Little Tyrant Doesn’t Want to Meet with a Bad End


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The moment the little tyrant of the nobles, Roel Ascart, saw his stepsister, he recalled his memories. He realized that he was in the world of a gal game he played in his previous life. To make things worse, he was the greatest villain in the common route of the game!

“I’ll be killed by the main character and the four capture targets ten years from now. Is there still any hope for me?”

Just thinking about the fearsome glints of those sharp swords those beautiful capture targets held in their hands, Roel couldn’t help but tremble in fear.

Till a voice finally sounded in his head.

【Welcome to the House Resurgence System】

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Evil Young Master Doesn’t Want a Bad Ending
Little Tyrant Doesn't Want To End In Shambles
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November 27, 2020
Status: --
Hello, I'm the translator of this novel, StarveCleric, and I'm here to give trigger warnings and clarify some remarks that I feel are unfair about the novel.

Firstly, this novel is built on a galge, so you can expect there to be romance, or more specifically, children romance. The MC used to be a 20-year-old guy with no romance experience getting transmigrated over to a 10-year-old body in a game's world. In this world, standards are different. The setting is such that children mature physically faster, and it's the norm for nobles to get engaged at 12-year-old and married at 14-year-old.

His first romance target is his half-sister, Alicia, but there's no lust between them. Most of their interactions are hugs, feeding food (because Alicia is afraid of cutleries), etc. Basically, the... more>> MC is just a huge sis-con. Alicia, on the other hand, is interested in marrying the MC for several reasons, mainly because the MC was the first one to give her warmth and care for her.

His second romance target is the princess of the nation, Nora. She's a sad*st + aggressive character who makes advances on the MC, and I do not deny there's indeed a bit of sexual tension there because of her words. She has a desire to dominate people (yes, that kind of dominate that could make some people feel uncomfortable, though her actions are rather restrained at the moment). However, while their banters do have an amorous atmosphere, their physical interactions are basically limited to friendly hugs, and a kiss to save the MC while he was unconscious, no more than that.

Most of the descriptions of the female romance targets are mainly on how beautiful their facial features are, not their body, so I'll have to deny the claims that the characters have been sexualized.

It's honestly too easy for anything involving childhood romance (especially if the MC is an adult who has transmigrated over) to be labeled as pedophilia. The MC hasn't made and will not make any advancements on the female targets until the time skip, and the highest level of intimacy is limited to friendly hugs and a situational kiss. If you find this concept morally ambiguous, you might prefer to go for another novel.

Otherwise, the extent of intimacy is quite similar to other Korean/Japanese Western aristocracy childhood romance novels you see on Novelupdates.


Secondly, this novel does have lots of information dump that can be a handful to read. I do try to make them flow better so that it's hopefully easier to read, but the huge exposition affects the reading experience negatively, I do agree. The author is fairly new, so the writing can be further improved. Nevertheless, I chose to pick it up because I found the plot interesting.

It has a mixture of romance + action, but because it tries to go for both, the progression turns out to slow. The author tries to go for a huge world-building, basically expansively building up the lore of the world, such as the Three Epochs, the ancient gods, old races, unexplored lands of the continent, missing legacies, so on and so forth, but it creeps on a little slowly, perhaps because the author has too many things he wants to work on that he ends up stalling a little here and there.

I do think that it has potential with the setting the author has crafted, but whether it lives up to its potential, well, you can wait for further reviews or read the novel.


Last but not least, I did offer people bonus chapter for reviews because activity makes a novel, but I'm accepting every review to the release of the bonus chapter, including 1-star ones. I never enforced people to give good reviews, and this novel rose fairly to its place (You can check the graph in the growth of activity and reading lists; they progressed over time).


My purpose in making this review is so that people won't be disappointed reading what they didn't expect to read. Hopefully it helps you make your decision whether you want to read this novel or not! <<less
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Rampaging Dragon
Rampaging Dragon rated it
September 6, 2020
Status: Completed
That was one heck of a ride I must say. The author knew what he was doing.

Before I get to the review, as someone who finished the novel let me clear some of the negative reviews here.

... more>>

1. "The MC is a beta who is constantly getting pushed back by children half his mental age.": Honestly, this is true for the first half of the novel when our MC is actually weaker than the girls. He reincarnated in a world were strength means everything and him being exceptionally weak, had to sacrifice his dignity a bit. The girls, with the exception of Alicia, were not the kind to fall in love willy nilly like most girls in such novels.

2. "Nothing happens and the pointless infodumps.": This is a tricky bit since it seems true at first but then everything starts accelerating and the 'pointless' infodumps becomes important to follow the plot accurately. This novel is extremely influenced by The Lord of The Mystery novel which means everything that is written falls into place later down the line.

3. "The characters are sickening" Someone called Roel a borderline pe*ophile due to the fact that the first 200 chapters are set during the time when they were children. Keep in mind, this is a world with magic where high level mages reach physical maturity by the age of 12 but Roel does an excellent job of keeping the physical acts of the relationship (yes, they have sex) until they are all teens. Nothing remotely erot*c happens while they are children.

Also, Alicia, Nora and the rest of the girls actually have a solid personality to them as in they do sh*t that real girls in love might. They are against sharing Roel which is understandable since no one wants to share their loved ones male or female. This leads to some sick plans being formulated by them that might have hurt Roel's reputation badly. I don't condone their actions in the least but and I lost all interest in them for quite some time but at the very least, it's better than being mindless pawns in the MC's harem I guess.

