Absolute Resonance


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In the land of the Xia Kingdom, every human being is born with what is known as a ‘resonance’, either to a specific element or a powerful, mythical beast. Unfortunately, Li Luo was born with an incredibly rare condition known as a blank resonance – as the name suggests, he doesn’t have one! Normally, this would be utterly crippling, but at least he has the advantage of being the young master of the mighty House Loulan, one of the five Great Houses of Xia. Unfortunately, his parents, the powerful masters of House Loulan, have gone missing for many years, and the other Great Houses are beginning to eye their holdings quite hungrily. For that matter, plenty are also eyeing his talented, beautiful childhood friend and fiancee Jiang Qing’e, who has been leading House Loulan in his parents’ stead! Li Luo would much rather keep a low profile and wants to call off the engagement – but Jiang Qing’e has flatly refused. What’s a ‘useless young master’ to do?

Is there any way he can get out of this engagement? Can he figure out a way to protect his House from the jackals circling around it? And… is a blank resonance really useless?

Come and find out!

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King of Manifestations
King of Myriad Idols
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Sucky cucky
New Sucky cucky rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: c449
Its really good, if you Think its like a typical cn novel then its a no, first the story doesn't focus on cultivation like for me its not even a cultivation novel, second the authors of these have many works so if you have read something similar it may came from the same author

Read it or not it's up to you but believe me I wouldn't be waiting 1 day for 1 chapter if this isn't good
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hawlol rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: c20
If you read his other novels or any xianxia for that matter, you'll feel like you've read everything before. Same but different.

Changing names doesn't make a novel original. Changing Qi to resonance or energy, pills to essence, among other names and ranks just reminded me of how unoriginal and lazy the writing is.

You can also expect the usual Chinese writing patterns. Loads of info dumps about cultivation and their ranks for damn everything, loads of repetition, like the MC repeating his grievances every chapter, unnecessary long winded explanations, gossipers, etc...

The... more>> MC is a flawless (and boring) being. The supreme handsome genius who can master all techniques and deal with all situations, except for the major flaw of not being able to cultivate, but of course, he'll settle that flaw at the first chapters and then he becomes the best! Not of his own merit, of course, everything is handled down to him by plot armor (his missing parents in this case). And from how his cultivation demands rare magical treasures to improve it's easy to foresee many, many 'lucky' situations where he'll find random treasures to level up his spirit roots or whatever name it's called here. For now he's still buying loads of them, and leveling up like crazy from them because unlike every one else, he doesn't absorb the impurities from pills (essences).

The plot for these first 20 chapters is the crumbling of his house due to the missing parents, who said 'don't come looking for us until you're Duke rank' (a spoiler for the next saga?). A traitor who's like an adopted-brother trying to take over the house and a perfect fiancee (but without any faults like him, so she's a strong cultivator) trying to prevent it. There are also the common young masters trying to beat him because his house is on decline and his fiancee is so perfect and he doesn't deserve her but they do... blergh.

20 chapters are nothing for these 2k+ chapter novels, yet for those who've read novels like this before the pattern becomes obvious. You probably can already foresee what's going to happen just from what I said in the review, right? Well, me too. That's why I won't even bother to continue.

It's so similar to BTH it's not even funny. <<less
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chaoswolf2003 rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c215
This novel is by far HSP's best work (at least as of chapter 215). He's clearly gotten much, much better at writing humor, and has also made quite a unique cultivation system for this novel. Don't listen to the guy that said that the cultivation system is just the same old stuff but with different terms. In this world, each cultivator is born with a certain affinity for a beast soul or element. Not only do they have to proceed with regular cultivation, but they also have to find ways... more>> to increase their affinity. The MC has the advantage of having the opportunity to gain multiple affinities, but he isn't op. He has to reach certain requirements before he can gain an affinity, and each time he gains an affinity, he loses something else (I won't say what as to not spoil the plot too much). Not only that, but each of his affinities also starts out at a very low level. <<less
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MungMan rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: c47
Mediocre, frustrating, and derivative. None of the characters behave like human beings. Lots of elements copied or carried over from other novels, cultivation system is simple but at the same time doesnt make much sense. The marriage contract thing is a little more original but I dont care because the fiancee is poorly characterized and not even really present in the story. Overall this is a pretty mediocre cultivation novel. The one thing about it that stood out for me is the willingness for the author to actually describe the... more>> fights instead of just making them power-measuring contests which many other novels do. I will credit the novel for that one thing, but every other aspect of this novel is average or below that. <<less
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terraheart rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c446
A really promising novel. Heavenly Silk Potatoes seems to have improved his writing from his previous novels (BTTH, WDQK, TGR, DPY) and given this novel a refreshing twist in the genre.

