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Taking up his father’s title, protecting Goddesses, an unusual path of cultivation.

Xiao Family’s dandy Young Master Xiao Chen, degraded to tr*sh of the clan, with his father missing and thrown out of the family.

His fiancée became his mistress, and Xiao Chen has became his fiancée personal servant, what was most pitiful was that there weren’t any wages and he still had to pay rent!

However…it doesn’t matter, there is spring for unlucky teenagers…

For whom did he become an amazing cultivator for?

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acoleman2 rated it
April 3, 2017
Status: c40
There are a number of reasons I don't like this novel. The main ones are:

1. Even though there is no reincarnation, there is a huge gap from how the MC is supposed to have behaved before getting disowned by his family and after. Merely getting disowned wouldn't cause such a fundamental change in the MC's personality. They're like two different people. Even if his behavior changed his inner thoughts shouldn't have. Before he was chasing after a woman constantly to the point the author described it as stalking, then afterwards... more>> he suddenly stops because he lost his status. Even his inner dialogue is reflecting that he's calm and no longer smitten with her. It's completely irreconcilable. If the author wanted to do that then either make it a reincarnation story or make the MC not be like that in the first place. S*upid. 2. The author, based on this novel and other novels, has a fetish for women who treat him and other people like crap. I mean really, the love interest will do something despicable, rude, annoying, and/or arrogant and the author will consistently follow up with a phrase along the lines of "she was very loveable when she did this". Someone who acts like that is NOT loveable. The guys who act that way are the villains in the novel, but somehow the girl acts that way and the author thinks its loveable.

3. The writing (or maybe the translating) is not very good. The cultivation system isn't logical, the difference between the MC's cultivation and others isn't very well explained, the fight scenes are essentially "He let loose a punch, a punch with all his strength, a last ditched effort" and the other guy "I never expected he would fight so hard when I tried to kill him, who could have guessed it?" and that somehow explains someone at a lower level beating someone at a higher level. There are all sorts of lazy writing tropes, like bs fight scenes or writing yourself into a corner and introducing a random bs skill to get out of it.

4. The translation speed is very slow.

Thus, this is a terrible novel in my opinion. I do NOT recommend it. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 22, 2016
Status: --
Only 8 chapters so far, but the story is intriguing. There are a few mysterious from the start, and the MC is starting to cultivate. Even the MC's fiancee is not bad, she seems to have a heart and there are reasons why the marriage did not go through. Hopefully, the series is not drop and it becomes more popular in order to have more chapters translated.
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S. Capo
S. Capo rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c476
Novel's premise is good. Same old MC being disowned and cancelled engagements etc. Now this became a common introduction for xianxia novels put there cause it works, main reason is that we can see the MC starting from scratch then get some lucky powerups out of nowhere then starts kicking as*es. I was hoping I can see it here with this novel but nope which made it boring.

... more>>

Now the MC was assasinated, fell of a cliff and was saved by an old spirit, then the spirit told him that he can cultivate, funny thing is he misread the mnmonics and read it backwards but it still worked, the spirit also told him that it might be the secret to immortality, anyways he got strong. As in really strong in a sense that he can beat the crap out of higher level foes, but then he chose to bid his time and just keep everything a secret. Well it has a reasonable explanation so it is ok. It just became tiring. A lot of tragedies which can be solved a lot easier got complicated because of his concealing, plus the servant moments with his fiancee. The romance is also bland, he had s*x with a girl, not a bad girl, a beauty, the beauty doesn't mind becoming his number 3 (he already has 2 gf which is damn so boring) but he does not want to be responsible (so much for a harem novel). I decided to stop the moment his first gf is going to a sect to cultivate cause it will affet her life. I figured what would happen there. Gf became famous at school, a rich kid tries his way to mol*st the gf, the MC learned about it, MC tr*shtalks the rich kid then let him off, then rich kid tries to kill him over and over until someone kills the rich kid. (All conflicts in this novel so far is like that, someone tries to get the girl MC tries to rescue by tr*shtalk but he wont be the one to kill) only people MC killed are side characters and not the source, it gets irritating.


I know the author tries a new approach but for 500 chapters of crap like that. It got irritating. <<less
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rdawv rated it
June 30, 2016
Status: c20
Average start with the usual aspects: tr*shy MC, broken engagement, fortuitous encounter, begins to power up. However, it has a modern world school setting.

The machine translations might be difficult for some readers, some colloquialisms are left in and they sound awkward in English. The quality is spotty at best, but still readable.
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Ignus rated it
February 5, 2017
Status: c46
This is a good story, and currently underrated at 3.8 stars. The first few chapters translations are good, but need some editing. After that, the translation becomes solid. Also there are lots of names dropped that make the first few chapters a bit harder to get through.

After that, is a good solid story. (Nothing particularly stands out, but the story is well thought out, and is making a quality story setting.) Actually, the quality of the characters does stand out. Well written personalities interacting with each other.

And the fact that... more>> the MC is in the eye of the storm, and lots of interesting things are happening around him makes for some interesting events occurring.
Always like these kind of stories over Typical Xiania where MC is the sole focus in a cycle of Train, Fight, Travel, repeat.

