God Level Demon


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Passerby 1: “Xia Ping!!!! You robbed my martial arts, snatched my immortality and even took my fiancee bastard, you and I aren’t over.”

Passerby 2: ”He’s martial arts scum.”

Passerby 3: “Demon! Ugh, even childrens’ lollipop weren’t spared. ”

Martial artists of Yan Huang couldn’t help but dream about breaking Xia Ping bones into a million pieces and drink his blood.

Xia Ping stroking his chin: ”System with so many hate points, which holy immortal or peerless martial arts, or heavenly artifacts should I choose.”

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Slants Perpendicular
Slants Perpendicular rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: c1708
God Level Demon is a bad novel, although undoubtedly not completely void of interesting scenarios and ideas.

Fair warning, this will be unnecessarily long. The reason for which is because I'm an unnecessarily long type of guy.

I'll start with the novels biggest problem, the "characters."Notice the punctuation marks? Good, they're important.

... more>> The things embodying this novel can't rightfully be called characters as much as Caitlyn Jenner can rightfully be called heteros*xual.

Firstly, about the genderless characters, the ones that scream on the sidelines with no personality or substantial existence, you know the one's I'm talking about, they're in nearly every Chinese novel. Well, I'm sorry to say but they've all joined the same cult with the one goal of gangbaning GLD. No joke, this novel boasts one of the biggest infestations of sideliners I've read, there's about 8 per required reaction; note even LHP had the decency to keep the sidereactors down to about an average of four per face-slap. This just adds extra useless fluff to already useless "plot."

Secondly, about the enemy characters, these f**kers are impressive to say the least, even the mighty me would have trouble attaining their level of brain damage. They are without question all the same. I can't help wondering if inbreeding was a fad in Yan Huang Star, and the MC was the sole person to escape the effects because of his soul from earth, and even then the MC's family back at Earth must of also had a case of inbreeding a few generations back because he's far from the average intelligence. Seriously I can't stress how bad these antagonists are, they're arrogant, dumb, greedy and nearly always horny and rapey. Those are the Five Big Traits common among 90% of antagonists in this novel, they have no other motives outside of killing the MC and raping his harem (not always in that order). They have no things such as life goals, it's as if they were only birthed into the world the moment they ran into the MC, simply put they're the results of years of inbreeding, and the only thing they would ever have a chance of beating the MC at is a chromosome competition, the age old act of counting ones chromosomes and the one with the most wins, although in all fairness it would be a close competition.

Lastly but not leastly, the Harem. The relevancy of my critiques towards the harem ultimately come down to two questions. The first question being, has the author ever met a real life female? The second question is, does it matter that I've never met a Chinese female? If no to Q1 then my points stand, if yes then the answer to the Q2 should also be yes and my points should be ignored, though keep in mind if the answer to Q1 is yes and the answer to Q2 is still no then the points stand and the author is just an idiot. If you have for whatever reason even bothered reading this far then you might be wondering, "Is this guy a retard? Who else but a retard would make a review as long and confusing as the two times tables about a Chinese novel"and to answer your question, no I'm not a retard I'm just autistic. Now with that out of the way, the females are, in essence, all the same. I know right, how surprising? I say, "in essence" because the author makes an effort to point out how their appearances are different, after all that's all they have going for them, it's only natural to highlight their only redeeming quality. I use redeeming lightly as well, since it's only redeeming in the way it helped them get the MC's attention. But alas, their redeeming quality is a pain for us readers. It would take a eunuch to comprehend the pain I feel having to read every girls description every single time they make an appearance and don't get your hopes up hoping it only happens when they make an appearance, oh no that would be too painless on us for the author's tastes, these pieces of jade meat are constantly being described no matter how trivial of a thing they do, here's two examples,

"{Big Tit Girl #1}'s big jade tits jumped lightly because of a sharp intake of breath"

"{Noble Flat Chest #4}'s big phoenix eyes couldn't conceal her surprise, and neither could her jade ass", etc. Etc.

You get the picture? You've surely experienced it before.

Now on to their "personality, motivations and goals."Personality has some slight superficial variations but ultimately all come down to the same traits.

Trait number 1, girl must always blush. Yes even with a light teasing an 18+ year old girl must blush, MC compliments their appearance? Blush. Being in the vicinity of someone who has written an 18+ novel? All females in class blush. Now you might be beginning to see why the questions I asked are so important, because either the author knows jack sh*t about girls, or I know jack sh*t about Chinese girls and they really are that pathetic and conservative.

