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It was a life without regret. My parents were in good health, and I wasn’t home enough for me to combine my studies and part-time jobs.

I like fantasy, martial arts, games, fiction movies, cartoons… I’m a normal high school student who likes these things.

That was certainly true until ten years ago.

This is not the earth.

A fantasy world dominated by powerful people. Savage utopia. It is a world where you can take anything with you if you have physical strength.

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FFF Class Trashero
FFF급 관심용사
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storybookknight rated it
January 5, 2019
Status: c18
Let's be clear: this is pure, self-indulgent, power-tripping fantasy. The MC is the edglordiest edgelord to ever edgelord, the setting is a deliberately trite isekai world, there's a poorly-defined gamelike system overarching everything, and because of time travel, the MC is unnecessarily OP.

And if this story took itself seriously, most of the things I just mentioned would be problematic.

This isn't a story about compelling drama, an intricate fantasy world, or inspirational heroism. This is a cathartic story about a guy who keeps getting jerked around by the 'rules' - either... more>> those of society or those of the cosmic order - and being sick enough of being jerked around to do something about it, and by 'doing something' I mean 'committing multiple murders'.

tr*shero is probably best classified as revenge p*rn, but it's classy revenge p*rn, the kind that doesn't leave you wondering whether the author has unresolved issues surrounding his ex-girlfriends. I'm not going to give it a 5-star rating, because on the whole it seems to be a fairly shallow story, but I give it a strong 4 out of 5. <<less
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Viridius rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c40
This story is a total power fantasy, but I seriously love it.

The main character is an isekai protagonist who was summoned to a world to kill the demon king. He's not the usual isekai protag; he's a normal, well-off person who deals with the otherworldly transportation like a real person. As a result of his homesickness, constant abuse, as well as his experiences with a party whose characters are fatally flawed, he kills everyone around him, and then the demon king. Due to an unforeseen "grading system" his character, reputation,... more>> and achievements earn him a failing grade. He ends up having to redo the whole thing.

Now, this would be a classic "badass antihero evil ruthless edgelord" scenario, except it's not. The main character is a total badass, but in such a nonchalant, humorous way that it seems totally natural. He everything with a sarcastic flair, treating the world with utter detachment, almost like a comedian playing a game. The MC doesn't seem like a teenager going through puberty, as so many regression protagonists do. He acts with total confidence, staying true to his goals. Unlike too many others, the MC feels like the experienced veteran he is. He is logical, cool-headed, and a bit of a troll.

If you want a badass story with a ruthless protagonists that's actually executed well, then this is the novel for you. We see it fall into none of the classic pitfalls antihero stories do, while keeping the story moving. There's no intricate world-building, dramatic characterization, nor many other of the characteristics that constitute a good book, but it's just so goddamn enjoyable that I have to give it 5 stars. <<less
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novelmob rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: --

The story's basic setting is not bad at all and it is good enough to pass the time if you don't have anything worthwile to read. There are also moments I enjoyed.

The biggest drawback for me is the MC. I came here looking for an evil MC and on that regards, I really got it but on a disappointing way. I agree with most of his ideas regarding s*upid isekai heroes, but that is the full extent of it. The MC is one dimensional and outside his attacks vs standard isekai heroes (which are not that difficult to do), doesn't use his head very much, solving everything with force. There is also the issue of the MC getting nonsensical undeserved power ups.

While it is also my fault for having high standards, I expect much more from an evil MC.

There is not problem with being OP but you have to deserve it (you cannot have a golden spoon in your mouth, that is reserved for badly written standard MCs). There is also the route where the MC is OP from the beginning (undeserved), but the story focuses more on the interaction with other characters and intelligent schemes, so being OP is not that important and doesn't ruin the story.

The story reduces everything to "I kill you because I can". That is as moronic as "I save everyone because I can" (even if I can't, but I don't know about it so...), which we see in the brainless isekai heroes that are supposed to be ridiculed.

If you want more details, here are some of the faults I found in the story.

