The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy


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[The Demon King is Dead] is a story in which the Demon King was immediately killed off in the Prologue.

And I became the ‘Demon Prince’ of said novel.

…Help me.

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Demon King of the Royal Class
The Devil Comes To The Academy
마왕은 학원에 간다
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183 Reviews

New Liroy
Apr 30, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel has a simple issue: It lacks depth.

At first, that isn't as big of an issue since the story operates in a much smaller scale, although there are still plenty of plot holes enough to make one drop the story—as I almost did. Once the story moves past the academy, however, the lack of any description becomes infuriating.

For the first 400~ chapters, the story revolves around the characters and the rather simple events surrounding them. The lack of description about the world around isn't as important as the characters,... more>> since the focus are the very characters. As soon as the story expands and gets more complicate, however, that ambiguity starts to weight down, a lot. There is hardly any mentions of numbers, of geography—aside from names—or any characters, or any action for that matter as the author decided to simply not write about the fights during the "Gate incident."

From my point of view, the story is about how Titles can hold a person down. They come with responsibilities, and one is meant to bear those responsibilities, as is their duties. The Demon King is supposed to be the Demon King, and the Hero is supposed to be Hero, just as the Emperor is supposed to be the Emperor. They are merely cogs in the wheel, without any power to make their own decisions. In a way, that is true, but not in here, not in the way the author portrayed the subject.

After the "Gate incident, " the Demon King's strength was never specified, as the author simply refused to write about any conflict. We know that he is strong, but the extent of it. The Hero is arguably the most powerful human left alive, with the close second being the Swordsman who swore undying loyalty to the Emperor. What that means is that the three powerhouses of the story are not enemies, and have more than enough power to either let humanity die off or end the gate incident—and neither of the three are enemies.

The real "enemy" here is are the "masses, " the voice of the "people" who want the Demon King dead. I understand the concept. It is a good concept—if done right, which is not the case here. Once the story expands, the writing should have gone with it, but instead, we remain reading the same high school drama that was happening before 95% of humanity was wiped out by monsters. Worst yet, since the story so far wouldn't allow for a conflict between the Hero and the Demon King, the Author shoved an idiotic idea for the story to move as he intended.

It's not a bad read, per-se, but it is extremely infuriating. There are huge holes left and right, it has very little depth, and after a while, it's just a cheesy high school drama masquerading as something else. <<less
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Feb 20, 2022
Status: c550
The novel begins with the death of an author because of a rise in blood pressure after reading malicious comments. He then possessed an extra character, 'Demon Prince, ' who he himself didn't know existed in the novel he wrote as punishment for crimes such as 'Being a repeat offender' and 'Having no prospects at all'. The story mostly delves into human relationships, the way MC forges bonds and how these bonds get tested during the difficult times.

Unlike the author's previous works, which had heavy atmosphere throughout the story, this... more>> work starts off with quite a bright and light-hearted beginning. But as the plot progressed, it was quite clear that the author was slowly shifting the tone to his original style.


Relevant Main Cast

    • Reinhardt: The main protagonist of the novel who, after his death, possessed an extra character, 'Demon Prince'. He later resolves himself to save as many lives as possible in the novel he created. Contrary to his brash behavior, he has an altruistic personality, who will always try to save others at his own expense. This character stems from the sense of debt and guilt that he has written such absurd developments in his novel. He hates people sacrificing themselves for him, so he would rather be the sacrifice.
    • Ellen: The black-haired girl in the cover, she is portrayed as a kuudere. She is the little sister of one of heroes. Considered the strongest swordsman and the also sword mentor of the Reinhardt/Vali. After the death of her brother, she became quite cold towards others. The heroine with the most screen time in the story. She was herself unaware of her feelings for Reinhardt, but eventually comes to terms with it. Currently, the most hated heroine as the KR readers legit butchered her.
    • Charlotte: The blonde girl in the cover, the Empire's princess. She was a girl who didn't appear in the original novel, as she would die in the Demon King's Castle. Reinhardt risked his life to save her. Another heroine that is currently getting a lot of hate by the Korean reader base.
    • Olivia: She is a person who was supposed to be appointed as the next commander of the Knights Templar. She is an outstanding beauty with a noble personality. She is very upfront about her feelings towards Reinhardt. Currently, the most loved heroine among the fanbase, as she is the only one who stays by Reinhardt's side during his darkest time.
    • Herriot: The twin tail girl in the cover, she is a typical tsundere, she initially looked down at Reinhardt due to her noble lineage. They eventually get close. She is also one of the few who choose to risk her life for Reinhardt.


