The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines


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When I read the development of the heroine getting stolen away, I left a malicious comment to the author.

But then I woke up later, and I’m now the villain who is supposed to steal the heroine.

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히로인을 강탈한 악당이 되었다
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New kuri94 rated it
June 7, 2024
Status: Completed
Disclaimer: In the following review I mention the names of the heroines and indicate in rather general terms some of their psychological changes as the story progresses. If you think this is a spoiler don't read on.

Very mixed bag. Not simply a sadistic fetish fest, but it is hard to deny that this is what it is either, especially in the early stages. The high point in terms of psychological depth certainly lies in the late stages of the relationship with Lizzie---this is really why the book manages to transcend... more>> pulp: the relationships with Euphemia and Yuriel quickly descend into smut flavoured with catfights that are unsurpassed in their cheapness, while the other heroine (s) are pretty forgettable---but this is also rather annoying: the main lead is excessively introspective while Lizzie has never thought about her own actions, leading the blind to pursue the blind, finally resulting in an ill-fated relationship that isn't even sexy. Early characterisation of the heroines is generally done well, but they mostly lose any individuality once they come to psychologically accept their entry into the harem; Lizzie is the primary exception here, and this is because 'acceptance', such as it is, only comes at the end (if at all).

In more detail: undoubtedly well written in places, the work is sometimes even thoughtful in its own---very limited---way. Some of the smut is also done well, if you have the stomach for it. On the other hand, the book sometimes manages to be vulgar without being erot*c (Euphemia post training or s*x scenes with Lizzie), cheap when it should be thoughtful (competition between Euphemia and Yuriel), and excessively sensitive when it should be meaty (relationships with Laura and Lizzie). Also, being addressed to a mature audience does not mean that r*pe is not r*pe or gaslighting not gaslighting as one other reviewer appears to think: the tags are their for a reason. Marital r*pe is also r*pe, which should be obvious since it is marital... r*pe. On the other hand as another reviewer says: the tags are their for a reason. This isn't 'The Villain Wants to Live' despite some superficial early similarities and so the comparison is either highly selective (Deculein is handsome and aristocratic) or in bad faith. This story is not cute, the villain is really a villain, and the point of the story is to follow how a villain seduces, gaslights, coerces---in a word robs---heroines in a context where 'Stockholm Syndrome' and 'BD*M' are relevant tags. This is hardly going to be My Sassy Girlfriend, but it is rather better than, say, 50 Shades of Grey. <<less
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New rodolfom24 rated it
May 29, 2024
Status: c151
The main character is a transmigrated soul in a medieval setting, possessing a body in a novel.

Unlike most transmigration novel the transmigrated soul merges with the original one, so the main character possess traits from both the original souls. This result in a way more consistent character, which is not as much stereotyped as the classic modern man in medieval times, so Ferzen actually continues to be Ferzen a flawed person who's struggling to find his place in the world.

The story follows his life as he escapes from the original... more>> novel script and goes on with living his life. The world building and the political subplot, while not being the main focus, are well made.

The main cast is composed by Ferzen and the harem members, everyone of which has its unique (and traumatic) background, and the writing is mainly focused on exploring their relationship. There are smut scenes, which I greatly enjoy reading in books since it seems that s*x is part of the normal life of a human (this statement is not confirmed by personal experience).

A special mention goes to the footnotes by the translator that always manage to bring a smile on your lips at the end of the chapter. (I'm kinda invested in her life updates now) <<less
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VirginSlayer rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: c155
First of all this novel has 0 NTR and NTL (Netori) , so don't let the title mislead you. It's about a guy who possesses the Villain of the novel who was supposed to do the stealing but later after he goes through his identity crisis he realizes both the villain and himself were one and the same. So the MC Ferzen is more like a guy who got the memories from his past life as Korea citizen rather than outright transmigration.


Our MC possesses the main villain Ferzen of the novel "Struggling to Survive Together" 2 weeks after sending a malicious email to the author. Initially he was confused about his identity and was suffering from Personality disorder due to two personalities opposing each other. Eventually, he overcomes his identity crisis by accepting that both the OG villain and himself are one and the same.

