Transmigrated Into a Smashing Asura Girl


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Yue Ge transmigrated.

She transmigrated to the “Emperor Jiufeng” serial which was being chased by her and her twin brother, and became a cannon fodder, the Asura King’s daughter Xiu Yuege.

As soon as she transmigrated, she is in the scene of choosing husbands. She needs to choose husbands, but the characteristics of the Asura tribe are: The women looked beautiful and moving… The men looked ugly.

Yuege: ⊙_⊙

In the face of the green skinned Asura men with long fangs, Yuege pointed to a random woman and say, “I choose her!”

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yamibae rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: Completed
Alright I guess, the relationship-building doesn't feel fluffy enough and the cultivation/battles aren't done well at all, basically summarised or skipped entirely. IMHO the author would have done well with reducing the number of cultivation realms and tossing out the etc stuff focusing on the relationship-building instead. Right now, it's looking like FL fell in love with MC's cooking and that's about it, no other really cute moments of note to me.

Characters of note

  1. Yue Ge -Kinda dumb at times, good at cooking, her fights are all skipped entirely by the author.
  2. Zhu Yu - FL, typical cold female but actually warm inside, interactions with MC don't feel genuine enough feels like she fell in love with MC's cooking more so than MC.
All other females in the series are summarised or skipped... more>> entirely. I thought there would be more interactions for jealousy and then realizing who they loved but nope, pretty much MC met them then 1-5 chapters after they become irrelevant.

Characters - 4/10

Plot - 4/10

Romance - 6/10

Cultivation - 2/10 <<less
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