My Beautiful Teacher


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My Beautiful Teacher tells the story of a university graduate Qin Chao who can’t seem to find a job and is in a downward spiral in his life. Then one night as he walks home from another failed job interview, a vase hits his head, making him get possessed by an old and powerful evil spirit sealed in that vase and following another incident, inadvertently saved a mysterious university teacher Su Ji, thereby opening his path to cultivation, he also manages to get a job as a security guard at Guangyuan School. A series of adventures then took place as he deals with all kinds of supernatural beings.

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Wode Meinu Laoshi
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SimonsaysLOL rated it
February 13, 2016
Status: --
Started out pretty good, begins to drop off around 200+ chapters
... more>>

He's put on loan to work as a guard to protect an Ojou-sama, who of course falls in love with him from the feelings of safety he invokes, along with the maid and a kyonyuu student.

At some point Qin Choa meets Su Jis father, who being the father in law will just absolutely not allow this relationship between his beloved daughter and a no name security guard who relies so much on brute force (makes sense to keep your daughter from getting in a relationship with someone who clearly invites mortal danger on a daily basis) to happen. Following the meeting a deal is made between the father and Qin, he has to make a small fortune without relying on force by a year time (which technically he fails since he got most of the money from what are basically assassinations. During this time Qin is forbidden to have contact with Su Ji, the latter goes studying aboard for the duration.
Qin goes around, and basically picks up girls one after another (harem tag - makes sense right?).

He joins a company and makes the coodere boss fall for him, followed by some girls who just fall after fighting him or seeing him fight. All the while he's telling himself he gots to do right by Su Ji, he's just putting the moves on any hot piece that needs some saving. Later his constant reminding himself becomes meaningless as the harem all meet and w/e starts to actively pursue others.
This all makes sense, its a harem. The problem I'm having is the way so many girls just drop on his lap, its gotten a bit out of hand. With all these new additions, they become bland and empty characters that the author just shoves into the harem. For all the proclamations of love towards Su Ji he spends more time chasing girls than the girl he supposedly pined for in a year of separation (in this case, distance did not make the heart grow fonder, just wander). The harem becomes so bland that I end up skipping entire portions that are dedicated to these new members and its alot.
And I get arrogance is a unchangeable aspect for these xianxia, but pretty much every time a harem member gets hurt its cause Qin is wasting time posturing, taunting, etc. Then the bad guy pulls a gun or magic and shoots the girl and he flips out like it was inconceivable. Proceeds to selfishly bring them back to life, which goes into Qin commonly beating on people just doing their job to get where he wants to go.
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fact12345 rated it
May 30, 2016
Status: c103
This novel is overrated, this novel tell story about a young man ("otaku" well from that perspective you could say what kind of personalities that this main character will show)

From what I see the story and personalities kinda weird because its lacking "REAL PERSONALITIES AND EMOTION" I understand since there are a logic says "main character will never die since he will have so many luck and etc... just because the author make it so" but really the personalities feel really forced. Its like read "an anime manga" where... more>> the author cannot make a character personalities that can matched dangerous situation or relaxed situation.

Just like some people say, the author make the main character personalities very weird. how to say it? mmm I will just tell... "ITS CHILDISH"

Did u guys read novel "my wife is a beautiful ceo"? That novel main character personalities more developed. Its not childish and more mature.

Meanwhile this novel "my beautiful teacher" have many bad things like:

1. The harem. Its like "ANIME MANGA" No personalities. Its like pooping out of nowhere.
2. The main character personalities and luck. Seriously from starts the main character personalities not really bad but its getting more worse. Its really childish.
3. Other character personalities. Its childish too. "rosy" from the novel character... its really fell like an anime character, really I cannot take this novel seriously anymore.
4. The bad fighting. Its more like bullied the weak with overpowered strength (I understand the author want make the main character to be more OP but really it feels really weird on opponent. It seems the opponent have no weight)
5. Bad cultivation
6. Many character have weird personalities

For example :

-The main character personalities. its MORE WEIRD. Its really childish, especially on "chapter 102". Did u guys found the dialog between rossy and main character funny? HELL NO... its not funny at all. "at chapter 102 the main character should be more serious because the opponent strength will be more powerful than him but why it feels like no pressure at all???"

