Battle Through the Heavens Prequel – The Legend of Yao Lao


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This is the Dou Qi world, where the strong are respected and the weak are despised. The Yao clan is one of the eight ancient clans with a Dou Di’s blood in their veins, and it is a holy land for alchemists. Follow Yao Chen, Xiao Yan’s teacher, as he goes from his low position in the Yao clan to standing at the summit of the Dou Qi continent.

Located on the edge of the Dou Qi continent was the Yao clan descended from an ancient Dou Di. Not only was this place isolated from the Central Plains, it was also a breeding ground for poisonous insects and vicious beasts. But with the Yao clan’s incredible strength and their exquisite alchemy, it became a holy land that was worshiped by alchemists. Born in a weak branch family, orphaned by his father at a young age, treated with indifference by the clan, and banished from the clan for false charges when he tried to display his talent. He experienced all kinds of trials and adventures, in the end gaining the title of the Central Plain’s mainland number one alchemist. But because of his apprentice’s betrayal, not even his bones remained…

How did Yao Chen go from a youngster in a weak branch of the Yao clan manage to reverse his fate to become the mainland’s number one alchemist?
What kind of encounters did he have after being banished from the Yao clan?
From a lowly tr*sh to the top of the mainland, just how many secrets are still hidden in Saint Yao’s story?

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jmohy1 rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: v2c7
The Legend of Yao Lao showed real promise. I initially started in with the intention of reading in chronological order with Battle Through the Heavens later, but I find myself anticipating the story from this prequel more. I have already watched the available episodes from the partially completed anime adaptation of Battle Through the Heavens and from my perspective it's lacking a bit compared to this prequel. TLYL has a darker start to it and even though it has resemblance to one of those typical reads where the MC is... more>> always on top for his age and always coming first. The fact that he is forced through those circumstances having what's rightfully his taken away made me wanting to know how he would overcome these obstacles or whether he'll have to face more adversity first, rather than just knowing he'll come out on top in some ridiculous fashion like in all other similar stories. Rating it 5/5 is a bit much but I feel that this has so much more potential than other similar reads out there and seeing as I've never rated those other ones I want to push this one for more attention so it can get someone willing to complete translations for it. <<less
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