When I Used a Love Strategy App in a C*astity Reversal World, All the Beautiful Girls Turned Into Yandere


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“This love strategy app is too amazing! But can I survive being loved to death by beautiful yandere girls?!”

This is the story of a man who, without thinking, used his past life’s love techniques in a world where c*astity is reversed, and ended up being loved by super-rich yandere young ladies, leading to irreversible consequences.

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Not Porn Folder
Not Porn Folder rated it
May 14, 2024
Status: c38
I love it since the MC is not a wuss. Although sometimes I worry on some of his decisions to lie, since it only serves as him digging his own grave deeper when it inevitably gets discovered (which some of them were found-out)

The heroines too are fun. So far there are only 3, but there is already a set-up for more and honestly I'm looking forward to it since the heroines so far are a treat to read.

Be warned tho the Yandere tag is well deserved and honestly this... more>> is the main reason why I am looking forward for more. The MC wishes for a harem but the yanderes desire for exclusivity even though marriage can be polygamous in this world. I'm interested to know how the MC will overcome any obstacles to his goal, and the yanderes' reaction to it.

Well I say that but theres not much yet going in since its just the beginning and the heroines are only being set-up at this point. In fact the first arc had just finished as of writing this review.

Either way there was already a "trial shuraba field" when two heroines met, and it was fun.

I'm looking forward to more chapters, especially when the MC is this "courageous" hahahaha

edit: just read chapter 38 and dang the MC is a G.O.A.T. <<less
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