    • Author's immersive writing style is top tier and will pull you in and the translation quality is quite good.
    • The detailed emotional analysis of each of the characters and the way author portrayed it
    • Life like and intelligent side characters. Detailed worldview and intriguing background settings.
    • Harem actually helps to drive the plot instead of being straight up annoying

Author's previous works such as "Hunter of the Ruined World", and "Strongest Marshall" are critically acclaimed and considered as masterpieces by many, but sadly the author rarely writes happy endings. So I'm kind of worried about it.

KKP ratings:

Due to various controversies with the author, the initial star rating of the work started seriously low (7.3/10), compared to many other novels in of Kakao Page, which does not receive very good ratings in the low 9-point range. However, from the 180th episode, the star rating reached 9 points, and was gradually reaching towards late 9-point. But after 500 chapters the star rating starts to drop once again and has stagnated somewhere between 8-9, many of the reviewers also gave 6-7 ratings. The cause of this is because author introduced a heavy atmosphere and frustrating plot development which the Korean readers usually term as "Sweet Potato"-esque situation.

Final Thoughts:

It's definitely worth the read if you are well-versed in Hangeul. However, if you don't how to read Korean, I would advise you to wait till Wuxia gets the license for this novel since Reaperscans have sadly been hit with copyright strikes so they had to drop it.

The author of the novel is one of the best in the field, so the writing style and the way the plot is driven will keep you hooked. The depth of the side characters, and the worldview is also pretty well written. Although I hoped the MC's personality would have developed alongside his strength, so I'm unsatisfied in terms of character development. Also, if you come across some negative comments in KKP, it's probably because of a certain arc as there is some frustrating development later on in the story which the Korean readers label as "Sweet Potato", but when it gets resolved the story again gets better. I think that both harem haters and lovers can enjoy this novel alike, as harem actually plays a role in driving the plot instead of being annoying. I think you probably got a rough outline.

The author previously wrote Hunter of the Ruined world and Strongest Marshall (considered one of the best sc-fi of all time) all of them are critically acclaimed and many label them as masterpieces, he is known to create waves in many genres, so he will probably do justice to this one as well. <<less
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Sep 29, 2021
Status: --
Dunno what it is about web novels and why they are so equally bad, but the excuse "these are novice writers" doesn't cut it. I think it's likely that they're learning how to write from web novels, so they universally learn bad habits and never improve. Like almost every single web novel, it suffers from stream-of-consciousness writing; I don't think web novel authors use outlines, and instead just make it up as they go, which is why you have the constant info dumps in the middle of chapters. It's a... more>> clear sign of a poorly-trained novice writer.

The author takes 10 sentences to describe/say what could be said in one every single chapter and gives cringe-worthy amounts of detail about s*upid, obvious, and irrelevant things. To say that this author goes off on tangents to explain completely irrelevant facts is a huge understatement. Super frustrating to read half a chapter of explanations and find out that the point the author was trying to make was literally spelled out for you beforehand. Chapter 4 of this novel is a perfect example of this. It's an entire chapter made to waste your time, and it's not even a filler.

