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Long Chen, a crippled youth who cannot cultivate, is constantly targeted and bullied by his fellow noble heirs. After a particularly vicious beating, he wakes up and realizes a Pill God’s soul has somehow merged with him, giving him some additional memories. Within those memories is the mysterious Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, a cultivation technique that even he can train in, but whose secrets and origin are still a mystery to him. Relying on his improved instincts as he finally begins to cultivate, he realizes a huge conspiracy is underfoot within the Phoenix Cry Empire, one involving his father, members of the imperial family, and even the Emperor himself.

In order to solve the mysteries around him, he must rely on his new alchemy techniques and the powerful but baffling Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. Countless enemies block him as he attempts to climb to the peak of the cultivation world.

Fate destined him to be only a chess piece, but he would not bow to the will of the Heavens.

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New Novice_reader rated it
June 4, 2020
Status: c1285
Well the novel is quite good, at the start it may look like a copy of ATG but it is definitely different from it. I've read this novel till 3500 chapters, waiting for remaining ones. So I can definitely say it is a good one, nshba has got -well explained fights, a smart MC, good harem, planning and plotting, mc's growth along with its side characters, excellent translation but only till 3000 chapters 😔.

What I really like about this novel is MC doesn't abandons his comrades like in other novels,... more>> those who trust him and are brave are able to follow him and grow


like when MC got in trouble with the head academy all the his trusted companion came to save him even if they had to die, later all these companions were assembled by him and were transformed into an army where they all constantly grew powerful with the help of the MC.


And also not a single lover of his is abandoned by him, they all are with him from start to finish.

I like all the mysteries whether it is regarding his cultivation or his identity and all the twist and turns that happens in the novel.

And also the comical behaviour of MC like his teasings with his brothers and lovers and his foul mouth against his enemies which made me laugh time to time😂😂.

The only thing which I hate and frustrates me is even though MC is smart he knowingly falls into the traps of his enemy.


he easily loses his cool under the provocation of enemy. And the reason given by the author is that his cultivation technique doesn't allows him to take a step back 😕😕


All in all it is fun to read this novel where u can get action, comedy, romance, brotherhood, evil plots etc etc. <<less
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New IEMOZ rated it
June 2, 2020
Status: c1280
Honestly most of the reviews outright baffle me.
Most of them are in the vein of "This is a cheap rip-off of xyz" or "I dun understand y protag so s*upid"

Frankly speaking, the story doesn't exactly start off all that amazing. It's got your standard MC gaining a cheat, in this case memories of a Pill God. As the story goes on however, it's not really the plot that drives the story. The plot gets better for sure, and certainly stop hindering the story.

What makes this story a half decent... more>> read is the main character. He's amusing, and doesn't need any particularly s*upid side-characters to show his comedic value. It's not overtly inane in short.

Overall, I find it starts off around 3 stars at best. There are some questionable tropes, and plot decisions that aren't exactly desirable. As the story goes on, it certainly improves, tropes are avoided, or subverted in silly yet amusing ways.

Long Chen may be your stereotypical shameless, but moral maincharacter, he may make dumb decisions, but he feels far more like a real person than most MCs. He looks after his brothers, his harem and allies, and they progress together as one giant family. Bit p**sed it's harem, but at least his jade beauties have good characters and actually yeet his enemies.

Don't take it too seriously. It's an amusing read, and you don't have to suspend anywhere near as many braincells as you do in a lot of the 4.0+ rated CN novels I've read. If you can accept it's a cultivation novel, I feel like you'll probably have a lot of fun with it.

Oh and despite the hordes of typical braindead idiots who exist to be faceslapped, some people do recognise Mount Tai. And it's all the more amusing when it happens. <<less
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Yoburi rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: --
This looks like ATG we got everything MC got memorys, arrange marriges with females that aren't bad but wont marry a mortal, medice to fix meridians and horny arogant dudes.

I didn't like very much because first of all even being a Pill Empeor the MC can't help his own mother cultivate so she must reaming mortal thats BS and because the MC after getting his marriage canceled by his fiance isnted of moving on he promiss her to try to win her back. Now if they fall in love later... more>> on I won't mind but the fact he just wants her back because of her beaty is just as swallow as her levaing him because he cant cultivate.

