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    Post-it Not
    86 Series 0 Comments 7746 Views 29 Follows Oct 26, 2023 Post-it Not
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    Action-packed and plot-heavy novels. No romance.... more>>
    23 Series 5 Comments 3360 Views 13 Follows Jul 17, 2023 asianscension
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    stories that regularly update, thus maintaining my will to live :) consistency is key (some are better than others)... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 25889 Views 89 Follows Oct 15, 2022 Oof_Ash.Here
    1st List - more>>
    66 Series 22 Comments 87944 Views 243 Follows Apr 12, 2020 Crepescule
    When the protagonist is an unfaithful loser, do you have the urge to transmigrate into the novel to give him a good beating? If so, I present to you a list of novels I enjoyed with an overpowered male protagonist and no harem. Featuring:... more>>