The author obviously self-inserted himself into this novel and he flaunts his utter lack of writing ability constantly. <<less
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Jul 28, 2021
Status: c38
  • Have a really good start, bring some aspect I like from Novel Extra. Really hope it doesnt go toward the same direction tho! The translation is pretty good too, so really recommend it rn
  • *EDIT People says its slow because the MC goes to the academy at chapter 25, thats what laying a ground work mean. 25 chapter build up for hundreds of chapters in academy is a small proce to pay imo
  • And thing start to be really interesting. The cast is big which I really love!
  • *EDIT The MC is funny as hell man and boy he have balls. Lovable MC is a plus for sure
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Sep 10, 2022
Status: Completed
There's an irony with this novel, in how the MC is an author that writes angsty, apocalyptic stories. The novel he gets transmigrated into is his only attempt at a light-hearted slice-of-life story, but after running out of ideas he eventually writes in a cataclysm that turns the story into his usual angsty slop.

I'd say 400 chapters in, the same thing happens to this story. The school life parts were genuinely fun, but the author can't help but turn it all on its head with a big disaster. What annoys... more>> me most of all is that the second half really retroactively ruins a lot of the good parts of the first half. It didn't really have anything else going for it anyways, with a nonsensical 'system', lack of realism/coherence in character actions, narrow worldbuilding, etc. This isn't even just my opinion, since this is the MC transmigrating into his own novel, he lampshades how bad these aspects are and how bad of a writer he is constantly. And unfortunately he's right - it was just excusable when the story was mostly a comedy/slice-of-life.


Bonus point for having the guts to go for a harem ending at least, but I can't give too much credit here since the romance with several of the heroines was absolutely nuked in the second half. In general it was lacking a lot of romantic development in the most crucial stage - after they realize their feelings for eachother.

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Sep 08, 2021
Status: c49
Imagine an underdog MC. He picks his fights properly, he knows everything he's supposed to, and wins either by proper preparations that took multiple chapters, sheer luck, or a deus ex machina that makes some sense but leaves you feeling... unsatisfied.

Reinhardt (MC) is not that. Despite being the weakest character for the first like 50 chapters, Rein is not afraid to beat the living sh*t out of other people. His existence as a thirty year old man surrounded by teenagers, unlike most novels where that's ignored, is often integrated into... more>> his ideas as well as humor. Despite being an underdog, this shameless beggar refuses to give in to society through some ball-breaking ideas.

It's only 50 chapters, but hey there's illustrations and everyone's kinda hot so- <<less
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: c70
I must say, I feel let down.

The translated chapters at the time of writing this review were 28. I went through the raws myself since I was so interested in the early premise of the novel.

I was looking forward to interesting developments, interesting talents being developed by the MC. Maybe some interesting combination of talents, maybe some talent with interesting advantages and disadvantages that the MC cleverly works around. But I was sorely disappointed. The author gave him the most lazy talent you can imagine.

... more>>

"Self-suggestion". Based on the name, I initially believed it was some sort of talent to hypnotize himself. Maybe to accelerate his learning, meaning he hypnotizes himself into ignoring the pain and undergo immense training. Or improve his learning of sword techniques through hypnotizing himself. Or hypnotize himself to ignore his pain/fear during battles.

It's none of that. Basically his ability is that if he believes strongly that something is possible, then it's made possible. It's ret*rded how broken this is. It's basically reality manipulation. Yeah, it not THAT powerful in it's early stages, but it's still pretty crazy. And the MC got it for cheap as hell. Just 1000 points. He got 1000 points just by tricking someone to confess to him, though that process was admittedly pretty funny.

But it's too broken of an ability for a story that seems tobe trying to take itself seriously. I mean where's the challenge in this if the MC can pull out bullsh*t power out of nowhere just because he believes in it.


In the coming chapters, some limitation on this might be shown, but honestly I'm just all around disappointed by the blandness of the author's choice in giving him this ability. Unfortunately I'll be stopping my reading at this point. <<less
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Oct 05, 2021
Status: --
I'll keep it simple, the story's pacing is utter garbage.

Although I love the fact that the author includes extra details and additional thoughts that adds immersion to the story, the author doesn't know when to stop. It's basically a grand feast of information (thoughts) dump. This makes the development extremely slow despite the long chapters, or what feels like a really long chapter.