Now to the actual review.


The MC is a reincarnated person, a regular Chinese youth. He is not an overbearing person like most cultivation novels or a nationalistic piece of sh*t like most urban Chinese novels. He is pretty normal like the rest of us.

The story is set in a game world called the eye of the recorder which is a galge. The settings are based on Mediaeval Europe and any and all mentions of China is pretty much nonexistent.

The galge Roel played has four heroines and takes place in an Academy where the main character Paul needs to raise the affection of the heroines. Roel acts as a foil for this and triggers the necessary flags to support the game. Once the ending of the common route is reached, Paul and the girls will kill Roel and then Paul will enter the route of the heroine with the Highest level of affection and face the villains there.

That means Roel is just a stepping stone and not even an actual villain. There are far bigger villains around.

So our Roel struggles to break the flags of his own death which works to an extent but he ended up changing the game.

The characters are likable yet at the same time hateable as in they are not the cliche cut and paste 2d characters.

There are five heroines in total.

1. Alicia, the adopted sister of Roel who was sold by him in the original game and received a lot of torture due to it. She killed him in the original game but was the easiest conquest in the story since he met her at the best possible time. She is also the primary heroine with the biggest impact in the endgame.

2. Noel, is the princess of the country Roel was a noble of. She is sadistic and powerful but nonetheless a good person (for the most part) Her sadistic tendencies cause a lot of problems for Roel but she mellows out later on.

3. Charlotte, was supposed to be Roel's fiance but due to some loopholes in the legal system, nearly lost it. They start out on the wrong foot but once the misunderstanding is solved, she becomes a deredere.

4. Lilian is a princess of an opposing nation and have the same bloodline as Roel. She is a noble girl in both looks and personality and there isn't much problems with her character.

5. Wilhelmina is yet another princess who is the last to be introduced. She also has the least screentime but came in clutch at the best time. I would have preferred a little bit of more character exploration for her but she's fine as is.

One of the biggest gimmick of the story is Roel's ability to travel back to a small pocket of history to make contact with Ancient gods while finding out what happened there. This ability is tied to a lot of things in the story but that is explained in detail in the story itself.


Overall, it's a good story with consistent storyflow that wasn't dragged unnecessarily and good characters.

If you like the fast paced action of the regular japanese web novels or main characters who are op from the start, this is not going to be your cup of tea. <<less
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hawlol rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c57
Seeing the high praise and rating of the novel I went in full of expectations. Maybe it's a rare and good novel I've never heard of?! Alas, it was just another NU problem of overated 5 star reviews.

If you want to give someone an example of 'tell don't show' and/or unecessary excessive info dumps, show them this novel. It's one of the worst cases I've seen.

It drags the pacing down and makes the novel unpleasant to read. Barely nothing happened in 60 chapters that I've read. Most of the written... more>> contents were random worldbuiding info dumps that meant nothing to the current scene, while instead of developing the characters and story though actions, we get what each character is thinking that moment and an explanation of why they acted that way.

Seriously, the writting is one of the worst I've seen, and I've read lots of bad wuxias. The translation is good though. The fault lies with the source material.

This is also a kid story with the MC being 9. Aside from the usual 7-9 year olds behaving like teenagers, the Author is creepy as hell. Pedo creepy, not spooky/scary.

He tries to tell us there isn't sexual tension but the way he describes the 7 year olds with so much detail is unerving, portraiting her as beautiful, desirable, 'with a tint of sexy' and not just cute. And it you think that's too harsh of me, that's ok, because he then introduces a sado 9 year old. Not yandere, sado, feeling pleasure from hurting others. Let me repeat that for effect: A SADO 9 YEAR OLD GIRL.

She wants the MC to be her maso, of course, and then you get to read about a 9 year old hitting on the 29 year old MC (in his 9 year old body), wanting to make him hers. She speaks and acts like some sort of mature woman full of sexual innuendos, wanting to step on him, for him to lick stuff and submit to her. It's so damn uncomfortable!

The Author could've just made everyone a teenager, since they all behave like one, but he didn't, which makes me conclude the worst. It's his choice to make kids do sexual talks.

For last it's the s*upid system with no reason to exist other than give the MC free and unearned stuff. After so many useless info dumps, I though we'd at least get a few on why the system exists, right? No, there isn't. You do get a full chapter of the history and politics of a random merchant guild, though.

With the premise he could use knowledge of the game to gain benefits, but no, there's a system that just spawns cheats from nowhere. A system that belongs only to him, a deux ex machina device to give whatever he needs at the moment he needs it, no questions asked. Are you tr*sh? Here's an elixir for 10k. Want to make money? Here's a 5k lamp you can sell for 25k. Do you need absolutely anything right now? The system got you, instant free delivery! Does the plot need an item? Look what is suddenly 50% off!

He collects affection points as currency (although it also accepts gold) and that's probably the only good thing about it, the affection gimmik. But they come too easily and too constant becoming as useless as the rest of said system. Points are awarded for being nice to someone, which he's already trying to be, which turns the whole thing boring and unecessary.

If the system collected villain points while he wants to be good, but to stop being cannon fodder he must get points by doing villain acts while also avoiding his death flags, now that would be actually insteresting. Specially when his bloodline had some 'evil' roots. But they went the boring route, be nice, get points, get anything you want with the system cheat.

