The Legendary Mechanic


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What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love?

What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC – you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched!

What will happen when our protagonist’s two realities coincide?

Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past life’s knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel.

Associated Names
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Siêu Thần Cơ Giới Sư
Transcendental Mechanic
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New FatMenBeTrippin
April 22, 2019
Status: c174
Story has started to get a little slow for me so I decided to read something else I have stockpiled and possibly come back to it.

One of the biggest issues I have with the story, and I’m starting to think it might just be me that has this happen is that all of the swear words have full stops between them. So crap becomes c.r.a.p, it really breaks the story up and makes it annoying to read.

The general storyline is pretty good and the MC is solid. Not a wet... more>> flannel like some novels. <<less
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New BillionJellyfish rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: c219
One of the best game transmigration novels I've read!

Like the summary said, the MC was a powerful player before he transmigrated into the game, so needless to say, the MC already have knowledge of the game's storylines, hidden quests, etc. But after the MC transmigrated, he lost his memories of his previous life and only remembers information about the game. Because of this, the MC's morals are a little lacking and can easily kill characters/players in the game. The MC transmigrates into a new character, an NPC within the game,... more>> and can initiate quests to players as well as sell weapons/teach new skills. Even though the MC goes from weak to strong, the process is actually fairly quick so as to push the plot forward. At the moment, the MC's main goal is to defeat the evil organization and build up his powers/weapons. The readers are essentially reading about how the MC grind for experience, skill points, and money while defeating higher leveled enemies. This may sound boring, but the action scenes and schemes in this novel are very intriguing.

There is a lot of info dump and some chapters are just full of the MC's stats and skill descriptions, so it's perfectly fine to skip some of those chapters as it's not necessary to the main storyline. There is no harem or romance so far, which is always a plus since I find most romance/harem distracting or completely unnecessary to the development of the plot, especially in plots similar to this one. Overall, I would recommend this novel for readers looking for a game transmigration plot + power struggles. <<less
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December 26, 2018
Status: c769
OK so this novel is fun to read and quite fast pace which is good but starting will be hit with bunch of stats sometimes with each time main class breakthrough upgrade like every 20 level gap?The rate of release of raw is average one per day (as sometimes author sick and some emergency) But most importantly SMH the translation......

When you first read it, you will think it's good and the words per chapter is short but actually NO! They cut bits here and there like each sentence few words... more>> and I start doubting that they actually MTL first and when those incomprehensible words in MTL can't translate or make sense they just cut it off and voila edit it....

Utterly disappointed like why the PADORU you cut here and there and sometimes even the whole short paragraph.... You think what?As long no one read the raw and compare it's safe? Although sometimes jokes or humour will lost in translation. Tsk tsk a great novel but shame on the translator laziness

Ah by the way anyone wanna know the short life/bio of MC before he become NPC is at beginning of chapter 2 (quite short) and MTL ver. is readable not some incomprehensible things you would see if you MTL KR novel <<less
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DeePO rated it
December 3, 2018
Status: c381
This novel WAS a great read for about 100-ish chapters. Then, in my opinion it started getting downhill. Let me list some pros and cons

Pros :

    • Great Start
    • Logical, Calculative, Shameless Mc
    • A cast which is actually decent
    • A Great start
    • MC is kinda in the grey side of the moral compass, which means he's willing to do anything that benefits him, which I like
    • It's fast paced
Cons :

    • As stated by the comments above, the MC basically gets handed XP from the players, and leveling up just becomes secondary now
    • He's really OP, as of now I don't really see the MC fighting as if his life is on the line or anything like that, the only one he has too worry about is the A grade threats, He's a B grade powerhouse now
    • The novel has infodumps occationaly, but is not overly annoying like some other novels (Im looking at you MGA or ATG)
Neutral :

    • No romance, the MC isn't interested in anyone.
    • The sci-fi
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timma rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: c792
It's good. No relationships. Only tiny bits of nationalism every 200 chapters.

Worth giving a shot. The MTL is okay.

