Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe


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Lin Mu was pushed down the cliff, but he did not die and arrived in a magical world instead.
A huge python with wings and the ability to fly. Alright, just think of it as the legendary Mayan Snake God;
A gigantic centipede that can fly in the sky, alright, he’s kinda seen it before in “Journey to the West”;
A mighty big wolf with a body as humongous as an elephant, en, just think of it as a mutant;
Although the animals in front of him were a little strange, they were still animals. Why did all of you suddenly turn into humans? Coming across wild beasts, Lin Mu could still accept it, but coming across ‘*yāojing’, Lin Mu became…. excited instead. What? You guys are the infamous drifter beastmen. I don’t know anything about that. Did you guys commit a lot of heinous crimes? I don’t see that either.
And so, Lin Mu began a hard but satisfying life of building a home in another world.
*Yāojing/妖精 doesn’t have a proper English equivalent word. The nearest meaning would be “supernatural being” or “Yokai” (Japanese).

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Bộ lạc du thú
Xuyên Việt Chi Du Thú Bộ Lạc
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67 Reviews

May 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Ah ah ah!!!!! ≫//////< This novel is too cute. Almost no drama, everyday is so fluffy. It's a slice of life so some of you might think that it's a bit boring, but overall it's a very relaxing read.

Let's talk about MC and ML. MC is very cute, a bit lazy, but also very hardworking and pure type of guy. But he's not a white lotus nor mary sue, he can really bite when provoked. He also adapting very quickly with his new life in the tribe. And ML is... more>> this powerful winged snake beast, also a patriarch of their tribe. Oh and just fyi all the beast in this novel are all wife s*ave. So they always have this pink bubbles everywhere for the poor single dogs to drool at.


IT'S MPREG EVERYONE!!!! MC and ML will have 6 kids, 5 females, 1 beast/male. Their first child is adopted and in the end of the story MC will be laying 5 eggs. YES PEOPLE! LAYING EGGS! Bcs ML is a snake (don't ask me how many **** he has bcs there's no specific description lol. Their first time is actually quite funny, it's a misunderstanding but in a good way)

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Dec 06, 2019
Status: c40
# This is a serious SLICE OF LIFE novel. It's so simple it couldn't go more basic even if it tried to.

If you've just read an intense novel with lots of brain cells involved do not read this first.

Seriuosly. It's so laid back my eyeballs haven't stopped rolling on and on. It doesnt have ANY intrigue at all. nada. zero. like you dont even want ta k ow what happened to any of the character's backstory.

The MC is naive and simpleminded. He doesn't seem to like to ponder things more... more>> deeply than necessary.

The ML and his gang thinks of the MC as a savior of sorts. They too dont like to use their freakin brains. So when MC came along everything was like a wonderful thing.

I get that it's a VERY primitive society but they have knives and they know how to sew clothes (from animal hides) but they only know how to bbq? like for real? hmmp.

I gotta stop. Ok I'm sorta ok now. I did persevere tho up until chap 40. I was honestly waiting for that single dwelling house but whenever I read about laying foundations but the authors forgot about the buildings' COLUMNS I...... always freak out.

Man it'S so hard to read transmig stories where the mains build houses without the RIGHT structural integrity needed for it not to collapse. Most just describe a hpuse big enough to accommodate ALL the mains needed without consideration to the load bearing capacity of the structural components of the said building.

???........? <<less
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Apr 05, 2021
Status: c27
I'm going to try my best to keep this an objective review. It's a simple slice of life story with no drama but it also has one of the worst Gary Stu plots I've seen in a while. I picked this because the translation quality was excellent and I just wanted fluff without drama but I just couldn't with the stereotyping.

