The Demon Prince goes to the Academy


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[The Demon King is Dead], a story in which the Demon King got immediately killed in the Prologue. I became the ‘Demon Prince’ of said novel.

…Help me.

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The Devil Comes To The Academy
마왕은 학원에 간다
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New bheyer
January 27, 2022
Status: c97
As at 27th January 2022, Chapter 97

Amazing Slice-of-Life novel transmigration novel.

The MC's personality is refreshing, he is a calculating 'Mad Dog' who steps on others so he himself wont get stepped on. Hilarious and really fun to read, highly recommend.

... more>> In between the slice of life moments, there are plenty of action arcs, which makes for great change of pace.

One Criticism. The translation speed is SUPER SLOW. Roughly 1 chapter every 4-5 days. Its now been 2 weeks since the last update (Chapter 97 came out 8th Jan 2022). This really sucks, since this is such a binge-worthy novel. <<less
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New Cypher4496 rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: c581
Ok so this novel gets 5 star from, its not that there are no fault with the novel, but the fact that it kept me hooked up for more than 500chapter itself proves that its great, in the start it felt like novels extra, now it feels like begining after the end, too damn depressing, overall its fun read, you will find yourself attached to the characters specially MC, translation is good too, definitely worth reading.
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Rembozo rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: c38
  • Have a really good start, bring some aspect I like from Novel Extra. Really hope it doesnt go toward the same direction tho! The translation is pretty good too, so really recommend it rn
  • *EDIT People says its slow because the MC goes to the academy at chapter 25, thats what laying a ground work mean. 25 chapter build up for hundreds of chapters in academy is a small proce to pay imo
  • And thing start to be really interesting. The cast is big which I really love!
  • *EDIT The MC is funny as hell man and boy he have balls. Lovable MC is a plus for sure
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UnrelentingForce rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: c70
I must say, I feel let down.

The translated chapters at the time of writing this review were 28. I went through the raws myself since I was so interested in the early premise of the novel.

I was looking forward to interesting developments, interesting talents being developed by the MC. Maybe some interesting combination of talents, maybe some talent with interesting advantages and disadvantages that the MC cleverly works around. But I was sorely disappointed. The author gave him the most lazy talent you can imagine.

... more>>

"Self-suggestion". Based on the name, I initially believed it was some sort of talent to hypnotize himself. Maybe to accelerate his learning, meaning he hypnotizes himself into ignoring the pain and undergo immense training. Or improve his learning of sword techniques through hypnotizing himself. Or hypnotize himself to ignore his pain/fear during battles.

It's none of that. Basically his ability is that if he believes strongly that something is possible, then it's made possible. It's ret*rded how broken this is. It's basically reality manipulation. Yeah, it not THAT powerful in it's early stages, but it's still pretty crazy. And the MC got it for cheap as hell. Just 1000 points. He got 1000 points just by tricking someone to confess to him, though that process was admittedly pretty funny.

But it's too broken of an ability for a story that seems tobe trying to take itself seriously. I mean where's the challenge in this if the MC can pull out bullsh*t power out of nowhere just because he believes in it.


In the coming chapters, some limitation on this might be shown, but honestly I'm just all around disappointed by the blandness of the author's choice in giving him this ability. Unfortunately I'll be stopping my reading at this point. <<less
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Jarhead._.Lee rated it
September 8, 2021
Status: c49
Imagine an underdog MC. He picks his fights properly, he knows everything he's supposed to, and wins either by proper preparations that took multiple chapters, sheer luck, or a deus ex machina that makes some sense but leaves you feeling... unsatisfied.

Reinhardt (MC) is not that. Despite being the weakest character for the first like 50 chapters, Rein is not afraid to beat the living sh*t out of other people. His existence as a thirty year old man surrounded by teenagers, unlike most novels where that's ignored, is often integrated into... more>> his ideas as well as humor. Despite being an underdog, this shameless beggar refuses to give in to society through some ball-breaking ideas.

It's only 50 chapters, but hey there's illustrations and everyone's kinda hot so- <<less
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alominus rated it
September 29, 2021
Status: --
Dunno what it is about web novels and why they are so equally bad, but the excuse "these are novice writers" doesn't cut it. I think it's likely that they're learning how to write from web novels, so they universally learn bad habits and never improve. Like almost every single web novel, it suffers from stream-of-consciousness writing. I don't think web novel authors use outlines, and instead just make it up as they go, which is why you have the constant info-dumps in the middle of chapters. It's a clear... more>> sign of a poorly-trained novice writer.

The author takes 10 sentences to describe/say what could be said in one every single chapter and gives cringe-worthy amounts of detail about s*upid, obvious, and irrelevant things. To say that this author goes off on tangents to explain completely irrelevant facts is a huge understatement. Super frustrating to read half a chapter of explanations and find out that the point the author was trying to make, was literally spelled out for you beforehand. Chapter 4 of this novel is a perfect example of this. It's an entire chapter made to waste your time, and it's not even a filler.