True charm of the novel is Ferzen's OCD, especially symmetric OCD which is based on author's irl psychological problem. Author was able to show great realism and attention to details when he was portraying the symmetric OCD.

Ferzen is very similar to Deculein when it comes to its aristocratic cold and regal demeanor. He doesn't let anyone walk over him Fls or mobs, in the initial arc when one of the main heroines slapped him he slapped her back (cause of his Symmetric OCD as his symmetrical view was distorted when the FL slapped him, so he slapped her back to make it symmetrical lol.)

The initial arc is painful but after that it gets really good.

Ferzen was voted Protagonist of the Year in Novelpia contest competing with protagonists of over 30, 000 novels.
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SolitaryPilgrim rated it
July 9, 2022
Status: c220
Almost caught up to the raws. This novel truly made me buy the Novelpia pass.

The true pro of this novel is the MC hands down and he totally deserves the Protagonist of the Year Award. His traits were portrayed really well. I guess the reason for high degree of realism of MC especially the OCD because that aspect is based off of author's real life medical condition.

As for people who are calling MC rapist and NTR bastard I need to elaborate on this, both MC and the author himself absolutely... more>> loathes NTR it's evident from the very first chapter. His hate for NTR was clearly expressed unless you didn't even read the novel and just hating on it because of the tag.


And it really isn't NTr cause Ciel the OG protagonist only had one sided crush on Euphemia and he even abandons her in her dire hour and runs away with his tail between his legs. Not really a spoiler it's revealed in 2nd or 3rd chapter iirc. And Euphemia only saw him as her knight not in a romantic way she did want to escape with him and escape from her responsibilities, but she didn't. So title is misleading af. MC didn't rob sh*t he isn't Netori (NTL) bastard.


As for r*pe claims:-

It's mature novel for adults not kids in the first place, author did his research in the mediaeval romances and marriages. This Marriage was arranged for political reasons and the stuff that happens between MC and the first Heroine was realistic from historical point of view. Many alliances were forged this way and women regretfully were indeed treated as trophies. Also all relevant tags are there idk why ppl would even complain about it at this point. If you delved into it even after reading the tags then you're probably a masochist.


MC possessed the OG villain after the r*pe incident happened and even after synching, the OG Villain dominates for a fair share of time until MC eventually solves their identity crisis, and MC becomes the dominant force. MC realizes that both him and ferzen are one and the same. Before that he was more or less treating him as a separate entity. After that he does regret his past actions and genuinely comes to care for Euphemia.

However the Stockholm Syndrome was a pain to read, but you need to see what fits the context of the world setting. Fortunately it just lasts for first 2 arcs and eventually they both fall for each other after MC and Ferzen solves their identity crisis.


MC isn't into Necrophilia, MC is a necromancer, a warlock and his ability was beautifully portrayed in my opinion on how he needs to research the corpses to gain understanding and eventually control it to its full potential.

His corpse research is similar to people who do post mortem. So the necrophilia stuff in comments of translation site are basless claims.

Next up since I have completely read both 'Villain wants to Live' and 'Villain who robbed the Heroines' (Almost caught up to raws). I think I can properly compare the Protagonists of respective works

Ferzen vs Deculein (Contains major spoiler of VWTL ending)


There is a reason why Ferzen is regarded as one of the most well written main character among the last year novels releasd in KR scene.

Ferzen and Deculein are both similar in their aristocratic demeanor and vainglory. But Ferzen OCD was portrayed more realistically than Deculien's because of author's same medical condition.

But their major point of difference is Ferzen knows how to get sh*t done. He doesn't hesitate to off the variables that will prove to be problematic in future, whether females or male mobs no gender bias.

Stoned mf even offs the OG protagonist Ciel lol.

On other hand Deculein from moral standpoint appears to be better than MC while being as badass as Ferzen. However what's the use, Deculein failed at the end of Villain wants to live.