Read a lot of web novels and took a small break, this was first one I read after starting again. So it's has unique qualities that kept me interested. Fast paced. But not too fast. Only qualms is I wish MC developed relationships outside of who can be useful to him
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kkgoh rated it
December 24, 2018
Status: c315
Iron Man meets Legendary Moonlight Sculptor!

A fun easy read for those who enjoy RPG-type novels with a healthy dose of comedic meta-references on the transmigration and VRMMORPG genres. Rather than the usual fantasy-only theme, it's thankfully partially sci-fi based, so think more Mass Effect.

EDIT: Down-graded rating to 4 stars, the story structure becomes rather bad after chapter 200+, author tries to start too many parallel plots that don't work and ends them very lamely. Translation quality is only going downhill, and since NU is a translation site, I weigh more on the English version. The jokes just aren't enough to sustain poor planning (just like Virtual World: Peerless White Emperor). MC gets excessively OP.

The novel (and MC Han Xiao) doesn't hesitate to lampoon his own genre, especially since he's... more>> a veteran nerd/weeb. Han Xiao is a self-serving troll but steps up when he has to, kinda like Deadpool-lite while occasionally breaking the 4th wall. You can really see the author's nerdy trivia knowledge of sci-fi/gaming come alive in the novel (think "Ready Player One"). It's refreshing to see an MC that embraces his inner nerd, much like the j-novel "To Be a Power in the Shadows".

Descriptions and translations are hilarious, you can sense they definitely had fun with it. I read both the Chinese Raws and the English translations. The translators summarized quite a bit of content which causes chapters to be unusually short, maybe out of laziness, but they got the gist of it and are grammatically accurate at least.

""What the hell, why am I the only one SAO-ed?"

"Han Xiao did not have anything in particular against any group of people. He respected people's hobbies and interests. These two men before him were simply two lonely hearts who had no way of releasing their pent-up frustrations. Over time, their common bond developed into something special..."

"Division 13 may have been powerful and mighty, but one could never have enough new weapons.
The research department is always allocated with the largest cut of the budget, yet those useless fools only know how to create useless crap like double-sided sticky bombs, curved guns that don't work at all, and fake nipples to hide poison needles! They even have male and female versions!
The covert ops department had borne a grudge against the research team ever since two of their agents were self-poisoned due to a 'wardrobe malfunction'."

Some are my own translations, you can see the similarities to LMS:

... on the player forums.
"I've been randomly transformed into a tentacle monster, requesting help on changing my race, urgently waiting online!"
"WTF, I wanna be a tentacle monster too, let's trade places!"

"Art is an explosion!" - Guess that reference. Also used in "Forty Millenniums of Cultivation".


Side characters are varied, funny and interesting, though they tend to appear briefly, similar to LMS. Which is in-line with the feeling of a massive universe and trillions of people.

A tsundere old man NPC who happens to be a key character, a greedy girl-next-door workshop mechanic, players who are game-immersion fanatics, an absurd amount of people who mistakenly assume MC is gay/beastie/necro/etc... the riotous cast goes on.


There's no apparent romance for the MC so far, nor does there need to be.

Several female side characters express an interest in the MC but he disregards them in pursuit of powering up. Even MORE female side characters treat the MC with disgust/disdain and are only respectful of his abilities/reputation and nothing else, which is how it should be!
It allows the focus to be on the plot development. A good example of a similar novel where things went wrong with a female distraction was "Forty Millenniums of Cultivation". I daresay that the awkward female lead kinda ruined the story.
Han Xiao's background was always a power-leveling nerd and he enjoyed it, nothing wrong with repeating that here.


Some reviewers have made complaints which are actually somewhat legit:
(1) Heavy technical info dump and somewhat broken leveling system
In later chapters, this becomes more and more unbearable as author tries to extend word count. 3 or more paragraphs can be used to explain a very simple idea (e.g. why players might enjoy a certain activity sponsored by MC). Author relies on excessive use of Chinese idioms... for multiple paragraphs.
MC becomes unreasonably OP from harvesting of XP, until it becomes just a pointless number. Multiple chapters devoted to re-re-re-emphasizing how much XP MC gained.