The author obviously self-inserted himself into this novel and he flaunts his utter lack of writing ability constantly. <<less
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LewdBoi rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: c20
Mehhh, it's alright but not that great. I feel like the MC is very incompetent. He gets to the human kingdom, in a situation where he's gonna starve to death. Takes the option which the system clearly said is always a trap and sells the magic scrolls. I feel like he's an idiot
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Godgrid rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: c263
Goddamn this is a good novel. The premise of the story is what you read in the summary. The demon king's son goes into hiding into an academy after the demon king got killed. Except that it's the author who got sucked into the novel. The premise itself is pretty similar to The Novel's Extra. There's even a harem except that the romance part of the novel doesn't suck absolute f*cking garbage like TNE. (Edited 2022/1/27, the romance f*cking sucks ass holy shit. I was so naive back then, thinking... more>> that it'll end nicely)

You get your usual harem except that all the heroines are developed amazingly well. They're not one dimensional characters that only exist to stoke the main character's ego. They all have their own lives and you can see why they fall in love with the MC.

The main character isn't OP, the man can be beat by a lot of other students. And the fights don't occur that often. But when they do? Amazing shit. The writing allows you to feel CHILLS when a meaningful fight occurs. Also, I like the main character's personality. He refuses to be hammered down and give up.

Also, the story is very interconnected. One incident that happens early has vast impacts and continues to affect the story even now.

In other words, great novel until now. I recommend it and you probably won't be disappointed with it. <<less
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Krystalz rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: --
I'll keep it simple, the story's pacing is utter garbage.

Although I love the fact that the author includes extra details and additional thoughts that adds immersion to the story, the author doesn't know when to stop. It's basically a grand feast of information (thoughts) dump. This makes the development extremely slow despite the long chapters, or what feels like a really long chapter.

I'll give you an example of what it feels like to read the story (similar to the content of the story but the plot is different, so not... more>> spoilers... kinda XD) :

Imagine the MC enters a slum. The story will start by describing this slum and where the MC got inspiration to create it (as the MC is the author and "creator" of said world). Then it would shift to what similarities and changes the MC made and even what was his thought process was when he created this slum, which is completely irrelevant to the plot.

It still doesn't end there, the MC will start blabbering about how surprised he was when there are certain details that appear in the slum which he didn't write about because he is a "lazy writer" and what he thinks of it. Which happens more often then you think.

Only then, does the story proceed normally with a description of how vulnerable he felt walking through the streets and what his thoughts are about the situation (which is very likely to be shorter than the previous babble).

You see how much "extra" information the author writes about despite only entering a single slum? The main event hasn't even started yet! Whether the author doing this is good or bad is entirely up to the person reading it, but I'll just say this. The author writes the ENTIRE thought process of the MC, who thinks too much and panics quite frequently. Though the MC is a rather normal person all in all and not a JP model citizen or a Korean badass or a Chinese tr*sh start slap face character. <<less
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TheHalocrusher rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c58
So far this is my favorite novel of the year, I'm having a lot of fun reading it. I hope the level of quality its had so far keeps up, this is definitely a reccomend from me.
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bakaemon rated it
December 14, 2021
Status: --
Now I have learnt that I should not always trust top reviews. They give star and complaint which doesn't say much about overall quality of the story. Such thing made overrated and underrated novels appeared all the time, in a bad way. Good quality one didn't get appreciated while generic type bad one is mostly well-known.

This story is not bad as the reviewers said out to be, it's deserved the rating and I was enjoyed reading this. I really like the gang-like personality that the MC forced to have, also... more>> the romance with misunderstanding element. Overall it's just good. Read it. Feel the satisfaction as the MC grow stronger like in shounen mangas. This novel deserve my 5 stars. <<less
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Epythymy rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: c15
It's fcking painful to read it because of the pathetic MC.

He can only whine and go with the flow. Most of the time he will be pushed around by others.

He has no plans or even useful ideas, running around like a headless chicken is his most basic modus operandi.

Mc's level of intelligence is the saddest thing here though. It's a real wonder how he is unable to think of anything despite being the creator of this world. Even after getting his hands on his cheat, the first thing he does... more>> is asking for a troll-like advice from one of its functions. He threw away 1/3 of his hard earned points just like that.

I thought that maybe he will wise up with system's help but no, he met his subordinates and was pushed around once again.