Bad writing, creepy pedo stuff, terrible pacing and bad plot devices. This actually made me surprised since all the 5 star reviews, current 4.7 rating and 2nd place on rankings. I was not expecting something like this. I kept reading until chap 57 to see if there was a time skip and the creepiness ended, but it didn't, so I couldn't stand it any longer.

So yeah, let this review be a warning among all these unreasonable 5 star ones. <<less
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ResNovae rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: c140
Dropped out of sheer rage and utter disappointment.

The story isn't all that bad for NU standards, there are a bit too many infodumps but the plot and pacing aren't terrible by any means, the problem is the main cast of characters, meaning Roel, Alicia and Nora, they are revolting.

Roel is the less compelling MC I've ever read in a non JP novel, he lived 20 years in his previous life and then 10 in this one but all he amounts to is a weak willed man-child that lets 10 year... more>> old girls dictate his life, he literally can't say no and he is also borderline a pe*ophile.

Alicia is just fake, she continuosly spits lie after lie, she keeps deceiving the MC who just "forgets" about how strong her bloodline is and instead of educating her like a decent adult, human being and older brother should he pampers her to absurd heights and after a while she has him by the balls.

Nora seemed like the better character and person really since even with her sadism quirk at least she was an upright and honest person going as far as disliking Alicia for the "little lies and tricks" she kept using to win Roel over her, too bad that some chapters later she forgets all about this and instead plots with Alicia to ruin the MC reputation just so his fiance would be disgusted.

The plot they put forward is really sickening and in reality would have sent hundreds of heads flying since the maids that preached for years about "not influencing the young master" and "letting the kids settle things with each other" betrayed him the next day to please the adopted stepsister and the royal princess, undermining the interest of the house for the personal "gains" of basically unrelated people.

By the way we are talking about the same princess that was put on the spot when Alicia said that her royal house "shouldn't influence the internal dynamics of another noble house" when she (Alicia) wanted to sleep in the same bed with the MC but apparently forgot this happened and jumped straight into influencing that same noble house only successor marriage arrangement.

Also totally disturbing is his father being okay with his son having a f*cked reputation and going along with what those two 10 years old girls want without asking his opinion or bothering to know what the MC thinks, isn't he his freaking son and only successor of a noble house with hundreds of years of history? Since when his will comes AFTER that of his stepsister?

I could have kind of witstood the amount of BS that transpired there had the MC grow some balls, realized the situation and punished them ALL but I'm too tired of his passiveness to hope for that to happen, the situation will be resolved without him showing any kind of progress just so the romantic subplot can continue and that's the level of storytelling I'd expect in a novel when the next plot point would be introducing soy sauce and hot springs in his fiefdom, pretty bad stuff.

This story had a good hook and the "witness arc" was great but I can't stomach their romance anymore, it's seriously worst than isekaiesque bad and there isn't one single decent human being in the whole cast besides Charlotte, but that's for now, Nora was a quirky character but had clear principles and put upholding the name of her house first for a good part of the story then became another person as soon as a new harem member got introduced so I'm not confident Charlotte wouldn't do the same. <<less
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Buskervile rated it
October 26, 2020
Status: c374
Amazing novel. Yes you will get baited by the synopsis and think this is just a simple harem/romance novel, but as you reach chapter 200 and above, you will notice that the setting has similar vibes to The Lord of Mysteries. The revelations of the past eras (2nd era and early 3rd), strong secret ancient organizations, bloodline ancestors, descent of gods, upcoming calamities, visions of fate, and a somewhat serious story theme, with a little bit of funny romance.

Since I already had a dosage of Lord of Mysteries, the fact... more>> that this novel does not overdose us with world-building (although the world building might still be a bit too much for other readers), is highly welcome to me. Overall, this novel is something I would highly recommend to those who like novels that are story heavy and especially to those who read the Lord of Mysteries and got frustrated because Klein didn't go after Justice/Audrey.


I'm currently at chapter 343 and the story didnt disappoint. Though there are slight gore parts at around chapter 280, every time he travels to the past, one mystery gets uncovered.

his most recent history travel is with the 4th heroine, the princess of Austin Empire. In that part of history he met the "Scholar" of the Sages of the Twilight, who is actually Roel's ancestor. And the funny part is almost all ancestors are desperate for descendants so they keep encouraging Roel to mate with the princess of the empire.


The misunderstandings are the funniest parts of this story. Every start and end of each history travel arc will make you laugh.


After the history travel of Roel and Charlotte (Roel's fiancee) charlotte kidnapped Roel and almost caused an international conflict. The funny part for me is the debate between the legal advisors of both the theocracy and the sorofias pertaining the legality of the marriage contract between Roel and Charlotte, and the criminal responsibility on the kidnapping. Both sides want their young lady to be happy and obtain Roel.


one thing I like about this novel is that characters mentioned in previous chapters reappear in later chapters and are not forgotten. And the story arcs are connected to each other and creates a build up for the upcoming arcs.

The Sorofia arc happened farther in history than the next arc so the MC made use of the knowledge he had there to infiltrate the heretic camps in his next history travel.


One thing to take note is that in between history travels is a Shuraba so better not drink something when reading or you might just spill your drink. And the author does a good job of not leaving out any heroine and allows them to keep up with the others by giving them character development.

The author probably borrowed some ideas from The Lord of the Mysteries.


The ancient organization Sages of the Twilight is a mysterious organization fighting against heretics that want to summon demons/deviants and organizations that believes in the six calamities that will bring the world to ruin. The members of this ancient organization uses codenames like "guardian, " "scholar, " and "recorder" and whenever they gather, they dont show their identities. Something similar to the Tarot Club of Lord of the Mysteries. Too bad that in the current timeline, only a few survive after their defeat and members don't gather anymore.