His father is also another problem in the novel he is guarding some borders of his kighdom while his son and wife gets bullie and almost don't have money for food its just BS! His father is the strongest general of the empeire but his family gets humilated by any random person is just dumb.

This novel could be good but its hateful how the autor don't make the father or the mother of the MC became relavant and focus on some fiance that don't even care about the MC if he is a Pill Empeor make his own family and himself stronger and find a woman less swallow than that finace. <<less
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treecat rated it
November 9, 2018
Status: c480
Don't bother reading.

I've given up by chapter 480.

The author kept writing all sort of justifications for the so-called genius protagonist to take the worst decision possible, leading to the ultimate drama, ending up using plot armor to barely survive.

And the drama kept building up, the protagonist kept getting stronger and angrier and angrier, the antagonists kept surviving and escalating the conflict.
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dniv rated it
October 24, 2018
Status: c134
After maybe the first 6 chapters which seem misleadingly generic but are actually cleverly setting future plot points in place, this novel quickly establishes itself as a solid 4.75/5 or so far as one of the top xianxia novels I've read on this site. The writing is quite strong, the characters are strong, the cultivation method is interesting, the plot armor isn't too excessive, the scheming is well-written, the translation speed is very fast (and also very high quality) like 4 chapters a day on most days and the story... more>> is simply very interesting, and the alchemy is also good. We've seen a bit of the real plot so far and it's quite fascinating. Also there have been a lot of refreshing twists that counter normal Xianxia tropes.

Spoiler for some very early story details about the fiancée:

Question, can you compare this to ATG when 1. The girl who was going to break up her marriage agreement with him, is reluctant to do so because she doesn't want to make him look bad or hurt his feelings while he's in a bad situation, takes him outside of the city to do so because she wants to help him save as much face as possible, doesn't mind him pursuing her afterwards and even has a good attitude about it afterwards? This is not BTTH and it's not ATG. This is original and interesting.


As far as the circumstances relating to his mother and father, they are very well-thought-out. There's a very good reason things are as they are. It's NOT poorly written. In fact, it's done a refreshingly good job of being a great story. And the mother and father both become relevant in fact.

Another spoiler about Fiancée's attitude:

And the fiance DOES care about the MC and does a LOT for him. The fiance isn't shallow. She didn't like the idea of pre-arranged marriage. That ISN'T shallow.


The other thing I really like about this work is that the MC is OP, but not too smart. Like he's strong, but also a normal cultivator in terms of intelligence. Unlike the usual sort of reincarnation xianxia tropes. This time around, the pill god's soul literally mixes with the guy he appears in, so they blend together and he doesn't retain a lot of his memories which makes the story more interesting since you get to see someone with powerful techniques that doesn't have much of an idea about the cultivation world and it combines underdog suspense with OPness in a pretty good combination.

Spoiler for something protagonist learns after the end of the first major arc

Also in TTNH's fashion, MC does indeed seem to probably come from some insanely OP background he never knew about before which makes this all the more interesting. Because this really opens up and broadens the mystery of just who the f*ck stole his spirit root, blood, and bone and why.


This is truly a solid 5/5 and I feel bad for the people who miss this gem because of some dumb poorly researched early review. <<less
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vkg313 rated it
November 7, 2018
Status: c577
In response to some of the negative reviews:

Mom can't cultivate because she doesn't have a spirit root. The end. The MC isn't God. Ex-fiance broke off the marriage because he was too weak. That's fine too. I hate it when people say thats cold hearted. She wants someone who can be considered an equal. They've never met before and there's no reason for a cultivator to marry a mortal and become a huge weak link. On top of the fact that she was really kind in the way she... more>> cancelled the marriage too. I also hate it when people say that he shouldn't chase after a girl just because she's beautiful. As if all of you people haven't chased someone because you were attracted to them. Damn Hypocrites. The father has his own problems that are explained later in the story and can't spare any manpower to help his family. Story is good, and the scheming is interesting. I like his cultivation technique. The MC gets setbacks too, versus the always in control MC. I highly recommend it. Updated at chapter 200:

The only problem that I see is that everyone else seems kind of s*upid except for the MC, including his own people. That's extremely annoying. Also, there are a lot of cliches, which seem to get a bit worse in the later chapters. It lacks a spark of originality. Updated at chapter 324:

Also, it's weird that the evil side is united and the good side has tons of infighting. Unity among evil people seems highly unlikely, unless there's one really strong person forcing them to do so. Of course, we haven't learned much about the other sides' higher ups. The scheming has gone down somewhat in quality too. I understand what people are saying when they say that the MC makes some of the dumbest moves possible, just so his "dao" or willpower won't be affected. Like seriously acts like he's the strongest and can't be harmed for some odd reason. No disguises or anything. I just want to say that I used to look forward to reading this story as it released, but now I don't really anymore, which I feel, tells me a lot. I decreased it down one star as a result to a 4 star story. If we are being accurate, currently, its like a 3.5 star story. Maybe the author will improve in the future again. Chapter 356

All of a sudden, the MC became a brainless person, and decided that he needs to toy with his enemies to death, instead of directly killing them. The author decided that the MC no longer needs to use his brain or use disguises to keep his identity safe. The plot also seems to repeat somewhat like Martial God, Asura, where instead of repeating tombs, there are repeating secret realms with inheritances. It's not bad to that level, but it's still repeating somewhat. I hope that changes. It's still a 3.5 star story. Chapter 527

Apparently, using your brains is now the "incorrect" path and not proper for the martial dao. That's so s*upid. If people scheme against you, it's okay to scheme against them. Sure, improving your own martial might is important, but there is always going to be someone stronger backing up your enemy. Even if you crush junior, senior will try to kill you if your too straightforward. I get that your sect won't want to kill off geniuses, but that won't stop people from trying to scheme and secretly assassinate you. It hasn't gotten better or worse. I'm slightly annoyed at how the MC gives a lot of precious treasures away to his team mates. Its actually really annoying because you notice that he does this through out the story, and gives them tons of pills and stuff. Its annoying because a team should be a two way street. If the MC gives them stuff, they should also give the MC treasures that are useful to him. Its so dumb. I understand you want to make your own force, but others need to contribute back to the group. His Sect is a piece of shit. He should totally leave it for that merchant sect, where everyone is treated fairly and obtains resources based on their own abilities. The MC has a ridiculous number of enemies to the point where its messed up. Author needs to cool it down. Still a funny read though when he starts messing with people. Recent arc was tied up nicely, but that doesn't really change the overall trend. Still a 3.5 Story

Chapter 577

Got a little better, less s*upid. Don't like that the chapters seem to be drawn out sometimes, like a case scene lasting multiple chapters. Don't like the new character who attempts to suppress the MC because he doesn't forgive his enemies and not kill them. She doesn't preach to the bad and greedy people that always try to kill him though, so you know she's just a hypocrite.

I'd say the story is pulling back up to a 4.0 star story. It fluctuates a bit with this story. <<less
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ringuh rated it
May 29, 2019
Status: c2600
It seems i've read a bit further ahead (2600+ out of 2850 or so released) than most people that have given their reviews so ill just point out a few things about this novel