I have no idea why most other reviews especially praise MC here, he is more like a joke. <<less
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moneng85 rated it
September 25, 2021
Status: c341
Interesting power mechanic and also relationships around the MC

For example him managing his relationships with his 3 demon servants, good, evil, neutral

or even with his classmates where those he befriended, interested in, guided and others

... more>> His arrangement for future apocalypses while dealing with skeptical surroundings are also something to be awed

Regards the Mc's improvement as logical to a certain extend (time, hardwork, Mc's super power is to supplement his will for hardwork, trained by the best talent, good meal intake, best institute in the world), more realistic than 'I used a sword and I am invincible'

best of all are the characters, where shown side characters also gives off an interesting feeling

Small downside the D-day of apocalypse are 3 years from the day he started school, now its just 1 year after 341 chapters and 2 years to go

For those requesting the Super readable MTL epub file please go to spoilers section and don't forget to give the good Samaritan a like <<less
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ansonwhale rated it
September 4, 2021
Status: c45
This novel is a bit of a mess, but it's a well written mess from what I could tell from the first 45 chapters.

Theres some conflict in how to author tells the story, for example: the MC is supposed to be a 30 year old author but acts like kid going through puberty, the mc's powers are explained but never actually used, and how one of the main premise of these types of novels (The fact that the MC, being an author should know alot about the world of his... more>> own story), only amounts to him knowing a few characters with surface level knowledge.

Asides from that, what this novel does well is setup a good base for a weak to strong protagonist. Even if he isn't such a bright character currently, you can somewhat sympathise with him and his outbursts or insecurities.

Ill wait till I can read more, but I do have some high hopes for the rest of the chapters. <<less
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superstar rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: c96
If you're looking for something different and funny, this is the one for you. The updates by the translator are consistent, and the translation is really great. 5/5 stars!

This is a great novel. I'm more of a josei transmitigation into body of villainess noble woman type reader, but sometimes these male ones really hit the spot. Like this one!

Our MC is really well written, and the things he does are intelligent and natural. I've ready many of these shounen/seinen transmitigations & I never like when the focus is... more>> only on leveling up and no interpersonal interactions (aka very little genuine friendship growth over time, small conversations, etc.). This novel has a really great balance of growing stronger and also interacting with people/making friends and enjoying school life. The interactions are believable and sound.

Our MC's personality is quite funny. I don't know how much he is faking vs. Actually likes behaving this way, but he displays some anger management issues in the funniest ways with his classmates and strangers. He also isn't very powerful which is great to see. I don't like when the novel starts with someone being all-powerful, or having too many easy coincidences lead to great power. So if you feel the same way, this is defintely a perfect novel. <<less
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MasterBait rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: c448
I picked up this novel without much expectation but it turns out to be far more interesting than how I thought it would be. The setting is your typical isekai/fantasy novel with the conflict going on between human race and demon race. However, what I find fascinating in this novel is actually the relationship between the MC and other characters.

Currently this novel can be divided into 2 parts: the Academy part till chapter 429 and the second part from chapter 430 when things start getting more serious.

The first part basically... more>> there to build up the relationship between the MC and his friends, servants, comrades and love interests: how they get to know each others, how they help each others with their problems, how they improve together and what events made their bonds grow stronger. Personally I find this part is written quite well as the author always mentions the MC's inner conflict with this


As all the relationship being built on a lie that he is a normal human being while he is actually the new demon king


And then the second part is when their bonds are being tested, especially the bonds with his friends and love interests at the Academy as


His identity as the demon king is exposed. He is being captured and waiting to be executed. Would his friends help him and who would stay by his side as this should be seen as an act of betrayal to the human race ?


As of now, the dilemma in the relationship is making a positive impact on this novel and I do recommend to give it a try. <<less
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Vandille rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: c15
I can't continue anymore.

I can't continue reading due to how the protagonist is, he keeps weeping about how shitty of an author he was and it's oversaturated, we already get it, you were shitty, and yet the novel keeps on slamming it to the readers faces.

Too much unnecessary exposition that it makes reading the novel feel like a chore, we're given details which are then glossed over and some are basically just used as a punchline, like how the system just hurls insults at our protagonist, it was fine at... more>> first, yet Everytime the system made a joke about our protagonist, it's always about how shitty he is and our protagonist self deprecatingly agrees, it's a total mess, does our protagonist have some sort of problem where he can't express pride? I'm sure he has shame though, yet that somehow disappears whenever the system makes the jokes, he just agrees and moves on.. What?.. Alright..

Maybe you'll find this good, but for me it's just lacking that spark that lets me use my imagination, as it keeps referencing real places, it ruins my immersion of the world he was sent in, I don't know what Seoul looks like and I don't want to see how it looks like, I want to see some originality, something that makes the world unique, and not f*cking boring as hell.

Anyways maybe some people will like it, some people won't, and this just wasn't it for me. <<less
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danish341 rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: c52
Special Note # 1: I really sympathise with the readers who are either complaining or having a hopeful stance towards this novel.

Special Note # 2: I really want to punch that piece of sh*t MC (But it may just be only me).