Major spoilers of VWTL ending scorned as Dragon-Serpant in KR novel scene (Something that started off like a soaring dragon but turned out to be a snake at the end).

Deculein had enough opportunities to save the world without having to sacrifice himself, I honestly like self sacrificial MC a lot and I do love Deculein, but you can't help but admit that Deculein's actions were moronic.

And look what his ret*rdation did to him neither was he able to fully die as he remained stuck in a comatosed state in a bloody painting, nor was he able to achieve his goal completely. He did a half assed job and just can't get sh*t done because of his obsession with making everyone hate him.

His goal of sacrificing himself to save his loved ones failed. 2 main heroines more or less died ffs what was the point. Tbf Deculein during the last stretch unlike Ferzen felt more like a puppet getting strung along by Gab Song and appeared to be more obsessed with dying than actually getting sh*t done. I blame Gab Song for that tbh. I still think Deculein is one of the best KR MCs I have ever read but you can't deny the fact he was a failure. Even though he saved the world but that too was because he got helped by other heroines but what's the point if some of the people you care about still ended dying when there were better alternatives out there instead of this one.

Anyway, in that regard I like Ferzen Von Schweig Brutein more. He achieves his goal with perfection and proper strategizing. I won't say he is too overpowered there are other ppl stronger than him. There is definitely tension.


I can't stress this enough but this novel is for mature people not for kids. The novel is specifically catered to adhere to the standards of mature audience because young audience will only get side tracked by irrelevant stuff mostly. <<less
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Bugai-sha rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: c52
Original review c38:

This novel is absolute tr*sh. The MC is someone who constantly r*pes and gaslights his wife (whom he forcibly married) to kill her self esteem and force her to submit.

Now, I don't have a problem with evil MCs (Reverend Insanity is my favorite book), but here the MC is supposed to be a morally upright person who transmigrated into the villain's body. As such, the author tries to justify all his actions instead of openly admitting he is a h**ny tr*sh villain. I can't stand this kind of... more>> justification, does the author think the readers are s*upid and will believe in his lame excuses full of inconsistencies?

And please do not compare this MC to Deculian. Even though there are superficial similarities in their attitudes, Deculian's motives and actions are way different from this tr*sh MC.

Update c52: So I heard this novel gets much better later and decided to keep reading, but I really can't bear it anymore. The chapters are long and boring, full of disgusting r*pey material (the initial R18 parts could be considered stimulating, but they become dull and repetitive very quickly). Even if this novel becomes better later, I don't have the perseverance to slog through any more of these insipid chapters. <<less
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nototect rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: c13
I feel like every chapter is just about the MC involuntarily obsessing about symmetry and assaulting his wife.

The MC is supposed to be a fusion of some third-rate villain character and a Korean guy. The Korean influence is nowhere to be seen though.

He has no obvious motivations, not sure if this will change.

... more>> He is not as absurd and hilarious as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Neither does he have the cold calculating rationality of the MC in Reverend Insanity.

He isn't even an "Evil MC" in the first place. Every evil deed he commits, he passively blames on the personality of the previous host of his body.

Honestly imo this is just dumb torture p*rn, without any meaningful plot or entertainment value. <<less
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AlphaReaderPro99 rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: --

MC did r*pe the heroine but I would not call it a r*pe it was more like a marital r*pe

EDIT:- MC transmigrates after the r*pe

... more>> MC at the beginning proposed to the heroine to which she had a choice to reject but she didn't and she later says if she had do it again she would chose to do the same, then she tries to act immaturely to which MC handles her perfectly

MC mainly behaves like Frezen (the original soul) and is somewhat influenced by the morals of Seo-jin Lee (the one who transmigrated)

the novel is portrayed realistically, world building is fine, Yes, this a true harem novel, characters are well written they don't feel like 2 dimensional characters, character development is awesome

Reading this novel feels like a contrast to other novels where protagonist successfully protects/rescues the heroine from the villain and this novel deals with situation realistically not something like a fairytale novel

As a result

the original protagonist named ciel gets himself executed


and there is so much more to this novel like mc's ocd which author managed to show perfectly, author himself also has OCD about symmetry

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Pomee rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: --
The novel is really amazing!

