Beastman Forcefully Raising a Wife


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The rich second generation Shu Jintian suddenly transmigrated during his escape after being kidnapped.

He was snatched back to the snake nest of a ruthless python. However, not only did it not eat him, it even fed him. Was he being raised as a pet?

But, you- you- why are you wrapping around me? I’m not a female snake ah, hello!!!

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New hereforthebl rated it
August 2, 2020
Status: c37
I like the story. MC and ML are cute. Story is very interesting, no boring moments. But, Chrysanthemum Garden is dropping it because it's already been translated to English on kindle so I'm gonna drop this too. Sad 😔
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New Arindag
July 31, 2020
Status: Completed
When I first read this novella, I found it very interesting, so after Reading the translated chapters I MTL’ed all the rest till the end.
I liked the world building and I have to say that at the beginning all the violence, the dub-con and non-con didn’t face me, after all I have being reading manga, manhua, and bl novels for several years and you kind of go with it, after all is another world and the morality is different and you just let it go, it is just a... more>> history and sometimes is kind of hot (I am very, very rotten...)
But, because I liked the world building and the author style I read all of her (I assume is a her) novels and... she has a thing with dub-con and non-con.


The ML of this particular novel is the scummiest one... hard to believe, the most violent and the coldest.
So, when you compare it in retrospective, when you read it again it gets kind of unbearable.


The list of beast world novels in chronological order are as follows:

1. Lai an orc as a meal ticket 赖个兽人当饭票
2. Forced Female Orc: this one
3. Spring of Cannon Fodder 炮灰攻的春天
- temporal jump-
4. My husband is a plant 我的老公是植物
5. A snake's way to find his wife 一条蛇的寻妻路
6. Daily Survival in the Last Days 末世之求生日常 (末世毒蛇)

They are pretty easy to read in MTL’ed they share a common world, and they are a good read.
But my favorite one is the third one, and Yanze is the ML.


So, when I read this novel again I couldn’t but to dislike the MC and ML who are such scumbags to each other and so... hard on poor yanze. That yes didn’t behave well in this particular history, and yes it was kind of evil, but it was mostly misunderstandings, different world views after all.


So, I recommend to read all the other novels on MTL 😊 <<less
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May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
The summary excited me so much that I read the raws.

This is my first review, so bear with me, and sorry if I spoil too much. I had to consider for a long time before I posted this.

I won't be rating this novel for three reasons:

  1. At this time, there are too few translated chapters.
  2. As someone who primarily reads QT, I don't think I'm a part of the target audience.
  3. I don't know if what I don't like is normal in these kinds of novels.
Also, the novel is actually completed at 87... more>> chapters. The remaining chapters are a side story about another character.

Here are the genres I will suggest for this novel: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Romance, Yaoi

Here are the tags I will suggest for this novel: animal characteristics, farming, mpreg, transmigration, beasts, cohabitation, fantasy world, human-nonhuman relationship, love at first sight, love interest falls in love first, possessive characters, r*pe, strength-based social hierarchy, death of loved ones, childcare, caring protagonist, pregnancy, weak protagonist, depictions of cruelty, heartwarming...?, devoted love interests, transformation ability, dense protagonist, language barrier, stockholm syndrome

About the current main tags:


Mpreg: It's there, and it happens twice.

Possessiveness: Yes. But I want to mention that for the first half of the novel, the only characters that exist are the MC and ML.

Transmigration: Honestly, this plays absolutely no role in the story. The MC was originally a rich young master, but he adapts to the new environment the moment he arrives. His survival skills are impressive considering his identity. In the first few chapters, he eats unfamiliar fruit like it's normal, and he starts a fire to grill meat. A dozen chapters later, he has fully embraced nudity. If you're expecting him to use his previous knowledge in any significant way, you'll be disappointed.

Farming: I'm a little confused as to why this is a major tag. The first instance of farming happens in chapter 62. After one or two chapters, a major event occurs, and farming is forgotten almost entirely. The sole crop grown is rice.


About the trigger warnings:


Non-consensual breeding: Basically, the MC is r*ped by the ML, and twice at that. But after the first time, the MC just... returns to daily life as if it never happened.

Pet rearing element where the alpha males would treat their mates like a pet: No, not really.

Alphas fighting over their mate: If you expect this to be a major theme, it's not.

Restricted freedom/captivity/confinement: It's definitely there, but the MC accepts it rather quickly.

