My Wife is a Beautiful CEO


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Yang Chen, a graduate from Harvard who is fluent in English, French, Italian, and German to list a few. He is also capable of fighting and a number of practical skills. Yet he chose to go on the streets to sell fried mutton skewers for a living.

Lin Ruoxi is the CEO of a multibillion-dollar company—Yu Lei International. This company is one of the leaders in the cosmetic and fashion industry. Despite being only 20 years old, her ice-cold demeanor and beauty are well-known and unrivaled in Zhonghai City.

Due to a wild night consisting of a lot of liquor, fate has brought them together to become husband and wife.

And with that, the story begins!

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Cô Vợ Tổng Giám Đốc Xinh Đẹp Của Tôi
Wo De Meinu Zongcai Laopo
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Axemption rated it
August 19, 2018
Status: c417
First of all, I wonder how in hell this novel has a 4.5 rating. The MC is a complete dickhead. I like harem but this novel's harem is total shit. He knows that whenever he goes out to bang some chicks his wife (the CEO) gets sad. And he keeps mentioning that he feels guilty of making her sad. But he won't stop nor will he solve the issue of his harem (make all wives in good terms or something). He says that he feels guilty then he goes f*ck... more>> some women again and again. Imagine someone is stabbing you and he keeps saying sorry but he won't stop. The MC is a dick! <<less
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huyphong11 rated it
April 17, 2016
Status: --

Warning! The MC is a sperm head, he switches girls like switching shirts everyday. He always spoke some lines like “I didn’t like to be threatened” before beating some bad guys. I don’t know why the author thinks this is cool cause you are living in a society full of dicks and you expect everyone knows that and has to respect you? And when it come to women his IQ drop to one single digit. The more you read the more you feel disappointed in the MC.

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123Random321 rated it
April 19, 2016
Status: --
I don't really know what to write aside that this novel has a pretty good MC that gives you a fun time reading.

I really recommend taking a look at this novel even if it isn't your type ;)
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Bigbrohasdrugs rated it
July 13, 2016
Status: Completed

Why you should read this??

1: The plot is really good

2: The character traits (envy, pride, greed, etc) are lifelike

3: The progression of the plot is not rushed

4: The incorporation of Oriental Fantasy with the Greek Mythology is well done

Lastly there is a 11 women harem or*y scene in this novel (not even hentai mangas/anime have that xD)

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Shunno rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: Completed

I'm kind of sick of reading this kind of novel

Like My beauty wife, my president wife, my star wife,.. blah blah

Where the MC will come form somewhere social force, cultivation, different country. blah blah

He's all-rounder. He doesn't lack beauty... and many more of his greatness

But what happens later. He becomes a puppy of his parents. Must marry the woman that parents arranged and MC will do it.

Or even if there is no parents coincidentally he will marry or must have a finance

Afterr MC marries The Heroine he will a like this.. wife, my wife, yes wife adults...

What happened of his all glory about not lacking woman???

Why he must go after the woman who is his finance ??What happens to the girls he meet before??Are they not beautiful?But later he meets them and chase after them?why not do it before?

Isn't he way too kind??Why??Do special forces people are all kind??

Seriously why MC have to be soo kind.. like dog... no matter what wife ask he will do..

Why is it every woman he meets is beautiful.. China doesn't have normal woman?

Why if he meets 1 woman he will again meet her again in future coincidentally.. China is that small??

Why u have to always go picking other countries?

Why there must be a policewoman??what happened to Policeman?

Is there no different way to write Urban Romance?

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Premonition rated it
April 7, 2016
Status: --
Yang Chen is an orphan with a long past, throughout the novel there will be glimpses into his past that will gradually give the full picture. At the beginning its mostly drama until he begins using his powers to fight. He will walk the path of chinese cultivation after some time and make lots of enemies.

His harem gets pretty big but its not like he is totally beta, he is not afraid to touch them and he does unlike some JP protags. He just wants to make them happy, while... more>> making himself happy at the same time.