... it seems the author cannot make a serious conversation and serious situation at all. It seems like no weight on the main character life. Its really strange.

I have big suggestion on the author. DON'T FORCED MAKE A FUNNY DIALOG, IF ITS NOT FUNNY AT ALL.

Conclusion: the author too much focused on harem and funny dialog but this just backfired. The novel become more characterless "no emotion" and childish and not only that because the comedy dialog become not funny at all.

If u guys see "brelamp" review on this novel, his review is correct its really on the spot. He make a good explain why this novel become worse. <<less
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Deep rated it
February 10, 2016
Status: --
well to say its a gr8 modern xianxia novel

the story great and different the characters are detailed in every aspect also their is comedy its very relaxing to read

the story goes in a good phase not too fast nor too slow and development of each character is going on

... more>> MC is not some noob guy he knows how to deal with everyone especially girls he is also a medium op when compared to other characters in novel (will be strong in future)

the romance is great and makes your heart fell in ease as its in normal world unlike other xianxia

I would rate 5/5 for it now

I the translation speed is good 1 chap per day from mon-fri

the only problem is no one is noticing it. Its diamond in rough so everyone should definitely try to read it its worth ur time! <<less
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Bigbrohasdrugs rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: Completed

This is a nice novel for a change! The harem is satisfying, the character traits are different for all women in his harem, the plot development is not too fast not too slow, The comedic moments are hilarious and are bound to give you a laugh!

The only downside is the cliche plot of damsel in distress is often used, but its done in a decent way not too s*upid like some other novels!

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Leon07 rated it
February 15, 2017
Status: c255
Review after chapter 255. Contains minor spoiler (which I got from reading spoilers from those who completed this), but reading them won't affect you much (will only get you interested to read this more)

Modern Xianxia with good and enjoyable storyline, good comedy and lots of flirting, that's the best way to describe this novel. The storyline is different from your typical xianxia and can get the readers hooked up. The comedy, romance, action and all have been mixed up well to keep readers interested. There is no... more>> long periods of cultivation, battle, etc. The author always mixes in some comedy and flirting in between to make it a lot more pleasant to read.

The cultivation is decent, and just like your usual xianxia novels, the MC has much better conditions than others, having a body which is greatly suitable for cultivation, getting some of the top cultivation techniques, defeating those stronger than him, and just like usual, there is no shortage of arrogant, greedy and jealous men who use their backgrounds and money to kill the MC, but end up failing anyways. But they don't end up annoying you to hell and make you want to drop this. The story moves at a good pace as well.

The harem is quite big, one of the biggest I've encountered yet. He flirts with a lot of girls and the girls fall in love with him rather easily. Don't really know if it's because of his buddhist devil cultivation that they fall so easily, but even the women who don't like him fall in love with him anyways. But that does not damage this novel at all. Sure the MC, for a long time feels guilty for cheating his girlfriend and 'tries' his best to not increase more romantic trouble with other women, but lets just say that he only tries, whether or not he succeeds in controlling himself you can guess (well, I most probably would have dropped this otherwise (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). But soon he accepts that he cannot just leave them behind (well that's a long way to go).

Well, when I checked some spoilers, his harem seems to have over 40 girls. Well that should get the readers pumped up to read this novel. And he does have s*x with a bunch of them (the s*x scenes don't have much description though)


The current translation, although not that great, but there's nothing wrong with it. Just some minor mistakes that can be ignored.

