Beauty and the Bodyguard


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When an S-class elite assassin-raised captain of a special ops suicide squad comes home from a high-stakes Africa mission, he finds himself offered something that could potentially set him up for life- a curious assignment that he could use to finally exit his days of war and slaughter.

Then placed into a high-school setting, Lin Yi is tasked by the chairman of a top-tier multi-billion company with bodyguard duty for non-other than his own daughter, a certain little Miss of said high-school.

His enemies, once ranging from drug lords, mafia bosses, political figures, and national leaders, are soon replaced with spoiled kids who happen to have rich papas and mamas, and Lin Yi finds his intense expertise and high-threat skillset misused, and very underwhelmed…

But he does get a harem cast as diverse as his old enemies, so Lin Yi decides that, for the sake of messing around with girls as an invincible entity in a down-leveled environment, leaving his bloody and death-filled war days behind is something he’d definitely want to strive for.

Associated Names
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School Beauty's Personal Bodyguard
Xiào Huā De Tiē Shēn Gāo Shǒu
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Getting_lazy rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c6400

First thing first this review is gonna be long, so be prepared. Now, I made an account just to give this novel a rating. So the problems with this novel are so numerous that I am amazed that the author was not able to find these out or maybe the author is just that lazy. Lets start.

I have read this novel upto 6400 chaps, so believe me when I say this that there is no end in sight for this novel. I mean even after 6500+ chaps we have not yet reached the main plot of the novel. Amazing right??? I don't have a problem with lengthy novels, actually I quite like them but they should be done skillfully. Reading this novel you can be sure that author is simply writing for the heck of it, not for story progression uh-huh. Like


The major plot of the story is that the family of Protag is actually a great family and is in fight with an organization. This organization is now also in mortal world and there is constant friction between Protag and This organization. Now after 6500 chaps we still don't know where the family of Protag or why are they even fighting. So it will be a loooooong looooong time before we can see any advance in that direction.


Then there is the whole issue with character of Protag. I mean he is introduced as killer "retired", but when someone tries to kill or r*pe the girls of this harem he cannot even kill them. Reason, well the Protag doesn't want to willy-nilly kill people. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? And its's not because these people have strong bodyguards or something, no, our hero is so noble that he will spare them. And here's the kicker


Protag says that if it is about the safety of someone close to him than he will easily kill the threat, but not once not twice but more or less HALF of the people he knows have been in the crossfire, but what does he do? NOTHING? Hell, even more people have tried to kill him but he let them live because they are "INSIGNIFICANT" in his own words. And the fun part is even though they are shown as tr*sh they actually become as strong as our Hero, even with all of his cheats and then they try to kill him. All of this could have been avoided if Protag would have killed them the first chance they tried to kill him, But it is a favorite device of our author to keep them alive so that they can remain a constant threat and nuisance to our Protag and repeatedly clash with him. After all who has time to invent new characters.


Then there is the thing about girls. I mean I can understand 5 girls in harem even 10 is barely tolerable, but no, author wants that every beautiful girl must fall in love with our Hero, and frankly speaking after a while their personalities tend to overlap together. But even this is not the main issue. I mean lets be honest, no. Of girls in a harem in a Chinese novel tends to be exaggerated, the main issue lies with their personalities.


Like, In later chapters, very very later, when our hero leaves the mortal realm, he meets new girls, On of the first girl he met is, lets say princess, now she is shown as a genius but she doesn't practice so she is very weak. But the real kicker is that even when she is nearly raped, is kidnapped and nearly killed she still doesn't practice. She is just their to show how awesome Protag is. Its nor like she can't practice. She has great background and is talented but even after all this she is shown as to lazy to practice. C'mon what sort of Bulls**t is this?


There are many many many more points to add but these should suffice to prove how truly WONDERFUL this novel is. And I know many people will think that if it was so bad why did I read till this point? Well the answer is that I was truly hoping for this novel to get better. Novel is not all bad. Some points are really good but they are so overshadowed by bad points that is becomes a chore to read it. All in all, if someone really wants to read it then wait for some time and see whether this novel will be finished in coming YEARS, only then you should touch it.