... more>>

The male/female divide is extremely stark and honestly it's too weird to have this completely straight guy who just feel to a new world just have absolutely no problems with being suddenly gay. Also, ML - he's forceful and does not respect the MC, not truly. He listens to him but it's all done with a patronising must-listen-to-females thing. Everything that feels off, like being forceful & not giving personal space are just swept under the that's-how-thick-faced-beastmen are. Now you may find it cute, & that is perfectly fine but it bugged me too much. It also annoys me just how much everyone is depending on MC, like are you seriously telling me that people who are so smart that they can figure out how to make all these new things from MC's vague half-baked knowledge never discovered or experimented? Where I completely gave up was the first night The ML knows that MC does not know their customs. The so-called female friends of his know he doesn't understand what gifting handmade clothes mean and nobody tells him or confirms if he's okay with sleeping with the man!!!! He's just forcefully eaten brutally to the point he has bruises all over and can't even move & the ML thinks it's a good idea to leave MC & go hunting for some fruit that is apparently good for health and call in all the other females in who wake him with their laughter. He's half-covered, covered in bruises, has just had his first time without any mental prep and wakes up to no ML and people laughing at him. Now I get what the author is going for - oh he's so caring that he fought a sabertooth tiger for special fruit & called his friends so he isn't alone but No. Just NO. That honestly sounds traumatising. Maybe I wouldn't have felt so strongly if ML had just said this is what gifting clothes mean, "oh my goodness I'm so happy, do you feel the same as I do?" Or at least stayed till he woke up so that he doesn't feel so odd on waking up, especially since MC has repeatedly said he's a male where he comes from. Or if this fruit is so important, at least cleaned & covered him up properly and asked 1 person to check on him and be kind if he's not back by the time MC wakes up


Honestly, it's cute enough & translation is excellent but I just feel like the author just excused way too much by waving the beastmen card. This is just my personal opinion & I do recommend that you give it a try if you're in the mood for pure fluff and no drama are okay with the issues I noted. It's not an extremely problematic novel or anything, I just don't like tropes like this. <<less
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May 21, 2020
Status: c13
It's eh? Idk I was pretty unsatisfied.

I have no problems with the story's genre, but the way this particular author strictly divides beastman and "females" was pretty upsetting. Like it's always emphasized oh only the females like to eat this food, or whatnot. Idk although people think highly of MC, the tag of "female" is so inseparable. All the females are written so wimpy and white lotus. And he really didn't even question his gender all that much. Also ML fell for him too quick, and although I guess it... more>> makes sense given the setting people have to worry about food&shelter so feelings are secondary, but still.

I also found the logic and story developments very simple. Even ignoring the fact their language is entirely the same. Ofc given the stage in society where people still live in caves life is a lot simpler, but people have never seen a bowl before? MC just becomes way too white lotus imo. The plot itself is also very simple, or put in other words straight-forward and dull. One day MC thinks about something, oh the next day that thing occurs. Lack of foreshadowing and complexity in plot.

Also, the language of the story feels offputting to me. It's not necessarily translation error, idk how to describe it. <<less
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Mar 30, 2020
Status: Completed
For those new to this kind of yaoi sub-trope:

This is a story about a modern man transmigrated to a beastkin world where shapeshifting beasts are male and full male-body (like our MC) are female. Hence, the mpreg tag.

Writing has a very easy-going pace but still has a fulfilling ending. Interaction between MC and ML is so sweet and the babies are very very cute. Almost no drama. Over-all, a very chill read. I FULLY RECOMMEND!!!

... more>> By the way, if anyone wants to read beastkin world transmigration, I suggest :

(for yaoi lovers)


(for straight heteros*xual pairings) :

Beauty and the beasts:wolf hubby xoxo

Gentle Beast <<less
16 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 11, 2019
Status: Completed

I'm a fan of settings with tribes, especially ancient beast tribes because of all the fluffy and simple life building scenes.

... more>>

The main character transmigrated over to a beast world with his original body (he gets it fixed and becomes like one of the native there later) and meets a wandering group of beasts. While he sets off with them, he gives ideas of building houses and ways of making life better to their group. Then, their leader and MC becomes lovers & they build their tribe together.



Drama happens from time to time, but mostly its slice of life on how to make the tribe better. For example, finding vegetables and seasonings to improve their food choices, making pottery and utensils for eating, weaving silk to make clothes.


There are side couples too, which brought more color to the novel. It was nice seeing others happy too, with their emotional drama and all.

Reading every chapter of this novel leaves me satisfied and feeling heartwarming. It's a nice happy ending. <<less
15 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 15, 2020
Status: c39

Cringy.. His stereotypes housewives- like friends make it more cringy and the fact that those housewives are males is super super cringy.

Of course my mood contributes to the low rating as well
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May 19, 2021
Status: c50
I've read up to the scene where the MC has his first time (r*pe) and at that point I decided to stop reading. Not only because of what happened, since this kind of r*pe plot could be more frequent, but because of his "friends" reactions to it.


They clearly could have warned the MC, but they didn't do it and after the fact, they even made fun of him. Truly disgusting.