I'll give you an example of what it feels like to read the story (similar to the content of the story but the plot is different, so not... more>> spoilers... kinda XD) :

Imagine the MC enters a slum. The story will start by describing this slum and where the MC got inspiration to create it (as the MC is the author and "creator" of said world). Then it would shift to what similarities and changes the MC made and even what was his thought process was when he created this slum, which is completely irrelevant to the plot.

It still doesn't end there, the MC will start blabbering about how surprised he was when there are certain details that appear in the slum which he didn't write about because he is a "lazy writer" and what he thinks of it. Which happens more often then you think.

Only then, does the story proceed normally with a description of how vulnerable he felt walking through the streets and what his thoughts are about the situation (which is very likely to be shorter than the previous babble).

You see how much "extra" information the author writes about despite only entering a single slum? The main event hasn't even started yet! Whether the author doing this is good or bad is entirely up to the person reading it, but I'll just say this. The author writes the ENTIRE thought process of the MC, who thinks too much and panics quite frequently. Though the MC is a rather normal person all in all and not a JP model citizen or a Korean badass or a Chinese tr*sh start slap face character. <<less
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Aug 15, 2021
Status: c20
Mehhh, it's alright but not that great. I feel like the MC is very incompetent. He gets to the human kingdom, in a situation where he's gonna starve to death. Takes the option which the system clearly said is always a trap and sells the magic scrolls. I feel like he's an idiot
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May 30, 2023
Status: Completed
To describe "The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy, " the word that resonates most with me is "painful." Not in terms of its difficulty or writing style, but rather in the profound emotional impact it had on me as a reader. This story immersed me so deeply that I felt the unbearable anguish experienced by certain characters.

I must confess that this genre is not my usual preference. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly loved the narrative, though I doubt I would revisit it in the future. Currently, when I try to reminisce... more>> by looking at illustrations from the initial part of the story, an overwhelming sense of pain washes over me, as if recalling an unattainable dream.

As the second part unfolded, the story delved into guilt-ridden territory, making it increasingly challenging to read until the final few chapters. I managed to persevere due to spoiling myself with illustrations from all the chapters. This rare instance of knowing the approximate ending gave me the courage to continue, even though the illustrations presented an unexpected twist.


Addressing the harem element, I usually despise harems for their tendency to serve as a self-indulgent creation of a multitude of young girls by the author. However, in this case, I began reading without prior knowledge of it being a harem story. Even though I abhor this trope, I couldn't imagine any other conclusion. My desire for Ellen's happiness surpassed all else, yet I didn't want the other girls to cry or suffer, particularly Harriet and Olivia, who unwaveringly trusted Reinhardt throughout. As for Iris and Luise, I view them more as additional characters who could have thrived independently of their connection to Reinhardt.

The most distressing aspect for me was the war-induced suffering. I longed to witness Ellen's happiness, but it seemed that since the gates, her journey was defined by suffering. She found fleeting moments of joy with Reinhardt, but even those were tinged with bitterness. Ellen, a young girl ignorant of the world's intricacies, experienced loss and betrayal, unknowingly igniting the conflicts that unfolded. Her perpetual suffering made it incredibly arduous to read, as empathy for her situation was inescapable. All I wanted was to see her find happiness again, and had I not known the outcome, I might have abandoned the story.

In the second part of the story, comical moments were nearly absent, overshadowed by walls of pain and guilt. The circumstances within the story made it difficult to find laughter.

One aspect that bothered me was how Reinhardt's skills seemed to diminish in significance after the second half. Abilities like self-suggestion and spirit speech/word magic, initially presented as formidable, became somewhat inconsequential.

On a positive note, I appreciated the interconnectedness of almost all the events. There were minimal filler moments, as most actions had consequences that shaped the overall plot.

However, I found the forced sadness to be particularly frustrating. Certain sorrowful scenes felt contrived, serving no purpose other than to elicit sadness. I believe there were better options available to evoke emotions without resorting to such artificial decisions.

In conclusion, despite my ramblings, I genuinely adored "The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy." Its ability to evoke both pain and happiness within me was remarkable. Will I read it again? Most likely not. Not because it was lacking in quality, but rather because it evoked such intense feelings of suffering in Ellen.