Its an entertaining read, and the story seems to be gearing up for more action and unique cultivation practices. <<less
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Rhyel rated it
June 3, 2018
Status: c84
Don't listen to the review of the guy with one star.. He clearly didn't read this..

It's not that he suddenly becomes a calm guy. He was a calm and kinda (not really) cunning/witty guy. He HAD TO pretend to be a useless playboy loitering young master.. He understood that there was a huge scheme around the death of his father and that his ennemies would do anything to kill him should he prove to be a threat.

I kinda yet kinda not agree to the fact that he says she... more>> is a villain.. She is not loveable in my books. But she is not a villain. She is a girl who somehow is kinda lovestruck but confused and trying to deny her feelings. She is just your f*ck**g typical Tsundere. Though she does anger me..

The only bad thing would be the slow translations (well there are others flaws but in my eyes they are common to most types of stories like this so.. Its like a standard one) but I do appreciate this one more than most Modern novels. The slow romance is also good, not just. We find ourselves in a bad situation, we kiss, take responsibility, we make love (or should it be f*cking in this case ? As their love is usually quite shallow and 1D) now we are in couples/married congrats.. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 27, 2017
Status: --
As the translator of this novel, I realized I never did a review of this novel myself. Lmao.

In my opinion, Fisherman The Second is really good at 'Modern Day' and 'City Life' stories. The stories may not have the best plot, but the romance is definitely refreshing for the eyes.

The romance progresses rather than go through Smooth Che's (Against The Gods) speed romance. Although the novels really can't be compared, Mars Gravity's 'Modern Day' stories also reflect the same speed romance as in ATG. Thus, I can make the judgment... more>> that romance in Fisherman The Second's stories take time whereas Mars Gravity goes 'boom! You are suddenly in a relationship'.

Not that I'm hating on Mars Gravity (I like his stories too), but a slow romance is nice after many XianXia novels.

Oh, and I'm a slow translator. Sorry if you wanted fast updates.

-raltzero <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
L4 rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c54
Xiao Chen pretends to be a good-for-nothing playboy, while in reality he is doing his utmost to overcome his hard life due to the schemings of the great aristocratic families in the town.

He meets some really nice girls. At first I disliked his fiancee for having a bad personality, but I came to accept her.

Furthermore there will be many interesting interactions betweens different characters. All I can say is that it is funny and interesting. Not your usual everyday superpower Chinese novel, but a novel with reasonable abilities and rather... more>> good personalities, which are enjoyable, like for example

big spoiler


the one girl who MC will be selling food in the morning with <3 I love her personality.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ClassyPotato rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: --
One of favourite modern day novels by far even though there's nothing really different if you compare this any to the other modern day martial art, it's just very light for the first hundred chapters and enjoyable. The character Development is at steady pase and not rushed in the slightest. The MC is calm, mature, responsible and funny.

The first few hundred chapter is most likely where this novel shines really after that the story becomes repetitive and dull. On the other hand harem wise I love this novel, due to... more>> the MC slowly accepting women and not just going around the world picking up women willy nilly. (The first willy nilly and the last <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alwayscolder rated it
May 24, 2019
Status: c1550
Well... I think it could be better if it were shorter. Towards the end everything was bad and the plot about the parents was kinda forgotten. Girls were ok, meh, main girl (fiancee) is the worst. MC... uh, s*upid.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
feyrin rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c65
Let me start by saying I am biased and do enjoy this novel despite its flaws. What I can say is that the plot is well played the morally sound characters well rounded and the background setting appropriate. I won' rehash the exhibition as this is a modern day Xian Xia type deal MC useless at whatever his family does finds power from an old man with candy. Yada yada. Read to find out the rest. He isn't Op yet can' fight above his levels actually has to top toe... more>> on a line to make sure he isn' killed off. This coupled with the reasoning behind his and antagonists actions help develop a sense of the world they live in and how people look at authority and abuse it. Though the antaonist cliches remain as abused as in other Xian Xian justification is usually apprpriate and sound. Usually. The characters are mostly highschoolers who apparently flip sh*t easy as all hell and go from I dont like you to Imma kill you. Very quickly at the slightest hint of provocation the want to humiliate is common but reasoning to go furthr than that is lost on me probably do to some somethings not understood by a different culture. TL:DR. It good. More chapters. Table flips. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
TomaMuli rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c59
Its always interesting when reading about cultivation in the modern world, the MC interaction with others are the main drive for these kind of stories, how the romance is developed or how the protagonist deals with the opposition. Since the modern setting restrains the MC as oppose to the cultivation world, people get killed left and right while modern setting has a cloak and dagger vibe to it. Where most conflicts is done in the shadows away from the public.

Sure the story is not original and probably has alot of... more>> plot holes, but it is a story where the character progress and it does do the job of entertaining me. You dont come to read chinese novels like these expecting a truly great piece of writing, its more of a guilty pleasure for these type of novels. You either enjoy it or dont. <<less
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