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MondoX rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c15
I will give it ten more chapters before deciding to drop this series. As some have mentioned before, the MC has spent most of the time whining, and has not done much other than that. The story starts off a little bit like _Zhan Long_, except that the main girl in this story is a total witch! At least in ZL, the female lead had a reason to dislike the MC at the beginning. However, this one is just a horrible human being and I do not have to read... more>> further to guess that she will be the MC's main girl, hopefully I am wrong. If the MC quits whining and the main female's friend replaces the main female, this story might have potential. <<less
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Potatos rated it
August 27, 2016
Status: --
I tried T-T, I tried another harem novel and was once again disgusted by the content... anyway, on to an actual review, this is typical xianxia (which I would normally give a 2 or 3) but the author just had to put it in a modern setting (more disgust), make the main female MC a one dimensional sl*t who hates the MC without a real reason and give us a whining bit*h for an MC...... please note that I normally don't swear, but this novel just brought out all the... more>> hidden hatred found in me...

To tell the truth, if I could, I would give this less than one star, because of all the cliches, two dimensional characters and the fact that even though the MC has a harem around him, he decides to keep them all as virgins (or so I read from the spoilers). What is he, a saint???

IMO, the author can put all his dreams about having a harem and being op in it and I wouldn't care, but at least give us a full chapter without the MC or main female lead whining. I swear, out of the 5000+ chapters out in the raws, whining would make up at least 2000 of them.

Also, how does he manage to get tricked so many times by sly old grandpa? Is he brain damaged? Retarded? An idiot? If you want the truth, sly old grandpa is my fav character so far.... despite barely being there

So my main issues with the novel
1: whining b*tches
2: one dimensional stick figure characters
3: harem with no s*x (wtf author?! When did you become japanese?)
4: Cliches (way too many; the be bullied -> get stronger-> beat up bulloes -> get bullied again thing is way too overused to even be enjoyable anymore, no matter how crappy the bullies are.
5: retarded as f*** mc

but praise be to the translator who managed to translate this crappy piece of sh*t so well. In fact, the tranlator is the only reason this even got a rating....

Whelp, that was my opinion of this novel typed out on my phone. You don't have to agree and I do hope I didn't offend anyone.
The novel just managed to be the target of my frustration because uni is starting in a few days.

That review was long so let's end it here.

Potato out. <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
April 23, 2016
Status: --
Note: This is a bias review anything I say that might hurt any real person is just a coincidence. This review is also posted in WEBNOVEL in case they delete it their I can always do a copy paste lol

As of Chapter 500+

One of my most hated novel, It is in my Top 10 Novel I should just forget and stop reading. Then again I hated this novel and I think everyone knows why but for the sake of reading I can still read this I think. My first impression... more>> about this novel is horrible, seriously what kind of an assassin that is so poor and idiotic. The MC is clearly a masochist as he love being insulted and downgraded by women as shown all over the story. Clearly their is a very lack of understanding when it comes to Romance. And this novel is OVERFLOWING with MISUNDERSTANDING scenes. Their is no HAREM so far but If their is then it is just to much B*llsh*tting at this point the last thing you want in this novel is a harem.

The Main Character is the biggest loser of all in this novel. He is being downgraded by every women he meet. He clearly has skills but the author make a story where just to show case the AMAZINGness of the MC which is very idiotic and bland. For example a case that was not solve for ages and MC just solve it easily. A problem that big CEO and blah blah can't solve was just solve by the MC so easily. It is so idiotic that main problems in the story are being solve EASILY by the MC. Take that part where the 2 b*tches was kidnapped, The father is self proclaimed powerful business man his right-hand man is a self proclaimed powerful at first the author SHOWS their attemp of saving the Kidnap b*tches and wasted many chapters of this and that by the end of the day MC save the 2 B*tches with 1 chapter alone in the most IDIOTIC way. This clearly shows that the author just want a MC save the day theme which is very very very BORING and IDIOTIC!