There is an interesting fictional take on the 12 gods of olympus which is as weird as it sounds but works out pretty fine towards the end.

The author slides in quite a few fun pop culture references like drift like Initial D's Takumi! Or Hack someone into pieces like in the movie Psycho! Which is rather fresh compared to many novels. <<less
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davidXI rated it
July 11, 2018
Status: c782
MC one of the most powerful and influental man in the world, can easily destroy a country but that's what happen :

MC : I shouldn't have a relation with a girl.

Next chapter he go and do the deed with a girl.

... more>> MC : I have to protect my woman

Next chapter the woman got kidnapped by the next door ruffians.

MC : Must be more considerate of my wife.

Few chapters later, Giving a diamond ring to his mistress in front of his wife.

Explains it all, too much cringe and all the males are h**ny and doesn't mind using every method to r*pe a girl. Maybe it's better in the end. <<less
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AHKoT rated it
December 7, 2016
Status: Completed
Don't judge this novel because of its name or the first 200 chapters. At first I didn't expect much from this (lol I only read it because I accidentally click the link) but this novel really surprise me so much that I'm speechless. You guy won't notice this now but this is a cultivation novel a Xianxia to be more specific. Its cultivation is rather unique (at least I haven't seen something similar) and very good. The plots are awesome with mind blowing twist. The whole novel is a twist,... more>> a gamble. Moreover not only the fight is good the intelligence battle between characters are insane and unpredictable. The author often do a lot of set up for future events lead to a chain of arcs which are connected to each other. Anyway, this novel is truly outstanding in all aspects anyone should try it <<less
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Dj5822 rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: --
This is so s*upid. The most s*upid novel in existence. So s*upid, that it actually makes the novel really funny. Like, wtf, speeding at 200km/hr in the road or something with heavy traffic, and the author chalks it up to reaction speed? Wtf? How is it even physically possible?

I felt reluctant to read this because the synopsis was so s*upid. "fluent in English, French, Italian, and German to list a few"... Seriously. Then they go and explain that he memorised a dictionary to learn these languages... If that were the... more>> case, everyone would be speaking 2-3 languages after memorising dictionaries. I mean, who needs grammar, pronunciation, not to mention colloquial terms that aren't even in the dictionary? F**k, the bastard author makes it look way too easy.

The MC's horniness is also s*upid as hell. How is it possible to bang so many freakin girls and not get slapped in the face? Maybe if it was 2-3 girls it would make sense, but the number of girls that he bangs increases exponentially over time. It just doesn't make any damn sense. By the time the novel ends, the author is gonna run out of names for the members of the harem. At that point, certain members of the harem will have the same name and it will get confusing.

You may be wondering why I gave this s*upid novel a rating of 4. Well the reason why is because the novel is the funniest thing I have read. The concept, execution, and pure nonsensical nature of novel is so damn ret*rded that you can't help but laugh. If you've watched 'Dumb and Dumber' you would understand. Just when you think that the novel can't get any dumber, it gets dumber. Just when you think the harem has reached maximum capacity, another girl pops up from nowhere. Just when your like "there can't possibly be a dumber villain than <insert current villain>", an even dumber villain pops up and stats swarming the man with bodyguards or lackies or whatever.

In conclusion,

is it well written? No. It's like a pile of crap.