    • I've almost caught up with the chapters and I'm still eager to find out more. There are a lot of chapters, but I don't feel like there had been too obvious and annoying fillers. I mean the protagonist is an alchemist, but despite that there have only been like 2 alchemy competitions in the whole story. What a waste of good filler chapters.
    • The back story is pretty deep and atleast creates the illusion that writer had a plan when he started writing. A lot of foreshadowing has been done thousands of chapters earlier and the mysteries slowly unravel. Slowly because the ones that know things always refuse to reveal anything because of karma (yes, annoying).
    • Protagonist follows the usually accepted paths of "easy-going unless you touch my bottom line" and "repay favours and avenge grievances". He is highly intelligent and capable of scheming, but because of his cultivation technique he will instantly become an idiot and fight against windmills if anyone touches his friends & family. Heavenly dao hates him so his luck is terrible and life full of obstacles.
    • Protagonist is loyal to the bone, so unlike most novels of the genre the friends and fiancees that come across in the story aren't just fillers that get forgotten once new story arc begins. They are still important part of the story at this point and keep up with the powerlevel of the protagonist, sometimes even surpassing him momentarily.
    • Harem.. If I had to pick one wuxia novel where the large harem doesn't feel that bad its this one. Each of the women have personality and strengths, if they are not with the "legion" then they are improving their strengths somewhere else. Also most of the women were introduced pretty early in the novel, often as enemies, he doesn't really pick up new flowers every 200 chapters. Also the interraction is mainly flirting. Still not so much luck with getting in their pants.
    • The story is rather slow. The cultivation levels tend to raise slowly and they are still fighting in their original world and quite a bit away from breaking through the firmanent. This story doesn't have the constant restarts of powerlevel and fame due moving on to a new plane or continent or whatever, but don't worry.. Instead of restarts there's always a higher mountain to climb and you find some even more ancient hidden clan with higher level enemies to fight. It's obvious they are going for other worlds at some point, but still waiting for that.
    • The cultivation levels are pretty confusing and just as annoying as the units of distance or quantity in this genre. Apart from the usual "Martial X level 1-9" theres also there more important "Skywalker level" which tells how much heavenly dao favours you. Then there is power of gods and stuff in the mix. As usual older generations have cultivated for thousands of years for their levels, previous younger generations do not exist and everyone in current generation has caught up with old monsters before they are 30.
    • Protagonist makes a lot of enemies. Most story arcs end with a huge battle between his legion and.. Well pretty much everyone he has met at that arc. Annoying part is that the big bosses tend to live through multiple battles as "skywalkers are easy to defeat but very hard to kill due the favour of heavens"
    • Even though some individual fights can span for quite a few chapters I still haven't got the feeling that I could just skip through pages to the end result, unlike in quite few other novels.. In the early part of the novel the goal was to kill enemies as fast as possible, but sadly at some point it moved into the slower fighting style of "hide your trump cards"
Under spoiler tags about his biological family and the status of his cultivation and 9 star body art at 2600 chapters:


has met his clan. Still hasn't found his biological parents or found out exactly how they are doing

6 stars.

2 reverse dragon scales and woke up first innate draconic skillz

Is at the peak of "netherpassage realm" which apparently is one realm below the peak of the martial world ("heavenly fusion realm"). After that should be godhood. Maybe.

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NocturneKoan rated it
November 15, 2018
Status: c160
Update: Dropped this novel long ago to be honest. Agree with most of the low rated comments. It's sad, because the story looked promising at the start, there was so much potential and then it kinda just sank in quality with endless repetition and added cliches and kept sinking.

I've been reading for a bit now, and I feel like some of the hate for this novel in the review section is not necessary. Cultivation novels inherently follow similar lines, taking ques from a basic structure, if not straight up each... more>> other. This novel has its unique aspects and its common aspects, but both of these have their own merits.

The way the MC cultivates is unique, and that's definitely a plus, because it's interesting to see his path which doesn't follow the standard rules even of that setting (as far as I know). The novel also has an interesting approach to the Pill Dao, not necessarily unique, but it has some twists that make it slightly different from something like say, Battle Through the Heavens. That's good enough for me, it shows the author put in some effort.

In terms of characters, I actually quite like what has been shown so far, especially of the MC. He sort of reminds me of Meng Hao from ISSTH in terms of being humorous some times, but serious other times. Some novels in my opinion go overboard on the humour aspect to the point that I personally don't find them funny anymore, and other novels are so serious they become dry. This novel maintains a good balance there.