Best girl? It's difficult to choose, as each girl played a vital role. However, if I were to rank them, both Olivia and Harriet deserve the utmost praise for their unwavering trust in Reinhardt until the end. Charlotte, initially likable, distanced herself from the main character as the story progressed, becoming another burdened by guilt. And then there's Ellen, my favorite character, who endured the most profound suffering throughout the entire narrative. Her pain resonated with me on a visceral level, making it agonizing to witness her relentless anguish, even until the end.

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Sep 10, 2021
Status: c263
Goddamn this is a good novel. The premise of the story is what you read in the summary. The demon king's son goes into hiding into an academy after the demon king got killed. Except that it's the author who got s**ked into the novel. The premise itself is pretty similar to The Novel's Extra. There's even a harem except that the romance part of the novel doesn't suck absolute f*cking garbage like TNE.

You get your usual harem except that all the heroines are developed amazingly well. They're not one... more>> dimensional characters that only exist to stoke the main character's ego. They all have their own lives and you can see why they fall in love with the MC.

The main character isn't OP, the man can be beat by a lot of other students. And the fights don't occur that often. But when they do? Amazing shit. The writing allows you to feel CHILLS when a meaningful fight occurs. Also, I like the main character's personality. He refuses to be hammered down and give up.

Also, the story is very interconnected. One incident that happens early has vast impacts and continues to affect the story even now.

In other words, great novel until now. I recommend it and you probably won't be disappointed with it. <<less
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May 19, 2023
Status: Completed
I rated this book a 2.5 because I only liked the first half of the story. Lets start with the good part. The first 400 chapters of the story was genuinely one of the best writings I've ever read for a web novel. It kept my interest up and the author manages to balance out the relationship, action, and plot very well. I would dare say that this first 400 chapters of academy life is in my top 10 best written chapters for all web novels I've ever read.

After 400... more>> chapters, I personally thought it went downhill. The MC goes through many events (many of which were straight up tragic) and changes (but not really). Instead of being a happy/reckless guy who wants to save the world, he became a depressed/broken/cold guy who STILL wants to save the world.

I'm sure this character development ticked many people off mainly due to how, even though the MC personality changes to become a cold-blooded ruler, he still is very generous to traitors and people who wants to kill him and everyone he loves.


The main reason why I rated this novel a 2.5 out of 5 is due to how MC treated the two traitors, Charlotte and Ellen. After their betrayal, which costed MC Loyar and many other people who were loyal and kind to him, MC decided to go ahead and rescue Charlotte and give her an important position. This doesn't really make sense. In the darkest of times, she betrayed the MC but the MC still forgives her and doesn't even feel ill-will towards her. This to me was the worst part because it signifies that the MC does not attach much importance to Loyar and others who have died FOR him BECAUSE of Charlotte. The author made the worst possible decision by making the MC forgive Charlotte without any comprehensible reason other than "I need her to develop my kingdom" to which I argue, how can you trust a person to run your country who just sold you out and ALMOST gotten you killed?

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May 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I loved this series so much, and that's why im so dissapointed at how it fell from grace.

Its a very good read that made fall in love with it from its early chapters, its fun, full of twist, and each chapter makes your imagination wild about what would happened next. At least the first 400 chapters were like that (or maybe 300 depends on how your taste).

Each characters have their own setting and even when they do irrasional things there's a good personal reason for that.

But everything went awry in... more>> 400-500 chapters it completely break those settings and making each and every character do the exact thing they wouldn't do.

Still if you forget the build up from the early 400 chapter the story is pretty decent and the last 500-the end is full of political and strategical surprise (which some may say "inconsistent") such as an important character turns out unimportant, or a side character becoming a key figure of a certain arc that have huge snowball effect later.