is it entertaining? Yes. The most interesting pile of crap I've seen so far. <<less
31 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EloquentRequieM rated it
July 10, 2018
Status: --
10 Chapters in and I can already tell the MC is gonna be an absolute c*nt, whats this about not wanting to have relations with women and then 20 minutes later he decides to go looking for some woman to f*ck, how does that make any logical sense? He says that its because that bartender is the most beautiful woman in Zhang Hai so she is "worthy of his respect" and then he finds Lin Ruoxi in a bar that he clearly states is even more beautiful than the bartender... more>> so why did he just lose he entire 'im a changed man, I dont f*ck girls randomly anymore' rhetoric that he was just spitting out? Also, if youre gonna rebut with 'he was looking for a rando to f*ck and not someone he knew personally' then why did he reject the first girl that basically threw herself onto him and call her a sl*t, that scene made no sense why was he criticizing her for?? Then his constant pointless ramblings and edgy/assholic nature with seemingly no redeeming qualities is an automatic drop. <<less
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jack rated it
March 17, 2016
Status: --
There should be a super slow romance tag up there. The MC is a playboy and as someone earlier said the MC is really really pitiful trying to please every damn woman. Fights happen occasionally (I have read a upto 500ish chapters..). There is comedy too. The thing I liked the most is no one believes MC when he is telling the truth and he is like "no one believes me".. Its actually fun..
30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
fallen dust
fallen dust rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c337
I think this novel is one of the best in its field and it's really well written. The plot is top quality. The characters each have their own unique personality. They are not two dimensional and seem very real. It's really interesting.

This novel my friends.... is definitely not for good little kids, because most of the times the MC listens to his lower part of the body and can't really say no to a girl. so, the harem will be BIG, excluding the ones he casually does the deed with.

So...a... more>> huge 18+ tag there... and little kids who can't handle it should stay away.

I think this Author is one of those dangerous kind who doesn't care about the readers and dares to do anything and everything. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing though.

As of now I'm reading ahead in the raws and at chapter 337. until now it's really quite interesting. <<less
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Kagutsuchi rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: Completed

This novel really really can be more popular with another name, bad one author I almost lost this novel because of that unnatractive name to finally read this novel I had to read the description and tags.

The MC is badass asfk, he is one of 12 Gods, Hades

His personality is good, the world structure is good 2

The MC wanna live a life careless, without killing, without worries because of his past woman (her name is 17)

Their women doesn't have the same personalities and they have their own matters, this world doesn't work around the MC

Every women by his side are smart and you know with they live till now, unless other novels (first talk-love) Except for An Xin, she is his best s*x companion, she said that, "My only talent is having s*x with you" and she made many problems for him because she didn't feel worth of him

He doesn't have a background, HE is the background literally, he owns an entire island and live in a big modern castle, oh, btw, he have 100 billion euros in his bank account

The Female lead uhm... Ruoxi is a bit troublesome and jealous (of course she will be jealous, her husband have a lot of women by his side and he didn't even try to conceal that),


She tried to have s*x with him (again) in the chapter +400 because she didn't wanna lose against An Xin but they were interrupted by an s*upid enemy, later on they finally have s*x in her office after the wedding and a jealous scene


OHHHH Wait, I forgot to tell u this, the enemies aren't cannon fodder, they use their brains before trying to kill our MC, because they aren't s*upid and they know he's a God, oh, that God matter, he can't use his God powers against humans, only against Gods or humans with high cultivation level, our MC is smart too, he knows how to win a fight and see his enemies plan

The matter with Ruoxi and him it's boring, they almost broke their husband+wife relationship because of the momments when Ruoxi is jealous


She first attempt to do this "¿Do you wanna have s*x with me? drop right now the relationships with another women, in her stutent days she was in love with another man but that man had to left (they didn't kiss, hugs, nothing because she is cold-heart) and she uses him to make our MC jealous but later on she forces him to commit su*cide


Please author, travel in the time and change this fcking name man, your novel can even beat Against The Gods, Warlock Of The Magus World and so

25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Spect3r rated it
June 17, 2016
Status: Completed
I'm writing this review as someone who read almost all chapters. MC is one of the best kind. He is over powered from start, mysterious, ruthless, shameless, fearless, womanizer. He is not afraid to touch his womans, which is makes me like him more. To be honest, he is the most likable MC I've ever met. He becomes more great as chapters flow.