(2) Lack of a goal
Trying to survive while power-leveling WAS THE ORIGINAL GOAL. He transmigrated and was put into life-and-death situations from the get-go, and there's always a threat of being assassinated hanging over his head.
But it's pretty obvious MC overcame that past Chapter 200 and nothing could threaten him. It's been 100 chapters and I don't know what his new goal is, apparently just to become more OP which is NOT a goal.

(3) He acts like he only has one life
Because he ONLY HAS ONE LIFE! It's literally written in the 1st chapter. He's not sure if he's a player, because he has both NPC characteristics while having some semblance of a player interface. He can't take the chance that he'll be revived if he dies. Would you?

More importantly, the world he's in ISN'T DATA like SAO. It's hinted that this was a highly advanced game operated by a whole series of quantum-mechanical systems. The game appears to have melded different dimensions, blending players with a real alternate universe. Both sides appear to retain their properties, players see it as a game, NPCs see it as their reality. The NPCs themselves are amazed that Players appear to come back alive (respawn). This was briefly explored in another novel, "Reincarnator".

After coming into contact with other players, he confirms that he's an "NPC" that just happens to have a partial player interface. i.e. MC is uniquely straddling both worlds.
He's able to award missions like NPCs, and players can't recognize him as a player.


One major complaint/plot hole:
The different political factions and long term missions that the MC signs up with becomes unnecessarily complicated and conflicting. When things come to a head, it doesn't always make sense.


MC's battlesuit/style is very unique. Despite the ability to change his facial features with the help of a mask, it's obvious to everyone who he really is, so it doesn't make sense when MC pretends to be someone else. MC also decides to work for a variety of organizations (main neutral faction, minor warlords, etc), but adopts behavior that are contradictory to almost all of these organizations.

Same thing with a long term Hidden story line mission, which was an alternative to the 2 Main story lines on his starting planet. It was supposed to be a major deviation running concurrently with the Main story lines, but became completely pointless when author realized he couldn't link the different plot lines together.
Author realizes it was a conundrum, then lamely decided to just conclude the first 2 Main story lines, then pick up the Hidden line afterwards and gloss over it. POOR STORY STRUCTURE.

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Jatron rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: c77
The story has recurring bits of homophobia and misogyny that aren't really funny. Calling women over 50 potatoes comes, and the drastic reactions to anything potentially gay dampen my enjoyment.

Author hamfists rivals and motivations for the MC

... more>>

MC flees to a band of gypsies and had 2 of his guns stolen by a greedy teenager. Notices some are missing, gets them back, but then decides not to count them until after he spent 3 hours travelings. Entire carivan dies just so the MC/readers can get some revenge porn. He kills his 'rival' but then gets resurrected over some BS reasoning.


~4 chapters where the majority of it is just reciting his inventory, weapons are overly/unnecessary detailed as well. Obviously just there to pad the word count.

There's a feature where a mechanic can obtain random blueprint by combining subskills at the cost of XP. For example combining Basic Programming and Basic Weaponsmithing gives the chance to learn the blueprints for an automated weapon. Except for the first time, the MC has gotten the blueprint he wanted every single time since despite having only 1 luck.

The MC isn't likeable and hasn't really formed any close bonds with the NPCs so far. NPCs are fairly one dimensional, also has it's fair share of canonfodder.

The MC has proven to not be likeable, either to the reader or the NPCs. He hasn't really made any deep connections with anyone, though the NPCs being largely one dimensional likely affects that. The MC does do things that are mildly funny.

Decent enough read though the standard Chinese webnovel tropes ruin what could've been a great story. Talking about canonfooder, faceslapping, asshole/shameless MC, and extremely arrogant characters. <<less
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Eriht rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c775
Dear reader, when I'm writing my opinion there are 775 chapters at the time. Protagonist is intelligent, cunning and cunningly able to use his knowledge, while not abusing it as much as in other "game" novels. Another strong side of this work is that every arc is influenced by already existing ones and author gentle comb them into tight coherent refreshing novel. To be fair it is highly interactive world, where NPCs have their own independent lifes in realistic universe. And players are undying cancer of cosmos.

As side note machinery... more>> system is not OP/Strongest/etc but most versatile one, where you use knowledge and moneys as fuel.