The setting is just as interesting as any other. It seems like a standard xianxia/xuanhuan setting so far and if I didn't like that sort of setting, I wouldn't read these novels, but I'm sure it has its own twists as well. The story has also been pretty good so far, it flows well, and the action scenes are great. The translator is doing good work too, despite mixing up names here and there. Overall, I'd give this novel a 4.7 or so in terms of how much I'm enjoying it, so I rounded that up to a 5. <<less
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AutumnSnowz rated it
February 4, 2019
Status: c200
Update: At chapter 378, even I can't force myself to read this anymore no matter how bored I am. I literally rather lay in bed doing nothing then read this anymore. It's gotten even worst then dog balls. It's dog sh*t and should be thrown out without even a second glance. The illogical and dumb reasoning and events has become even worst. And my standard for this novel to begin with was already really low so for it to go low enough for me to drop is saying a lot.... more>>

Old Review: This novel is so bad it's both funny and frustrating to read. There are so many cliches and illogical reasoning and events that you just laugh at the story itself. It's like looking at something so ugly that it start to look cute to you. Another example would be dog balls. Have you ever seen a dog balls. You don't want to look at it and you know you shouldn't but yet you can't turn away and continue to stare at it. This is what this novel is to me, it's dog's balls. I don't want to read it but I just can stop myself from witnessing this train wreck of a novel. Haha <<less
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Talan rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: c118
At first I was a little hesitant to read this novel after looking at the ratings, but I read the review from "dniv" and decided to give it a try. It was worth it. This novel is excellent. I just read through all 118 translated chapters in a few hours. I couldn't put it down. I would strongly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys cultivation web novels. I'm writing this review in hopes that it can encourage others to give this novel a chance and discover a great read.
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Dark_psycho rated it
November 22, 2019
Status: c2713
There may be many reviews praising this novel calling it a hidden gem or something like that but personally its pretty mediocre. For people who like this kind of novel, BATTLE EMPEROR is a superior version of it. It's way better with almost similar elements and more finesse.
    • MC is not OP.. Yes for a Chinese novel, the MC is not OP at all.. He struggles so much against opponents of the same. Author says that his cultivation technique is OP and all but in reality he doesn't jump ranks at all. He's weak. In most novels where MC has a super strong cultivation, his leveling up speed is lower compared to his rivals, comrades and harem but he jumps a lot of ranks and steamrolls opponents, but that's not the case with this novels. So people looking for fun and wish-fulfillment this novel is not your cup of tea.. Imagine 3000 chapters where MC struggles like a cockroach all the time. There's no respite or gap between arcs, there are very few fillers, too few then whats required, the MC's running toward all the time.
    • MC has horrible luck and doesn't get any inheritances at all compared to his peers, seems good at first, doesn't it? A fresh breath of air compared to other novels where MC gets overwhelmed with an inheritance every ten chapters and hardly uses them. No, First 200 chapters it feels alright, for 2500 it gets plain disgusting, because u never get the feeling of excitement ever.
    • The novel is basically a Chinese novel author trying to write a Japanese Shonen novel, too much nakama (comrade) and pseudo-harem. MC's comrades progressing along with him is good.. But after while when their progress become far more important than MC's its gets annoying. Whatever good things he gets none of them are applicable to him. He gives away everything to others. MC does not have a well defined strength. They say his cultivation technique makes his OP, his comrade has a way stronger body, it is said that he has a strong soul, he doesn't know how to use it, his harem member is a strong soul cultivator.
    • Too many unending cockroach like villains who escape every time. Too many..
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Sought rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: c2100
Alright. The same pattern repeats and repeats. Kill people, plunder, upgrade, go higher, repeat. I continued reading past chapter 1000 because I thought there would be interesting things. Well... not really?

I understand that the MC is going against the heavens, and that the heavens feel him as a natural enemy. But having hundreds of chapters with only killing and killing and killing and killing and killing... and killing... is tiring. No character development. Everyone stays the same. The MC changes a little but not enough. So yeah. The cultivation concept... more>> is nice. The idea of training an army is great and it could give a lot of depth to the novel. But it still suffers from the main flaw so many Xianxia authors suffer from: lack of imagination I even started wishing for the annihilation of his army and all his loved ones so that something would change.

I could have skipped around 1500 chapters without really missing much. There is only a handful of new important characters and the plot didn't really advance.