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May 21, 2021
Status: c1
I mean, fluff and stuff is nice... But so many holes in plot, character- and worldbuilding I just can't take this seriously.

I was really hateful when he introduced flour melons, because seriously, why a plant would do that - these aren't spores nor readily available nutrition. Might attract rodents and insects but why powder then? Really wack. And why blue? Blue pigments are generally super rare and animals that can see blue in that biome are probably limited like to beez and squirrels so lol guess being blue is a... more>> byproduct of something else.... Bleh, I demand explanations!

Oh, and also - nurses nor doctors nor first year med students have a habit to never promise that they are going to save a patient directly. Nobody wants to get mauled by grieving relatives, cmon, it's common sense!

2 chuunibyou schoolboys out of 5 <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 18, 2022
Status: Completed
This is really good!! Really for this story don't read those negative reviews. Before I read those and I nearly missed this relaxing story. See the f*cking genre and tags alright.

The romance between ML and MC is always there, and it's always feels good to read them being together. I won't say it's perfect flawless story. You can feel the love between ML and MC, it's genuine, spicy and beautiful. I like their tribe as well as other side couples. MC is such a sweet heart and one of the... more>> kindest characters I have ever read.

I make it clear here. MC always liked ML from the start to finish. ML is black bellied but he loves MC to death. And people who say ML forces himself on MC, I won't accept it. If MC doesn't allow, how can ML take a step. Have some common sense, if someone forces you, you would just scold and accept like MC or will you desperately struggle? MC didn't struggle, cause he liked ML. And this happens only once, and I don't feel that it's forced.

But for whomever complaining, see the tag is FANTASY and SUPERNATURAL alright? Anything can happen in anyway. You can't use your so called high human common sense to judge the world created by author. You just have to enjoy the story after reading the tags. And for those who say it's dull, f*cking see the tag it's SLICE OF LIFE, what can you expect? Dog blood drama huh?

And the commenter SAddict, why do you complain so much, huh? Everyone person is different with own experiences. MC carries bread or 2 water bottles, why such thing bother you huh? Complain something that makes sense. I really don't know why such a simple novel attracted so much negative reviews. Some are really ridiculous, h*mophobia? Sexism? HAH, there is really no such thing mentioned in some negative comments there in novel. Everyone views things differently. To write such a simple novel before decades ago, I really admire the author. Nowadays ppl are just after angsty dog blood filled novels. *SIGH* <<less
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Aug 29, 2021
Status: c35
The translation is pretty good but the story itself is very... meh.

The biggest issue I have so far is the lack of logic or even basic understanding of the world/physics.

The author literally had the beastmen "cut out a chunk of rock to make a rock bowl with their rock knives."

... more>> Please.

That's literally impossible ?

The author could have instead just said one of the beastmen's claws was extremely hard and used that like a fantasy weapon to work down the rock into a bowl. BUT NO, USING A ROCK WEAPON TO "CUT" ROCK LIKE BUTTER jeesus help.

Google "how to make rock bowl" if you don't know. Rock is not like wood guys.

The MC also has no idea how to build a house (at first I enjoyed that the author was making the MC like a normal guy), but he simply describes it to the beastmen and they miraculously know how to build a foundation or make a house? The materials for the house was completely vague as well.

The straw that broke the camel's back was this:

When the ML and group go hunting, they killed all the mature AND young animals. Even wild wolf packs know to not go for the young to keep the local population; they usually go for the old and ill animals or the adult animals. Fishermen will let fish under a certain size go. This is because IF YOU HUNT DOWN ALL THE YOUNG YOU WON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO HUNT NEXT YEAR.



Also the way the valley is written completely lacks common sense. Like the author mentioned the place was really big and hidden behind a big rock, but a few chapters later, the author has the little kids find a salt mine but then the location of that mine had to be hidden as well? was the mine inside the valley or not? No details.



The MC keeps picking unripe fruits.


This isn't as big an issue as the others, but the reason that hunter-gatherer societies were also migrants was because after you gather everything in an area, if you do not replant the seeds etc. you deplete the natural resources, making the next year's resources in that area more barren. Thus early hunter-gatherer societies moved around a lot like rotating their sources of food/crops INSTEAD of staying in one place, because if you don't actively give back to nature, it will not provide boundless resources. The MC picking unripe fruits and not replanting is completely unsustainable.


