A Bookworm’s New Routine


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As the boss of Deshang High School, Mu Qi is not afraid of anyone.

However, ever since a new transfer student entered her class, she feels her statement might be wrong….

The transfer student tearfully says, “Mu Qi, you stepped on my foot.”

Mu Qi “…” (It was obviously you who stretched it out yourself)

The transfer student says in an aggrieved tone: “My mother told me that it isn’t good for girls to smoke.”

Mu Qi: “…..”

So fake, is this transfer student a little ill in the head?

Underling: Boss, do you fancy your deskmate? Every day you bully her and look, you bullied that bookworm so much and now she’s crying.

Mu Qi: “I’m the one who feels like crying!”

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