11/10 in my opinion, enjoy your read. <<less
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StormHawk rated it
November 26, 2018
Status: --
I’m loving the story so far. Like many popular novels, this one grab your attention and keep you awake unlike cultivation novels where you have the MC making pills and crap. And the fun part is the anticipation for the ‘players’ to join the world. Plus many ways for development and it give me the feel of playing Red Dead Redemption 2 where you decide what path you wanna take (even tho the endings are the same).
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0000000 rated it
December 22, 2018
Status: c765
One, the MC levels up real fast because he cons Players out of their main and sub quests and selling "cheaper than other NPCs" but still expensive items, skills and japtems to them. In his own words, he is providing them compensation by giving them skills and items that are normally hard to get due to repetitiveness and tedious works. He also somehow managed to tie Players into his own army by giving "freebies" (things that the Players will get eventually)

Two, he is a lightning bruiser thanks to having... more>> both NPC and Player system aiding him. He is able to get NPC boss like health while maintaining Player's ability to level up fast. He is basically KOTB, EOSP or SSN MC, except he spams robots instead of undeads. A buffed summoner if you will.

Three, no romance, MC can and will kill enemies no matter genders, nice.

Four, there is humor, MC can and will make a s*xual remarks to guys and girls no matter how inappropriate the time is. Also, he somehow does not possess the Lucky Factor by most MC NPCs, he does have the Player system which is a bigger cheat. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c69
At first, it seems like a typical regressed/reincarnated into game world type story. However, what makes this plot unique is that the MC is literally in the game as an NPC after his "rebirth", that means that the players are still around. The interaction of the MC with the players makes this novel really unique & exciting! The mechanic class also makes the combat system interesting. Currently, this has become my favorite ongoing Chinese novel.
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xchronicles rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c17
A layman's review:

Story is good so far, the transmigrated to the game trope but aside from that everything is unique for me.

MC is rational and smart- know when or who to kill, uses his brain and strategize, doesn't offend every villain out there. MC is OP but that's within the limit.

... more>>

What I like the most is that MC is considered as half player half npc since he is still within the leveling up system's scope but he could troll players and gave them quests but rewards should be from him.


Villains are so-so but fortunately no excessive and nonsensical face-smacking scenarios.

Can't say anything about the maths (since I suck at that) and the production, guns (no clue about this) but it's pretty well researched.

Least thing I like is that everything goes within the MC's will. Although some things deviates from the MC's original plan, he can cope up with that quickly and poof everyone is killed and he won. Pretty bland for me but that's the trend right now right? Lol.

Will edit the review once I read further! <<less
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Aogiri rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c130
I really love this novel and up to now it's my favourite novel outta there.

The main character with his unique character and way of dealing with situations makes this novel interesting and funny and keeps you wanting more of it.

But I still have a Problem with this novel. Since I started reading this I'm not able to find books or novels that are on a similar standart - and have aside form 'The Legendary Mechanic' not much stuff left to read.

Just joking. If you like cool battle Scenes combined with... more>> an even cooler MC - up there's the button for chapter one. <<less
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boredwayfarer rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c312
I'd rate it 5 stars if not for one problem, the world building sucks. This is a game, yet the devs don't do anything at all when everything is going to sh*t. The MC destroyed so many main storyline, kill off many key characters, all these before the games official release! This causes many quest/missions to be unbalanced, yet there is no action or nerfing? If so, I don't see why the author needs to introduce this as a "game".

Otherwise, interesting story, quite fun read

... more>> Edit:

Ok I've read the raws further, and most of the reviews were right in saying he should NOT be able to gain exp this way. It ruins not only the game mechanic that shows how little the author cares about consistency in world building, it ruins the whole story where everything ends up becoming pointless, since he max out all the skills and class levels easily. With such huge flaws, giving it 3 stars is a testament that at least some parts are still enjoyable <<less
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Berkyx rated it
December 2, 2018
Status: c347
Startup was great but afterwards its become unintresting and boring also MC is too much OP because of spoiler

... more>>

he can sell skills to players with the exp as currency therefore he has nearly unlimited exp as long as he can get the advancement learning (think as secondary classes) he can full his level of his advancement later he again looking for that advancement and they are not hard for example for his 2nd advancement he just went to a bar and asked bartender for his deceased brother's notebook and that was it...