I love this novel, yet I hate it.
5/5 until chapter 500 or so. It went downhill after that. <<less
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Decadimento rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: c480
Horrid plot, literally everything in this novel is against Long Chen. There isn't a him powering up to deal with it, logical thought process to realize what is happening, hidden helpers to assist, nothing but let us drop LC into the deepest, widest and filthiest sh*t hole possible imaginable just to increase chapter count because I'm an author who gets his jollies off to it. The author really needs to reconsider his writing style if he would like to have any semblance of a somewhat successful novel instead of a... more>> piece of shit. <<less
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Blindzer0 rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c271
Excellent novel.

Starts out with a lot of clichés but it becomes better and better.

MC is actually a likeable one, some similarities to JC from SOTR except much better.

... more>> Story is interesting so far.

World building is good but kinda slow.

Love interests are amazing, each with their distinct personality, really like how it's developing.

Cultivation technique is unique and seems like there is a lot of potential to be excavated from it.

Overall the novel is excellent and I highly recommend it. Very surprised it only has a 3* rating I thought it'd be at least 4.¯\_ (ツ) _/¯ <<less
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baalthegreat rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: --
Well typical

I just wonder did chinese people reaaaaaly hated the rich boys from rich family

Causs they seem always be an antagonist as if they were all the same

Maybe they have the same father or something?

Absolute power as if there is anything absolute when you can even defy the heavens

And then chapter 1000 come the racist thing

Even in the other world you can still be racist
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Riveted rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c235
I'm dropping this novel after 200+ chapters. The MC spends almost all of his time fighting, and the rest of it is pure cliche, almost to anime levels. "Fighting to protect your friends is the only thing worth fighting for" etc. By the time I got to chapter 200, I was skimming the book more than reading it because there just wasn't much there. Some chapters completely repeat themselves two or three times just to get the word count up.

By wuxia standards, probably the biggest flaw in this novel is... more>> that there is no growth in the character. He starts with a set of memories not his own. He doesn't learn any new tricks. He doesn't learn any new moves.

On a social level, the MC is basically an arrogant "young master" (even though he's not) and every girl he meets falls head over heels for him.

The only reason I bother to give this 2 stars instead of 1 is because it's at least semi-coherent, and it doesn't go off on racist rants. <<less
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arajan rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c224
Not sure why people hate this novel so much. It's rare to find an MC with a decent sense of humor in a fighting novel, and Long Chen has it in spades. I've pretty much binge-read this over the past few days and I think its one of the better novels out there right now.
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CartmanBruuh rated it
January 10, 2019
Status: c222
This novel may seem cliche and quite honestly the face-smacking does get repetitve. HOWEVER, the world building so far is great and since I love novels about MC’s with mysterious pasts, it only adds to the enjoyment and suspense.

But the most powerful strong point of this novel is the MC. I noticed that most Chinese author’s use shamelessness as a form of humor, which is funny for around 200 chapters till it gets stale and unfunny. However, this Chinese author mixes some funny western humor in there for the mix,... more>> making this MC quite enjoyable. He reminds me of Meng Hao, who was shameless but also quite serious when it mattered. <<less
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fredd rated it
November 22, 2019
Status: c1151
Novel started of pretty decent but becomes extremely repetitive.

... more>>

Cockroach enemies. MC is usually forced to fight the same enemy 3 to 4 times before actually killing them because each time they manage to either runaway or get saved.

Dumb actions from MC and poor logic from author. MC gets demoted on 3 occasions all the way till janitor -from core disciple to inner disciple - from inner disciple to outer disciple - from outer disciple to janitor. ON another occasion the MC beats a ghost in a fight which was meant as a test to become a core disciple but the Sect ended up making him an outer disciple saying that he failed because he didn't get the targets head. The target the MC beat committed suicide by explosion because it lost and didn't want the MC to get it's head however MC beat it in front of the elders and thousands of disciples. This novel is filled with ridiculous excuses to constantly put MC in disadvantageous positions.

The same things pretty much happens repeatedly. Sinister enemies even from the same Sect as the MC slander him, frame him and then they team up even with the Evil Sect's which suppose to be their sworn enemies all just so they can kill the MC.

