The Strong, The Few, True Cultivators on Campus


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In order to live he must get close to girls, what kind of rule is this? Tang Zheng possess the Nine Yang Saint Body, a rare body constitution that is hard to come across within a millennium, yet he must absorb pure Yin energy to stay alive. In order to live, he will fight! Absolute campus belles, goddess teachers, charming housewives, haughty lolis… all kinds of woman walk into his life causing him to be surrounded by beauties!

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Xiu Zhen Qiang Shao Zai Xiaoyuan
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Little Big House
Little Big House rated it
August 26, 2016
Status: c18
Is it luck or just fate ?
At first I didn't expect anything big from this novel. I just wanted to find something to pass time while I had some free time and nothing else to read. Until this day, I wanted to wait for more review which would either make me read this story or not.

But unexpectedly this novel has charmed me, at least as much as when I first read "I am Really a Superstar" or "Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel". Ohh boy how happy am I... more>> after discovering this novel. (What really made me read this is because it was translated by volaretranslation. Com which has translated a lot of enjoyable novels (such as My Wife is a Beautiful CEO). --

The story starts in a modern world where the MC is bullied by the class rep and the rest of the school (don't ask why). He's then sent to a haunted part of the school by his teacher (to clean that classroom). A lot happens in that classroom which leads him to live with the consciousness of an old cultivator (like a 1000+ years old). This cultivator reveals him why his consciousness was in that room and also that the MC has a super rare type of body (Nine Yang Saint Body). This body allows him to cultivate much faster and do some strange things which surprise the old cultivator. But unfortunately (or not) MC will die if he doesn’t absorb some Yin energy (only some girls have it). --

This is a modern Xianxia which has a MC that has unlimited potential. From the first chapters, the author describe well enough that the MC will have a lot of troublesome relationships with his surroundings. From the start, he isn’t a stranger to anyone, some criticize him, others ignore him and the rest just enjoy being with him. A bit like Zhang Ye from IRAS. Since this is a modern Xianxia, it is more about assimilating the sects with the criminal, political and economic sectors. We’ll see more manipulating than genocides. --

MC’s situation

The MC himself is OP with his body and the old cultivator’s consciousness, there’s actually no real cons to this type of body (beside finding girls with Yin energy). He does exact revenge but it’s only to get back to those that repeatedly came after him or touched his grandpa. His real goal is to cultivate to save his grandpa and not to die (because of the Nine Yang Saint Body). So he’s alike the MC from other Modern Xianxia, they’re all OP and just wish to be left in peace and if trifled with the retaliation will be great.

His personality isn’t really that great, I’d say that he’s pessimistic or maybe just realistic since he has lived a bittersweet life (orphan, poor, grandpa adopted him when he found him in a dumpster). He has always worked hard since he was a child to make his grandpa proud of him and surely repay his kindness through all this. So quite a sweet story about an MC that’s grateful towards his grandpa. The MC’s personality changes along the way as he becomes aware of the great power in his possession (chapter 18, so early in the story). His only safety belt is his grandpa. --

The side-characters are being introduced one at a time, but the author will surely write a part for each of them, describing with more than some superficial info. From the first chapters if we pay attention to the dialogue we understand that there’s some mystery around them. --


The story itself has a nice rhythm, no rush, a bit addictive. We discover the changes and influences that this new power does to the MC and his surroundings. What is really interesting about this story is how the author uses a “generic” base (bullied MC, gains power, gets revenge) and doesn’t only focus on the plot, but also on the depth of the characters, giving us a more realistic approach into this novel. The translation is well done; I don’t feel strange nor confused when reading. There may be some errors or misplaced typing but they’re rarely seen. --


Plot is good (even if generic bullied MC)
No over dramatic moments that causes genocides
Modern Xianxia
MC is OP (maybe too much)
MC is not superficial
Translation is great (IMO)
Nice, fluid and addictive novel

5 stars, Recommended

If you wish to read more novel of this type, I recommend: My Beautiful Wife is a CEO, I’m Really a Superstar (IRAS), Very Pure and Ambiguous: The Prequel, My Beautiful Teacher, Cultivation Chat Group, Awakening. <<less
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CultivationGod rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: c80
If you are someone who wants a logical MC, or even a reasonable one capable of normal, critical thought (like a human), then this novel is not for you. The more one reads, the more one becomes aware of it.