2nd playthrough (start)


After killing his companions and killing the demon king in his first playthrough, it is revealed there is a teaching staff overlooking the hero's adventure. Judging his character to be problematic, the MC was forced to start from the beginning with a reset status. Upset with not being able to return to Earth to continue his pathetic existence leeching off his parents, he decides to finish this second playthrough as soon as possible without his useless companions holding him back. He looks down on his summoners, the king, the nobility, etc..., demands funds for the hero's quest, rampages on the black market, kills his companion (the elf princess) for causing him grief in the first playthrough, etc...

So far so good.


2nd playthrough (a dissapointing quest regarding the falling of a potentially good plot)


Then the story goes downhill. In the black market it is exposed that a lv10- hero can kill a lv800+ s*ave to rise up his level to 140+ and, consequently, levelling up is very easy in this fantasy world.

Bullshit! You cannot expect such a broken exp model for a fantasy world overlooked by an all powerful teaching staff. I have yet to see such a tr*sh RPG. It is very strange to begin with that the teaching staff didn't set a max exp reward for one kill. I can excuse it for the second playthrough, but after the third they should have balanced it out.



While the exp issue was acceptable, even if a bad taste for the mouth, the author proceeds to destroy his story with the cheating slime and the Chaos race.

The cheating slime introduces an unsustainable flawed logic based on half-assed chemistry and biology knowledge to allow the MC to rise his skill levels at 10000% speed without any effort.

The Chaos race is introduced by killing the Chaos Dragon, a disaster level threat after around ten days in the fantasy world... Seriously? Ten days? The Chaos Dragon, suffering from old age, is unable to capture the MC with its breath (1st asspull), rampages after the MC destroying half the continent allowing the MC to harvest EXP by killing the poor bystanders while dodging the dragon's attacks (2nd asspull) and kills the dragon after the last one is exhausted from all the hunting (3rd asspull). To begin with, how can you introduce immortal elves and make the dragons mortals?

After that, it becomes boring easy mode. The MC becomes lv999+ and kills anyone who is in his path. While there are some good retorts to standard isekai behaviour, the plot is so-so. He kills the demon king with all the cheats and we are done.


3rd playthrough


Now, two heroes are introduced. The new hero, a standard s*upid isekai hero, is introduced to guide the MC in the idiotic path and allow the MC to pass the teaching staff's examination, graduate and return to Earth. The novel has the chance to redeem itself by writing good interactions between two opposites.

But it is not use. Once again, excluding some events regarding the new hero, the plot goes the tr*sh route following the boring MC almost one-sidedly. The Chaos Race asspull came with a new broken cheat that allows him to avoid the resetting of his abilities (not the level, only skill's levels)... And we are done, the story cannot be fixed anymore unless the MC's brain is miraculously fixed. No matter the playthrough or the circumstances, he is going to become more and more OP if he doesn't lose his abilities and there is not way anything can threaten him so... he will kill anyone in his path with ease instead of searching for intelligent evil methods.

He gets a new broken cheat, a holy sword that shouldn't exist at all... kills the demon king, humilliates the other pathetic hero..


4th playthrough


Miss Trainee Teacher is introduced on the teaching staff's part. She has not point in the story other than MC retorting her isekai tropes.

This is somewhat interesting because he kills the demon king and finishes the game in one day. Thanks to it he manages to graduate since he didn't have time to break it with his tr*shy character.

It is still bullsh*t though, since the graduation is based on 4 categories. This is his result:

▷Combat Power: C+
▷Achievements: SSS
▷Reputation: C
▷Character: C

It doesn't make sense for him to have SSS achievements. His only achievement was killing the demon king (easy thing when you carry all your cheats from the previous playthroughs) and that shouldn't give you SSS no matter what since it is the compulsory requisite to graduate. It doesn't make sense for the system to judge the early killing of the demon king so high as well since it is something that shouldn't be possible (unless you are loved by the bullsh*t god like MC) so it shouldn't even have programmed a bonus for early killing. If it is so advanced to notice it, it should also notice the MC having 10+ S skills and call for cheating.