Abnormal s*x organ: This is literally the best part of the novel.

On-screen birthing scene: Yup, two times.

Collaring/Leashing – a touch of bondage here and there: There is absolutely no bondage. Collar/Leashing is present, but no BDSM if you're here for the smut.

Hurt and comfort: Is this supposed to be a trigger warning? Doesn't every novel have this?

Interspecies sex: Sometimes, the ML has s*x in his snake form.




The MC is r*ped in chapter 30, and discovers he's pregnant in chapter 44. Birth in chapter 48, eggs hatch in chapter 51. For the first 30 chapters, it's extremely boring. The MC tries to escape two times, but he's caught within half a chapter. Eventually, he just accepts his fate. Yan Ze, the worst character in this novel, kidnaps the MC. He then proceeds to help the MC go to the bathroom. This should be a trigger warning lol. But other than that, eating is basically 99% of chapters 1-30.

After first birth:


I was anticipating the happy life of MC, ML, and their dozen children. After all, I was under the impression that this was a fluffy slice of life novel (minus Yan Ze and the r*pe). It was also a bit funny that the ML was jealous of his own children. I scrolled through 51 chapters of slice of life just to see the MC care for his babies. And that was true for 7 chapters. But in chapter 58, the ML...

threw his children into the river...

and then r*ped the MC to stop him from finding them... QAQ

Who said this was a fluffy novel???

Luckily, they managed to locate three of them 6 chapters later. Who knows what happened to the rest. At this point, I was relieved. Now that the angst is over, let's see the MC look after the remaining little snakes...

literally 3 chapters after the reunion: two of the three snakes are brutally killed and eaten. Their deaths are horrifyingly detailed. W-WHY???

I won't spoil the rest too much. But I'll talk about the second birth. The MC's body seems to understand his poor parenting skills, so there's only one baby this time.

Me: That's fine, he can have more children in the future.

Author: Nope. The MC can't get pregnant anymore. Be satisfied with the two children you've got.



In conclusion, the first half of this novel is mostly fluff and slice of life. But for the second half... not at all. Anyways, I'm just salty that I read 87 chapters and didn't get what I was looking for. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: --
I feel the need to drop the 1-star bomb on these positive reviews. Few summary extracts to show the "essence" of this novel:


MC: *hungry as hell*

... more>> ML: My female doesn't look so good, what should it be...

MC: Yo, I'm hungry dude.

ML: Oh! I get it! *runs out* *COmes back with freshly killed animal* EAT!

MC: Dude, this is raw, we need some fire so I can cook it.

ML: I SAID EAT!! *forces MC to drink fresh blood*


ML: *happily dives under water* *brings his female down with him*

MC: bit*h I need air! Let me go! *no strength, ML doesn't pay a f*cking attention* *suffocates* *about to drown*

ML: Oh, my females stroked me right now *turns around* Oops, something is going on, that ugly face and dull eyes. Maybe air? *proceeds to share some air*

MC: *on the verge of collapse, receives some air* Imma die right now

ML: Oh, my female is so active today, let's kiss-kiss *shoves his snake tongue in*

MC: *should have choked and died, but didn't for some reason* *underwater making out*

This is just a glimpse at this f*ckery, summarized by me, your welcome. Surely, the title should have said it all, but I never expected it will bear such a literal meaning. I have no idea where these positive reviews come from. Sorry for a little pun saying that this sh*t is inhumane. But I don't see how this horrid beginning with violence, forcing, abuse etc. All the sh*t that makes me cringe, should transform into some sort of love later on? How about - f*ck no? It's not a story of beauty and the beast, it's not even Twilight. Reading this is plainly agreeing to read another Stockholm syndrom victim. The MC is simply miserable. End of story. <<less
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May 28, 2020
Status: --
Due to me being a fujoshi, I've long lost my bottomline so whatever genre or kinks there is in a story even bestiality NSFW it doesn't faze me. SUPER excited to read this story🥰
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Birguslatro rated it
June 28, 2020
Status: Completed
I cannot for the life of me, understand why this has as many positive reviews as it does.

Okay, so I can maybe excuse the majority of the violence and non-con at the beginning out of consideration for the ML being born in a primitive world with no human rights, but by the end of the story, he has gone through no character development. He shows no remorse for having done what he has to the MC and their children.