I'll use what I've learned thus far to illustrate my point. Spoilers ahead. You've been warned. Aside from this, if you don't mind the innate s*upidity and irrationality, then this novel is barely worth reading if you have nothing else to read. It's well translated, with few mistakes, so I'll give... more>> kudos to the translator for that. Just this point alone makes it worth reading and supporting, even if it isn't a good novel in my view. Just because it doesn't suit my taste doesn't mean you won't like it. The characters are shallow, being one dimensional and the story fabricates complexity while being simple.

In the beginning few chapters, we don't realize that our main character, named Tang Zheng, is an idiot, no matter how the author likes to compliment his memory and intelligence (or even increase it). This becomes very apparent when the Ye family becomes involved. Our MC loves his only relative, his adopted Grand Father, even willing to die to cure him. Keep this in mind. Now, his Grand Father has a heart problem, and the Ghost inside him (a Cultivation master from a sect), says he can use a pill furnace to create a pill that can give him Grand Father 10 more years of Life. Now, he could have asked the Ye family to search the mountain for the flower he needs to create the life prolonging pill, and since he saved the Ye family's daughter, they would have helped him search for it. That would have been more man-power, and would have increased the chance of success. Remember, he was willing to die to protect his Grand Father. This was the route that critical thought or even some simple, human-like reasoning would have led to. This didn't occur in the novel. He gets the flower regardless while almost losing his life, but critical thought is rationalizing the routes to the solution, which this story severely lacks.

This is just the beginning. There's assassinations, him needing money for his tuition and his Cultivation, etc. All of which could be solved by him not acting humble in a s*upid fashion. The plot advances because of his lack of critical thinking. He even almost becomes a cuckold at chapter 61 because he didn't ask the Ye family to solve some insignificant problems (I almost dropped the novel at this point). Just telling them about his problems is enough for them to go away, that's how powerful the Ye family is. He even helps Ye Tianlei open a Meridian that was damaged and helps him advance his Cultivation. His relationship with the family is good enough that he can become engaged with their daughter and become a son in law. Asking them to put some pressure on some insignificant families would have saved a lot of headache for the MC and saved us viewers from multiple, insignificant chapters that could be skipped at leisure.

His Grand Father is still in danger of losing his life due to his ever growing number of enemies but the MC doesn't ask the Ye family in moving him to a more secure place.

He even wants to sell pills and didn't choose the Ye family (which is probably worth hundreds of billions) to do so. It would help them, and in-turn, would he not only get money, but also get more Cultivation resources to make even more pills. A win-win-win situation. Does he do that? No. Most of the conversations in the novel are also one dimensional and could easily be skimmed over after reading the first few words of the conversation. It's actually becomes painful reading some of the conversations, especially with Wu Cuihong, a crazy teacher who shouldn't even have a role to play in the novel after the MC becomes a Cultivator but still does.

Even the ghost inside our MC, who is over a thousand years old, should have recognized that our MC should be using his connection with the family to upgrade his Pill creation skills and connections. He has thousands of years of experience and knowledge and should be able to advise our MC that noble households that have Cultivators also have wealth and connections that could be used for protection and Cultivation. Him hiding his intelligence and Cultivation is also used to fill up word count in various ways.

Conclusion? I've read up to chapter 80 and I've stopped reading this novel for now. In my view, it's a below average novel and not worth reading even though it's well translated. Thus, I've rated it 2 stars. For others however, it may be worth reading so give it a try and share your own review. <<less
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August 14, 2016
Status: c3
Here's my initial impression from reading 3 chapters of this series.

The story is about your usual poor young boy getting cheat cultivation technique, only the setting is in modern world. At chapter one and we're already presented with drama. If you liked this development, you'll read more chapter.