C reputation is also s*upid since he didn't interact at all. If being unknown is enough to get passing grade, the system's standards are pretty low.




The teaching staff considers the MC cheated in the last game and forces him to continue being a student even if he graduated.

A festival for graduated heroes is introduced. Of course, he qualifies even with the special status of continuing being a student (to get more OP). Most of the other heroes are tr*sh (normal if you consider they are the typical brainless isekai MC that should die the first three days and is only saved by plot armor). Since he carries the cheats of the bullsh*t god he crushes them. Of course... (Insert repetition of the last chapters with the festival setting)

However, the author seems to be not happy enough with the MC's cheats. The female teacher stops being irrelevant to the story. Now, it is also a cheat that tells the MC where to get the good stuff in the festival. Fairness? What is that? While common sense tells us that the teaching staff should kill the MC and be done with, not only they allow the MC to continue rampaging, they also help him out by putting Miss naive teacher in his care. Good, good.

A clueless female saintess is introduced. She offers the MC rewards on exchange of helping redeem evil worshipers. With infuriating flawed logic, the saintess is also put as a reward for the MC to pick? And the system allowed for it? Seriously? Fire the teaching staff already. They are useless.

Instead of redeeming the evildoers, he corrupts them with his Dark Energy (SSS) making them even more evil. However, the saintess and the system don't notice anything. Great! The saintess even takes the initiative to suck the c*ck of the MC... Sigh.

The MC kills, get all the festival's rewards, gets the saintess and of course, carries her over to the next playthrough, gets resurrection cheat the saintess is equipped with, gets new bullsh*t abilities out of nowhere that allow him to never become weaker, etc...


6th playthrough

I am currently here. I am going to drop it for the moment since I am tired. I will come back when I am bored and pissed off enough with the s*upid incompetents isekai heroes or any other fantasy MC and I can enjoy the MC killing everyone even if he is infuriating too.

Divinity (Z-MAX) is introduced. The MC is simply divine, or like I prefer to call it, simply moronic boring. Everyone treats him as the personification of holiness, agrees with everything he says, licks the floor he is stepping on, etc... Way to make his journey even easier without fixing his ret*rded behaviour.

Female teacher commented how Z-MAX skills are reserved for people born with golden spoons in their mouths and how she didn't think the MC qualified for that. Seriously? Even the author should be ashamed of writing that down after giving him exclusive Chaos Cheat (that allows him to not lose anything, skills, broken holy sword, etc... and learn Divinity and Dark Energy at the same time), Holy Sword Cheat (that gives insane power boost because yes), Slime Cheat (that rises his skill proficiency at impossible rates)... Either the female teacher is a complete moron never seen in intelligent beings or the author believes we are the complete morons. Who knows?

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Raneday rated it
December 1, 2018
Status: c9
First and foremost this novel is not for the softhearted, who liked the MC saving everyone and leading to a happy ending.

This novel is about the MC who after defeating the demon king, was sent back in time due to him betraying his allies. Hence making him to do over again while having a mentor like system to guide him on being a "good hero". But our MC doesn't give any care at all.

The MC of this novel is an anti-hero type of hero, and he would do everything as... more>> he wish. And this series tackles a different approach compared to other ones of this genre. <<less
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Jessy_m rated it
February 24, 2019
Status: c30
Perfect isekai... no cliché.. you have average guy who was normal on earth... no shut in or otaku or weak bullied edgy guy who hate his family, freinds and his life... just an average guy summoned.. But he didnt have the s*upid pure kind heart where everyone step on him and he will forgive... he solve problems from realistic angle by providing realistic solutions... more>>

like when facing the mermaids he take an army not wasting his time and force negotiations. he act more like real king similiar to some military novels... and love how he make fun of hero b being a masochist. hope he f*ck the people behind his suffering.

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ubas maalyd
ubas maalyd rated it
March 24, 2019
Status: c95
Terrific, Amazing, and awesome.