What's even more saddening is that whenever the MC travel to the past, he will meet some of the members trying to fulfill a mission issued by the organization. Although the MC will somehow help them accomplish it, after he returns to the present, you will realize what truly happened in the history without the MCs intervention. There will be a lot of tragic deaths and sacrifices. The writing style of the author easily allows you to imagine these things.
The contrast between the happy-go-lucky present and the past full of tragedy keeps you in anticipation since you know that there is a ticking time bomb and the present situation of the MC wont last long. <<less
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Godhole rated it
November 22, 2020
Status: c30
Don't expect a proper review, I'm just ranting a bit.

I absolutely hate main characters like this one and the one from never die extra, that always focus on who killed them rather than focusing on why they were killed. Why the hell do they act as if everything wants to kill them even though nothing happened to make the other characters want to kill them yet? In this case, the main character was killed because not only did he abuse one of the main heroines and sold her, he was... more>> also an as*hole to everyone and even joined an evil cult. In that case, doesn't he just need to NOT be an as*hole to the heroine and NOT join the cult in order to not get killed?

This kind of sh*t frustrates me to no end.

This, plus the fact that the MC seems to care more about the affection points rather than the girls themselves, portrays a very self-centered main character that doesn't really pay attention to the people around him, only acting on. Sometimes, some self-centered main characters can still be good and charismatic as long as they are done right, but this one just seems petty.

Talking about the affection system, I hated it from the very moment I saw it. I could see the contrived plot lines coming from kilometers away.

Another problem with the MC is that the original character completely disappeared. The novel says that it's reincarnation, and that the MC 'remembered' the memories from his past life, instead of having possessed the evil kid's body. So, why is the original personality of the evil kid not here anymore? Why does the MC act like a normal person from our world that just got transported? It's like the author wrote a transmigration MC and called it reincarnation MC. The author only remembers that the MC is supposed to be reincarnated when it's convenient.

Anyways, I'm not sure if I'm going to continue or not. I already face-palmed myself way too many times in only 30 chapters with the amount of s*upid, badly done clichés. Well, I'm not completely against clichés as long as they are done at the right moment and in the right amount, but the clichés in this one are some that I just can't tolerate.

ps: by the way, how did this novel suddenly jump into the top 10 of the series ranking? I keep a eye on the rankings these days to see if there's anything new to read, and yet I had never seen this one in the top 100. I could undertand if it was a new novel, like never die extra, since sometimes they become extremely popular from the moment in which they are translated, but this one is already past chapter 100. Did something happen near the chapter 100? Or is it because of what mattxx3 said about the translator's 'quests'? <<less
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kenneth223 rated it
November 28, 2020
Status: c121
I have read up to the latest chapter as of right now, and I gotta say, it's literally good!

If you had read a novel where you can absolutely remember the plot, then you know its that good.

If you had read a novel where you remember those little bits of details, especially character descriptions, the way they respond, the way they talk, then you know its that good.

Remember, they are kids, and they act like kids (even if the MC is 40 the last time I checked unless its a typo,... more>> he's still 26 since kid age is 11 as of right now...). It said in one of the chapters that even though he's 25, he still doesn't feel any lust because he's a kid.

Girls get lots of tantrums, overly clingy, and yes, drama.. But that's natural right? Women live for drama, and it doesn't change the fact that it won't happen (which it will as you will see in the novel). And obviously, the inner talk the MC has with himself because lets face it, it's funny if he's been put in a situation where he's screwed when it comes to girls. If there's no inner talk, then this novel has lost half of it's value because you won't know what the MC thinks and you don't like that right? You want to know what and how he thinks about things in his life and how he goes about it.

Each character has been described carefully, especially the MC, he has golden eyes and black hair, with a handsome face to boot.

The first female MC has silver hair and crimson eyes

The second female MC has golden hair that goes down to the back and has saphire eyes

As you can see, I literally still remember their character descriptions as I have typed here (Of course I may not remember every description but just know that I have an image for them and that's enough).

If you are STILL on the fence reading this novel EVEN IF I had told you about this, then all I got to say is this..

Read the first 20 chapters and ask yourself if it's still worth reading. If not, then just click away and move on..

Not all novels are created in an expert way.

Not all novels are good,

Not all novels are done professionally,

Not all novels are written well,

And not all novels are planned out well enough to keep the readers going.

But this, this kept me going despite this novel being Chinese Novel! And it doesn't even feel like a CN but rather a western novel (not to brag that a CN is better than a western novel in anyway) !

I absolutely recommend this novel to my friends and other strangers out there that enjoy this the way I have! You won't regret it.

PS. It's not from the challenge thing the translator does as it came from my own words and heart <<less
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MasterBait rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: c462
I have read a lot of JP and CN novels and I can definitely say that Little Tyrant is one of the best novels in its genre (that is isekai and reincarnation) thus far for me.