The character was stereotypical. Poor MC, kindhearted stunning beauty, bullies, and soul sealed in a can who is mc's mentor.

The translation needs proofread. It's bad, there are spellcheck errors, character's name turns from XX YYY to YYY XX, and some dialogue seems off,... more>> the kind of literally translated or machine translated off.

It's not great but I think it's still enjoyable. <<less
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Senior Brother
Senior Brother
August 18, 2016
Status: --
The summary and certain tag really enticing, but ah... The characters really swallow, not interesting, and somewhat cliche with bully and tr*sh MC that gain sudden cheat grandpa shit.

It's a novel for those with a thing for Cliche xianxia story. I dunno if many years ago, but now.... This kind of novel will never reach the Apex.
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rdawv rated it
September 7, 2016
Status: c306
As of Ch.30. (Please scroll to the end for update)

Quite enticing. If you're the sort who enjoyed Ancient Strengthening Technique's lewdness and The Inverted Dragon's Scale downtrodden MC, this can be another good title.

The writing is decent, the translation passable. Basically you get to read about a poor and tragic MC who had fallen on bad times. He comes across a mysterious mentor figure, introducing him into the world of cultivation and martial arts. The mentor wasted no time in informing the MC that the fastest way to progress... more>> was by way of sexual acts, and that it's all but necessary to prolong his life. That gives you the general idea of the story. As of Ch.30 there isn't anything explicit yet, the MC remains level-headed and rightfully reluctant, chastising the mentor for being a pervert. You can get a feel of the author's own wariness as well, for the author very quickly introduced clauses of "merely being in the girl's presence" and "holding her hands" being sufficient for the time being. Otherwise, the story would have gone full H too quickly.

The general plot is average: the kid is finally standing up for himself against generic bullies, schemers and overbearing figures who have little or no redeeming features whatsoever. They are written in a way to provoke instant disgust and anger on the part of the reader, we are constantly left wishing that the MC punish them in the most devastating way possible. For me, I did not expect too much but I will continue to read on, hoping that the MC layeth the smacketh down on the antagonists soon. It's like watching a wrestling feud, the heels intentionally incite anger from the audience. Whether this sort of baiting is appealing or not is up to you.


Update: This is one of those stories that can be understood using Google Translate, as the dialogue and actions are easily digested (at least, for me). I have read ahead to ch300 in the raws and my initial assessment about the story's perverse direction seems to be in error: the MC attracts the attention of other beautiful women but he remains loyal to his number 1 girl. There have been lapses but they are written "as unavoidable" and he keeps repeating to them "I have a girlfriend". The story seem to move along at a decent pace, a lot of foreshadowing about the mysterious martial/cultivation world as well as his forays into the criminal underworld. For those worried about a perverted MC, rest assured that he remains level headed as far as I have read.

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Abchew4 rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c97
When I first decided to read it, I was really bored. I thought it would be a harem with him conquering girls left and right. Instead, I read a novel about cultivation in modern society with a down to earth and relatable MC. It was a pleasant surprise and I would definitely recommend this novel to you.
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obsessed-reader rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c83
This is a story about a guy who needs yin to survive during his cultivation but he refuses to do the things necessary to get yin, barley moves in his cultivation, and is a straight up wuss. Great idea for a novel but poorly executed.

No way in hell this deserves a 5 stars so all the people rating it 5 are obviously boots or people payed to give those type of reviews
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EienMugetsuTensho rated it
July 19, 2017
Status: c720
The story starts out really good. Later on, it suffers from the same issues that plague other modern CN series, it gets very racist and ultra-nationalistic. I have not seen one foreign character that is not an enemy yet (that may change but the way it is going I doubt it). Before I would rate this as a 4.5 but due to the racism and ultra-nationalism, I have dropped it down to a 3.