The story is about a boy whose parents are missing, he's a cultivation 'cripple' and is engaged to the most beautiful girl and the current 'useless' heir's house is falling apart. Many people have heard this trope before (author has used it before too), where you think MC will get a broken engagement, consistently be called tr*sh before shining like... more>> gold as a white knight.


The author instead freshens it up by making the FMC stronger than the MC, 'forcing' him to keep the engagement and being the lynch pin in keeping house from breaking (she's a really likeable FMC). MC often acts shamelessly whilst trying to be 'low-key'. He'll obviously become powerful but he's extremely sensible, if he has numbers why fight righteously 1v1? If the kid's bully your friends, then tattle on them! Got good looks? Then use them to get help from the girls. He's more heroic than BXC from A Will Eternal and not as narcissistic, instead the author pushes the cringe/ silly shenanigans onto his good friend Yu Lang whose really popular with readers. The cultivation system is unique and although not as thorough as the Gu system in Reverend Insanity, it is really interesting - think Daoluo's battle spirits mixed with Quanzhi's Fazhi's magic system.

The overall quality of the novel is enhanced by the excellent translation (Midasthefloof) but the main reason to read this novel is for the characters. The FMC is not an ice queen, she's a bit cold to outsiders but she has a regal feeling and loves to tease MC and the females around him. Author has tended to drift away from harems (first two were harem, last two weren't) and never has more than two love interests but this novel will be better than his previous two if he goes the monogamy route because the FMC is so likeable and not hard to portray as Ice Queens are. The side characters are excellent, especially the comedian Yu Lang.

Overall, I highly recommend this novel who like this genre (cultivation + romance +/- a bit of crafting - he makes spirit liquids). I especially recommend it if you like the author's other works like BTTH. The only negative is that it only started (the raw) a few months ago (2021) so only a couple hundred chapters at present. Despite regular updates, given the authors previous novels, the novel should have around 1500 chapters so expect a Summer 2024 finish date but the plus is Wuxiaworld are translating and they rarely drop a translation (unlike Qidian) whilst Heavenly Silk Potatoes is no Mad Snail and actually finishes his works. I just hope the author keeps up the quality, has no long separations from FMC and makes it a non-harem novel and I'll love it!

Oh and if you are one who likes powerful MC's, the title's a bit of a give away. He has no resonance which can be interpreted as he has all resonance. At least that's where I think the author is headed, he will have "Absolute Resonance" with everything or at least 10, 000 things (another name for the novel is King of Myriad Idols - Myriad = 10, 000). <<less
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Nightmare123 rated it
October 2, 2021
Status: c143
This is a cultivation novel. There are a lot of cliches like the fiance, the op talent the MC has and etc. However, what makes this novel good is that this novel twists these cliches. For example, the fiance is his childhood friend and she wants the engagement, while the MC tries to sever it (not because he doesn't love her). The cultivation system is really unique and I haven't seen it before (though I would have liked if the ranks were more simple). The characters that hang around the... more>> MC are fun and not one dimensional, while the MC himself isn't an ordinary person, who is looked down upon by everyone. He is handsome (unlike the other novels where the MC is either ugly or ordinary who has girls falling for him every second). He has a decent background too. And he is pretty smart too, or should I say has common sense, because for example when some idiot with higher cultivation and older than him bothers him, he uses his bodyguards. There also many moments like that when the author pokes fun at cliches like that. He also treats women and men equally (for now at the very least). The finace is the best character for me. While it isn't known if she loves the MC yet, or she just thinks of him as a younger brother, for me either is fine. She pushes him to get stronger, but supports him along the way. She spoils him a lot too. And dear god, if she hears someone insulting him, whoever they are, they better run. His male friends are awesome too, especially Yu Liang. All in all, the novel is pretty good, the fiance is best girl and I hope the author doesn't abandon the characters. <<less
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eylos rated it
September 24, 2021
Status: c250
Best novel so far from Heavenly Silkworm Potato, he continues with the some overall tropes and storybeats that who have ready any of his novels will know what I'm talking about, but he likes to mix things up to subvert these tropes, when that happens this novel really gets funny and good.
The MC is likeable and cunning, he wants to get strong because he needs to, but if he can solve the problem in another easy way instead of fighting he will, or if he has to fight... more>> he will create a strategy. And he's not overly OP so far, like he's the old I "can defeat someone from a higher rank" from xuanhua/xianxia, but when he faces stuff, he knows he cant deal with, he will run, call for help etc.
The FL has an interesting different relationship with him, but I dont think she's an interesting character, she's kind of boring so far,

Some stuff that I didnt liked in the start of the story gets a good explanation later, like about his parents, or MC relationship with FL.