Ah well, it doesn't really matter what I think about the MC being an writer. To be honest, this may as well be the very first time that I don't know how to review this bland amalgamation of slice of life (Self-Proclaimed by MC) + Drama +... more>> School Life. It's most probably due to the fact that you can't tell when you will feel like sh*t or get mesmerised in the plot.

But nonetheless, it isn't bad (More likely a readable story).

Pros : (Incomplete)

  • MC isn't a person who takes it, laying down. A sad*st (Self-Proclaimed).
  • The character design is quite decent and rare with unique persona.
  • Not a schemer but is a bit harsh on those who annoy him.
Cons :

  • The recurring monologue is just there to annoy me to death. There's hardly any dialogue in a chapter considering the ridiculous length.
  • The environment is the second worst thing after that monologue crap.
  • There could have been a bit more interaction between the system and MC.
  • The viscitudes in the plot line that occured, due to MC are the true essence of the story but they aren't well delivered and at the same time, aren't the worst. Exactly.
This ambiguous review can very well define the start of novel if a fellow reader sympathises with me.

I didn't explain his prowess due to MC being in the early stages.

Although, I said all that but I really suggest the readers to at least give it a try.

Special Thanks to the translators for providing us readers with frequent quality updates for these past few weeks. <<less
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Rechargeable rated it
August 28, 2021
Status: c35
The Premise is a bit meh demon prince demon lord and all of that sh*t gets a lil bit too common nowadays.

The MC is kind of dumb but he has balls and thats what I like about him, not some beta stuttering-every-sentence MC.
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tapeonmyars rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: c18
Currently it's just the beginning of the story, not much has happened yet.

... more>>

it's kinda like The Novels Extra where the author is inside his own novel. So the MC takes over the demon king's son's body but the demon king immediately gets killed by the hero then MC escapes and tries to hide that he's a demon.


Tbh I thought the storytelling was a bit lacking, most of it is just MC explaining things which made the reading experience boring. It isn't horrible but could be better.

Overall I think it's an okay read, pick it up if you have some extra time and you're willing to wait. I am excited to see how the story goes tho <<less
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Lakios rated it
August 30, 2021
Status: c48
The story is not bad.

It's the story of a somewhat idiot MC that has things going well mostly because of "luck" in an Academy (starting ch25).

... more>>

It's not that he has balls or that he acts like an idiot. He is an idiot.

When MC acts crazily against the characters he knows is somewhat understable, when MC acts crazily against people he doesn't know that makes him an idiot.

If you want to see how much of an idiot he is, after fighting the second years and somewhat winning because of plot, he even asked them to make the third year students come themselves on Monday to do the tradicional activity (because the royal prince will suposedly be present that Monday).

The thing is, the third year students after hearing the message don't necessarily need to come that Monday, they could come at that same moment to teach him a lesson, and this time he wouldn't be able to do anything but take the beating. Well that won't happen because of armor plot.

Post Edit 06/09/2021:
Well, it didn't happen that same day but surprisingly still somewhat happened later in ch47/48, they thought of a way to beat him as representatives of a duel, the third year representative is fighting with a handicap and is beating him. Seeing how ch48 ended will he win again because of plot?

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Banditman rated it
August 22, 2021
Status: c48
It has a pretty strong premise. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. At the point I'm at, the protagonist has only just entered school - so the story has really only just begun. I have a few pet peeves about this novel but nothing that's marred the enjoyment much for me.

So, the issues I have with it:

I think the protagonist, so far, has had too limited of an interaction with others, while also talking to himself too much. I feel a bit fatigued reading some of his internal... more>> monologues - which isn't helped by my other pet peeve - repetition. The author has a small habit of repeating himself, an example:


"If that were the case, then there was a good chance that Charlotte would soon be killed by Bertus or one of his people.

Charlotte would die behind the scenes at the vestiges of the main story. She wouldn't even be able to join the main story.

Charlotte would probably die soon. The possibility that she won't even make it to the Empire isn't that low either.

Charlotte would be in danger soon, I don't know how though. While I was thinking about that, the princess was letting out a sigh as she was finally full."

"Bertus would be embarrassed to know that the first princess was alive and not dead. He would have, of course, thought that she died, but she came back alive."


The translation is very competent and easy to read though, and the story shows a lot of promise. The protagonist both having (limited) information about the future and a secret identity to hide lest he be persecuted is a fun combination. I hope he's forced to interact with his classmates soon, and some interesting drama sprouts from that.

EDIT: What's written before this was my opinion up to chapter 26.

Turns out that small habit I identified was really more of an isolated case and I haven't noticed much of anything like that since.

Also, the protagonist is a whole lot less reasonable (and a whole lot more fun) than I thought he would be at the start. He acts surprisingly obnoxious (in a fun way) and sticks up for himself really well. I'm getting more optimistic about this novel as it goes, and I hope it keeps it up. <<less
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