This series focuses on relationships between MC and other girls and it has so much action with decent story to keep you alive and connected. Has fantasy elements... more>> with urban based story. Fantasy elements become more visible after first 4-5 arcs. Such as gods, vampires, beasts become part of this novel. Not to mention cultivation system. Can find almost all parts of real life in this novel. Some of them are deep while some arent. Relationships are realistic which is something missing at many series. Harem members aren't some dolls who blindly loves MC. They have their own life, past and relationships. MC's wife is against harem so she is having hard time dealing with it.

Ending is not rushed, it is very well explained. To be honest, this ending is the most detailed one of all the series I read so far. I gotta say, I am satisfied with this series, it is worth to spend countless hours. So, I highly recommend this series, give a try and you wont be disappointed. <<less
23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
December 7, 2016
Status: Completed
Don't give the star rating until you read past the 120th - 150th chapter! Because you'll give 1.0/5.0 max.

Harem, s*x, erotic, interc**rse, 18+, cheating, mafia, blood bath, gang fight, (boring) white collar love&cheat in business, boasting hi-so life style, overt OP MC who drive BMW at 240 km/hr, flat-character MC female who slowly drive bentley, side lover girl who becomes biggest mafia boss, etc, etc.

In short, almost sub-average story & plot line.

However, once past this boring (???) first few acts (with skipped reading), you will exclaim "WTF deze 'tory!" and push in the reverse gear to start reading again.

Then, this erotics story becomes dark romantic. Its mafia and gang fight plot line turns into wuxia fight & xianxia duel & massacre in the metropolis (??!!??) ; business conflict into family & generation's conflict ; the harem to His Majesty the Emperor protecting his empress and concubines. Finally - war of the gods, world wide disaster from lost solar energy.
Worth 5.0/5.0 by then.

Don't judge the book by its first few chapters. What you read in the first few 200 chapters is 'almost nonsense' and irrelevant to the main story.


You're deceived!
It's relevant


The final 10 chapters exposed that the whole story is plotted. Everything that's developed - whether the fuxx-ing by chance between MC and CEO, their love&hate, MC's past dark history, his path to godship & immortal, etc, etc.

All are plotted.. For the out-of-universe reason.. By the lazy immortal who is tired of his work and want to throw the responsibility to someone else.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This novel is not just harem and s*x and gang fight. IT'S XIANXIA and WAR OF GODS.
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oz-kun rated it
May 14, 2020
Status: c150-1
Okay first of all, The story is a mixture of K-p*rn manhwa+slight Japanese manga+ Generic CN Modern action manhwa = this for God knows how shitty WN Is.

It makes one wonder how on earth It has a high rating... Was It because of all of the idiots out there was coincidentally read the same WN and there was 800 filled up idiots readers? I doubt that, Most of the high rating ret*rd recommendation was either a dummy account or a new one. So the rating from this WN IS... more>> A SHAM, FAKE.

This Delusional writer... For f*cktard sake... I've never been so pissed like this from reading a damnable wish fulfillment WN.

But this WN literally just crossed the line, It was so edgy not just some times, It was all of the time. I finally get it, this damn writer Is a mentally defect person.

If you want to read this for the sake of romance and some mature content.

I would rather choose a damn Beta JP MC Generic WN have much more Romance and real Character Development than this WN.

If for the sake of Mature content.

I'll tell you this, If you're just h**ny as F.

It will be much better to watch p*rn rather than reading this shitty WN.

Unless your Internet connection Is slow as a turtle that It can only be used for a web browser LOL!

Well If you want to torture your head, suit yourself, It is so edgy as hell glaring as hell, you might be satisfied if you want to fry your damn brain. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blackflagraze rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: c1530
I started reading this because I saw it had 4 stars on this site. Little did I know that I was to read the worst novel of my life. I tend to read to the end any novel I pick, no matter how bad it is, and my standards are quite low. Sad to say I dropped it thrice, third being the final time.