Will give 5, but I think 4, 5 would be better. For this genre this is really good/fun novel to read.

Tip: there's a manhua with good art, its good to check the character designs at least. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: c320
Only 300+ chapters at the time of this review, so I'm tentatively putting this at 3.5 stars, though I'd like to think it will show it deserves more.

I'm quite enjoying reading this.

The Good:

  • Let's start with the characters, since they are done quite well. Fair to say they are all slightly caricatures, with more than a few cliche types- but with the type of humor and interactions the author introduces, this works quite well.
  • The world is not as standard as others would have you believe. To say this is a cultivation novel is as wrong to say as to claim it's fantasy with horror elements. Both are true, and it makes for an interesting change.
  • MC is intelligent and likeable. People claiming he is beta have apparently dropped this too early, or are expecting 'yet another' face slapping testosterone romp. This isn't one of those... Well... It's not the sole focus anyway...
  • Plotting and events do a good job of helping to showcase the MCs intelligence. This is not a 'sheer power conquers all' fist bash or power blast cavalcade. Planning, tactics, and teamwork are pretty important so far, which is a nice change from the usual.
  • Long term goals are used to good effect, highlighting both needs and conflicts early on to build interest. Some are forced- but even so, the results shape the story positively.
The BAD:

  • Some of the plot elements are a bit 'incredible'- being lucky in a far fetched way. It's not intolerable, but a bit 'questionable' as story factors go.
  • The shift from 'cultivation' to 'elemental powers' is a bit unexpected, but fine. The introduction of 'horror' elements can't possibly be predicted, so that becomes more 'wait, what?' for anyone expecting a standard wuxia. In short, this isn't what it's billed as. It's good, but a fair number of people may be unhappy because 'not what I signed up for'.
  • The faction type breakdown of almost all characters into 'allies' or 'enemies' is a bit excessive. Very few 'neutral' (or other) main or side characters- just 'people get to realize how awesome the MC is' and 'people get to be face slapped'...
  • Some background plot elements are very forced.

    Parents planning for his rare/convenient legacy (but not telling him anything/properly planning for him to acquire it), parents leaving so much trouble behind due to a ridiculous like of awareness/cautionvcaution), villains having so many advantages and alliances in comparison, etc.

  • This is likely a 'faux harem' story. Maybe (eventually) an actual harem story (can't tell at this point). In any case, for people who don't like harem, it has that feel. Whether you like it or not, it's still a '+1 adds' type of harem where girls just jump out and like the MC for convenient/shallow/lucky reasons.
  • MC is quite lucky, pretty often. It's not too bad, but knowing the author can do 'clever' when they try makes the 'lucky' breaks seem extra lazy.
  • 'Advancing your powers via expensive drugs' had never impressed me as a 'cultivation' element, and 'MC can use more drugs than others' is doubling down on this convenient (but cliche and dumb) theme. Of course, 'others can't drug as much as the MC' is another nonsense thing, so 'whatever'.
The different:

  • This implementation of 'fractured world' and 'secret war' is actually interesting as detailed. What the author does with it remains to be seen, but it has potential. It's not super novel or creative- but a good effort in this setting (in my opinion).
Overall, worth checking out.
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Reindeer rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: c101
This was a pleasant surprise indeed! I wasn't expecting much, or more accurately I was expecting it to be bad like most in this genre, but it was surprisingly enjoyable and fun. While it's nothing amazing per se, it manages to hit all the right spots that a standard xuanhuan should while being able to avoid the more frustrating and tiresome aspects that this genre usually is associated with. If you just want some vanilla xuanhuan, this one is a really good choice. I wouldn't necessarily say it's a 5... more>> star material but it's been a while since I actually got engaged reading one of these, so I'll be more generous and also round it up on top of that. It needs higher ratings anyway, this novel deserves to at least get on that 4 star tier for more people to try it out. <<less
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gingingin1605 rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c50
Nothing new if you have read other cultivation type novels. Average storyline, not exactly immersive and cliche characters. There are not obvious plotholes as far as I know but many minute flaws nonetheless. They make the story boring.