People in this novel can record everything with a jade stone just like a vehicles dash cam or your very own smartphone. MC could easily prove his innocence through these recordings but instead he just chooses to kill when all could have been avoided. It's just ruthless and meaningless slaughter.

The expansion of the MC's harem is pretty much ruined. The one harem member who out of all the girls has sub-par talent follows the MC around most of the time and despite her being a fully grown woman, her personality his highly immature beats up the MC occasionally and also acts as an auto cockblock. MC pretty much had his balls cut off and are constantly rejecting and avoiding good-hearted beauties that show interest in him.

He has thousands of followers to whom he constantly provides priceless resources to and has the memories of a pill/alchemy god but he doesn't/can't even help his adopted mom to cultivate.

Fights are dragged for several chapters with either the enemy escaping or being saved by a third party. The MC himself openly kills and offends enemies much stronger than him. It's a miracle that he is still alive. The plot armor is too thick but in the novel it's called karma which allows the MC to brainlessly slaughter for 100's of chapters while still being able to keep his life. <<less
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odis rated it
March 17, 2019
Status: --
Everything in this novel is recycled from other 'typical xianxias' making this the typical of 'typical xianxias'. Nothing is new nor improved. Other reviews compared this novel to ATG [against the gods] lol.. No. Sure, ATG did recycle some plots from other xianxias but overall ATG has it's own flavor going on. This novel's originality is nonexistent. If you stop reading this novel for more than 2 weeks, good luck recalling the characters, places, arcs, etc.

On a side note, this novel is indeed better than Martial God Asura, Dragon war... more>> God, and similar crappy xianxias.. Those crappy xianxias are so bad that you will start losing braincells. So no worries, you will be safe reading this one. <<less
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DarkPresent rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: c218
So far it is average wuxia novel- typical cliche plot, lots of arrogant young masters, slapping faces, IQ of villains averaging 2 at most, MC IQ around 10 but since everyone else is at 2 he is smartest person out there. Plot armor saving MC even when he makes terribly decisions that are later exposing him to otherwise avoidable danger.

It's not terrible, not bad but at the same time not great or even good, just average. I think it deserves 2.5-3/5
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Lahan rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c230
So I've read up to chapter 230 and I can say this novel is pretty bad, not the worst but quite bad. The only reason I kept reading is because during the first book I kept seeing small good points, however mostly just super bad tropes. The second book is better but I will probably stop reading soon as allover it's pretty damn bad.

The good:

  • Occasionally funny
The Bad:

... more>>
  • A lot of plot holes and inconsistency in power levels. The MC can beat or resist anyone regardless of level it seems.
  • Way too much harem. All major female characters who are attractive are just there to fall for the MC, with one exception who of course is there to regret angering the MC.
  • For male characters you pretty much know how they will end up once they are introduced, are they a d*ck to the MC? He will allow it to escalate out of proportion and kill them.
  • Anything the MC does is hailed as brilliant, no matter what he does everyone around him worships him. And in some cases half a chapter can be dedicated to describing how amazing everyone around him thinks the MC is.
Problems with the MC:

  • The author makes a point repeatedly about how much the MC suffered and is suffering. But quite frankly he hardly suffered that much, he was bullied for a few years as a kid that was it. All "suffering" that happens after the story starts turns out to be good for him anyway.
  • The MC has a single flaw, he is too proud and never backs down because of the pill god memories he has. However this never bites him in the ass, it always works out. Which makes this flaw just boring.
  • Anything that he does / says will be pretty much taken as pure genius by everyone around him constantly and it gets annoying fast.
In closing, this novel had potential if the author had not turned the main character into a Mary Sue. He never does something wrong and he never truly suffers. If you look at good wuxia like I shall seal the heavens the MC has several flaws and not only does the MC suffer for it, other people also think him weird because of his flaws. I think if you are 13-14 and looking for a harem power fantasy novel then this is probably a great read. For anyone looking for wuxia with decent characters go read I shall seal the heavens or Upgrade specialist instead. <<less
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