However tha main problem is this "inconsistence" not limited to the story but to main characters as well. I held on the hope that author will somehow set things straight at the very end at least. Some may get the ending they deserve, but some characters really ruined because of these "inconsistence"

Major spoilers and huge rant


the most obvious is Ellen. She was build up as one of the main heroines and one of the most beloved character for MC as she was one of the characters that gives so much for MC, even sacrificing her freedom to serve Charlotte so Reinhardt didn't have to politically marry her and becoming a hero in order to protect Reinhardt from Demon King's threat. Clearly saying that she only fights to protect what's precious for her. But when she manage uncover Reinhardt's identity instead of confronting Reinhardt as she usually do, She rat him out to Bertus just because she can't handle the truth. And when she came to her sense Gate already opened and she only helped Reinhardt escapes at the very end practically abandoning him (the very reason she become hero) for other people she practically don't know nor care. She even conceal Gate's opening incident truth from the public, practically makes Reinhardt no 1 public enemy, then uses hero excuses for not being able to stay with Reinhardt when in fact had she side with Reinhardt none of the chaos would happened and even if it did it will be suppressed early.

What she did in these around 70 chapters completely ruined her character that builds from chapter 1-400 and 500- the end. Even didn't get married/live together (as human) with Reinhardt at the end, despite its a harem ending and MC even marries a few random woman for politics and yeah she s my fav 😅 I may be biased but other characters also become inconsistent such as Ludwig become Antihero, Antirian*s from potential enemy to ally to enemy then ally again then a last boss. Eleris also despite not wishing for bloodshed but she become responsible for the most deaths, but of course its all Reinhardt's fault. And after all sacrifices in the end people still not united and wars still broke out. Which makes me wonder again why Ellen have to care about em when her sacrifice practically didn't mean shit.

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Apr 03, 2022
Status: c530
Dropped. Enjoying read this novel till chapter 300. Good start. But as the story grow the main character becomes tr*sh and is very inconsistent. A protagonist who goes with the flow even when taken advantage of by others. Tanslator need to add genre tragedy to this novel. All comedy will end in chapter 300+, and the rest is tragedy.

... more>>

From letting her friend Liana think that he was the one who killed her father and various nonsense statements by the author to justify right of his actions. And even until the protagonist becomes Charlotte's fiancé and Ellen becomes Charlotte's knight. And later Ellen will in opposite side from ML. Event romeo and juliet better than this.


The author ruins the novel.

I know the protagonist is a saint man who wants to protect the world from the gate incident. But allowing himself to be the target of the hatred of peoples around him and everyone else was a complete fool for me. He didn't even prepare a plan for himself to survive after the gate incident was solved. <<less
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Sep 09, 2022
Status: c723
Rate is 2 and half, not three

Since I liked the story I decided to go and read the mtl of every single chapter until the end and now that I actually finish it I'll give my review.

Let's start by talking about what I found good in the story:

    • The beginning is pretty good. I liked how the system worked and how he ended up entering the academy with infinity potential but with any actual skill
    • The MC is not the classic complete idiot that just sit around and stay quiet while others tries bulling him. Something to appreciate.
    • The relationships between the characters is good and even the romance is, at least in the first part
    • The MC starts as a normal person and he's not an OP character from the start and even during the first part of the story you can see him doing his best in training so that is able to gain strengh
Now the problems and what I disliked (SPOILER AHEAD:

    • The fricking flow of thoughts of the MC. The author really spend too much time explaing every little thing and this is a punch in the eyes in a novel as long as this one. And let's not talking about all the "I'm a sh*tty author" thing.
    • There are no great plot twist. Yeah, there are some surprise at the end of the first part and in some others but most of the troublesome situation are resolved pretty easily.

      The adventure in the Dark Lands for example. There wasn't any kind of pathos there. They find out bandits have occupied a city. They killed them without a fight and then return to the start city and say that the bandits surely had an accomplice. Who could it be if not the only person who gave them problem a while before? After that only zombies and then a pretty decent boss. Yeah, he was strong but how could you feel any pressure when you have a fricking vampire that could solve the situation with her magic if she really wanted to? I understand the mental burden that those guys had to feel because of what happened but there was a lot more that the author could have done. He could have made this arc a lot more spicy in so much ways but he preferred to play safe.

