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    31 Series 9 Comments 2991 Views 18 Follows May 14, 2020 AnotherBoredPerson
    I LOVE fluff romance. Most of novels that I read are heartwarming story. I dislike dog-bloody drama. A bit drama is okay, but if whole story filled with unnecessary drama and stupid misunderstanding, I can't read it. So these are my list of fluffy romance.... more>>
    78 Series 1 Comments 20766 Views 39 Follows Jan 13, 2020 looongdogs
    An eclectic collection of novels featuring likable female protagonists.
    Not Today
    40 Series 2 Comments 5419 Views 10 Follows Sep 15, 2019 Not Today
    No Tags
    Both BG & BL stories
    Easy to MTL & Completed (unless mentioned otherwise in notes)
    23 Series 0 Comments 6337 Views 20 Follows Aug 27, 2019 owlzeyes
    All novels with super heart warming fluffy romances. Little to no angst. ... more>>
    48 Series 4 Comments 18095 Views 41 Follows Aug 22, 2019 Anime_77
    This list has books that I have finished reading and books that I'm planning to read.... more>>