The Queen of the Entertainment Industry is Still Me


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Jin Mi was once a legend in the entertainment industry. With her stunning beauty and flawless skills in singing, dancing, and acting, she navigated the world of fame and fortune effortlessly, collecting numerous awards.

What firmly secured her place in the realm of immortality was her mysterious death, discovered by her agent at her home during the peak of her popularity.

Upon reopening her eyes, Jin Mi found herself waking up two decades in the future.

She had transformed into a failed idol with no singing or dancing skills, lacking in acting talent, but propped up by capital to debut as a female celebrity.

Jin Mi: … Well, this is interesting.

Even more interesting is the fact that the capital that strongly supported her debut was none other than the little idol’s secretly married husband. And that husband, at this moment, is sitting in the hospital, watching her, who recently attempted su*cide due to some male celebrity’s popularity.

Jin Mi: …

One-sentence Summary: Fallen from grace, now rising again.

Theme: Never give up.

*Exciting and Sweet Story

*The female lead was mu*dered in her previous life.

*The husband (who is also the male lead) is the female lead’s husband from twenty years later, love after marriage

*When the female lead died, the male lead was only 8 years old, and their relationship will be explained in later parts of the story.

*1v1, Happy Ending

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