Trait number 2, they must always need rescuing and protecting. These girls are in no way competent, their as useful as a sock. Actually even a sock has more use, since a sock wouldn't need to be rescued from your shoe while protecting your foot. How have they survived a full 18+ years? It's a miracle they weren't already forcefully deflowered by Uncle Pete.

Trait number 3, motivations. Most motivation for all his girls are all simplistic and centred around the MC, motivations such as "Get stronger for the MC", "Get stronger to surpass the MC, but ultimately give up halfway and become akin to a low-level housewife" and of course the good old-fashioned "I must be apart of the MC's living onahole collection, so I must get stronger", it also seems like I've accidentally covered what the goals were in the motivation section, the tragedy. Yes, these girls are that 1 dimensional, that 1 dimension being the MC. Now in fairness they didn't have much of a chance to begin with, they're making do with what they got, and what they got was a choice between joining the Antagonistically Challenged Association, the Nihilistic Sidereactor's Cult or the Sheath's Seraglio, I would have to say they made the most out of the lemons they were given.

Now onto action.

One Punch Man comes to mind when thinking of this novels action, though it has all the one punchiness and none of the qualities that made that once punch interesting and funny. Fight begins and the MC takes it like a stony-faced masochist for a chapter or two and then whips out his big'ol fist and ends it. That's it, little deviation from that fight formula for at least 300 chapters. It can be called simplistic and refined as a compliment, or uncreative and stale as an insult.

Next genre I believe is comedy.

It undoubtedly had its moments; it made me chuckle at least four times, which is top-tier for a Chinese novel. I also somewhat enjoyed the fact he wrote an R18 novel, I have never actually seen that done before. Overall decent comedy, really only thing worth reading this for.

Next is the cultivation.

Cultivation was boring and uncreative, absorb energy like Spongebob and pile on those layers. Eat pills like your Lindsay Lohan and become supreme. Hints given that 'dao sensing' is a thing for higher level cultivators, but even if that is true I still can't forgive the over 300 chapters of boring cultivation.

Now about the MC himself.

He's basically Li Qiye's retarded little brother, which I personally enjoyed. After all I don't have anything against people with down-syndrome. That's all you really need to know about the MC, it pretty much covers his personality.


What's plot? Can it shout trash and scream for forgiveness in the span of 10 chapters? If so, then yes there's plot.


I could go one for days about each of these points and an extra couple days about the novel world itself, but I won't because I'm sure I've already conveyed the mediocrity of this novel to everyone who deemed to read this. And if you still don't understand the depths of this novel's depravity after reading this, then I'm sorry but you might need to be euthanized.

Ultimately I give it 2/10. The 2 for the MC and the occasional bit off decent humour, Don't forgot this is a Chinese novel 2/10, which translates into a proper novel's -2/10. <<less
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easygoing rated it
July 21, 2017
Status: c678
Disclaimer: I'm only giving it 5 stars in hope that if anyone is interested they don't auto filter passed it because of someone leaving a 1 star review up while there was only 1 chapter without even the name of the raws posted yet

Different system type novels seem to be in vogue, this one features a main character who is sent to a new world and given a system called the "super-hatred system" where he's supposed to gather points by inciting hatred, loathing, disgust etc. From his peers onto himself,... more>> which is interesting both in the way he immediately embraces it and that in doing so it gives the MC a reason to be a d*ck and provoke all kinds of fights and to do some shameless funny stuff sometimes, the ways he blatantly tries to piss everyone off in order to get points is probably the best part of the story

about the harem tag


there are 6 girls indicated so far with a probable 7th being more or less captured by the MC in the latest chapters, but there is absolutely no romance to speak of, like at all, the early girls are basically introduced, have their initial interactions to become "part of the harem" (which mainly just means being attatched to the MC not in any kind of romantic relationship) and then they're mostly ornaments for a while before they go off to train, hopefully when they're reintroduced they become a bit more involved as characters


