Silly Spring Attack


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Once upon a time, there was an office worker who was dragged by his boss to take a hot spring bath. While he was soaking…

This is probably very serious. He came to a Beast world and was licked out of his sleep by a golden lion. The lion accompanied him. Only then did he understood this world… when he came to the lion’s tribe, he found that this was really not an experimental base…

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New ike_00000 rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: c31
Hmm, it's cute. Very very simple, no-fuss romance. Personally, I got a bit bored though.

Points for primitive beastman society but no force or rape! Note: "Orc" for them is just the name for these people.
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New elvira12 rated it
May 7, 2020
Status: c57
Sorry I had to drop this. For some reason, the rhythm of this story is very dry. I have read a lot of slice of life stories, and with this background, the story telling could have been more engaging.

Although it is true that there is a lot of fluff between the MC and ML. I think this is the only saving grace of this story.
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February 1, 2020
Status: Completed
It has a lot of similarity to Alsar and Never marry a man with two tintins. There's only ger-like males that can give birth who does not have a beast form. Perhaps it's glaring difference from the above titles is that despite the lack of females, the possessive beast-shous refuse to share.

There were two main couples, the MC and his senpai (who he considers as his adoptive brother) that got transported with him. The two met only at later chapters. Since they don't have beast form, they both became... more>> the "female" of this world. I like the pacing, it's not a boring daily slice of life but it do tells a story. <<less
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Tsukkin rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: Completed
Ok ok I absolutely adore this author and her novels (i have medicine, modern taoist, etc) and I already mtl this for 3 times bcs I love it so much, so forgive me if I sound too subjective lol.

So, this novel is set on a primitive like world and as usual MC is transmigrated from modern world, then ML saved him and they slowly fall in love. Wait! Not in this story tho... the process of fall in love is really quick and efficient. No dog blood, no love rivals,... more>> no denial and rejection towards ML (well maybe at first but only one or two sentences) after that they quickly get married and live happily ever after (and have buns).

Maybe if you're looking for more adventure or drama this novel is too bland and flat for you. Bcs the beast tribe itself is quite peaceful and they are not too primitive (they know how to produce ironware and pottery). The point of this novel is really the relationship between MC and ML and also between side cps

the senior x arsen (that snake guy), the witch doctor x ryan (this is quite unusual bcs both of them are "female" but ryan is stronger than any beastmen)


What I really like about this novel is the character of the ML, I guess this author really like to write puppy like ML lol. The ML in this novel is very loyal and so silly, it's quite funny. Overall this novel is cute and quick read, it doesn't have much chapter as author's other novels but the ending is satisfying enough. Though I still think that the reason why MC and senior transmigrated is a bit absurd but who needs logic when reading bl, right? Lol <<less
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AnonymousWildAster rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Cute and fluffy story. Not too much drama, just pure fluff.

Why is this entitled "Silly Spring Attack"? I dunno as well.... more>>

Prolly cause, the hot springs brought them to another world which is silly/absurd/unbelievable, and also was attacked by a silly gong (it also means attack in Chinese right) on the spring. XD

lol <<less
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December 15, 2019
Status: c3
So sweet and fluffy. There’s zero third-party drama. The issues are minor and realistic ones based on the MC’s situation, like the whole mpreg thing.

Also, super adorable side pairing close to the end.
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frozenlimabeans rated it
December 15, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is very nice, very fluffy! Enjoyable to anyone who wants an easy read!

However, it is warned that there isn't a lot of common sense on the MC's part sometimes, but it's bearable.
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