Also, this is the crux of the issue here; I argue that... more>> the ML is not the one at fault for being an abusive dick. He is merely the latest abusive d*ck in a long line of abusive dicks. He simply doesn't know any better. It is our MC that truly fails to perform as a transmigrator from an advanced society.

Our MC is simply a doormat with no redeeming features. He simply lets the ML run roughshod over him and lol, but it's fine because he loves him so much and that's just the sweetest thing, isn't it?

There's no attempt to reason with the ML that hitting or raping someone at the slightest provocation isn't acceptable behavior. The MC simply rolls ever and let's it happen, even when his own kids get abandoned in a river, he pretty much gives in after a token resistance. He's afraid to bring up looking for his kids because it could make the ML angry.

He doesn't try to explain that he grew up in a culture where throwing infant children away is incredibly wrong, he just rages at the ML until he snaps and rapes him. There is no logical discussion, no negotiation. No explanation to his incredibly yandere husband that just because he loves his kids, doesn't he loves his spouse any less.

So s*upid.


On the other hand, there's also an extra starring the MC and ML's son at the end that actually features a healthy relationship. It was fluffy and sweet and managed to wash away the bad taste of the preceding 90+ chapters. <<less
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Logophile rated it
July 11, 2020
Status: c110
Okay so apparently this has low ratings and I can't stop myself from commenting because people might get discouraged once they saw that. So here's the warning I'm going to enumerate before you start judging the novel.

First have I finished the novel?

Yes, I did, the mtled version, it was definitely difficult to understand because I couldn't wait for CG's trans. (Their trans was so amazing I tell ya)

... more>> Okay let's start

  1. The tags are not wrong, you better look twice, they're not there for decoration and yes the story is somewhat hard to digest in the several parts yet you'll know when you read.
  2. The plot isn't thrash at all. One thing when you read a novel is that you accept the the world they are, I mean the characters are situated in that setting so if you can't bear that ofc that'll be a different story.
  3. It was bloody details. At some point I couldn't continue reading cause the emotion was too hard.
  4. It's mpreg and nope not the typical one.
  5. The seme is totally crazy.
  6. This does not follow the normal rule.
  7. Lastly it was enjoyable. The development you can judge it as twisted, definitely, but you'll see it has building up elements too, just late because of miscommunication.
That's all folks. You don't have to give such low ratings ah. It's bad if translators gets discouraged.

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CultivatorBunnyLan rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: Completed
The spoilerish notes at the beggining of the translated version made me so interested and excited about this novel that I MTL'ed it all the way.

Our MC might've transmigrated but that didn't make him OP. He's just a normal human person who was immediately taken away by the ML.

The first half of the book was realistically developed. Their relationship really started off as: Beast x Human. The ML just wants to keep his chosen mate near him and is controlling about it.

He had tremendous strength and often hurts the... more>> MC because of this. (and due to the fact that "escape" was always on the mind of the MC)

Yes, they will learn how to interact and comunicate with each other. There were certain fluffy moments in the novel.

The xxx scenes are hot and quite detailed. The way the ML's xxx organs were described was fascinating. I also was intrigued about the concept of the "pregnancy fruit"

There is dub-con, collaring/tying, confinenent, punishment (in terms of slightly starving the MC so that he'll learn his "lesson"), and non-consensual breeding.

It's Mpreg.

The Spiritual Snakes can impregnate their mates and have a huge "egg count" so prepare yourselves.


MC gets pregnant for 2 times. 1st pregnancy = 11 baby snakes, 2nd pregnancy = 1 female baby (human form)


Yes, it's interesting but please also prepare your hearts because after the MC gives birth, it was all cute and nice with the ML eating his vinegar but


Because of their inherited memories, the ML throws his children away in a rushing river so that he can "solo" his wife.

The MC was angry about this since they were his children too. They fought and the MC wanted to find them, the ML the proceeds to have s*x with the MC to stop him since: "He is mine." The ML won't let the MC's attention stray away from him.


And some deaths are too traumatic. I wasn't ready and was just shocked. I stayed frozen and my heart began to hurt.

Why? Because...



There was this lion/tiger beastman who wanted to xxx the MC and get rid of his children. The ML was away from that time so the beastman (Yan Zhe, I believe) struck.

The MC and ML found their 3 snake children and they visited the MC. They tried to stop Yan Zhe but two!

Two of this pure baby children were beaten brutally and eaten in a horrifically detailed manner by Yan Zhe to make the MC feel pain and once all of his children are eaten the MC will once again go into heat.

My gosh! My heart! Those are babies.