First, regarding how the story is written, imo it contains the best parts of your general JP novels and CN novels:

    • This is an isekai novel with age progression of the protagonist (similar to Mushoku Tensei and other JP novels but he did not start as an infant) so it actually tells you the process of growing up, learning about the world and its power structure along with building relationships with other characters which make the bonding believable.
    • It has fillers but the amount is not too excessive like many of the JP novels and it often blends in quite nicely between the fighting scenes that kept you from feeling tired of reading like other CN novels.
    • While it involves a system, it is not OP and does not force the main character to do anything (i.e complete missions to get reward like your typical system). It also quite hilarious at times.
    • The story may be slow-paced at first (the first 50c or so I dont remember) but it is getting better and better later on.
Second, about the protagonist and the main heroines along with other side characters:

    • The main character does grow overtime and overcomes his mental obstacles. He also becomes active in his relationships with the main heroines later on unlike the dense protagonist type in the JP novels.
    • The four main heroines are distinct. They have personalities and growing along with the main character. Their interaction with the protagonist is wholesome and quite humorous sometimes. And different from your general JP harem novels where all the heroines happily sharing the protagonist, the main heroines do have conflict with each other and fighting over the main character which is also an interesting part of the story.
    • Some of the side characters are kind of bland but they do serve their purposes in the story.
All in all, this is an awesome and wholesome novel and I highly recommended it.
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gottesurteil rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: c230
I want to like this, I really do. And were it not for a few issues, I'd give this a 5/5. The story is great, the setting is freaking AMAZING, the translation and editing are seriously well done, and the characters are... inventive.

The problem? Inconsistency with the characters, and the fact that the inspiration seems to be shitty JP novels. Words cannot describe how much of a disappointment the MC and his harem are. It's made even worse by the contrast with how superior every aspect is.

The MC, in... more>> all circumstances but one, is a emotionally well adjusted character, who's pretty badass, knows what he wants, hardworking, all the while he's being pushed by his desperate need to avoid death flags (as he was the villain). He's also good at understanding people.

That one circumstance where he's not? Too bad it's "Whenever he interacts with his harem". He turns into the absolute worst beta Japanese male protag, with ALL of the negative connotations you can possibly thing of. If the harem were a minor part of the story, that could therefor be overlooked. But not here, nope. The harem and the interactions are a major part of the story, so this otherwise superior MC (normally empathic, badass, and proactive) turns into an obtuse, oblivious, dense, ret*rded beta MC. It's... really bad. Literally every negative aspect of the 'beta MC' trope that you can think of, he is. It's even worse because, as I said, normally he's a wonderful MC, and he pulls some (unknowingly) really suave moves with the harem. Honestly, DURING arcs where he's paired off with various harem-ettes, he's great. Protective and proactive, getting things done even with limited information. But as soon as the arc ends, or we're in a transition period, he turns into the worst kind of MC.

It's also cringe-worthy on how disgusting he is with his 'little sister'. Despite not having romantic feelings for her, he literally babies her and cuts her food and feeds her by hand, which pretty much sets the tone for how he interacts with her. He's a HARDCORE SISCON, yet somehow not in a romantic sense, which I didn't think was possible. Most siscons are tied together with worshipping the sister character, and yet he does that without being romantically interested in her. While I have no problem with 'incest' (it's fake incest, she's adopted) in literature, this is disgusting because it's gross interdependence and baby-play in essence. It's also really bad because the MC is completely unable to say no to a woman's tears, no matter if he knows its fake. He has no spine, and is utterly unwilling to stand by his goals or morals if one of the harem-ettes pressures him in ANY way. He flat out is uninterested in ANY of them, but won't do anything about it. He dotes on his younger sister (not loves her), he has no desire to deal with the second at all (a sadist), and the 3rd he doesn't care about either way, despite being engaged, and he's willing and wanting to break it.

As for the harem, they're all f*cking insane. The MC originally wanted to avoid them because they would theoretically kill him, but recently he hasn't seemed to care, which I greatly regret. They're all batsh*t insane, and he should run for the hills.

The first girl, his fake younger sister, is a rapist. No if/ands/or buts about it, she's a rapist. She has flat out admitted that the only reason she hasn't r*ped him in his sleep is because she is physically not ready to have a child yet, as it might damage the baby. Not only all that, she decided long ago that she loved her brother and wanted him as a man (ok, that's fine), but she decided to go the route of 'younger sister doted upon by older brother'. So he has no clue she loves him, and just does all the siscon stuff from a perspective of a father/brother type. So she wants to sit on his lap, sneak into his bed, get fed by him, and so on, as a hardcore incest-brocon. Frankly it's creepy AF, especially given that she knows it all, and is just manipulating him. It'd be one thing if she was earnest about it, but instead she knows what she's doing and is trying to foster him being dependent on her.

The second girl is a sadist. She straight up wants to see his face crumple in despair, and enjoys bullying him. Not in a 'girl doesn't understand her feelings, so she bullies as the only way to interact with him' way, no, she's a flat out sadist. Likes stepping on people. Wants him to be troubled. Gets excited by him being in despair. Uh... ok. So yeah, the MC KNOWS all that, and doesn't want to interact with her, yet somehow doesn't do anything about it.

The third girl is a obsessive yandere. She hasn't (yet) devolved into violence, but her core personality is based on obsessive loyalty. At one point she flat out kidnaps him because it's best for her. He was admittedly injured, and she 'kidnaped him to save him', but she admits that he would've been healed even without her, and the reason she did so was because if it got out that he was injured while with her, her chance of being married to him was shot. So the end result was that she kidnaped him for her own selfish reasons.