Overall I think this ln is a solid 4/5 right now, it's fairly funny at parts, MC is an absolute psychopath who gains a lot of extremely strong powers, but secondary characters are a little flat and the arcs are beginning to seem like they might get repetitive, story is being updated regularly still but its nowhere near complete <<less
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Einy rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: --
This is one of the funniest WN that I have read in a while. The story is awesome and fun and the MC has an actual reason to be a douchebag to everyone. I think those that are giving it a 1 star when there is less than 10 chapters out need to get their heads examined because the story has not really even started properly yet. It is absolutely unfair for it to be receiving 1 star's at this point in time. I hope all those that are interested... more>> in this novel will not be put off by the low rating and give this novel a chance. <<less
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OddJobs rated it
February 1, 2018
Status: c1243
  • Overpowered MC.
  • Although there is harem, they are pretty much non-existent in the story since there is no romance or what-so-ever and they are only given pretty much a couple of chapters and poof they're gone. The MC only need them to arouse hate and jealousy since they are beauties and it helps the MC in earning points for the system.
  • There is no plot in the story (for me) and it feels like a slice-of-life wherein the MC explores and cultivate while pissing and face slapping people left and right.
  • Good for those who want a slightly relaxing and slightly funny novel.
  • It's a good read even though I read it in mtl.
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bonifide rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c1510
This novel is a comedy novel so if you treat it seriously you will be disappointed.

The MC goal is to talk enough sh*t to get something called hate points. He talks sh*t in a funny way. Chu Feng would call this MC his teacher.

Romance/harem yeah there is a lot of females that he claims but since he got a hate system and has to cause chaos everywhere they literally can't travel with him like that.

Action. He probably had about 3 tough fights this entire novel so far. Lol. You might... more>> as well call this One Punch Man xianxia comdey style.

This is probably my all time favorite CN novel now it has it's flaws but the laughs will keep you coming back. <<less
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tides rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: c1800
This is probably one of the best novel i've read.

It's hilarious, but it's also not a serious novel where the MC just goes around looking for treasure to get stronger. There is no main antagonist for the MC to seek revenge against.

He does eventually have some wives but their families are not the strongest people in the universe and doesn't kidnap their daughter back.

This is what the people who are reading "the sacred ruins" should read. Eating and selling your enemies is done extremely well here compared to "the sacred... more>> ruins" where it eventually feels boring.

There are no long fights which is good because it's a comedy and the arcs are short so the plot progresses nicely. <<less
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sivasms rated it
February 19, 2018
Status: c1297
It is very innovative and without the regular clichés first introducing sci Fi and martial arts is a difficult thing for most authors but he potrayed the best of both second major point would be the system unlike the novels of same genre MC is given priority over system absolutely a fascinating character building and third would be world setting it has been developed to perfection higher world setting is also good, there are no noticable flaws in novel. I would recommend this novel as a must read for this... more>> genre <<less
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pravinpkt rated it
November 24, 2018
Status: c2130
This is one of the best wuxia novel I have read...
Normally people will say its a OP Protagonist and plot armor so its a bad novel...

BUT if you actually read it you will find this is one of the most funny and interesting novel you will encounter...
Reason are as belowThe Protagonist OP and has a fairly decent reason for it..

  • Plot Armour exists but it is not for some sh*tty reason like girl saw you... fell in love... saved you..
  • Protagonist Actually need to work hard in his own way for his power up
  • Protagonist Is smart and uses his brain more often than his brawns
  • Protagonist In order to create hate points finds unique and funny methods
  • There is no instant harem for him but he is trying to make one anyway
I... more>> can give 15 to 20 more reasons but I think above points are more than enough to give it 5Star

The only issue I have is there is no translator that's picking it up... and I need to depend on MTL to read this story... <<less
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Seregosa rated it
July 7, 2018
Status: c1711
This is actually a great novel with a lot of good comedy, that is, if you have the right mindset. It's quite sad that horrible novels are being translated at a fast pace while gems like this novel is left untranslated. The "translators" of this novel are horrible, seriously, not only are they extremely slow, the quality is pretty much on par with the lnmtl, sometimes even worse.

Anyway, let's get down to the real review.