Even though it was revealed that not all snakes can transform into their humanoid forms. It's like 1 in 10.

Still, reading about how the baby snake's eyes were filled with pain and hope for their mama's rescue while the MC was powerless to do anything but watch as the light in his children's eyes disappear was simply gcufseaugxigxihfitdtamfksnsksnsmsnsnzbsbsn (I am in pain right now people.)

Till in the future once his children, the last surviving snake of the 3 had a family, everytime the MC sees the baby snakes he just wants to hug it. (Look at the trauma incurred by the MC, people.)


It was a nice read.

I really liked the extras.


I liked the Snake x Mermaid pairing and Female snake x 3 wolves pairing. (I believe that their female child became partners with the 3 wolves.)

Btw, the 3 wolves are the children of another transmigrated person. Don't worry. He's good.


They were fluffy and cute, especially since this was the result of the MC's actions when he raised his children. <<less
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Aachiin0914 rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: Completed

I thought this one going to be kinda of brutal, with many gore and r*pe scenes. But it's not. Waahh~

It's kinda fluffy with a bit of seriousness.

... more>> MC and ML have a love hate relationship at first. MC tried to escape. many times, and I thought ML would try torture to make MC obedient. But ML so gently and kind.

MC's reaction to ml's advances is really good. Despite the fear and desire to escape, unlike those brainless and s*upid MC in other novels, MC was calm and collected. I like how MC developed trauma went eating raw meat and drink blood. It's very realistic. Some novels have a protagonist with extreme flexible mind that can adopt to anything. Which kinda destroy the challenge of the novel. But this novel's main characters slowly adopt and has a chance to developer their character and personality in every chapter.

I like how the author give every character a happy ending. Especially MC's children, I thought they will never be found and will faided into the background. I also like how ML changes his attitude and restrain his instinct for MC.

I'm kinda curious about the other transmigrator, I wish the author also include his story in the extra chps. Specially MC and the other transmigu were connected from the very beginning because of the blanket the other transmigrator left.

Over all, this novel is cute. It maybe boring for some, because it contains a little bit of slice of life and livelyhood development.

The smutt is very mild but warning for beastiality, rape, a little bit of gore, Mpreg and there's also 4p at the end of the novel. Hehehee... <<less
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FloweryUnicorn rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: --
Well, the plot is awfully similar to the book called seized by the shape shifting serpent, to the point it's literally stolen. Everything is extremely similar from the start of the story, not sure how to feel about this. As for the translators, excellent work.
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karwasama rated it
July 30, 2020
Status: c34
While reading this I was constantly torn between "this is so wrong wtf" and "he's technically a wild animal and this is what wild animals do so maybe... it isn't that bad?" but ultimately it left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

Before I write the rest of my review, I want to clarify that all my criticisms are toward the novel itself and not the translator. The translator did an excellent job, especially with the content they had to deal with. The fact that this review even has 2... more>> stars (1.5 but I rounded up) is actually for them. It was also because half of the reason why I rated this so low is because I didn't vibe with Beastman Forcefully Raising a Wife in general, but I'll get to that later.

Anyway, the story as a whole was so difficult for me to swallow. It's exactly what you expect -- ML is an animalistic cave man sort of character that thinks and behaves like, well, a beast. In his head, kidnapping a "mate" is totally normal, which he does to the MC, and he thinks lightly of man handling the MC around (he does feel some regret over the times he hurts the MC but.... it really doesn't last...). He cares for the MC, but in the same way you would care for your dog, not a lover, and it was pretty uncomfortable reading about how he literally

put the MC on a leash and tied him to the cave.

When he finally does the deed with the MC, it's straight up non-con (others may say dub-con but to me he really didn't consent to it at all), and Jesus Christ, just from reading the scene I was wincing in theoretical pain. Like, no lube, the ML's (two) extra long dicks, and it's the MC's first time..... ouch.

What also made it hard to keep reading is the graphic realism of bodily functions...? This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm pretty squeamish so this was a bit of a turn off. The topic of defecation is brought up pretty frequently (in my opinion, at least). I think the worst of it was

after they did it for the first time and the ML had plugged the MC up with his cum. That in of itself isn't too bad, but the MC thinks it's diarrhea which inevitably put the comparison into my mind. And then when he tries to get everything out the ML helps him by taking him to the edge of the mountain and making him just... let go... of everything all while he's still holding him. I don't know -- maybe I'm just too vanilla but this was a little much for me.