I truly love the MC's way trample every problem he faces.

Not like Il-Han, this MC is dark, funny, but with some logic.

This novel is like a new brand flavor on the market which have saturated by "normal isekai"

Edit: the release frequency is so bad. It makes us to wait approximately 2 weeks/chap. Truthfully it's the main reason I dropped this novel. Maybe I will read it again on 2021 (24 chapter ahead)
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NoirErimos rated it
June 13, 2020
Status: c99
Just like it's namesake this novel is FFF tr*sh, because it just lies to you.

The promise of a genre desconstruction where the hero fails everytime at the end of the quest is funny by itself, and the journey trying to find and fix his mistakes to finally get a good grade and go home is a complete ride, like when he gets the demon king red handed having a nut with the elf.

Then he finally reaches the objective that is going back home, you think he'll go back being a... more>> normal decent guy? Nope, he will destroy half of the planet's ecosystem and kill millions in a battle against an as*hole that looked at him funny once in the other world and came back too, and when asked if he feels nothing in destroying his home, he just says that a home that gone on without him wasn't his home anymore?!?!?


MC vomits life lessons condemning others for their hopeful ways of seeing things in life? Commits mass genocide by fighting without a care just because the other world is fantasy and is fated to end. MC mass brainwashes villages and entire cities to spread "good rumors" for him? Still asks why his grade is FFF. MC accuses others of being peverts? Blackmails the saint into being his sexs*ave and unlimited XP tank if he helps her convert the demon cult back to the light? The cult was loyal to him since the beginning and the game was rigged for the saint. Calls his classmate hero that was summoned after him a innocent fool for wanting nothing with the war and just living peacefully with the girl he found? Sabotages him at every possible moment while calling him names for his idealism, slanders his feats to the entire world putting the blame of his own a**holery on his back, then finally breaks his mind on a scene worse than any ryona ntr just to prove a point


The translation stopped at chapter 99, I wonder if he'll reach a point where he'll feed a newborn to its mother because her random mook husband had the gall of getting a lucky hit against him on a free-for-all.

So I finally noticed a pattern amongst authors by country
JP author: most of the time the MC is a "spineless" idealistic brat that just goes trough the motions, the adventure is comfy and nothing unexpected happens, nothing new happens too but that's a compromise
Chinese author: vengeance! If you hurt my loved ones i'll kill your entire clan then salt the land!!!
Korean author: I'm a complete psychopath that beats one to holocaust videos of the gas chamber, and searches for real guro in the deepweb, i'll commit mass genocide and eat babies ripped fresh from the mother wombs for breakfast, while I pass myself as a "civilized cultured superior korean gentleman" <<less
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Dovah rated it
December 22, 2018
Status: c14
This novel is perfect (so far) xD

The MC is realistic, logical, cool-headed & not running high on hormones or luck. He also stays true to his character and isn't a pervert. It's a great read for those who are looking for a good novel of the anti-hero genre. So far MC stays true to his goals unlike most other so called anti-hero novels here where MC later forgets about vengeance/his character & subsequently follows the happy go lucky path of harems.

We need more anti-hero novels where the novel stays focused... more>> on MC and where the mc's anti-hero character doesn't deviate from the anti-hero path because of their women (harems/hormones). <<less
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chekanalia rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: c33
Refreshing read!! This is how novels are meant to be not those unreal isekai, harem-building, hotbeds of self-righteousness that breed like roaches that are so prevalent around here. You will love this MC! Love to hate him or hate to love him or just plain love him <3 <3 <3 He reminds me a bit of Gu Yue Fang Yuan (RI) .
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different rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c10
Everyone in the story so far is super annoying. Hopefully it'll get better later on though, but it's doubtful. The main character as the title says he's failure tr*sh. This part could be decent if the author gave him some reason to be tr*sh though, but he doesn't. In general, everyone has some sort of background story but the main character just seems to hate everyone because he felt mistreated. A big issue is the way the author explain's the MC's mistreatment. It's just supposed to be a given with... more>> a few understandings "So and so always picked on me so I have to kill them for my revenge". It doesn't really make sense and even psychopaths make sense. So everything just comes off as super annoying.

