characters are definitely the highlight. Whether the main characters or some of the side characters, I loved them all so much. Seeing their growth was spectacular and I also appreciate that some characters personalities turned from positive to negative. It gave the story such a realistic feeling. The main couple was written truly wonderfully, especially all the hardships they had to go through.

But I have to point out, the author stated it has a happy ending, which is true but only in some sense. It felt kind of bittersweet to me, but not because of the main pair

but because they basically left the others alone. I mean Xiao-Die probably doesn't even know her sister is alive. And what about Yuxiao and her brother? Poor children. But it can be also said, that it's up to our imagination what happens after Qi Yan regains her memories.


Anyway, despite the happy ending, this story is quite tragic and emotional one. There were even moments when I cried.

Like when Qi Yan and Bayin severed their ties and both went their own way.

And looking back at it, it pains me now so much more than when I was actually reading it. And that proves what a great novel this is.

Definitely recommend, but only to those who don't mind slower paced and long stories. <<less
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KAOKI rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: Completed
I don't have enough words to describe this novel. You should read this before you die at least once. It's beautifully written with characters that feel real. Everything is thought through, and you wouldn't ever regret reading this. A total of 303 chapters feels less.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fritzyx rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: Completed
My first novel of this author was Female General and Eldest Princes. I love that series and I wasn't sure if I'd like this one but having disregarded food, sleep and work for a whole week just to binge read this... I can now conclude that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SERIES AND THIS AUTHOR.

I don't regret being an absolute zombie and shrinking on responsibilities for this gem. It was absolutely addictive. I had to force myself to put it down to sleep when the migraine from lack of sleep was... more>> getting too much. No regrets though !

My GOD. The angst, the betrayal, the absolute pure that just poked my heart while reading this, I reccomend it to anyone who likes wlw and actually wants to read an actual story with character and plot development.

PS. I really want to support the translator and author for their hardwork but the instructions to buy chapters in jjwxc is really complicated, does anyone know if they have a patreon or how to contact them to set up a patreon account.. I think this would be really simpler for the simpletons who doesn't get jjwxc.. thanks ! <<less
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morikotto rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Original premise, fantastic first half, great translation. Unfortunately, it gets quite slow in the last half of the book, and many plot threads are left unfinished. It feels like the author bit off more than she could chew, and then had to finish it quickly before it became too unwieldy.

Ending spoilers:

... more>>

The ending is rushed, disappointing, and almost exactly the same as the ending to her previous book, Female General and Eldest Princess - which I also found disappointing for the same reasons. As far as I'm concerned, 'and then they faked their death and ran away' is on the same level of rushed, sloppy writing as 'and then they woke up and it was all a dream'.

Nothing is said about the masked lady, who is still in the north; nothing is said about Qiyan Agula's loyal supporters, after her 'death' or after Jingnu disappears; the final two deaths are glossed over, brief and barely touched on, despite being so important to Qiyan. It was good, but it could have been better, and the early chapters hinted at a potential that the book did not, unfortunately, live up to.


Still, a good read. <<less
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