Content aside, the novel is pretty confusing as well. I can't get a grasp on the MC's characterization. One second he's shivering in fear of the ML, and the next he's joking around with him like he doesn't care. Actually, I personally felt as if all the characters were bipolar -- one minute they would be upset, and in literally the span of two sentences their mood would "improve" and they would become happy. Or vice versa. You get my drift.

Regardless, I think I'm going to stop here. For the reasons mentioned above, I'm not particularly enjoying this story. I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a bad novel, because it is hilarious at times and the writing style isn't bad, but it does cater to very specific tastes, ones which I do not have. Overall, I rate it a 1.5/2.0 stars. <<less
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May 19, 2020
Status: Completed
The story isn't that bad. The setting is not modern. They live in caves. The ML is very forceful and I dislike him a bit.

His son is definitely one of my favorites though. He knows that he shouldn't throw away his children.


The MC is okay. I just got a little bit annoyed when he push his children away. I mean like, those are his kids.

All in all, it was okay. You should definitely check the other reviews and tags though cause this might not be your type of story. It has bestiality, rape, and other things.
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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel tango-ed along my bottomline a few times. It challenges one's tolerance so take the trigger warnings very very seriously~. My 4 stars is highly influenced by the first half (for the main couple) and the special arc (side couple) of the novel~

Aside from that, all the other parts are (*deemed non-existent for innumerable reasons beyond the ability of human cognition- reasons that make one's forehead bruised due to face palms). Again, please take the trigger warnings seriously. There IS fluff— but the no matter the amount of... more>> fluff in this one, it really just not completely offset all the negative factors. <<less
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elvira12 rated it
May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Ok, I thought I wouldn't like it because at first I kinda don't feel the MC and ML. However, after a while, I started to appreciate them.

I finally knew why I didn't like them at first. It's because they're very realistic. Their reactions and interactions are all based on each others' reality.

The s*x is also very explicit and exciting (two tin tins yo!). And came in very early in the story.

... more>> Just for background, Shu Jintian is the MC, then he named the ML as Shu Hanyu.

I haven't completed this yet. Will update this once I finished.


Ok finally completed this including the extra story of MC's son Gougou x Red date (merman) as well as the youngest Shu Ye x 3 kids of Lin Yi (protagonist in one of novels of the author). This is interesting but not so easy to mtl. So once this is translated, I'm gonna read this again. A lot of fluffy stuff tends to be misinterpreted by the mtl. So I'm looking forward to the translation. Give this a chance, it's nice in itself. <<less
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Sahloknir rated it
July 22, 2020
Status: c30
Firstly... I want to say that I have zero issues with NSFW stories - I've read and have written many.

I'd also like to wholeheartedly praise the translator/editor (s), who have done an excellent job with this work. This is not a reflection on their professionalism.

But I tapped out at chapter 30 because I simply could not deal with the continuous non-con everything... (Read hy-d-ra's review in this thread to see just some of it). There is not even a lost-in-translation reason for the ML to ignore the MC's repeated... more>> pleas and very little fluff to soften the blow.

The world-building and premise were both interesting and what kept me reading up until that point.

I can usually ignore 'telling' rather than 'showing' in a story, but in this case being told the ML 'loves' the MC isn't good enough for me to get past his behaviour.


The s*x scene in chapter 30 was not remotely ameliorated by any sense of love, affection or sensuality. The MC passes out from exhaustion and there is zero indication he found any pleasure in what was essentially non-consensual sex. The fact the ML continues to 'have at' (i.e. penetrate) him after he falls asleep is a bit revolting. I hesitate to say it was rape, but this s*x scene was utterly without any emotional investment for receiver MC or the reader. I love BL for those piercingly sweet and tender moments between the boys... with or without the sex. This story has too few of these interludes to make up for what appeared to be a gratuitous s*x scene... without the sexiness. Also fluff? What fluff?


I gave 1 star because the interesting world-building and solid lead-in were not enough to make up for the dull and yet at the same time aggressively off-putting ML. <<less
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russianoatmeal rated it
July 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this overall. I read the MTL and while I didn’t get a lot of the small things, still enjoyed it! It was fluffy at times!