The author also introduced an opposing "guidance teacher" which is supposed to be the opposite of this tr*sh hero. But nop, the guidance teacher is super annoying too. Always giving some sort of mysterious guidance tips and then leaving like an aloof teacher character who was never introduced properly. <<less
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thundermin rated it
August 26, 2021
Status: c325
Highschool student forcibly turned into a psychopathic megalomaniac drug incarnate with a spine fetish who simps over a slime.

10/10 please read this
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rainx rated it
April 5, 2019
Status: c10
I stopped reading at chapter 10. Not because I am inclined towards kindness or anything but this MC just annoys me. I will state that since I had only finished chapter 10, I am not sure about the latter parts.

Now, why am I annoyed at the MC? I don't hate anti-heroes. In fact, I hate the normal isekais' where the MC is plain s*upid/perverted/psycho/hypocrite. So why do I hate this anti-hero MC then?

This MC seems to think that killing is the only pathway to freedom. I have absolutely no idea... more>> what made him into this. From what I read, the MC was bullied/hit/attacked ruthlessly by the Alex something as training. Ok, so Alex deserves to die then. The King that treats 'summoned ones' as life stock deserves to die as well. Then, what about the one who did the summoning and the elves?

The one who summoned the MC to Fantasia is a hypocrite, as stated by the MC when he saw her after being brought back 10 years before. But, from what I read, she doesn't seem to be so at all. Then, the future elf queen that is supposedly to bring him troubles for acting rashly without consequences, I honestly don't wanna comment yet because I do not know what sort of troubles did she get into previously. It just seems to me that the MC is just interpreting others' personality 'irrationally'. Again, I state that I've only covered up to Chapter 10.

Sure, killing off those you do not like is a good way, especially an anti-hero. Kill off the King, Alex and the elf queen if you must but what did the elves do to the MC then? Revenge at the expense of sacrificing the innocents? I call bullshit. What? You say the elves aren't innocent because they attacked MC? Dude, he killed their own peoples in front of them, what do you expect?

If those above is not enough to make me stop reading yet, then this really made me stop reading for good. I seriously hate those MC that thinks of the world that they were summoned into as just tools/games/entertainment for him/her to stroll and play in. This MC totally treats the world as a playground, disregarding lives be it innocent or guilty ones. Tr*sh indeed.

Again, I only read until Chapter 10 so if the MC suffered so much pain that he got warped which was explained later on is something that I do not know. <<less
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BiawaKeren rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: --
i love how KR series always tickled my interest at the start of their novel.

But sometimes, it was just for the beginning. After long enough reading, I lost my interest. Simple, just because they had too much explanation. Too much raw information come at the middle story. To put it simply, too much waste of word.

But for this series, where our heroes is pretty much is anti-hero type. I put my faith in this series. Hoping for a good read one.
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NinjaEnvy rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c28
@different <---This guy didn't read the story carefully and just probably skim over it.

The reason why the MC hates everyone is because, they only use the MC for their convenience and did terrible things to MC saying it's his duty because he's the hero. They never treated him nicely and the king didn't even want to financially support him to beat the demon king and instead left the hero on the swordsman who enjoyed beating him because its entertaining.
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warrock4862 rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: c30
The Plot at the starting was good and new and had great potential with title FFF-Class tr*shero with much expectation but, After the Chaos race was introduced it went downhill with Chaos race acting as the progressive stronger plot armor similar to Everyone else is a returnee. The repetitive Same world with variations wasn't a plus either.

As to why the MC has tr*sh Character isn't explained and as to why they make the MC repeat the same and expect the MC have emotions about the world citizens. Anyone who's died... more>> twice and repeated the same will have no value for the life.