So, the MC of this novel is indeed quite a demon. He's one of the most... more>> shameless MCs I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. He's always looking for ways to screw people over, steal their money and generate hate points. This gives us a MC that we would normally yell "you're f*cking retarded!" to because he keeps on causing trouble for himself, but it's fine because he needs those sweet hate points. In this novel, he's also pretty much invincible, he will NEVER lose, don't even think about it, he hasn't suffered a loss at all since chapter 1. You never have to worry about him getting attacked by powerful people or that mysterious people in the shadows or whatever else will get him and almost murder him, they will only show up when he has means to EASILY deal with them. We're talking about one-hit fights here, the enemy will do their best and then they will get killed in a few lines or even a single punch (at the start it was a single punch, later on he usually needs a few attacks depending on the enemy's strength). I've never seen him have a tough fight since chapter 1, except for some special high-level phantoms of invincible people lowered to his cultivation, which he will just beat anyway, but that's no spoiler, he will never lose after all. In case anyone wonders, this IS a xuanhuan novel, it's the cliché stuff you'll find in other novels with some added gadgets. Martial arts is the real sh*t and technology might as well be some magical artifacts with a sci-fi flavor. Everyone acts just like in a xuanhuan world and the technology isn't a big deal, it's there to stay though, but it's fairly useless because the author really isn't focusing on the sci-fi aspect, he just wanted a few things like a network and other stuff, which has turned out to be quite interesting. Only later on will some technology become more OP, but that's mainly because some technology is turned into magical artifacts and thus further enhanced (what we're talking about isn't stuff like weapons though, just things like spaceships). So, if you're turned off by the sci-fi tag, don't be, because it's almost irrelevant and won't matter much.

So, he takes sh*t from no one (except the girls, but even then it's just more like him ignoring them and everything they say or do, it's not as if he's a doormat MC that will get hit, controlled or bullied by them). He never fails to find new ways of annoying everyone and everyone in this novel, that's pretty much EVERYONE, just a handful don't hate him. Well, it's hard to explain, but it's really funny and totally worth reading, a hidden gem. If you liked "plundering the heavens", this novel is somewhat similar but the MC is even more shameless and ridiculous.

Now on to the bad parts, because even if I love this novel enough to read it in LNMTL format for 1711 chapters (all currently released chapters), there are a few flaws which reduce it to a 4/5. First of all, it's quite repetitive. You always know what will happen in fights, it will never change. The first few several hundred chapters were worst, you could predict everything that would happen because the author literally recycled the plot to a hundred percent, everything happened at least several dozen times, every fight was identical, every dialogue was identical (except for the good comedy), every event was identical and just recycled (like tournaments, secret realms etc) and it was like reading the same story over and over again. After several hundred chapters, it gets a lot better on that front. It gets way more varied and the author isn't recycling stuff all the time even if a lot of things are predictable. It raises in quality a lot. Every chapter is about half or a fourth of most other chinese novels, so they're very short. 1711 chapters sounds like a lot, but it's really more like 500 chapters of a novel like ISSTH. The novel has a high release rate though, around 2-3 chapters a day.


The second horrible thing about this novel and probably the worst of them all is the girls. I've never seen a novel with more one-dimensional, worthless girls. You expected a proper harem or some romance? Hahahaha, just give up. 1711 chapters in and there's literally no romance or romantic developments at all, except for him dual cultivating with 3 different girls due to various reasons where things are out of his control, he never actually did it by own initiative. The girls all hate him as well. Their greatest wishes is to surpass him and beat him up. Sure, that's partly because he's an asshole who is faithful to his mission of generating as much hate as possible. Up to a point, it was acceptable and rather realistic, I mean, who'd like a guy who treats them badly and pretends to be a super lecherous playboy? But then it gets to a point where it's not fine anymore. Not only are all their personalities exactly the same except for a few small quirks which is barely noticeable, but they're the most thankless, pretentious and worthless b*tches I've ever seen.

He repeatedly saves their lives many times over, do they thank him? Nope, all they do is hate on him, they're not even grateful that he saved their lives, it's as if they think it's natural or something. He gets a lot of resources and they tag along on the journey, so they get a decent share of the stuff, but they do nothing but act as top-level baggage that he has to carry and protect, they even bring more troubles. So, of course they would be grateful to him and at least thank him a little because he gives them stuff when they're actually just worthless trash that does nothing (seriously, no girls has done anything useful since chapter 1, they just stay back and get protected, we don't even see any text about them except for a bit of background text with their reactions now and then) ? Nah, they seize every opportunity, 24/7, to show derision and hate on him, always thinking about how they want to take a piece of him and beat him up while being hostile in every way possible. They serve no good role whatsoever, at least at the start they were useful for attracting hate, but not anymore. They're just there to be there. To show the MC has b*tches. But they're not really his anyway, because they all hate him and he's not forcing himself on them. They just call him beast, scoundrel, shameless and more all the time, never a kind word, always looking down on him despite having the gall to actually leech off of him all the time. But they never ever show appreciation. I actually want just about all of them to die.

