There’s Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made!


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“Why is this [Summoning Card: Goblin] wearing a mask?”

“Because it’s a Goblin Gangster!”

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2 Reviews

New ANonMouse
Sep 21, 2023
Status: c41
scherzo wrote a very thorough review. I just finished reading the first arc and I'd just like to endorse this novel. If you're looking for something fresh and funny, please give this novel a try. TLDR summary from my limited reading is : "MC is transmigrated and wants to create a top tier card waifu"
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Scherzo In Pain
Scherzo In P
Aug 10, 2023
Status: Completed
I remember the time when I stumbled upon this novel. I was browsing mtl websites for webnovels to read. And I stumbled upon this novel.

“Magic Card” is a niche subgenre that you won’t find unless you delve deep into Chinese mtl hell. It refers to people who use these objects called cards, cards like Pokemon or Poker cards, in a variety of different ways. These cards have special abilities, and the method these cards are manufactured vary between novel to novel.

There’s Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made... more>> is undoubtably one of the best novels of this subgenre, and I’ve read a lot of these magic card novels. IMO, I’d place is on the high to top tier chinese novels.

The author creates incredibly interesting secondary characters and villains that stay relevant throughout the story. It’s been three months since I’ve completed the novel yet nearly all the side characters stay fresh in my mind. Not only that, but they create an even more interesting MC. Dekan has one of the rarest personality traits in protagonists: being utterly shameless. If you thought Han Xiao from The Legendary Mechanic was disgusting with his beefy ass glass cannon build and using zerg tactics, this guy is even more shameless. To sum it up in his own words, he thinks that he is the most pure and holy angel on this planet, but literally everyone else, including his friends, agrees that he’s the devil disguised due to his ‘unorthodox’ methods.

Combat isn’t your typical unga bunga smash. Fights have no rules and Dekan perfectly abuses this fact. His actions in combat are often downright disgusting to the point where you wonder if they should be banned in the Geneva Convention.

Chinese novels generally excel at using comedy more than other types of novels, but sometimes it can be excessive and become borderline xenophobic. Not to mention that a person’s evaluation of a novel’s comedy is subjective. Fortunately, this novel nails the comedy. Well at least for me. It made me laugh out loud. A lot.

The only shortcoming imo is that it doesn’t have many strong points. Apart from the comedy, the insane story plot twists

holy f*ck the moment when Dekan puls off the insane UNO reverse card with the reveal of his last name legit gave me the chills

, Dekan’s goofy ahh moments and the characters, other aspects pale in comparison. It’s not that they’re ‘horrible’. They’re great, but not extremely memorable.

The worldbuilding is actually pretty magnificent. In the novel, there are two worlds. The Real World where humans and other races reside in, and the Shadow World. The Shadow World has one of the best world buildings I’ve ever seen: each ‘dungeon’ has a relationship, whether direct or indirect, with each other and the story flows naturally like a timeline. However, the Real World was alright. There was an attempt but the scale was too large for such a short story and a lot of it just ends up going to waste. On top of that, the very first setting of the second part of the novel was just wasted and that timeskip felt unsatisfying.

Romance? It’s decent but nothing crazy. I do wish the author spent more time refining the relationship between Dekan and Cornelia. Their chemistry is amazing but the romance just feels forced: the duo has more like a partner in a crime relationship than a purely romantic one.

There are no young masters. No courting death. No obvious cliches (in fact, the author tries to subvert your expectations). Not a single ounce of nationalism despite it being a CN. (Well, if you’re nitpicking to the point that having a chinese transmigrator counts as nationalism then I really am speechless)

Also, the novel doesn’t have a rushed/awful ending unlike most other CN but it does have a kind of cliche ending. According to my knowledge, this wasn’t due to being axed or cancelled. But as if to compensate for this, the author has plenty of side stories after the ending.

You can really feel that amount of effort, time and love the author put into his novel. In fact, my guy spends like all his money JUST ON ILLUSTRATIONS for his book. To be that dedicated, treating the novel like its own child, is such a rarity amongst web novel authors.

Overall, this is an obscure and spectacular novel.

Welp, better get back to translating. <<less
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