The Novel plot becomes extremely predictable: MC kills Chaos race every repeat> Levels up the Chaos Skills> MC becomes untouchable by his employers> During the repeats the MC once again falls for Lanuvel> Once max level in Chaos Skills the MC escapes from the loop> Plots to completely eliminate the loop> resurrects the Demon king> Team up with DK temporarily> Attack the original Hero> Learn the truth of the some great reason for the loop and as to why DK was sealed> OH dies and gives a power up for MC> MC and DK have a show down of the cosmic level> MC wins with godly power remaining and proclaimed the new GOD.

I hope the author proves me wrong. <<less
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IDidNotFindAValidUsernameSorry rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c250
  1. I don't usually read novels because they either get boring or complicated or just s*upid at some point. But this one is just great and almost perfect.. No plot holes or some illogical development and always keeping you excited to read more the plot even if simple you can't predict what is going to happen next and the MC is not a wimp, simp, s*upid or hypocritical. Totally to my liking

    for those who think he's the worst student ever.... he's actually the best one and strongest even though he wasn't in fantasy for too long.. other students been there for hundreds of years and still didn't graduate

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Krow Nox
Krow Nox rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c20
Its a good parody on the Isekai genre borderline Satire.

It had a good start. I thought it was a generic time-travel revenge bullsh*t but it suprised me.

I could pass off the incomprehensible logic of the MC as a plot device for the jokes.

It was funny at first but the joke got old real FAST. Everything was just the same. MC gonna kill this, gonna kill that, BORING. And by chapter 17 or 18, I was just bored. I gave it another 2 chapters hoping it would step up but it... more>> just the same boring shit. By chapter 20, I could not force myself to continue reading. I got the joke, end of story.

Does it get better later on? I don't know and I could care less because the actual plot was not interesting in the first place.

There were some interesting things there such as 'Proffessor Morals'. His quotes were genuinely good. That was a unique thing. Haven't seen it anywhere else.

All in all, this was good novel but it should have only been like 15 chapters or less. It had nothing going for it once the joke got old. <<less
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Slicer9875 rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: v1c22
This is one of my favorite novels. First, I want to say that the translator is amazing, just reading through everything and it is perfectly smooth, very few errors if any. Personally, I find if the translation is sloppy I don't bother reading it. Anyway, that's enough about the translator (the focus of the review should be the novel), keep up the good work I really appreciate it.


I like the protagonist a lot because he seems incredibly down to earth mostly with a few screws loose. Just reading from his... more>> perspective makes this novel hilarious. If you love irony, sarcasm, and a jaded outlook I guarantee you will absolutely love this guy. At the beginning of the novel, my first impression was that he kind of deserved what happens. However at the latest chapter, 22, I 100% feel that by this point he is pretty much in the right and I am now giving a warning for spoilers.


The ones that forced him to repeat seems like total hypocrites to me as of this chapter. They seem perfectly fine with someone who literally changes his name for no reason, is very lecherous, and not ok with someone who focuses on results. More importantly, they barely even seem to mentor the hero if they do think think something is wrong with him. It seems to me that repeated this exercise wastes everybody's time (the hero's and staff's). This hero seems to think a lot about the overall state of affairs and what's going to happen after he's gone and to me that is passable. I would give the guy a B+.


The world isn't fully set up, but it does start to give hints that things aren't quite right. Considering the number of chapters is only 22, that is understandable and 2 places do get very solid descriptions. Characters do get a brief background, but I wish it was expanded on for the companions. <<less
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Nuage rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c68
Funny and witty, this cynical story is a must-read parody of the isekai genre, easily subverting your expectations, and fully coherent despite elements that would otherwise be called flaws. The pacing has been extremely fast and for a good reason; few characters matter, which fits the MC's personality, but those few are fleshed out reasonably if subtly.

edit: still awesome. This is a must read. The plot seems simple at first glance, but there is much foreshadowing at work here. We know where we are going, yet the author manages to... more>> surprise us with his delightfully egotistical MC. <<less
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Coin rated it
December 13, 2020
Status: c89
Spoiler Warning.