Now lets talk about the girls in the story, I wanna first mention the 2 B*tches whom was introduce early in the story. I seriously find them Horrible to the point that reading them is like chewing broken glasses. I seriously start to question the mentality how this kind of characters are being created. I seriously hated them and often skip the part where they appear since I often just read idiotic line of this and that. Yet despite not reading them you won't really miss anything. As for other girls they are very much one sided, They appear here and their without follow up especially that police women, she only appears if the author feels like activating the MC save the day option. The only decent girl so far was the MC POTENTIAL girlfriend although her only flaw was her paranoia but that was justified because of the experience her best-friend encounter. But the author seems love to troll to much and even this girl is just in the POTENTIAL girlfriend line and so far not the official partner of the MC in the story. So far I feel like author plan to make a BL story as almost every girl in the story dislike the MC. They might have a few crush on the MC but the HATE is overflowing to the girls. The author might wanted to have a Tsundare type of character but all I can say is sad*st women all around the MC.

As for the Villains of the story. They are a Masterpiece actually the author made the villain here so idiotic that I can only praise them this much. Imagine a villain that appear in the early 10's chapters now good news you can still see the same villain appearing around 500+ chapters later or more. Was he a big time boss enemy? No for crying out loud this villain is just a small time minor enemy yet keep appearing here and their doing idiotic stuff and being highlighted like it's the end of the world. On the other hand BIG TIME villains are being thrown behind the scene like some shadow or something. The most Idiotic part is this Villain are being defeated easy especially if author activate the MC save the day option. Imagine a nonsense chapter of enemy planning this planning that, force reading enemies POV doing this and that. Forcing you to read to much b*llsh*tting of enemy side. Then author activate the MC save the day option and booom all the nonsense defeated in the most idiotic way.

Why this novel is tr*sh summary? (it's a bias POV from me)

To much Dragging (even filler chapters paled compare to this novel)
No Important development all plot is going in circles in a never ending repetitive loop.
To much explaining this and that. A chapter can be sum up in 1 - 2 sentence.
Villains are very idiotic to the point that you even question your own definition of a villain characters.
MC save the day option (you can notice author are repeating this skill all over the story) If only he can save the story in an epic why but sadly the way he save the day is very idiotic most of the time.
The Female characters are tr*sh especially the 2 B*tches.

and so on... <<less
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Animesquad7 rated it
April 11, 2016
Status: c2455
One of the best action urban romance novel, read the raws up to 2000 chapters so far.
... more>>

I like how the MC is trying to be loyal to his girlfriend (though we dont know for how long lol), even though there are plenty other woman likes and tries to tempt him (albeit they are not aggressive in their approach). Also his harem members is diverse with unique and likeable personalities.
Another thing I like is that if you have read the authors other novel, they are actually quite similar in terms of how the story flows and character designs, and they have some connections with each other.

The story is not unique with twist and turns, but each chapter is entertaining because of how it’s laid out properly with a balanced formulaic design. The story is very lighthearted and relaxed, you can pick it up and down anytime.
The novel is also satisfying especially when the MC amazes everyone with his amazing skills in fighting, medicine, or wealth. Also even with his amazing sets of skills, he’s actually modest and prefers a low key life which is admirable.

Finally, unlike other novel with the same genre, the MC is not trying to build a thug life on the background which can get draggy and uninteresting, he’s dedicated in being a bodyguard and improving his cultivation to get stronger.

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Oukis Lips
Oukis Lips rated it
May 7, 2018
Status: --
The MC crosses the line between humility and self deprecation. The heroine (s) cross the line between annoyingly naive and b*tchy. And the plot development crosses the line between slow-paced and aimless.

All in all, the description's tone is very misleading. The MC isn't nearly as bad ass as described.

A pu*sy protagonist, a b*tchy heroine, and an aimless plot. The concept was good, but too bad it didn't pan out.
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jwang rated it
March 19, 2016
Status: --
This is a very rote Xianxia in modern era story. It is ridiculously long, yet the plot points still can be summarized as "as*hole A beats up as*hole MC, MC trains/gets powered up and returns and beats the piss out of everyone till the next expansion." Also, include every female as a potential harem member, and make sure they're as 2-dimensional as possible.
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HaxersDoom rated it
September 15, 2017
Status: c244
This would be good, if it wasn't for the MC's inferiority complex that makes no sense, he could be considered the most eligible bachelor, but he thinks hes not good enough for those rich young ladies from prosperous families, even though he earns hundreds of millions from his jobs, he doesn't know that, and sells straw sandals for almost nothing to earn a living, learns various expertise like godlike medicine skills, insane combat skills, with assassination skills and academics added on to that, but he feels inferior to the rich... more>> young ladies. There's humble, and then there is self debasing which is what he is. If you got into the start of this, I would rather recommend "High Comprehension Low Strength" very similar but the MC is not as much as a retard. and his humble manner is more reasonable. (too bad it has slow update speed)

Also I don't know why but the author made all the heroines into ungrateful b*tches, who always feel unsatisfied towards him for no reason, even when he helps them.