All in all, a good novel to read. It's different from the typical xianxia's and can keep readers interested. So I give it a 5/5 and would definitely recommend to read this. My Beautiful Teacher has confirmed it's spot in my list of favorite novels. <<less
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obsessed-reader rated it
September 19, 2017
Status: c266
Do you like indecisive main character?

Do you like inconsistent plot/story elements?

Do you love a non harem harem? ... more>>

My dude has a gf but he still mol*sts other girls but only mol*sts them, doesn't give them what they want and straight up uses them


Do you love a character that cheats on his gf knowingly but decides its wrong if he cheats on other girls only to r*pe another?

Do you love having blue balls? Cause this story will tease you a lot but never deliver

Do you love having characters written off all the time?

Well I found the novel for you. This novel starts off good with a nice romance where the characters actually have chemistry only for the author to create a harem that leads to no where except giving you blue balls. The character is cultivating a devil type of cultivation but decides not to fully cultivate it. He actually barley cultivates this entire novel. If you want to read a story about a "cultivator" killing mortals pretending that he is all that taking three chapters of the same exact dialogue every time before he fights a mortal, which is every ten chapters.

Here is some spoilers that contain some of my complaints. TBH I forgot a lot of the issues I had cause I didn't write them down as I read.


My dude dates a girl, doesn't even kiss her but he mol*sts every attractive girl he sees, somehow making them all fall in love with him only to say I can't because of my girlfriend. Than later proceeds to cheat without a guilty conscious only to reject every other girls advances that he was sexually assaulting than continue to cheat with that girl he originally cheated with with a clear mind. Than once again ignores the other girls he is mol*sting only to r*pe a 16 year old girl... author, this here alone makes me beg you to stop writing. you can't write a romance harem like this. its not satisfying at all and leaves me feeling sick to my stomach.

Also my dude is a cultivator but decides to blatantly murder tens of mortal people and cripple hundreds more and feels accomplished... WHAT?!?!?!?!?! are you f*cking serious rn?

Back to the girl issues. My dude never kissed his gf but r*pes and cheats and mol*sts other girls and the author decides to write the gf out for 50 chapters only to bring her back than have her dad say no contact for a year and you better have a mortal job and earns tons of money.... once again he writes off the gf but decides to have the main character mol*st high school girls, college girls and even his bosses and police officers... Also the author writes off a ton of girls that he sexually assaults.

THE PLOT HOLES ARE REAL. My dude is the chairmen of the most power company, leader of the mafia in a town and a cultivator but you know, he goes around telling everyone he is a regular security guard and all the sh*t he accomplished never existed except for the fact that he kills a lot of mortals.

DONT READ THIS. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I DID. THIS NOVEL IS HONESTLY tr*sh AND THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS AND THE PEOPLE WHO LIKE THIS ARE SOMEWHAT f*ckED IN THE HEAD. When I see five stars and positive reviews I'm like, did you actually read this or is their something f*cked in your head?


Wanted to rate this.5 stars but I accidentally clicked 2. Honestly read my spoiler cause I don't want you to waste your time like I did. this novel is honestly just... no. just no. <<less
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brelamp rated it
May 17, 2016
Status: c140
Started good, author ruined it by making the MC act s*upid in crucial times. Prolonging confrontations that ends up getting the people his supposed to protect injured. Forced jokes even at life and death situations just made the scenes irritating instead. Too much talking even when his enemies are so weak, having the MC toying around with his enemies acting like an idiot. Worse part he started off as badass then he grows soft and lets off people that are going after him and trying their best to kill him,... more>> the character progression is way too random. <<less
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MysticJazzEnforcer rated it
March 24, 2016
Status: --
This series is very good so far. It starts out with the MC being a little weak, but he progresses in cultivation at a decent speed, and becomes op due to his inherent devil body. The character interactions are pretty good as well, and the plot is coming along nicely. Overall it’s different from the run of the mill xianxia or wuxia, and I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking to find something new to read!
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Cupcake Ninja
Cupcake Ninja rated it
November 23, 2015
Status: --
i think this has potential. it is different from other novels with the xianxia or wuxia genre since it takes place in the modern world. it is like Wicked Soldier King but with a more supernatural or fantasy element to it. now, this is not as good as WSK but I think it is a great novel nonetheless and anyone would enjoy reading it.