      To sum up what I said in the spoilers: the authors prefers to take the easy and safer way out rather than risk something by writing about real challenges for the characters.
    • In the second part of the story we basically don't have any more interactions with a lot of characters. Charlotte? The MC saves her and then poof, you only see her another couple of times and every single interaction is about managing the kingdom. No more romance between MC and her, literally NOTHING. And that really pissed me off a lot. Idem for the interaction with the other girls. I understand that is time of war but you can't just cut off those characters like that.
    • The second part of the story is definitely undertone compared to the first. Good the training arc, good the part about saving the princess and some interactions. But the gates incident doesn't gives any kind of problems. I understand that the author wanted to concentrate on the human's side of the story and the hidden truth about the whole incident, but this was a bit too much. Give those monster a hierarchy, commander, something. Not just some kind of killing machine. The author did this probabily because he didn't know how he could have manages three fronts but, to me, that was a poor choice.
    • Let's not talk about the ghosts please because those sh*tty things have a plot armor so great that really hits different.
    • The final enemy of the monsters. Dead in two seconds. The monsters in this second part, the great enemy of humanity were nothing more that some side characters. And they all died like some side characters.
    • You could have understand where the story in the second part was going to go from basically the very start. Nothing to be surprise about.
    • Ludwig. My god. Ludwig. Never saw a character being so misused like him.
      The author gave him a part in the second half of the story just to make you feel like he'll become some kind of great force. No, once an idiot, always an idiot. Evolution of the character doesn't exist. You just think it exists. He was needed just for the ending.
  • The author never said anything about the system in the end. It's a minor thing, but I still would have liked to at least knew why the one giving him the quests was so pissed to him and some other information.

About the end of the first part of the story:


I didn't like that those two betrayed him, but I understood why they did. In that kind of world, in that kind of setting, with all the pressure and the scars they had, they losed their temper for a moment. If they were in their right state of mind they wouldn't have taken that choice. They would have confront him and made him spill the truth. But they weren't. They were weak and they acted liked weak. People make mistakes and they made one so great that they'll never forgive themselves for it. I didn't like it and I too thought that Ellen making that choice was a bit too strange, but I can understand.

People doesn't always make the right choice and this was a proof for that.


In the end, I both liked and hated this story. The first part was decent while the second was absolutely not good enough. The author is good at making love stories judging by the academy arc. I think he should write only those.
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Jul 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I was actually skeptical about this novel and I passed on reading it a couple of times because of some of the reviews.

Now, I'm so glad I read it. I binged through the whole thing. I don't really like reading through mtls because of the quality but I legitly kept on wanting to see what was going to happen next and I ended up reading the whole thing.

Some of the plot situations can be frustrating and that's completely understandable. Personally, I felt like how the story progression went just made... more>> sense in a way. Sure things could've with solved with butterflies and rainbows but nope, not this one. Majority of the characters, if not all were very humanlike and that is why I think that everything that happened seemed like it made sense why it happened whether it was good or bad.

I thought this was going to be like a school life/slice of life novel with a bit of seriousness added to it. Oh boy I was wrong. Although they didn't overly emphasize it, get ready for some feels. As you read through the chapters you'll end up thinking back to how it was in the early storylines and how much things have changed.

Anyway, I 100% recommend reading it. I could write more but I'll end it here. I would probably re-read it at some point again once the translations are actually done. It'll prolly take a year or two tho lol. <<less
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Sep 27, 2021
Status: c15
I can't continue anymore.

I can't continue reading due to how the protagonist is, he keeps weeping about how shitty of an author he was and it's oversaturated, we already get it, you were shitty, and yet the novel keeps on slamming it to the readers faces.

Too much unnecessary exposition that it makes reading the novel feel like a chore, we're given details which are then glossed over and some are basically just used as a punchline, like how the system just hurls insults at our protagonist, it was fine at... more>> first, yet Everytime the system made a joke about our protagonist, it's always about how shitty he is and our protagonist self deprecatingly agrees, it's a total mess, does our protagonist have some sort of problem where he can't express pride? I'm sure he has shame though, yet that somehow disappears whenever the system makes the jokes, he just agrees and moves on.. What?.. Alright..