Luckily, the girls are just about not relevant at all, the MC hardly even cares much about them, he'll just keep them like he keeps pets and later on, he gets so damn many resources and require so many resources himself, that the meager amount they require is not even a drop in the ocean, his artifact realm can grow millions of times more resources than they consume without any issues. They pop up now and then and then phase out, they will never have any spotlight and will just stay in the background with almost no text or interactions, it's as if they're not there at all, because they truly do nothing noticeable. Well, it's kind of annoying how all of them somehow tripped into some super huge opportunity to get to a higher stage, the worst of them all was four b*tches who somehow fell into a place with ridiculous resources and no threats whatsoever. They just sat there and ate and bathed in some true dragon blood every day and complained about how they could just eat spiritual medicines every day. Then he comes and saves them from certain death because they would never be able to get out of there and what do they do? Yeah, attack him, try to beat him up and then complain and bitch about everything and how he's progressed too fast and how they're indignant because they worked so "hard". Bullsh*t forced logic and plot holes to power the girls up, ugh, would've been more acceptable if they were relevant, but they're not, sigh. Of course the MC meets them again after not seeing them for a long time and when he does, they're just a few minutes or hours away from being raped, killed or both. Because that's so realistic :D

Two girls are pretty nice though, but that's probably because they're lolis unlike the rest so the author felt they needed a "different" personality. These two are one tao tie (loli, probably many thousand years old, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of years old, who knows, she's underage for a tao tie), and a gaia race called little dai (some planet race that is pretty much a planet given conscioussness, she has a planet inside her and can transform into a loli, she's several billions of years old though), both these girls are way better than the rest, they don't hate on the MC and is instead fairly attached to him, at least little dai is really attached (the tao tie might mainly view him as a meal ticket thus far, but at least she is of use, works and knows her place unlike the "mature" bitches) and probably views him as family and fights with the tao tie for the mc's favor, she also gets really pissed when people attack the MC :P Seriously, these two are the only good girls in this novel.


So, the girls are horrible for the main part, but that's endurable, they're barely every present after all and you can just ignore them as they serve no real purpose, don't look for romance, there'll probably never be any, especially not if the author is planning to make the MC live up to his reputation and name, which I hope.

There's one more thing I disliked, which is how the MC never seems to be getting more OP despite powering up to heaven and beyond. No matter how OP he becomes, he will STILL only be able to fight people 2-5 small realms above his own, or 1 big realm above his own. It's like the author gives us a false illusion that he's powering up, but he's really not, he's staying at around the same power levels all the time.

Well, this seems like a lot of negative stuff, but it was only able to remove 1 out of 5 stars from my rating. That just shows that despite these flaws, they're fairly easy to deal with and doesn't reduce a lot of my enjoyment from the good parts, especially the shameless hilarity of the mc's antics. You can easily skip parts you realized you don't like and miss almost nothing. Also, when the MC fights, you can skip most of it as well, because the villains tend to talk a lot of trash and get a lot of time to use their abilities and explain them (obvious filler text for the author to easily funnel out chapters) only to get killed in one hit. <<less
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Alwi3 rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: c335
The plot is good. Nice cheat system.

But the enemies. Each and everyone is so stupid its not even funny anymore.

Almost every enemies goes like this:

... more>> Enemies chase the MC -->MC kills some henchmen --> The boss says "How dare you kill one of us"

-->MC kills every henchmen and is about to kill the boss --> The boss says" Do you know who I am, who my father is, about my clan/organisation.."-->The enemy is dead.

Its fine if it happens casually, but for almost every fight...

And the audience too, just so stupid as the enemies.

Audience: He will die this time for sure-->Wow, he survived that--> "He'll die this time for sure"

The same thing 2-4 times in one single fight. <<less
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Fluffy rated it
March 5, 2018
Status: c1337
story a bit repetitive and the plot armor was so hard (make me want to throw a brick at author sometimes), but the joke was there and with MC that know no bound the story got more interesting (at least for me ^_^)
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lazy_reaper rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: --
I dont know about others but honestly for me I enjoyed this novel a lot.