And there's actually no netorare here.

I loved how the author built the main charater with such great detail. Especially his aristocratic behaviour and OCD. There are very few authors that can portray psychiatric conditions with such detail.
The novel is still ongoing but I have already reread this twice!
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Mr.Sloth rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: c23
This novel is truly a masterpiece with how unique and real some characters feel like and especially the MC with his severe OCD where he tries to make anything and everything symmetrical even if he has to resort to violence. The plot progresses fairly well with little to no f**king info about how the original MC of the novel is or how he's doing early on but honestly speaking he wasn't that important to begin with.

... more>>

Ferzen (the body in which our MC transmigrated into) even tried gouging out his older brother's eyes during his childhood days just bcoz both of his eyes were of different color.


I'm lazy to write to any further so yeah.... stfu and read this, it's worth it I swear. Oh and if there's an pe*vert here who gets off with a corpse then you'll like it even more {not bcoz the MC f***s a corpse but the illustration of some corpses which he later uses are really well drawn which you would love to see, I wasn't into necrophilia but this has made me question my kink ;) }and the powers which they use is also equally very interesting to see. <<less
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Lolosh2003 rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: c10
One of the best novels I've read, I like novels in which the main character is evil or different from the stereotype like being good and weak and collecting a harem and so on. And that's why I like this MC. And yes there is no ntr The heroine was not the hero's wife or lover, she was his lady and she got married MC. And all thanks to the translators for their wonderful and professional translation. I was not bothered by the reading, as it was one hundred percent... more>> understandable. I hope you will finish translating this novel to the end, it deserves it. <<less
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PSpaulo rated it
July 20, 2022
Status: c12
Only 12 chapters translated, but very interesting so far.

Novel is well written, characters seems to have a lot of depth, the back stories keep coming and enriching their personalities, it's good to read as you always have more and more interest on what else will be revealed.

As mentioned by other reviews, the MC has a lot of similarities with the MC from The Villain Wants to Live, but this one is more direct and approaches things more realistically, don't use roundabout ways to solve problems or go out of his... more>> way to do things he doesn't want just to be hated and align with the original role and characteristics of the original for "plot" reasons, I loved Deculein at the first 150 chapters but he got worse and worse as time went on, I hope Ferzen doesn't go the same route.

The r*pe thing is lame, it's a noble marriage and he did it after the marriage, consuming the marriage is natural and expected, this is a medieval fantasy setting, not modern society, ffs, it's really tiring to see people incapable of immersing themselves on the world setting when reading a novel, this is fantasy, never happened, get a grip.

The translation is pretty good, all the novels they picked up have a similar theme and are very high quality. <<less
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DrVanilla rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: c48
Great read so far,

After our MC writes a malicious letter to the author because of a heroine getting stolen, he possess Ferzen the villain of the novel.

Ferzen has a symmetric OCD, which I heard is based on the author's IRL OCD which is pretty unique and the first time I've read something alike. His OCD is a real spice for the novel and puts Ferzen in a lot of sticky situations.

Ferzen reminds Deculein in regards to his aristocrat behaviour and him being a professor, he doesn't give sh*t about... more>> those around him and is truly entertaining to watch as an MC.