There is a small group of foreigners that are not an enemy because the princess... more>> is a love interest but when they first met there was still a semi-racist and nationalistic comment made to himself. <<less
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Jaehaerys rated it
January 28, 2017
Status: c103
Like some other reviewers, I originally thought this was some xianxia harem B's, but I was pleasantly surprised when I gave the story a chance. If you have ever read cultivation chat, then you will definitely need to read this. The story talks about a modern youth starting on the path of cultivation. So please for all those who thought this is a harem be please don't, give the story a chance. So far the parts I've read the signs of harem show but he has always stayed faithful in... more>> front of all the beauties trying to steal him. From another reviewer who has read to the 300s, the MC is pretty consistent and faithful to one girl. <<less
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Ignus rated it
January 30, 2017
Status: c105
This is one of the few stories that I can't wait for the next translated chapter to release.

You have your typical Xiania's, then your SciFis, and this story, kind of a modern day mafia. Think of the Manhwa" Breakers / Breakers New Wave. A MC without any affiliation gets to learn superhuman Martial arts and has to navigate through the hidden underworld.

Some people may get turned off by the harem tag, but this isn't your s*upid Japanese Got to catch em all pokemon harem. The story is actually driven by... more>> the actions and personalities of the STRONG women around the MC. They are not all bumbling doe eyed women that smell great and can topple kingdoms with a smile.

So the elements that make this story:
Some good humor.
A few plot twists not expected to happen
Very good supporting personalities, Good Villains, Even allies have their own agendas.
Mysterious Origins/Cultivation that adds flavor to the story.
A MC that isn't an idiot, and shows growth. <<less
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ejemss rated it
October 31, 2016
Status: c55
I don't know if I should love this novel or hate this. There are some aspects in it which is really what I'm looking for in a novel. Example is the cheat ability he has. Not quite a cheat but something along the line. The thing that I hate is; he has the ability to get the top position in school ranking but he chose to be the last for the sake of being 'number 1' like his girlfriend. First from the top and first from the last or so... more>> he say. Isn't it too abnormal? Is it for the sake of his girlfriend or for the sake of making a reason to be bullied by the annoying side characters? It went to the point where he would be expelled because of his s*upid decision. No one in their right minds would choose to be bullied by others because of something s*upid. 3 stars for now, I'll rethink of the ratings later on as the novel translation is still in early phase. <<less
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Fathom rated it
October 18, 2016
Status: c48
Not quite what I expected. I was expecting the usual perverted cultivist MC going around making a harem and leveling up in OP ways. Instead, the MC is not the typical horndog even though he has a pure Yang body. It's interesting that up to ch 48, he really only likes one girl and he treats her respectively and remains a virgin so far even though he does need a girl's Yin spirit to cultivate. Instead he often tries to find other ways to cultivate and get the Yin aspect.

Thus... more>> far, the story is interesting and the MC level's up fast but at least doesn't jump extreme levels. It is similar to most xianxia novels as he's considered tr*sh that was once promising and is bullied left and right by the stereotypical bullies. I do like the fact that the MC remains a strong forthright character thus far and hasn't become extremely arrogant or tyrannical yet. Despite the spirit within him, he still remains honest and doesn't want to manipulate girls into sleeping with him for their Yin spirit.

Translations are great, and I eagerly wait for more chapters. <<less
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Dydreamr rated it
August 24, 2016
Status: c18
As other reviewers have said, if you are looking for a novel about cultivation on the level of ISSTH, this is not it. There are a lot of genre cliches, such as the poor, hard-working man at the bottom of his luck suddenly gaining a cheat-like ability overnight and a grandmaster teacher that only he knows about. On the other hand, dig a little deeper and you'll find a novel that is interesting, well-paced, and actually has decent characters and character development. In particular, unlike most other novels like this... more>> one, the women have their own minds, pursue their own motivations, and are actually interesting. The MC is also likeable and interesting, and so is the plot. So far, this is a novel with an ecchi and harem tag that women would actually be willing to read if the story appeals to them. Moreover, since other reviewers have called out the quality of translation, I'll say that I've read novels that were poorly translated in a way that made them difficult to read, and that is not the case here. <<less
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Chaos8547043755 rated it
February 24, 2018
Status: c174
I thought I can stand it but that Yu bit*h really gets on my nerves after 175 chapters. Like seriously grow a life. If I was the MC I would have gotten a restraining order against that inhuman human women or just straight up killed her off and just move cities if worst some to worst. Do girls act that annoying in real life? If they do, I pray for all the dudes in their lives. May their souls meet their end as soon as possible.