If the magic or the scenes were as vividly described as the girls were, I would have given it a 2 but that's not the case.
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unseen_hz rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: c287
May be cliched but filled with good jokes nice girls and (hilariously) great friends of the MC. A package just like I wanted for a light-hearted read. Warning: may have infuriatingly short chapters with doesn't advance the plot but just take it as short entertainment and you'll just be craving more rather than being mad at the chapter for not being compelling. A nice entertaining inoffensive read, our MC is not s*upid and we have our typical villains that we want grinded to a pulp. The reviewers who dropped a... more>> negative review must have been expecting the best read ever or something because I sure am entertained reading this and thus, definitely recommend trying it out. <<less
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Wakashii rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: c275
It was kinda good but now it's boring, so much bullshit, you are going to read tons of chapters that leads to nothing, plots that doesn't change anything. Something like wasting 3 chapters to buy herbs, 5~7 chapters to heal people, one entire chapter to travel... Furthermore this novel is more magical, a true xuanhuan, there are a lot of different elements from xianxia and wuxia. Idk, I don't enjoy that much anymore.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Lord Cryptic
Lord Cryptic rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: --
i came here for lack of tragedy and harem tags.

The novel has been pretty good so far. The novel focuses much more on story than cultivation plus the plot is not dark and mildly humored.
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atomsphere rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: --
This was a very pleasant surprise. HSP is at his best when hes working in a more classic xianxia setting. This is that. Except, the MC is shameless in fun and interesting ways. It has its problems... too much school and tournament. But idc. So many chapters send me into absolute giggle fits. It's on the lighter side of the genre, read for some amusement. Read because its HSP and you're going to eventually. Read because it does some cool sh*t with professions.
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KaSiGi rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: c346
Truly amazing, its written so well, and the power balance doesn't fumble. It has its own unique system of power that is very interesting and well designed. The characters feel alive, and the world real. The MC isn't op but his potential is, he uses schemes to deal with those he can't overpower, plus his calm, calculating and fearless personality is very likable. There isn't too much development romantically, but his relationship with them runs deep and they are willing to die for each other. I read I really enjoyed,... more>> and now the horrid wait for new chapters... Give me more! <<less
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boread rated it
September 14, 2021
Status: c94
5 stars. Good story. The only thing that I can't stand too much are how much beauties around the MC. Like wherever he goes, there are beauties. The beauties are either interested in him or hostile towards him. The pursuers of those beauties also kinda unreasonable. Keep warning MC to distance himself from the beauties, but never asked the beauties themselves on what they want. Basically, kinda like BTTH where the beauties are everywhere for the MC.

But the resonance idea still goodto me. And the fiance don't want the annulment... more>> is refreshing to me. All in all, I want more chapter. Please update more. <<less
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Drake888 rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: c232
So, I'm actually a little conflicted on this one. I feel it deserves a 4 though, so that's what I'm giving it because my complaints are my own problem. But if you are willing to pinky-swear that you only want a fun light novel in this genre and won't think too hard about the plot, then I will stand by the 4. So just tap your pinky on the screen and our promise is complete. There you go. OK, this is a 4. Off you go now.

For the rest of... more>> you: I personally would give this a 3 because of my issues with the plot. I feel bad saying that because this is good quality for a light novel but the author has made some decisions that get under my skin, and every time I manage to put them out of my mind he doubles down on them. At this point I am actively annoyed with the plot holes because the author is successfully making story decisions to rile up the reader but failing to think about how they impact the rest of the story. I will go into a detailed rant in the spoiler but keeping it as vague as possible: the MC is going to find a way to turn his situation around but there is going to be a price that the MC is going to have to pay. The author comes up with a pretty good issue to motivate the MC in addition to the family problems. The problem is that even though the issue is serious, it doesn't really cause crisis for the MC day-to-day, so we settle into a fun underdog story. Apparently the author really wants a looming crisis in this story though, so he tried again with a second 'price' for a second power-up. But while this one is more immediate than the first, it still is only a motivator and doesn't directly effect the MC day-to-day. So the author starts fleshing out the family problems more. And now we finally have something that can provide constant problems. But there are some parts of this new info that just don't add up. And honestly, given the quality of the story so far, I think the author has answers and is just hiding them for some later event. But those answers should have been given when the new problems were introduced because A: the MC definitely would have asked. And B: the whole point of this reveal is to really add stakes for the MC and the reader, so obviously the reader is going to care about the details here so if I am wrong and the author hasn't thought of a satisfactory answer here, it is a pretty gaping plot hole in an otherwise well-built world. And because the only thing elevating this above a standard fighting-academy-harem light novel for me is the plot, plot holes drop this to a 3. I feel bad judging the author more harshly for having higher quality, but I feel like if you write something decent and then try to implement cheap gimmicks that garbage novels use, it becomes that much worse when you fail.