It seems like there are some conflicts about the origin MC personality and Ferzen, I really look forward to what will happen between them and their personalities. <<less
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Reindeer rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: c12
Very interesting novel, finally a conflicted villain done right. He does evil things not because he's forced to do it due to his circumstances, it's because of how his brain works that he's compelled to do evil things even when he's aware that he's doing messed up things. There's no set plot that he has to prevent, because he transmigrated at the latest chapter of the novel he was reading. That means everything he does at this point is because he wants to survive the way he wants to, not... more>> because of some bullsh*t storyline he has to follow. This just honestly feels like a refreshing antithesis of The Main Heroines Are Trying to Kill Me. The main character is relatable to a degree due to his modern sensibilities, and that gives us enough of a window to peek at why a villainous noble would ever do the horrible things he does. The narration also doesn't linger too long on what the main character thinks about certain things and instead makes sure to keep the story flowing along with new pieces of information rather than keep on reiterating his own moral philosophy and reasonings. Very promising novel, the main character is really quite the refreshing one. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: c17
So I'm giving this two stars even though I hate the story because its personal preference why I hate this story and am dropping it. The writing itself isn't that bad although like Bugai-sha said the author keeps trying to justify the mc's actions rather than just have him be a piece of shit, so I'll say this before I write the rest of my review... if your the type of person who enjoys the idea of raping and forcing someone to marry you, then constantly abusing them after while... more>> having a poor justification allowing you to tell yourself that the MC can't help it or whatever than you will probably enjoy this story, if your able to overlook the author trying to make the MC evil and do a bunch of shitty actions I doubt you will enjoy it but you at least will be able to get further than I did (Not that I can't really overlook it but theres just nothing in this story other than this sh*t making me lose interest)

So now I'm going to rant a bit on why the MC is a piece of sh*t and why the author's so called justification is in reality just to give a flimsy reason for the MC to r*pe his "wife"

To start the author had him transfer into the body of the villain right after the wife was r*ped, which is just a shitty way to push the narrative that the MC half from our world wouldn't do this but he is stuck in this situation. Now MC half from our world is stuck in this situation, but because of his influence the MC is a lot nicer... How? So far the relationship between MC and his "wife" have been toxic at best, its just straight up abuse.

The justification for why the MC is a piece of sh*t is...

He has OCD causing him to want everything to be symmetrical, this will cause him to do things like try to gorge out his brothers eyes since they are different colors. The reason why he fell in love with his wife is because she has the golden ratio or a body that is not flawed according to his OCD, causing him to get a sense of peace when looking at him since his disorder doesn't affect him.


The issue with that so called reasoning is that the MC had no need to r*pe her if that is the case, that would be purely done from his desire to f*ck her. If he just wanted her by his side then he could of made her a wife in contract and respected her but instead he forced himself on her... Then after the earth MC half came it talks about how much better he became but he is still a gaslighting horrible person. He will do things like purposefully degrade her sense of self-worth because "the villain inside of me says it" but that isn't a proper reason. So as a baseline if someone with a mental illness does something wrong while the mental illness can explain the cause it does not excuse the action. While I know nothing about OCD or if its possible to resist those desires at the very least it doesn't excuse the fact that the MC is abusing his wife... An example of one of these cases is that she believes since its medieval times that its only not a safe day for a single day so he manipulates her by accepting her desire not to have s*x that day and plans to imp**gnate her in the remaining unsafe days. All of his actions related to f*cking her have absolutely nothing to do with his OCD, there is no justification for why he is raping her even with the author trying to force it in, and don't react with the flimsy "he needs to imp**gnate her so she focuses on that and not original protag" because he could just as easily obtain that by treating her decently and respecting her as a person.

I don't feel like ranting about this shitty story any longer but this story is essentially just a hentai book with a bit of bad plot, it has too many inconsistencies with his character development and so little plot outside of him being an as*hole to random women or raping his wife that its impossible to enjoy this novel for anyone who isn't thinking with their dick. And honestly as a baseline I would say that the people who enjoy this time of novel (or at least the mc's actions) are probably the type of person who is more likely to abuse their loved one, generally people like protagonists where their views line up (As an example if someones view of themselves is to be assertive when picking up women they hate protags who are passive, someone who doesn't care about the mass public like protagonists who sacrifice themselves for strangers) this rule isn't always true since good writing can bypass this a bit but its generally true.