Also, all of the girls are willing (and actually HAVE) to kidnap him, lie to him, trick him, manipulate him, drug him, and ruin his reputation. The last may not sound like much, but keep in mind they're in a very political nobility-style theocracy, so reputation is HUGE. They flat out drugged him, made it seem like he shirked his responsibilities to practice incest, also pretended that he was a masochistic s*ave, and wasn't faithful in marriage. Again, while multiple marriages do exist, they made it seem like he was unfaithful, which again is a major bad part to his reputation. Also, he's been responsible for an entire Fiefdom and it's reconstruction, so making him seem incompetent is really bad as well.

So frankly, I can't stand any of the characters when they interact. Which is a huge shame, because when taken separately they're all really interesting and well developed characters. Frankly, if the MC ever decided to show his spine (which he DOES have, just not with the girls) they'd be more tolerable. Him setting down the law with the brocon rapist, the sadist, and the obsessive yandere would at least mitigate much of the ridiculousness. As I said, they're interesting characters, but his nature, ONLY when he's with them, utterly makes it reprehensible. Also, he literally forgives them ANYTHING, provided they pay him. Not joking, he forgave the girl for kidnapping him and potentially causing WAR between their countries because she paid him money. What. The. f*ck.

TL;DR. Superior story, setting, translation. The characters are often really good, except when they're suddenly not. Surprise! I would've sworn this was JP instead of CN, given how terribly stereotypically 'JN webnovel' the main characters are. Beta JP protagonist, brocon rapist sad*st yandere harem. <<less
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Mr.Skink rated it
October 1, 2020
Status: c49
Ah yes finally after reading so many novels that are bland and have bad/no plot in the story, I've found something beautiful.

I like the MC and the other characters as well (cute Alicia is the best so far).

Official review: At the beginning of the story I thought I would drop this novel since our MC was dense and also showed signs of being just a power novel and nothing else. But then the novel took a turn for the better, there were signs of growth of the MC and him... more>> getting feelings for someone else (guess who). And the novel isn't all happy flower sunshine kind of deal, there are times in the novel (and the future as well) where our MC has to overcome a lot of things to be able to protect the ones that he loves.

I believe it's too early to actually rate this novel yet since the main plot hasn't even started yet (the author is still introducing us to characters and settings that will be in the future).

So my advice for all the readers out there is..... to wait until maybe around chapter 80 to 100 to decide if you want to drop the novel or not since the book is just getting started.

P.S. Also there have been signs (at where I'm currently at) where there will be times that the duo (MC and Alicia) will have to struggle against other powerful forces that hide in the shadows.


Anyways that's my review, I hope you try this out and see for yourself, and if you think reading/waiting till the 80th or the 100th chapter is too much, just read as much as you can bear so that maybe you can enjoy this book as much as I did.

P.S. This novel reminds me of Death flags, truly a good book just like this one.

P.P.S. our MC is not that dense, just showed ignorance at the beginning of the novel which thanks goodness he learned from that.

P.P.P.S. I took a 2-month break from reading since the novels I found recently were honestly tr*sh tier plot-wise yet it gets good reviews... but this one got me back into reading once again so maybe I won't find bad novels to read........I hope.

P.P.P.P.S. Whoever wrote the review about the MC summoning skeletons and that he's re*arded... if you were him and you can summon skeletons you would do the same thing right? Also, he learned from that mistake not to make idiotic choices again why? Because humans learn from mistakes so just because he did something wrong doesn't mean you should say that the MC is a re*ard.

P.P.P.P.P.S. I wrote too much this time, so I apologize if you read this far. <<less
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Ironman96 rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c154
At first I thought this novel would be a classic "reincarnated into an otome/galge game" and MC would be a typical harem protagonist, however, this novel takes classic cliched tropes and does them very well to make it stand out from such novels (think of it how like My Hero Academia takes shounen tropes and does them to perfection) :

  1. There is actually world building, shocking right. We learn that there used to be different eras (2nd epoch, 3rd epoch) with powerful beings in that time suddenly disappearing (giants, elves, mermaids, ancient gods, etc.). We learn about hidden organizations run by powerful people, where did they go? We get story arcs about the past and that what is written in history books is not always the truth. As the story progresses while it does focus a lot on the female leads and MC relationships, there is also mystery about the world and learning about the truth becomes more important as the novel progresses.
  2. Harem is done well so far. Each of the girls have their own personalities, abilities, bloodline, and their own hilarious relationship with MC. I won't go too far into this but know that it's handled very well compared to other novels (harem is not present in every single chapter and there are many chapters without the girls involved).
  3. Powers are done smartly. I'm tired of the "magic and medieval" setting that many novels go to with the four elements or sword techniques kind of thing. Here we have unique abilities and bloodlines, no one has the same powers so far and the characters use them smartly (there is no charging at the enemy with a sword and no yelling 'fireball' and burning the enemy down).
  4. System is not overly used. I don't like systems that issue quests and make the MC run everywhere to get items for plots sake. Here, there are points to buy items, however, it does not issue any "quests" and the MC is the one who drives the plot forward, not the system.
While I think it truly stands out from the classic harem novel and reincarnated into an otome game setting, there are some cons:

  1. MC is slightly dense, its not over the top. His main goal is to survive and not be killed so that will affect some of his choices which you may not like.
  2. Everyone is technically a child (10-12 y/o) yet they are geniuses and adults will trust them with running the fiefdom.
  3. MC bloodline plot armor.
If you can get past the cons, truly a good novel.
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RealSaMu rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: --
Good story so far. Bit slow, and I'm dissatisfied with how little the MC uses his system but that can be attributed to the items being overpriced and the MC, though a noble, has a doting yet sensible parent who has not given the currently underaged MC unwarranted access to fief funds, unlike some other MCs I know. He gets 10 gold coins a month. The cheapest product is over 800 coins a month.