Maybe you'll find this good, but for me it's just lacking that spark that lets me use my imagination, as it keeps referencing real places, it ruins my immersion of the world he was sent in, I don't know what Seoul looks like and I don't want to see how it looks like, I want to see some originality, something that makes the world unique, and not f*cking boring as hell.

Anyways maybe some people will like it, some people won't, and this just wasn't it for me. <<less
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Jan 05, 2022
Status: c96
If you're looking for something different and funny, this is the one for you. The updates by the translator are consistent, and the translation is really great. 5/5 stars!

This is a great novel. I'm more of a josei transmitigation into body of villainess noble woman type reader, but sometimes these male ones really hit the spot. Like this one!

Our MC is really well written, and the things he does are intelligent and natural. I've ready many of these shounen/seinen transmitigations & I never like when the focus is... more>> only on leveling up and no interpersonal interactions (aka very little genuine friendship growth over time, small conversations, etc.). This novel has a really great balance of growing stronger and also interacting with people/making friends and enjoying school life. The interactions are believable and sound.

Our MC's personality is quite funny. I don't know how much he is faking vs. Actually likes behaving this way, but he displays some anger management issues in the funniest ways with his classmates and strangers. He also isn't very powerful which is great to see. I don't like when the novel starts with someone being all-powerful, or having too many easy coincidences lead to great power. So if you feel the same way, this is defintely a perfect novel. <<less
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Dec 14, 2021
Status: c100
Now I have learnt that I should not always trust top reviews. They give star and complaint which doesn't say much about overall quality of the story. Such thing made overrated and underrated novels appeared all the time, in a bad way. Good quality one didn't get appreciated while generic type bad one is mostly well-known.

This story is not bad as the reviewers said out to be, it's deserved the rating and I was enjoyed reading this. I really like the gang-like personality that the MC forced to have, also... more>> the romance with misunderstanding element. Overall it's just good. Read it. Feel the satisfaction as the MC grow stronger like in shounen mangas. This novel deserve my 5 stars. <<less
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Sep 28, 2021
Status: c448
I picked up this novel without much expectation but it turns out to be far more interesting than how I thought it would be. The setting is your typical isekai/fantasy novel with the conflict going on between human race and demon race. However, what I find fascinating in this novel is actually the relationship between the MC and other characters.

Currently this novel can be divided into 2 parts: the Academy part till chapter 429 and the second part from chapter 430 when things start getting more serious.

The first part basically... more>> there to build up the relationship between the MC and his friends, servants, comrades and love interests: how they get to know each others, how they help each others with their problems, how they improve together and what events made their bonds grow stronger. Personally I find this part is written quite well as the author always mentions the MC's inner conflict with this


As all the relationship being built on a lie that he is a normal human being while he is actually the new demon king


And then the second part is when their bonds are being tested, especially the bonds with his friends and love interests at the Academy as


His identity as the demon king is exposed. He is being captured and waiting to be executed. Would his friends help him and who would stay by his side as this should be seen as an act of betrayal to the human race ?


As of now, the dilemma in the relationship is making a positive impact on this novel and I do recommend to give it a try. <<less
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Sep 25, 2021
Status: c341
Interesting power mechanic and also relationships around the MC

For example him managing his relationships with his 3 demon servants, good, evil, neutral

or even with his classmates where those he befriended, interested in, guided and others

... more>> His arrangement for future apocalypses while dealing with skeptical surroundings are also something to be awed

Regards the Mc's improvement as logical to a certain extend (time, hardwork, Mc's super power is to supplement his will for hardwork, trained by the best talent, good meal intake, best institute in the world), more realistic than 'I used a sword and I am invincible'

best of all are the characters, where shown side characters also gives off an interesting feeling

Small downside the D-day of apocalypse are 3 years from the day he started school, now its just 1 year after 341 chapters and 2 years to go

For those requesting the Super readable MTL epub file please go to spoilers section and don't forget to give the good Samaritan a like <<less
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