Overall while its written decently well for what little story it has the author is trying to create the image of the MC being a villain while not at the same time, but executing it in a horrible manner that makes this book just turn into some guy abusing the person he forced into becoming his wife for his own satisfaction. This author just completely failed at creating a situation where the MC can be abusive and yet the readers sympathies with him, a good example of when its done right is kidnapped dragons where

There is a lot of development before he does abusive acts towards the love interest. We get hints that he is a horrible person while also getting a justification on why he went insane, then broken, and now that he is finally getting repaired he is still warped somewhere and so once he starts being fearful of what would happen if his past gets revealed he ends up abusive. The reason why readers still sympathize is because despite how he knows its wrong he still is acting on it, its hard to describe but there is actual justification while at the same time the author isn't playing it off as something positive. The author is purposely displaying that the MC is broken, that he is a horrible person, which is why you pity the protag, because as a reader you have read his traumas, his motivations, how he has a chance to be better but is not taking it out of fear, this causes you as the reader to both sympathize for this situation while hating him at the same time.


In this book there is no sympathizing with the MC for most of his actions, the most that could be explained through his ocd is returning the injury when his wife hits or bites him... the entire r*pe scenes are purely caused by his lust which unless your into that type of thing just kills any reason for you to like the MC. Anyway, I'm just looping on the MC being a piece of sh*t so I'm going to end the review here. <<less
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Deguredolf Hitanyalier
Deguredolf Hitanyalier rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: v23
I'm mostly here for the romance but it's also quite interesting and fun to read the MC being smart and straight forward at his decisions only for his obsessions to takeover most of the time.

Especially the symmetry disorder.

Definitely love the Stockholm Syndrome but definitely not me justifying the parts where it was r*pe.

... more>> Now come to think of it...

I kind of dislike the author's way how he justifies the MC who was supposed to be a morally good person but taken over the villains personality to keep mentally breaking and "r*ping* the Heroine thoroughly, but it's a medieval setting what did I expect...

Anyways like oh my god definitely love the disabled heroine, 10/10

Genesis Translations never fail to disappoint me on how they highlight texts, really love it. <<less
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rrobz rated it
April 24, 2023
Status: c44
With the caveat I am a big fan of Genesis TLs and read pretty much everything they put out, I hated this novel - probably bottom 10 all time of Korean novels I've read. Not much more to say than what Bugai-sha posted above - the MC is a disgusting, r*pey sh!tbag. Also, I despise the trope of a possessor whose speech / actions are filtered through or controlled by the original character, so that he spouts out words / commits actions he doesn't intend - it's just a lame... more>> crutch to justify the actions of a horrible character. I am speechless and disappointed by the amount of positive reviews for this novel.

And I agree with the comments above - comparing the character to Deculein from TVWTL is just ridiculous. <<less
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Zena Chan
Zena Chan rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: c34
Ohk, So I am gonna say this again as I did with the other 3 reviews.

This is my 4th time writing a review about a novel.

And I gotta say, this novel is fantastic, this novel gives the vibe of "The Villain wants to live but it is actually better than "The Villain wants to live" for me (atleast).

The MC is the same person who read a novel in his world and got transmigrated to the novel world in the body of the villain but the twist is, he got the... more>> mental disorder of the villain too, just like duclein from the Villian wants to live.

Although, this novel shows kn between detail about the suffering and the effects of the disorder on him.

Just so you know, I am not really sure as I have just read the comments section and also saw some sites and reviews, but the author seems to go through the same mental disorder, maybe due to it, the detailing is so good.

The characters in the story all have different personality that feels alive. The Heroines, Their interactions, the background characters, and all of the characters are shown very well.

This story is more focused on the characters' development.

I don't really have much to say, more like, I can't say... as my English is bad, so I will just say that read this novel as I recommend it just like others who did so. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
August 21, 2022
Status: c250
This is a story that if it keeps up will probably be one of the most popular KR novels for some time. The story is very well written and while I don't agree on some parts like the accuracy of how it was in the medieval time. Since this is a fantasy world and I believe it was hinted at that the time is actually closer to the renaissance or industrial age then the medieval age but with a heavy focus on magic.