To the reviewer who didn't like the undead thing, did you even read that chapter right? Undead... more>> aren't despised since they naturally occur in that world, and are still considered creations by their god. Your review is a joke <<less
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bkwrm rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: c85
At least read until you meet Nora. Early on I was about ready to drop the series because it wasnt anything special and the author interjects far too much world building for my taste.

But around when she appears the plot starts taking shape and its more than just him worrying and raising his sisters affection level.

And I'm sad I caught up to the current progress. The series is well written and is more than just trope after trope like many similar works.
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hou long jhonson
hou long jhonson rated it
January 16, 2021
Status: c173
An amazing novel that let you asking for more. A reincarnation in a game novel with a very good world building, don't jump the explanations or text walls or you will has to read everything again.

The MC is dense, but thats only because he feel that all these girls are yanderes, and the autor don't wanna put a r18 tag.

Don't hope for a genius, the MC is a hard worker type, he is over 30 and make some childish choices, so what?, if everyone treats you like a child resistance... more>> is futile.

To the guys that can't concive that the heroines are beautiful, well... comic LO exist, accept the reality that this novel is a fantasy.

Ignore the low rating reviews, those guys don't read the tags or are feminist or gay. This is an fantasy novel for God sake, even less than 2D, don't go calling the FBI. boobs will appear starting the academy chapter. For now there's only lolis here. <<less
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HentMas rated it
January 7, 2021
Status: c164
EDIT: people are saying the translator was asking for this reviews, it's true, he did made a contest on a couple of chapters to gather more attention, but this review was not based or influenced by that, I review a LOT of things, always with the same intent, to put into words what works and what doesn't and get attention to a novel that I believe is worth it, so take that in consideration.

This was a pleasant surprise...

In a world where most of the "Harem, Romance" tags spell doom for... more>> a novel, this novel has managed to win a lot of points from me.

It's got an incredibly well done worldbuilding, the work of the translators is AWESOME, it manages to capture the tone and flow of the story greatly, and this coming from a "CHINESE" story which is very frikken hard to translate because the sentence structure is completely different from what we are used to in the western world.

The plot points and set ups of the story are very well done, the characterizations are also beautifully portrayed, the action sequences are fantastic, everything that happens haves a purpose for advancing the plot and the characters.

The MC's character doesn't really grow, he's stuck in the same mentality for all this chapters, character progression of the MC has always being a flaw on this stories, but... the thing is that in this story it doesn't really matter, because he's not "Blank Slate/wet-toilet-paper/reactive" like most MC's in this stories, he's got a good personality, he's not a pushover, he's quick witted and incredibly charismatic (he's still a "nice guy" but his character shines anyway), he's a weird mix of your Japanese MC with Chinese character and Korean portrayals... I don't know if I have made it clear... he isn't always getting dragged by the plot, and his actions carry consequences... but he doesn't "kill" if he haves a different way of dealing with the problem at hand.

The whole cast of the Harem is very well portrayed and they are consistent and unique on their quirks and personalities... and in lieu of the MC showing character growth, the Author focuses on the character growth of the Harem, which is a good development since without it we would have a very dry and straightforward "action adventure" story with your usual "romantic" subplots that lead to nowhere... it still uses the Japanese standard of characterization (a sadist, a brocon, etc...) but this doesn't detract from them because the author gave them DEPT and REASONS to be that way (instead of letting you figure it out because you should be used to those characters from reading them in all stories of this kind)

Which is a shame when the Author decided to go against all the character growth and personalities to force conflict in a bunch of chapters when introducing a "new" harem member, just to give her a place in the story, but even if it was forced and a bit heavy handed it served it's purpose, at least their actions were redeemed in a roundabout way (by suffering penalties) but I found all those chapters obnoxious because they were counterintuitive to the previous portrayals.

But none of that matters.

The novel... is awesome, it's of the best frikken novels I've read of this kind, it's of the best translations I've seen in this page, it's accomplished constant laughs and piqued my interest greatly since the start, I binged it for 3 days straight, the plot devices have incredibly well done set ups and very awesome pay off, I can't for the life of me give this novel less than 5 stars even if I found a bit of flaws in it, because I haven't read a "romance harem/fantasy adventure" novel that can even begin to get close to this one.

IF you've read the dreaded "harem, romance" tagged stories by japanese authors, and found that the portrayals were obnoxious and unrealistic, READ THIS STORY, can't believe that a Chinese author properly came and is giving the Japanese authors a schooling on one of their main genres, he's managed to capture the essence that the Jap have which most people enjoy (lets be honest here, there is a reason why it's one of the most popular genres) and elevated it to greater highs by avoiding the common downfalls of those stories, it's being 164 chapters and not even once has the thought "huuu, I'm a wimp" come to the MC.

I love this.

Read it.

Rate it 5 stars.