... more>>

As for the MC's grandfather: seriously if he is nearing his end of his lifespan, just let him die in peace. Here we got an MC doing all sort of crazy things just to get his grandfather who clearly lived a complete life, live for another 10 more years. If I was that old man in the MC's head I honestly would not have bothered with that idiot of an MC even if it cost me my life. Th old man was basically a ghost anyway. The MC would have died off in the forst 50 chapters and we would not have to put up this lame excuse of a story.

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dark soul
dark soul rated it
September 25, 2016
Status: c37
This is an awesome story which has a modern setting. MC is talented, female characters have different personalities so it is a bit refreshing. I won't say much but overall a good read
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Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast rated it
August 31, 2016
Status: c20
I am writing this review as of chapter 20.

So far the story sets a steady pace. Not to fast nor to slow. It's somewhat longer than average chapters really lets you sink your teeth into them yet still leaves you hanging on for the next one. If I had one complaint, it would be the time between releases.

The story is set in a more modern day setting. Cultivating is more of a thing of the past and more physical body arts are practice. The main character however becomes the one... more>> exception. It doesn't seem to imbalanced between which art is stronger. Seems more like each has a different level of access to certain things outside of each other.

Overall I highly recommend it and many others that Volaretranslations. Com has to offer. <<less
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adrea3311 rated it
August 25, 2016
Status: c16
I'm really enjoying this novel so far. It's not going to win any great awards for originality, but it's entertaining and fun to read. I like the MC so far and the women aren't getting on my nerves (yet??) like they often do in overtly ecchi or harem type novels. So far they all have different personalities. I also like that the setting is in the modern world this time. The translating is good (though the first chapters need some editing, it's not detrimental to the coherency or overall quality... more>> of the translation as a whole). Will definitely keep reading. Thanks to the translator (s) ! <<less
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White Dragon
White Dragon rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: c1020
Too much racism. This destroyed the whole story. Plus, he is staying on earth for too long due to deliberately mystified villians and history.

There are so many other worlds, but after more then half the chapters it still looks like it will take a long time to go to the closest world because he is entangled with the mess in his own country.

Moreover, after reading so many novels I have never seen such weak cultivators who train in soul but have no divine sense and can be beaten by bullsh*t... more>> technology which makes not much sense.

The fighting prowess of everyone is still too weak. And with less then half the chapters left, I think I won't be able to enjoy the big battles much.

After 1000 chapters I would rather read a battle between hero and crazy strong opponents with 1D iq rather then a strong cultivator fighting against schemes of ordinary humans from the government. <<less
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Andeetected rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: --
Another one of those idiotic MC that is so good at being a white knight and yet becomes so s*upid when it comes to explaining things properly.

This is a very common thing for Chinese webnovels. Making the MC act like a 6 year old all of a sudden. For some unknown reason, these authors seem to think it's funny. It's not.

Everything in this novel so far screams amateur hour. From plots, to dialogue, to forced cheesy moments up to cliche modern young master villains.

Read only when bored.
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Fatbirb rated it
October 17, 2020
Status: c25

Hahaha what a dumpster fire of a novel, I usually try to read at least 200 chapters before making a decision but holy f*ck this spineless MC just makes you seethe! I see what the author wanted to do with the sick geezer but it just doesn't work, instead of pitying him you hate his guts and want him to die asap because on top of being a burden he holds the MC back

Also what's up with the worldbuilding? We were told in the second chapter that cultivation was a "legendary" thing, but a couple chapters later everyone and their mother are cultivators! What am I even reading?!

also why did the author dare to use the framing plot twice in the first 25 chapters? Yeah you want to make the MC understand that he has to be careful and not naive, but this is absolutely shameless.

By the way, that part when the MC kneels down, crying like a b*tch because he got scolded made me cough some blood!

The description of the novel feels like a huge bait, promising one thing then slapping your face! What a waste of time!

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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