There also is far as I know no... more>> NTR against Ferzen (the MC) but there are at least hints of netori towards other characters in the story.

For instance the very first heroine Euphemia is shown to have gotten feelings for Ciel (the hero) but because of his OCD that revolves around symmetry and possessiveness since Euphemia has a golden ratio simply by looking at her Ferzen is at peace and his OCD is dampened. This leads to Ferzen invading the lands Euphemia's family own's, force her into marriage, r*pe her and take hold of her peerage. We are also told that when this happened Ciel was present but from what I remember they only had one horse so to ensure Ciel's escape coupled with the fact that Euphemia felt she couldn't leave her ppl made it so that she stayed behind and was therefore captured by Ferzen.

Later on another woman who is "kinda" set to marry another noble is made to marry Ferzen, there are some underlying stuff here like the woman herself wanting to marry Ferzen and her family being dead set on her marrying Ferzen or rather into his family.

Which could point at there being netori done by Ferzen however in both cases the women are in kinda ambiguous relationships without having made anything clear so it could also be argued that there isn't any netori done because the women were "free game" for Ferzen to marry.

I'm personally a fan of MC's like Ferzen that could be said to be total villains but that are driven not simply because of "evilness" but like in this story were most of Ferzen's evil actions are driven by his OCD for symmetry. To give some early examples when he orders someone to be executed, which results in a beheading, because of the cut not being symmetrical he draws a line on the neck and forces them to cut the corpses neck again to make it symmetrical. Another example is how he's learned to be ambidextrous simply so that when for instance he's eating with someone if they eat with the fork in their left hand and the knife in their right, he can eat with the knife in his left hand and the fork in his right so that everything is symmetrical.

This shows to me that the MC is driven more by his compulsion then some "evil" nature or simply bloodthirst and that he is unable to control it a lot of the time.

It's also nice to be given multiple POV in stories like these that focuses mostly on the characters and their interactions.

My only gripe so far has been that a lot of seemingly important stuff hasn't been explained in depth yet. <<less
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feverdream rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: c139
Excellent Novel. All time favourite. Kiss on the cheeks of the translators.

If you did not run immediately after seeing the tags, this novel is for you. Forced Marriage. R-18. Stockholm Syndrome. It's exactly what you think it is in a more fancy way.

Protagonist is someone who thinks. He knows what he is doing. Female Characters have actual personalities with inner thoughts. No falling in love for no reason. Ferzen has to take care of it himself. We love to see it.

I'd also respectfully note the low cognitive game of the... more>> low raters.

Deculein (VWTL), Fang Yuan (Reverend Insanity) and Ferzen have different motives behind their actions - their environments are entirely different what did you expect for God's sake - but think fundamentally alike. They will achieve what they want through any - be it 'evil' - means.

Next, the 'upright' Seo-jin from modern times did not transmigate in a traditional sense. Seo-jin's and the original Ferzen's soul literally got merged. Ferzen 'blames' his obsessions on the original Ferzen just like how he says "in Seo-jin's memories". He views Seo-jin and the original Ferzen as different people. It simply takes time to mentally accept the Synchronisation.

In a single sentence fancy R-18 Novel with fulfilling Plot. I love it. I have done horrible things while reading it. 10/10. Would recommend. <<less
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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: c70
I have since dropped this novel, because it is infact, smut. Almost excessively so.

TLDR: Adult, psychological, smut, if these 3 primary genres are very appealing to you, read the novel or read this review further for a better idea.

I mean yes there is a larger world here that is very interesting, and the world building is on point, the characterization is brilliant too. One of the commenters in the chapter was like, this is a novel about mental illness and disabilities and honestly the more I look into it the... more>> more fitting that comparison is.

You already have seen in the other reviews that the MC suffers from OCD, but instead of some lame form of perfectionism or being some sort of savant or whatever weird interpretation hollywood has of it, this is a much more taken to the extreme, psychotic degree of OCD, and yet it is completely believable since each event of it triggering follows rational thought. While I dont suffer from OCD I do from mysophobia and the way author depicts it is scarily quite accurate, like a natural extension of that line of thought.