the translation is... well, it is fairly good, understandable. I think this is something that needs some editing, thats all.

the MC is a bit pitiable at... more>> the start, and it is shown that he cannot really stop himself from openly staring at a beautiful woman, but rather than seeming overly lecherous like those shitty side characters in xianxia where they want to immediately force themselves on the woman, I think it is more of a harmless bit of perversion on his part. personality wise, that is the only problem I kinda have with him and even that is still okay in my book.

i truly think this novel is worth a read. I would rate it at 5/5 stars for now. Might change later <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Axemption rated it
October 6, 2017
Status: --
I seriously don't get why its ratings are above 4. Every enemy is so damn arrogant and just so damn annoying. I basically forced myself to read and waiting till the part where the novel got its high rating but nah, what I got was just disappointment. Full of plot holes, s*upid MC, arrogant enemies, every girl the MC meets falls in love with him, in the end; overrated novel.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MondoX rated it
April 20, 2016
Status: c142
The cover and title of this series would put me off from reading it. While waiting for updates of novels that I enjoyed reading, I give this series a try. Now, I am glad I began reading this series. The story does not have much to do with a beautiful teacher, but more like beautiful women with different positions. It is a modern day with sects and some supernatural beings, but most of the population is not aware of this. Even though the MC is supposed to be practicing dark... more>> arts, he is still soft towards his enemies. I think every female introduced is above a B-cup. The story may not be for everyone, but it should be given a chance.

Update: It starts to drop off around chapter 120ish. The MC runs his mouth of more than he acts, and because he wastes time talking, danger befalls the one he is supposed to protect. <<less
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TheLongOne rated it
April 21, 2016
Status: --
Funny, good and fresh story related to real life western myths but just one problem lead actress is annoying (all others are good) and MC just have too much self-restraint despite being a perv which just bothers me as a fellow perv.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rdawv rated it
March 18, 2016
Status: --
Initial impressions as of Ch.60.

A Chinese urban fantasy fantasy novel that brings memories of the tacky 1980s Hong Kong supernatural action comedy movies. We have a mixture of cultivation, action, demons and ghosts set in modern day China.

The title is a misnomer, a passing browser might think that the title focuses on a female protagonist. But no, it tells the story of Qin Chao, a down-on-his-luck and unemployed loser who managed to get possessed by an evil spirit. Many twists and turns later, Qin Chao founds himself employed as a... more>> security guard of a school. Inevitably, he gets entangled with beautiful women, little Napoleons and their cronies; all the while being pestered by supernatural forces that either want his newfound power or to push him down a path for their own objectives.

Readers expecting more emphasis on the paranormal might be disappointed. Although there was an arc about ghostly possession, the novel is more about the mundane. Everyday confrontations with the landlady, boisterous neighbors, messed up colleagues and flirty students in the school, encountering corruption and nepotism from people who want the beautiful girls around him. The first 50 chapters are like a rolling wave, each event coming at the MC one after the other with barely a rest. Within the novel barely a month had passed; that tells you just how hectic and busy the MC was during those 50 chapters.

It’s like the author couldn’t decide on the direction of the novel early on: at one point we are led to believe that the evil spirit was bidding its time to take over the body, then later on we’re told that the personality of the evil spirit had actually been dispelled and all that remains was the evil spirit’s great strength, waiting to be tapped by the MC; only to be brought back later. Then the MC is told of the various cultivator sects, making the setting of the novel even murkier in addition to the eastern and western demons and ghosts that were hinted about. Then we get to read about professional assassins with strange abilities... As I read on I get the feeling that the story has shifted its focus from the supernatural, instead using it as a vehicle/plot device for the MC to act in a superhuman way.