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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
November 28, 2018
Status: c191
I must say that it's really not that good. IIRC MC used to be a "Yorozuya" so he does odd jobs which makes him more of an all-rounder so expect him to be good at almost anything from stealing, conning, manipulating, assasination, infiltration & so-on. And as you can guess MC is not one honest guy he's more on the grey side.

What I don't like about this novel is that even though MC is transmigrated into the game MC's attitude is only like a player with only 1 life, I'm... more>> not expecting MC to overly cautious but he just kinda rubs me the wrong way as he's pretty much treating everybody as a disposable NPC then suddenly being nice from time to time what is he a tsundere? I'd like for the author to just focus on the MC entirely as some NPCs have background stories which makes me feel weird as sometimes I forget that they are all just a bunch of data not living humans.

As of now other than getting stronger MC has no other goals which is kinda boring, like atleast make-up some kind of goal to strive forward this is not a SOL novel, like aim for being a pirate king or one piece etc. Even if it can't be realized atleast there is some kind of specific goal.

Also as of chp191 there is no possibility of romance or anything remotely similar as MC stated that he's not interested in women/men/humans.

There are also a lot of info dumps at the beginning which I suggest just skimming it as it's not that really important, even now I skim the histories, skills, abilities, blueprints etc. Yet I can still follow the story without a problem. <<less
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Loosergirl rated it
November 27, 2018
Status: --
Fast paced
Sci-fi setting instead of cultivation

Page long status screens
MC takes X damage from guns and keeps going while evil goons are one-shot killed (unless bosses)
It is set up for the MC to seem smart but the evil goons are stupid

Think of it as a gaming novel.
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cute bird of sadness
cute bird of sadness rated it
April 4, 2019
Status: c793
This novel is amazing and might even be the best game novel that I have ever read.

The MC is really smart and cool, the power system is also really fun and easy to understand.

Overall it's just amazing and a very enjoyable read, I recommend this very much.
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Tempter rated it
March 31, 2019
Status: c814
Originally started reading the translation of this a few months ago. Although the whole "Game world with players" wasn't really my thing I found myself enjoying this novel way more than I was expecting. MC is smart enough to take advantage of what he knows, plot armor doesn't come off as SUPER thick but like most novels it is there.

After catching up to the current translation I was even willing to suffer though reading the machine translation and honestly 100% readable unlike some of the garbage out there. As... more>> the novel shys away from the usual cultivation terms the translation comes out legible. Very few times did I ever go "wtf does that mean?" <<less
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
January 8, 2019
Status: c67
This was an interesting read. It is perfect for passing the time. There were a lot of info dumps but you can just skip over then, won't affect the story at all. I think what I've liked the most about this novel was the lack of romance. Most stories, the romance usually ruins it for me cuz it isn't done well and I try my best to ignore it. So far, there's been no romance and I love it.

However, a con for me personally (this wasn't factored into the rating)... more>> is that the comment section on webnovel for this book is TOXIC! I am surprised the translator hasn't dropped this story, I mean wtf. The rudeness and entitlement just blows my mind. (The release rate is 1/day and half the comments complain it's slow.... WOW)

Anyways, I hope the TL knows that people actually like the novel. Don't stress out and translate at your own pace. Much love. <<less
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sunkenpanda rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c45
Honestly compared to most novels listed on this site this story is pretty decent. Easy to get started and surprisingly well thought out for the initial chapters. Haven't seen the raws yet and I don't read mtl so witholding further judgement for now.
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simdimdim rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: c215
Good points:

If they haven't poked your eyes out, you haven't read the novel yet.

Bad points:

Would a telescope or a microscope serve you better in looking for them?

To be honest, besides gunshot sounds arriving before the bullets and some minor Chinese nationalism (I repeat, minor), there's literally nothing wrong with the story yet.

Its consistent. Its entertaining. Its interesting. It keeps you on the edge what's going to happen next. Its addicting!
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