Review it with "this is awesome"

Give the translators money

Do everything in your power to keep this novel going... because it's frikken awesome. <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: --
Run of the mill isekai with MC whose ambition is to slack off (typical) with obvious developments that leads to him meeting other girls who joins his harem. Ask yourself why you are reading this? Is it to follow someone interesting? MC is generic JP like MC so you wont get that. Maybe the exciting plot? Well how exciting can it get? Its a non violent JP shounen like drama themed novel where most of the developments are obvious and predictable. This is highly overrated novel with zero unique aspects.
19 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nian rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: c133
A cute romance-ish novel with really heavy world building. A lot of people complaining about this not being good/pedo or whatever but if you look at the interactions as an older sibling caring for a younger sibling (which is what is literally happening) instead of a 20 year old dude in a child body being intimate with a child, you'll be happy. I just read this novel with a wholesome heart, as that's the vibe I get when reading how the main character interacts with the two current romance targets.... more>> The princess girl is a bit ambiguous as her attempts for intimacy is more of the boy-girl form than the little sister interactions, but the author hasn't crossed any lines. And honestly, it's mostly the girl making advances than the guy, which I'm pretty sure happens occasionally as I have seen elementary schoolers date growing up, so I honestly don't understand what people are complaining about. People who complain about "pedophilia" are in my honest opinion either really sensitive people who think too much or people who need to get their minds out of the gutter. <<less
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Sion rated it
September 27, 2020
Status: c245
Love this novel. It's exactly my cup of tea. The iterations among Roel and the heroines are great, and the characters are very well fleshed out.

I like harems, but there are very few satisfying harem novels out there. This one, however, is one of the best harem novels I have read in a long time, even though Roel is still avoiding the advances of the girls up to chapter 240.

As for the plot and the fight scenes, they are pretty well written and without obvious plot holes (I did not... more>> notice any at the very least). The fights scenes are exciting are easy to paint in your head.

If there is something I must criticize, it's the MC's plot armor. He literally obtains the favor of two gods rather easily. However, plot armor is very common in this kind of story, so it's not too surprising.

In conclusion, a great novel. If you like harems, you must read it, and if you don't, read it anyway. It's a great novel... <<less
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NotCreative rated it
December 6, 2020
Status: c393
If you want to know if this novel is worth your time hear me out.

I will give you a view of the main general things

(good and bad) of the novel

    • Age problem in the beginning of the story: the MC is a 9 year old and it is ok the way he thinks and acts like a 20+ years old guy because he was actually a 20+ years old before the transmigration... But what about the other children in the novel? They are nobles and they have a top level education but there are characters that compete with the MC in terms of inteligence. It's not bad but it's wierd. Also the MAIN problem for many people is the description of the appearance of the characters (children). The author "apparently" describes their beautiful appearance in a way that make some people think of phedophilia. I personally didn't get that kind of vibe while reading, but I think this s*upid problem could have been avoided easily giving all the characters a +3 years. That would basically fix intelligence + pedo vide in one go without affecting the story.
    • MC: MC is a good guy, upright, mature for his age (well he trasmigrated so...), with beautiful appearance and good family status. Basically this things are the main reason which give you the inability to question why the girls like him. MC during 300+ chapters doesn't show any interest in developing any love relationship and give you the impression of being a dense MC. Well I don't want to say too much but I can assure you that he is not an emotional idiot; he knows that the girls like him really bad but there is a good reason that makes him wary of love reletionship, but you will know it after 350+ chapters.

      MC thinks of himself not as the real protagonist (cause in the game the protagonist is another guy), so he thinks all the people ''don't belong'' to him. He is also afraid cause of his blodline power is pretty dangerous for the people around him, cause he can't control it

    • HAREM, ROMANCE and GIRLS: in the beginning of the story we have cute interactions between MC and his little adopted sister. They are kid so just hugs and some feeding scenes with the little sister who is traumatized by fork and knife cause of her past. During the child-phase of the story we have only hugs and one kiss that is not a real kiss. So there is no pedo interactions like someone say. Yeah there is a crazy 9 years old girl that take pleasure troubling people but there is no s*xualization. It's like a typical child behavior, you say "don't do that" and she end up doing that. Later on we have other girls as well and there are sweet and funny moments (the MC get litterally abducted without knowing it by one of the girls). They are all well written and they are RELEVANT, yeah an harem with girls that have a purpose and that are not just there doing nothing. Never seen something like that in a CHINESE novel, seriously.
    • PLOT: in the first part of the story the main point seems to be the survival of the MC but later the author start to focus all his attention on the history of the world with evil cults, natural living disasters, gods and important events of the past which are not known by humanity. The main reason of the switch is the bloodline of the MC, which give him the possibility to take part in important events of the past and he starts to unravel mysteries regarding the world, his ancestors and his bloodline. The description of the event of the past is well written and very interesting.
    • PLOT ARMOR: if you don't like plot armor, you problably don't want to pick up this novel. When his bloodline activate, MC is always in a dangerous situation and the system give him a method to increase his chances of survaival through money... litterally pay to win. The shop of the system also give him the possibility to buy items that are always perfect for the occasion...
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Jarhead._.Lee rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c117
Okay, feel free to disregard hawlol. His points are valid, but it's much more exaggerated than you think. MC transmigrates into the gal game as a 20-year-old. His creepy pedo acts are simply him being a siscon for like 3 sentences. In any case, it's a good novel. MC isn't too much of a beta either. The exposition ends around chapter 60, where the storyline properly begins. It doesn't stream off or jump from place to place as seen in some JP transmigration novels, which is good enough for me!... more>> As of the chapter I'm on, the romance is really nice, and I've enjoyed it. But the main turn-off for a lot of people is that they're all children. Yeah. I got no excuse for that. I guess his transmigration is more of Roel remembering his past. Oh well. Just disregard the age gap, and it'll be a good story to blow off some stress! <<less
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