In the meantime, we get to know a bevy of women with various descriptions of their womanly attributes. A harem for sure, as the MC is quite frank and yet not really doing anything. The characters are well defined, though the story is still meandering through it’s paces. Of note is the dialogue: the characters can be quite vulgar, crass and crude in everyday speech. The story can take weird detours here and then, which is expected from a 2000-chapter novel. But it has drama, action, some comedy, multiple love interests and overbearing antagonists that will eventually be taken down a peg or two... all ingredients that earned this novel a live action TV drama series in China.


There is a brief international student exchange event and let’s just say the author pandered to the Chinese readers by demeaning the South Koreans and Japanese characters with stereotypes. Pretty minor, but it's there.

All in all, it’s a decently written fantasy novel, translated well without any glaring mistakes and updated regularly. Deserves more views and support for the translator. <<less
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Nordic rated it
February 9, 2016
Status: --
A modern age xian xia done well the characters have personality but the opponents are a bit lacking for the most part but a good view into chinese culture with a xianxia story.
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makenai89 rated it
December 8, 2015
Status: --
An interesting piece, blending in several themes in an unusual way. It’s a xianxia, but very unlike the usual brand of xianxia. The not-so-young MC goes around making contract with the devil, exorcising vengeful ghost, and charming young girls while being a bit of a brick. A perfect choice for anyone who seek novel that’s off the beaten road.

Although, the title seems like it doesn’t match with the story (up to 29 chapters)
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Iamtheend rated it
July 10, 2020
Status: Completed
This is one of the most irritating novel, I have ever read. What the hell is going on with this novel. I mean, where is the plot and why is the MC so s*upid?

From the first chapter itself, the author established the MC as s*upid and is stubborn enough to not give any character development, so far.

... more>>

Let's say, a woman ran up to you and calls you husband and you get to find that women is actually being chased by some hoodlums and you don't know sh*t about fighting, so what would you do. Would you fight them head on? You might even die or get some serious disability for your entire life, no but you want play a hero for a woman, who has dragged you into this mess in the first place. Also not only could you die, even the woman might be implicated, no but you want to play the hero, don't you!!! This is our MC in the first chapter.


Also you know what, she is a f*cking cultivator and could have easily solved the problems by herself. But no she wanted to drag a civilian to save herself and avoid using any of her own abilities, so that she could see him bloody.


Also he does ends up in the hospital and is not even angry at the woman. Sure, you want to play hero, but why the hell, are you not questioning her, about her wrongdoing!! He actually feels embarrassed, as the woman pays his hospital bills and helps him find a job. He also feels credited and wants to repay her because he is an honourable man, who doesn't want anyone to pay his bills and find him a job and did not play a hero for any type of gains. Man, you just saved her life, this is the least, she should do for you. She is rich, she could have easily given you a million dollars for saving her.



Let me tell you, this woman is a pain in the ass. She acts all haughty in front of MC, however, when it comes to some real action, she gets her ass saved by the MC all the time. She acts as if MC is the one who owes her and the f*cking MC acts the same. I know man, she is beautiful, but you need to reject her unreasonable demands. You know what, who cares, she is beautiful, so I will do anything for her. If there is even a slightest kindness shown to him by anyone, he would take it his heart, which is admirable, however when he does the same to them, it becomes meaningless. They remind him of they did for him but this guy becomes a complete idiot and just won't revolt against their claims. This guy saves most of their asses, however what he gets is nothing and gets dragged into an even bigger mess.


After this MC just becomes way too lucky. His luck explodes, wherever he goes, he finds women and r*pes some of them. He doesn't want to, but the women's seduction powers are so strong, that his inner beast takes control of him and makes him r*pe the women. He wants to be faithful, but there is sh*t inside his brain, which doesn't allows him to do so. I do get that, author wants a harem, but atleast don't make it such a cliche for every other girl I.e damsel in distress and r*pe, these are the only two plots, that author could come up with to make the women fall for the MC.