It started getting better after chapter 100-200 but it still has those occasional, f*ck this complete bullsh*t moments, where the author forces logic in a very crude way.


What annoys me right now is that a girl called sun jinyi that he originally meets when she wants to use him as a shield against a guy she knows, asks to hire him in the capacity of a grand thief, because of a rival company CEO having dirt on their company, he says he wants half the compensation that the CEO wants from her if he accepts the job, so he accepts it, turns out the CEO wanted her to be his lover, so MC gets to be her half lover, basically get to be called her lover with no lover benefits, he wants to turn it down then and do the job for free, since of course having someone call him her lover would cause problems for him at this point it time, what with Tang yin finally beginning to accept him and all, however she says he can't reject the reward, and he actually reluctantly agrees since it cant be helped because he said he would accept the reward before he knew what it was...................... WHAT THE HELL KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT? he can't reject the reward and do it for free now? hes now doing a job for a reward he would rather not have? this is the biggest reason why I hate reading this novel sometimes, why is the MC a complete pushover? hes made out to be a bad ass when he's actually a complete pushover!


To be honest I rather like the style of this novel, but the bad points are really horrible points that have you tearing your hair out in frustration. <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: --
Nothing ever happens: the novel. If you're into a MC that bumbles around and walks into women time and time and time again that illogically hates his guts but will probably eventually jump on his rod by the end of a few thousand chapters, then this is for you.

I've bumped this up a few stars for the sole merit that it can be somewhat enjoyable to binge, if you need a break from the usual.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
cyndor rated it
April 10, 2016
Status: --
I have to agree with jwang. I read ahead and couldn’t help but drop it because of this. The MC is also one of those guys who can’t say ‘No’ to a woman (or anyone who is his acquaintance) and ends up doing their bidding. The more I read on, the more the MC diverged from his child soldier persona to that of a butler/yes-man. All in all I found this novel to be increasingly making me want to bash my head into the wall, and I wasn’t even close... more>> to 1/10 through the novel. <<less
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raltzero rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: c2500
Though I forgot which chapter I was up to in MTL version of it, I can say that it's okay for a 'Modern Life Xuanhuan'.
... more>>

From what I can recall, I remember that the MC was a special forces guy during his childhood and is told to protect some girl as his last job from his grandfather or something. He cultivates something about Subduing Dragon Horses? I don't know, been a while. Anyway, he protects her through the rest of her HS years or whatever it was and becomes boyfriend and girlfriend with some girl besides the one he's protecting later on. Of course, the girl he's protecting also falls in love with him, as well as the protected girl's friend. He meets other girls, and all of them fall in love with his amazing qualities.
Then we find out that they're all related to some bullsh*t place connected to another world. All of the girls. All. Of. The. Girls. All of the girls seem to have this body that makes it ideal for them to open up a portal to another world and 1 male has to open the portal. An antagonist with the ideal male's physique appears but he's disabled by the MC who gets a better physique. He goes to the other world and the girls get transported to the other world as well, but they're separated.
Anyway, our MC goes onto an amazing journey in this new arc of the story to find the girls and eventually finds some of them and I'm not sure what happens to the others because I haven't read that far ahead. At this point, he's making good cash selling Pills if I recall correctly and helps a Bodyguard place. And that's all I read up to.
Yes, I skipped over a lot of details. Like the details or the antagonist male. Or even the girl that helps him get that special physique. :^)


Hope the Gravitytales translator of the novel sees this:

Please, try to keep the title translation as close as possible to the Chinese. Once you use something like 'Beauty and the Bodyguard', it changes from a translation to an "original story with the same contents of another novel". By omitting the true translation of '校花 (School Beauty, Campus Belle, etc) ', the title of the series gives off a different vibe.

If you've seen this, thank you in advance and wish you the best in translating.