(basically every single main character suffers from some mental or physical ailment and often both.)

There are definitely other enjoyment to be had here, While the adventure tag is a little bit of a lie, there is no adventure to be had here, There is action for sure, from time to time. School life is definite since he's actually being a professor but really the best tags that fit are Adult, Smut, and Psychological.

My problem with it and why I dropped it, its quite simple

A large part of the novel is the MC dealing with the heroine basically manipulating her psychologically and training her like a pavlovian dog (quite literally) and performing s*xual acts so that she gets pregnant with his seed and thus stops thinking of stray thoughts. Maniacal sure, but it fits with the character, I have no problem with that, its just that smut starts to take a larger and larger part of the chapter and its just a pain to read.

This novel is surprisingly meant for middle aged females seeking a domination fetish kind of smut, but packaged into an otherwise seinen dark and dreary world that attracted me. But I just got tired of the smut, don't get me wrong, it is very well written but in the end it really is just smut and I'm not interested.

EDIT: If it wasn't clear already, I highly recommend this novel if what I said sounds appealing to you, primarily a psychological, smut novel. The living with mental illness part and the sometimes simple fact that others might just never truly understand you and you will just have to live with it. I don't think anyone's defending what the MC has done, he's a despicable person for sure but its all done in character and it is very fitting for the story. Hating the novel and rating it low because the MC isn't a paragon of morality is misunderstanding the premise of the entire novel. Comparing him to Deculein from 'the villain wants to live' is unfair to both characters, yes the very initial part of the setting in both novels are similar, but that is literally all. <<less
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tlo rated it
March 29, 2023
Status: c11
I love cruel/horrible villains and dark storylines (Reverend Insanity for example) but this novel is, at least in the "romance" department, f*tish content trying to be passed off as some semblance of a story. The OCD and symmetry aspects were interesting, especially considering the author used personal experience to depict it, but it couldn't cover up the disgust I felt. Would not recommend but perhaps that is just my interpretation of the work considering the (shockingly) high amount of positive reviews.
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RenaieNovel rated it
August 27, 2022
Status: c14
I've read till the SNU-SNU scene to really have a good grasp on the writing style of the Author and I must say the writing is impeccable. The way he portrays a 'villain' in every sense of the word makes it engaging to read if you really want to feel the villain side of a story.

The downside is with the focus on the internal conflict and thoughts of the character, this novel doesn't really get into the 'fantasy' and 'otherworldly' experience, so if you're looking for that then bear with... more>> the long chapters and have patience.

Lastly the SNU-SNU. I've read a lot of SNU-SNU novels that focus on the psychological and emotional aspect of it. I'm not proud of admitting that I've read over 10, 000 NTR stories to fuel my passion for writing but with my experience this novel is one of those types of stories that focuses more on the emotional side of things and how the characters react with each other's interaction.


The SNU-SNU is not that Arousing. The tension and heat of the passion is lacking. The build up and atmospherical set-up is severely depleted. The scenario itself is le*d and cause arousal but there should be a slow build up and anticipation for the scene itself that should be there but isn't cause of the abrupt and precise decision making of the MC


Overall I rate it VERY highly as a psychological literary work with Graphic depictions. The deep and explicit descriptive writing of this makes it a very engaging read and makes you want to read more from the intrigue alone. But too much description ruins it when it comes to it being an Adult novel.

It's not really an Adult novel, so don't come and read it expecting to BUST a fat nut or satisfy your decrepit and twisted desires. (Unless you're a complete Degenerate sicko of course then you'd probably find the Scenes extremely arousing)

I don't know if the story would involve Heart pounding and heartwarming scenes but I doubt the writing style of the Author would let for a relaxed and fluffy painting, he can try, but He will Fail in doing so since Readers would always crave for the best and look for flaws. It's better to stick to a concept till the end than abruptly throw it all away to appease some people on the internet. <<less
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