This novel has fifty plus harem members, as far as I have read in the wiki. So it's confirm that some of the harem members would be forgotten by the end or the author just wouldn't put the hard work to mention them.

Author tries to develop MC's personality, as the story progresses but doesn't know, how to do it and he does remains s*upid, atleast till now. I don't think this would change either.

The translation is also just complete c**p. MTL does better than this. I do get that, translator took the effort to translate the novel, but why bother, if you can't even do atleast a decent job at it. A lot of people have rated the novel 4 or 5 stars. Maybe, it would get interesting afterwards, so I would continue to read it and finish it and edit my review, if I feel it deserves more.

Edit: I have completed the novel. I gave it two stars initially and now my mind has been completely blown. Now I know and confident that this novel does not deserve more than two stars. It annoyed me till the end. <<less
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FreePotato rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: --

Ok so there is something that I find quite annoying.

At chapter 200 and something the mc's father-in-law tells him to get 5 mil in one year if he wants to date his daughter, but he holds like 45% shares in some really big company that's about as big if not bigger than the father-in-laws company, but the author seems to forget that he is filthy rich, all he needs to do is ask for some money from the CEO that he himself appointed there. After all that money is legally his... beside 5 mil would be like pocket change to them anyway...


Even though I don't quite like a lot of mc's choices I still enjoy reading this story.

Although I find some problems that the MC has are just easy to solve... JUST GET A F***ING FLESHLIGHT FFS!!!! Like really MC seems to think with his d*ck most of the time after chap 100, I mean really just bad...


So he r*pes a girl once when she was bringing him coffee in the middle of the night. I'm like OK That was cuz of cultivation or something and he mistook her for someone else so I forgave that.

But later that arc he r*pes some ninja girl just cuz why not. He wasn't gonna explode if he didn't f*** her like last time, this was just pure unfiltered lust, he has a girlfriend that he loves but still he gets hard every time there is a good looking woman in a 100 meter radius.


Although this novel isn't perfect I somehow still enjoyed the good humor here and there, and there were some really sweet scenes, there were a lot of great interactions between MC and his love interests. So just give it a try, you might just enjoy it more than I did.

Well thats about it I give this a 4/5 cuz the entertainment value is quite high.
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kskx4 rated it
December 15, 2015
Status: --
This story has good plot and its a bit different from your general xianxia and I totally wanna read it but the thing is I can't understand the translations properly. This series needs an editor except that its quite good.
I rate this 4/5 because I have trouble understanding what is being said and if not it would have been 5/5
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March 27, 2018
Status: c277
It's not great. It's not bad. Translation quality is bad, though that is the translator's fault.

The basic premise is a lot like other wuxia: MC gets lucky and finds a way to begin cultivating in the modern world. The MC is neither a saint, as evidenced by some of his actions in later chapters ... more>>

Forces sexual relations on a japanese girl, though I believe then he was under the influence of his evil side.


Like with most chinese authors, there's some obvious racism in parts.

And naturally the Chinese MC must plant superior chinese seeds in fertile foreign lands.


Normally I would rate this novel lower, however the comedy for some reason tickles my fancy. And I prefer novels with a shameless MC and some fairly decent comedy.

I almost didn't read this because of a few reviews, however like with most novels... Don't always judge something based on a few bad reviews. Often times you may be surprised and turn out liking something. So it is worth a read in my opinion. <<less
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vjnbkmlf rated it
September 24, 2016
Status: c165
Welp, at first this thing was pretty good, but then MC could as well change his name to Hayato. After reading some spoilers I got a feeling that it is fanfic for Golden Boy. You know: bicycle, omnipotence, beauty at each corner, etc. Still it is quite enjoyable read, if you like harem genre ofc.
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