P.S.: If you've gotten permission from Fishman the Second himself, there are no problems and you can ignore this review. <<less
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Reaper rated it
August 29, 2017
Status: c56
Somewhere around a 3.5.

The story's not particularly novel nor are its characters particularly original, but it's an interesting read. Up to chapter 56, it's been gangster smackdown after smackdown, but I believe with more chapters translated, the story might develop into something far more interesting. At least, that is my hope.
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DevilScarlet rated it
March 26, 2016
Status: --
I don't know if our friend jwang is right but as of ch8 this novel is slow but good. The setting is original and remind me a bit of zhan long, I hope the author will keep the MC like this : calm, smart.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Swifteh rated it
August 24, 2018
Status: c516
Its good if you like the "Harem, Modern day and cultivation" genres but the chapters are short and the translations are slow. With 7k chapters in raw unless you learn Chinese or are able to read the retarded translations from machine translations then its pretty much a waste of time cause you'll just end up dropping it.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
libon23 rated it
March 3, 2016
Status: --
i love the first chapter of this novel, I just hope that theres any comedy in it :P. It has a potential to be popular novel & its very refreshing.. I do recommend this to people who is tired of reading Xianxia/Wuxia novels out there and want something refreshing to read..
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mikanmikasa rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: v2c440
it's addicting. The story is funny and refreshing, sometimes you would like to laughing out loud like a crazy when you're reading :D :D :D
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rickvaasl rated it
November 2, 2017
Status: c190
First and foremost, I would like to say that, till this point (chapter 190), it's been an enjoyable read.

The novel has this MC that, not only is skillfull with all sorts of things, but doesn't get easily flustered. He act's calm, normaly don't blow things out of proportion and understand that, when dealing with civilians and NORMAL people (thugs included), he needs to hold back.

The female characters have their own personalitys till now and his (MC's) way of interacting with each one of them is different, wich is a... more>> good thing in a harem tagged novel.

Of course not everything is great. The main problem that I find, is the lack of proper development to the plot. It's just one little thing after the other and none of those have any impact to the whole plot.

For now, I would say you should check it out if the genre interest you, but beware that I'm only around 200 chapters in, so it's a bit early to have a more firm opinion.



Most of the MC's problems are old problems that didn't get properly solved and could've been solved without much difficulty and he would be done with it, but... He's too lackadaisical and things always comes to annoy him again after a bit, mostly people that he had conflict before.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
joshoea rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: --
The novel is alright, but the character is a pussy. He is supposed to have been a former assassin who shouldn't hesitate to kill. But he's a bit*h and won't kill any of his enemies. Even worse, the author thinks it is ok for his enemies to somehow gain strength in a day and not have to cultivate at all. Somehow, even the mc's first enemy Zhong Pinliang isn't dead yet and it's chapter 2800. Wow, I enjoyed the novel at first, but I totally lost interest of the MC... more>> not ever killing his enemies, and the author making it so that his enemies somehow regain power and become op through inheritance and no effort in cultivation at all. <<less
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Easily one of my favourite MCs ever, hes is manly without becoming edgy or cold, gentle yet not a wimp without a backbone. Knows when to stand up for himself. My only problem with this novel is that the main heroine falls for the MC a little too quickly, I mean if shes the main focus then it wouldve been better if she was the last one to realise her feelings after the the rest of the harem, then it would seem like a complete overarching romance.

Apart from that though... more>> you wont regret reading this novel, Im loving it so far <<less
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Alteration rated it
July 8, 2018
Status: c495
It was hard deciding on a two or three star for this novel.

It is an interesting novel but it has a few flaws, the MC is introduced as this bad-ass that is capable of everything, yet when it comes to women he is pathetic constantly letting them do whatever they want even when it negatively impacts him. It seems like it was made this way simply to promote a harem story when frankly most of the people he meets are either downright ignorant or unlikable.

Another issue tends to be dragging... more>> things on for too long, this can be arcs or just character elements. Such as one character constantly causing issues for the MC and another character, it has been about 100 chapters since the character starting showing up often and practically every chapter since has seemed like its just them causing problems. 100 chapters.

At this point I've had about enough of reading each release expected for some significant story development only for nothing to happen. So i'll be putting this into my "Hiatus" list for now, come back whenever I look through it to see if anything has actually happened and if not then I will drop this story. <<less
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