1. Extreme depravity. Lots of r*pe. The story begins with the MC raping the FMC, and few chapters later FMC asking the MC to marry her. Lots... more>> of cheating and adultery. MC inspite of being a 'God' and a high level cultivator, thinks from his dick. After hurting his one lover he promises himself he would never cheat, and few chapters later he is mol*sting or f*cking a new girl. One of my breaking points was the mother-son in*est, and once those two started they kept f*cking like crazy. Disgusting.

2. Racism. One line: China number 1. Tibetans bad. Tibetans evil. Indians bad. Indians mu*derers. Indians invaded china and killed so many innocent Chinese citizens. Cultivators powerful than Greek gods.

3. FMC one of the worst characters I have ever seen. Keeps making scenes and fighting MC for no reason. Ungrateful everytime MC saved her from death. One of my another breaking point was when she was acting so possessive and loving and motherly to one 3 year old little girl. Adopted her as her daughter.

But when she came to know the girl was mc's daughter with his first love, she was like fuk you, I don't know you, get out of my house, go to your dead mother or something, I don't want to see your face.

4. MC is a hypocrite, liar, rapist, nymphomaniac, indecisive, simp while being a God and a powerful cultivator.

This is my first review and I made my account just to write this review. This is how bad I felt this novel is. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dark_psycho rated it
July 27, 2017
Status: Completed
The best story ever with the perfect mix of action and romance. The story is meaningful with no loose ends. It has one of the best endings with none of the characters forgotten (A couple of chapters for afterstory). The characters including the antagonists are well developed unlike the typical meaningless xianxia side characters.

The MC is OP from the beginning. His cultivation technique is unique and cool especially in the later half of the story. Unlike most of the modern cn where the MC is racist, in this story,... more>> the MC is rather aloof (It gets annoying in MBT or Hacker where the MC kills innocent people of other nations especially japan with no particular reason at all.... hehehe... Here the MC kills anyone who annoys him).

His past is mysterious and is slowly elaborated without going into too many details.

His harem is almost the perfect harem... It has everything desired.. mature women, icy beauties, younger sisters (lolis), a pair of sisters, office colleagues and even a mother and daughter pair. Here, the MC spends proper time with his harem members and the girls have well written background and they don't easily fall for the MC. Proper time is spent for interactions with them.

His Harem

Main wife:

Lin Ruoxi (three souls in her... Ruoxi, Shiqi and Athena). Eldest Daughter with Shiqi. Twins (a boy and a girl) with Ruoxi.

Lovers (Wife like characters.. given as much as importance as wife) :

Jiang Wei (also called Rose). Has a son with MC.

Mo Qianni

Liu Mingyu

Li Jingjing

An Xin

Tang Wan

Xiao Zhiqing

Cai Yan and Cai Ning (Sisters)

Lin Hui (Hui Lin)


Princess Jane. Has a daughter with MC.

Lovers (Side characters) :

Queen Catherine (mother of Jane)


Zhao Hongyan


Additional women (no plot development/romance.. just sex)

Christine (Aphrodite)

Christine's maid

Xiao family head's daughter

Luo family head's wife (Zhiqing's stepmother)

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pile02 rated it
July 15, 2016
Status: c66
Setting and drama are cliches yet I don't know why I'm hooked in this series. (First time reading Chinese novel actually). Giving 5/5 so translator got fired up to finish this novel lmao
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sagacity rated it
December 29, 2021
Status: --
No matter how heroic the author makes the MC, its just glittered text over a misogynistic character. Yes, the writing style was good but the plot is not something to rave about.

Raped based relationship with womanizing every other chapter. It's screaming made by male for male. The action isn't even that eventful and the villains are all stereotype.

Why this is popular? Like p*rn, they don't get enough s*x so they settle for what's available.

This had been my harshest comment yet but this was my reading journey. I hope it was... more>> better for you. Maybe I'll come back in the future to reconsider this review but for now, it stays. <<less
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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