so if you are reading this: spoilers obviously. I am fine with the death in 5 years thing. I am fine with the 'damaged potential' thing (although I don't think it really does anything that the 5 years didn't already do. Imagine if instead of needing sap for this new issue he just needed sap because it was the only way to reach duke in 5 years. You can even keep the part where the cook knows some special recipe that requires sap. Remember: when he reaches duke in 5 years, he will have done it faster than anybody in the country ever. Faster than his parents the super geniuses, and faster than his fiancee with the super powerful level 9 spirit. Even though his spirit is secretly awesome, he himself admits that the fiancee's spirit is stronger and cultivates faster and that his house just does not have the money to get his to that level right now.). My problem is with this secret battlefield that his parents got sent to. Specifically: the rules around it. I actually like the battlefield and I'm happy to finally know about the secret "world beyond" that all of these MCs inevitably have to learn about in this genre. My problem is how the author handles the death lottery. The lottery itself is fine, forced conscription is a pretty obvious response to this issue. The parents both being sent as part of a mysterious plot is also fine, corruption is totally a thing and bad guys totally love to abuse their power. My problem is the utter lack of protection for the families of these experts. Remember: these are the best warriors humanity has to offer and they are being forced to participate in this battle against their will because otherwise humanity is doomed. That's all well and good, but there would need to be some kind of guarantee to offer at least a little protection to the families that they are leaving behind because of exactly this kind of shit. There is no payment for this service other than an increased chance to get stronger if they survive, and that gamble clearly isn't enough motivation for these people and there is a very high chance of death. Sacrificing yourself for the greater good sounds nice and all, and the threat of punishment if you run is certainly bad, but this can't be the first time this sh*t has happened and the powerful families would have demanded SOME kind of consolation prize for being sent off. Also, how long is the deployment? It clearly isn't until death or victory, because they haven't won and there have been some survivors. So when are the MC's parents coming back? And when they come back, do they get a pass on the next lottery? Because that would damn well be a demand I would expect the powerful families in this world to make if they have to put up with this crap. But if they get do get a pass, is it for the whole family on the next lottery or just the individuals for life? Because if there is some kind of pass for future lotteries, how will the MC wind up on that battlefield when he is a duke? Because you know he will. The author has built it up as an important place AND the fastest way for dukes to become kings. So the MC is definitely gonna have to go there once he's a duke. And I'm honestly fine with the MC going there. But he's not going to be paid for going there. He will certainly survive and upgrade to king because of plot armor, but anybody else would be an idiot to go. And since he doesn't know he has plot armor, he will probably be forced. But again, if you can force the parents to go, have free rein to destroy the family while they are away (remember: we have been informed after learning of the battlefield that the enemies are only being held back by wards and the parents still being alive, no fear of repercussions for shady shit), and then force the kid to go in the next lottery, who the hell would put up with this shit? Oppressed people would, sure, but these are exclusively high-level fighters. Even if the organization in charge of this is powerful, they don't have the numbers to handle the massive number of rebellions this mess would trigger. I think the author has some explanation that he is going to introduce with great fanfare later, but that won't be any time soon if he does have them, and there is no explanation for why the MC wouldn't ask when the hell his parents are coming home.

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PikachuWWIII rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Up to date
Less of a reveiw and more of a statement:

The story is a unique cultivation novel, it has and extremely likeable MC, and main heroine. Almost all the bad reveiws touch on 2 points.

1. To generic?: NO, It is extremely unique for a cultivation novel. The MC does not travel into a bigger circle every 100chapters. Has a much more original plot and more.

2. Bad story?: NO, I can say with confidence that 90% of the people that say such, say it because they beleived that this would be a generic... more>> cultivation novel and they arent used to it.

Dont treat it as generic tr*sh, it is its own novel, you like it or you dont. <<less
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Daoist of Fire and Lightning
Daoist of Fire and Lightning rated it
November 12, 2021
Status: c224
Definitely one of HSP's best works; its similar to Dragon Prince Yuan with its renamed version of Qi and main character with an innate disability/problem. Typical 'main character believed to be talented then said talent is lost, then recovers talent and becomes stronger' and 'engagement to fairy' type story, but with a very fair cultivation system that is only slightly confusing (difference between resonance level and actual cultivation level).

The WuxiaWorld translations done by Midasthefloof are amazing as well.

The only downfall is the harem in this story. He has 'good' relationships... more>> with other women despite having being engaged for years, and they all seem to be in intense love with him while it isn't really reciprocated.

Looking forward to reading this daily, 100% give it a chance even if you weren't a fan of other works of HSP, the character developments are very satisfying. <<less
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Asahi2531 rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: c217
Should I say I was fascinated

Yeah I was by a same troupe but different characters I was lovin it

It was a good story for me if u ignore the incoming female characters I don't want any fly to gang around him

It is perfect between ML and his fiancee.
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