I would only suggest to read it if you are into a shamless, idiot, funny, op MC, then go for it

and if you are looking for world development, character interactions then its not your cup of tea.

This novel literally is one man show, that is our MC.....
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WindyWind rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: c1554
Do you like face slapping?

Do you like MC that will never be on the losing side?

Do you like MC actually killing his enemies, instead of the infinite repetition of enemies escaping ?

... more>> Do you like MC being as arrogant as possible?

Well then, this is the novel for you then.

The novel is all about MC being arrogant, completely destroying anyone that stands in his way. His whole goal is to get people to hate him, as that is his cheat system. That alone is what makes this novel good.

There is no real plot, characters have no personality, MC is protected by plot armor, girls around him serve no purpose and every single one of them have the same personality. A lot of the events that happen in the first couple hundred chapters will be repeated again and again in later chapters.

Yet none of that matters when it comes to the novel. Because MC has to earn hate points to grow in power, he will do absolutely everything possible to get people hate him.

A schoolmate looks down on him? He will absolutely destroy and humiliate him and his other schoolmates.

A young master from a big clan wants to kill him? Well he will kill him instead. But oh wait, its bad manners not to thank the big clan for the treasures the young master had on him, so better write a thank you message at the site.

Some big powers are coveting the treasures he got? Those big powers have even bigger powers behind them? Good, it would be a shame if there wasn't anyone to profit hate points from as he destroys the big powers.

It's all about MC shining with his peerless talent, being arrogant and pissing everyone off. Yet unlike other novels with arrogant characters, it doesn't take itself too serious, which makes it a fun read. Though if you are wanting to read it, I suggest reading MTL version of this, as its something you read in bulk rather than savor the quality of it. <<less
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
February 13, 2018
Status: c200
It had potential and was kinda funny in the beginning. But it start to get dull really fast. Most chapters the same: ---Someone challange MC ---bystanders start talking bad rumors (nonsense) about mc---MC stand still and let his opponent hit him-----then mostly use 1-2 strike to knock them down.

The opinions of bystanders is the thing that irritate people the most. More than half of the chapter is about them talking just how bad the MC is (which is not even the case).

The thing that is most sad is that author... more>> just doesn't know how to write a setting for MC to gather hate. There are tons of opportunity for MC to gather hate, instead he just let it go. Author try to make MC to be hated by others but he is just terrible at it. You are suppose to hit a person when he is down, instead MC let off almost all his opponent. At most is just comedy relief.

The romantic part is just as bad. At most he try to boast and act a little shameless, but he doesn't have the guts to anything to the girls. Most of the time the MC give off a vibe that either he is gay or impotent, because he barely react to them. Which is really weird for a guy his age.

Lastly the MC is protected by a massive plot-armor. He anger so many people and still manage to survive. MC manage breakthrough level after level in just a few months and nobody seem to care or be suspicious about it. Any person with a brain will now that a kid that has no family background and has been ordinary his whole life cannot get this strong and use high level martial art moves even with talent. Any real powerful master out there will suspect MC has a big secret in his body, but instead getting the truth out of him, they are only surprise and praise MC has hidden his strength all along. So far only 1 arrogant rich kid try to hurt his family, instead of dozens. <<less
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DabanCrow rated it
August 26, 2017
Status: v1c15
This Novel really deserves the credit it's due. This novel shows the "Hero" becoming the "Villain" soley to grow into great power. Just what one would truly expect. A master piece. All it needs is some updates.

Update: someone has picked up the novel. I shall kneel down to this person if given the chance.

You Go!
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ninthlite rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: v1c9
Honestly I can't tell if the editing is poor, or the original novel had subpar writing, but the chapters are hard to read. I have been needing to read a paragraph twice to understand what was going on sometimes.

Regardless, from what I read, I have not been liking what I have seen. I was interested by the premise of a seemingly evil bastard MC, however all I have seen so far is just overpowered MC, face smacking of cardboard cutout young masters, peerless jade beauties being interested in our MC,... more>> and of course sneering against trash MC. Basically generic as can be. I was actually a little amazed how the author managed to jam so many cliches into ten chapters.

From how generic the first ten chapters have been, I don't really have any anticipation for improvements. I will check back in about a hundred or so chapters to see if my initial impressions are wrong, but for now I will rate this novel as 2/5 stars. <<less
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