I did cry though when the baby snakes died 😭 Also they didn’t just gloss over Shu Jintian being kidnapped, he actually had a flashback to that

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basilferry rated it
June 16, 2020
Status: c14
This book is super good!!! Its got a lot of catchy plots between the characters And a Really good setting for them
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nahwoohoo rated it
June 14, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: Strong 3.7

ML has rather questionable morals but overall, I like to believe that he means well. MC is a weakling but he is in an unknown world where beastmen are strongest so I didn't really expect much from him. Some of his actions really pissed me off cause the ML is trying to please him but he just had to act like a little sh*t. I don't agree with many of the ML's actions but hey, you don't have to be that mean. : ( Don't read this if you:

  • Spoiler

    are squeamish about blood and gore. There is a rather sad scene where a few of their children get killed by some ugly a**hole ogre.

  • Spoiler

    get uncomfortable about mpreg, obviously. The part where the MC gave birth to the batch of eggs screwed me over, I was SHOOK. Author didn't go into detail (thank god) but it paints a vivid enough picture.

  • Spoiler

    get uncomfortable about the objectification of women. MC is viewed as a woman and ML does treat him like an object/pet quite often.

Overall, decent read. Would I read this again? Probably not, I got really frustrated a lot of time while reading this book and I doubt I can go through those emotions again. (′д`)
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lourdes rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
So funny, at little heartbreak for the little snake, 70% fluppiness, suspense?...I think so.
Unexpected plot development is good too. This story is not predictable. So much element of surprise. 😁
Very enjoyable.
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Lilazeaf rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: Completed
I have a high expectation on this book and glad I did ! It did not fail my expectation at all. I really like the story and character development

The initial story was a bit heavy and kinda dark, but after that passed, the story become all cute and fluffy

5/5 Love it !
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MeimeiXgreetsXNiangniang rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c45
I've been reading thru MTL so I might not have understood all the nuances in this story. Although, I would say the interaction between the MC and ML is kinda cute and fluffy I can't help but feel uncomfortable especially during the early parts of this story. Given that this was tagged Stockholm syndrome, I understand that the story will progress in that route. I don't have qualms to that since I've been forewarned.

I just wished the ML would be a little less rough towards the MC in the beginning.... more>> I know they have their own differences, racial, cultural, and language, and the ML is trying to accommodate MC; yet it would have been better if the ML could more gentle and understanding towards the MC.

Someone said that their interaction is too realistic. I agree with you. However, sometimes I want more rainbows in my fiction. 😂 Lol

I still have more chapters to read and I hope they'll be able to work out their differences.


So I completed it already. I was having a hard time understanding the last chapters but I think I get the gist of it. I think it's worth it to read this novel. Like I said there are scenes that will make you uncomfortable but I think if we embrace the concept of bestiality then we'll be able to push through and read this. Keep in mind the tags though. If you are against to any of them then you'll certainly won't enjoy this.

I didn't understand the last chapter well but did that female child just made a reverse harem?

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kyn rated it
July 25, 2020
Status: Completed
* Reviewed on May 10th, 2020 (before it got translated) - read this novel via TTS in Cantonese, as usual.

Pretty little man transmigrated to a Beastman world, got forcefully breed, and you-know-what...

I am not sure of the proper translation for the Chinese title, but it could be, Unwilling Pet of a Spirit Snake by Potato Bud [edit: at the time of this review, the web novel has yet to be translated]. I am loving the possessiveness of those beast-men over their mates. It gives me those caveman vibes. I am... more>> totally digging it! Moreover, the novel didn't shy away from the male on-screen birthing scene, where he gave birth to his offsprings. Yes, it's plural here. The poor clueless guy suffered much. His beastman partner is not used to gentle sex, especially in the beginning—still, nothing to worry about as they did end up all lovey-dovey as the story progresses.

I love all these elements in the novel:
1) Lotsa manhandling - so hot!
2) Lotsa non-consensual breeding and eventual impregnation.
3) Super domineering alphas - they would manhandle their mate into submission.
4) Overprotective partner
5) A touch of pet rearing element where the alpha males would treat their mates like a pet. I totally dig this <3.
6) Alphas fighting over their mate - the omegas are hard to come by, hence making them precious to the alphas.
7) Restricted freedom / captivity / confinement
8) Abnormal s*x organ - Yes, it's huge and more...
9) On-screen birthing scene.
10) Collaring/Leashing - a touch of bondage here and there.
11) Hurt and comfort
12) Interspecies sex

Aside from all of the above, I am also intrigued by the Beastmen's culture and physical differences. It is also interesting to observe the way each of them treats and view their mates.

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