Like a parent finding their kid breaking screen time rules, I think I'd say I'm not mad, just disappointed. This was such a good satire/power fantasy novel. It felt like a JRPG take on the One-Punch Man Style of genre deconstruction. It didn't really matter that the protagonist was over-powered or that we couldn't relate to side characters because the point was to mock stories where a hero and his stereotypical comrades had to struggle to victory through the power of love and friendship.

As it turned out, his comrades... more>> in the first run annoyed him to no end, ruined his life, and dragged his progress through the mud. The people he was saving didn't really give a crap and blamed him for everything, and the Holy Sword was just a needlessly powerful toy meant to railroad the Hero into a particular fighting style.

Speaking of railroading, the grading system was hilarious. Because what it wanted was a starry-eyed idealist, not a leader who could stay objective and make sacrifices for the greater good, the MC got culled half a dozen times because of his character and reputation. It was great genre deconstruction of the useless JP-style friendship MC.

But now I don't know what it is. As of this chapter, the MC has completely devolved personality and morality-wise. Upon returning to Earth, I expected some kind of moral growth from him as he reunites with his family and finally has something to protect. But no, suddenly his goals are world domination?! He just decides to become the Demon King of Earth and start killing heroes, presumably setting ALL OF HUMANITY against him, including some elf that just showed up on Earth somehow. This is in complete contrast to his earlier desire to settle down, find a nice earthling girl, and protect his parents. Also he just goes around killing people cuz he feels like it. That complex sense of morality he once had that disdained other heroes for satisfying their own desires at the price of others' happiness is gone.

Or at least I think that's what happened. It's hard to tell what's going on through the cloud of horrible English that has suddenly settled over the series. As soon as they switched translators, the quality dropped like a rock. I don't know if the translator's just that bad or if the editor just doesn't give a sh*t anymore, but this is embarrassing. This novel had some of the best translated English I've seen on this site, and now it's just sub-standard.

I've read a few reviews that're from people ahead of me, and it seems that after destroying the Pacific and killing thousands, he leaves to another world again, so we're back at square one. The author lost their chance to ground their MC in reality so that now he can just go on another killing spree, f*ck a bunch more insanely beautiful women, and maybe, just maybe, find his personality again.

Other things that don't fit in my main rant about the protagonist:

1. I thought Miss Trainee Teacher would be more interesting but it feels like she's just a reskinned Lanuvel that the MC likes for some reason. Just a tsukkomi character.

2. The author isn't giving his mysteries enough time to develop. It feels like they held their worldbuilding back too long and more can't help themselves. The constant new info dumps out of seemingly nowhere are contrived and mess up the flow. Within maybe 15 chapters, we've found out who the teachers are, what the nature of the training ground is, what the deal is with Perona's suicide in round 6, that there are aliens, that the system is made by some transcendental being and that non-transcendental powers are removable, that there is something called the Royal Middle School and that students there dislike heroes from Fantasia, etc. Non of this is explained in a cohesive manner, and if it is, it doesn't survive translation.

3. I've seen a lot of positive reviews saying that the power fantasy doesn't read of sexist rage, but I kind of disagree. Just because the protagonist is a single-minded machine who would kill them if they got in his way doesn't mean the women constantly throwing themselves at him aren't really out of place. In fact, the protagonist does kind of objectify all the women he meets, either killing them for EXP or throwing them away after either using them or doing them. While he looks down on other heroes for wanting to possess women, it feels like he just thinks they're vulgar, not that the women don't deserve to have someone trying to own them. His own attitude towards women reads, not as possessive obsession, but the attitude of a highschooler playing f*ck, marry, kill. Which is basically what happens to every woman he meets.

4. Master Mollang doesn't have enough scenes.

To summarize, the MC, the only real character in this book has devolved to the point of becoming a generic wuxia murderer, which is bad for a character whose charisma and intensity of emotion once carried the series. The translation has plummeted, and the worldbuilding has become of a hodge-podge of unresolved mysteries and garbled nonsense. Dropped. <<less
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