Cough, I'm not some nature specialist by a long shot, but the complete lack of the most basic logic made it clear that the author chose not to do any research and is living in a rainbow unicorn lalaland.

If the romance was at all well-written with excellent tension, then maybe it can make up for the giant black hole of basic reasoning skills, but it's not.

This is a slice-of-life base-building type novel without even the most basic world building details.

So goodbye. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 25, 2021
Status: c98
Sigh... since it's the end I'll write a quick review.

I always love love love this types of prehistoric beastman novels. It's always interesting to see how the MC will be able to adapt to certain situations. However for this story, the concept becomes very basic.

... more>>

I cannot remember what the MC used to do before he transmigrated, but I don't think it was a architect. He tells them how to build houses and how to make food and he instantly gets treated as a f*cking god. It's amazing how he is able to identify wild plants, which isnt as easy as it looks. You can go into the wood with a book telling you which plants are what and still f*ck it up. Plants look very f*cking similar. Not to mention that most of these plants are much different than on earth.


I tried to like this story and I did for the most part. A good thing to note is to literally turn your brain off and have fun, which I did until.


The author tried to fit so much and such a small story. Yes 98 chapters for the main story is quite long, but the author tried to fit way too much. Most of the filler was these random couples that barley get any resolution. Not to mention how these drifter beastman randomly picks up females like they are just being thrown away. Weren't they supposed to be rare or something. the MC females friends all get their stories with their partners and as soon as they are together, the friends almost never appeared. I like romance, but their was way too much side couples that none of them really matter to me.

Another thing I want to point out is the pregnancy of the "females". I'm not a bl purist that hates male pregnancy, I actually like it when the author uses it. It makes me so mad when the author mentions that men can get pregnant but, they never get preggos. I understand if pregnancy is part of the story in another way, that makes it essential to the plot without the MC getting pregnant, but this wasn't it. I haven't read the extras yet, but I'm betting that it hints at him getting pregnant, which would make me so mad. Anyways..

Last main rant I want to go on is the unnecessary plots and the rushed ending. THERE WAS NO f*ckING REASON FOR THAT DUMB ASS VACATION!! I hated those chapters the most. Nothing happened! Well pointless sh*t happen. They adopt a random kid and meet another beastman and his kid (or something). The author does nothing with these characters btw. The beastman and his son doesn't go back with them and also doesn't do anything, but hang out ig. And the baby was just to.... idk...... Write about a baby? Idk why the baby was their. The baby disappears when they get back to the tribe anyways. Speaking of them getting back. Idk what the author was thinking about having these awful people just come and try to take over. It was interesting at first until you realize that this can't be handle right with less than 5 chaps left. The ending was just rushed and bad. I think the author got tried of the story when they did that s*upid vacation and then had to add a bit of drama at the end.


Even though I had major issues with this story, something about it made me keep reading. I'm definitely going to read the extras.

I don't really recommend it tho... <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 30, 2021
Status: -
I don't... really like it😭😭

The story felt so... odd? So fast-paced and so many things happened in JUST the first few chapters... granted, I didn't read after that, so I don't know much but from what I read, I'm not quite into it...

The thing I hate the most is the "females" thing. It just feels wrong and uncomfortable. The MC kinda feels naive at some times? But that's still fine. The way the beastmen are though... nah fam I'm out.

Also, in like, the first few chapers when the MC and... more>> ML's group met, ML is already interested in MC??? Like, a lot-

I saw in a review how the MC's first time went.... and WHAT?? Are you serious? And that's cute to you all???? I- jesus christ. And another review said "their first time is actually quite funny, it's a misunderstanding but in a good way".... excuse me?? Did you hit your head??? Now, I didn't read it personally, and trust me, now I don't even want to. It's in a way r*pe. Yeah, so funny :)

The whole situation and dialogue between characters and characters themselves felt off to me. Making me kinda uncomfy. Just... unrealistic sometimes and really really strange.

But then I see all these 4/5 star review that say "awww so cute and fluffy!!", so I'm really confused if the problem is in me? Like, am I the only who feels kinda weirdly uncomfortable from the start? Or not even from the start, but at least later on?

Well in any case, I'm not gonna rate this because I only rate 5 stars for novels I like. But honestly... I'm really tempted to rate low on this one >_<

Edit: Nvm, I gave in... I rated it :/ And hey, maybe I could've rated it a 2 or 3 at least? But oh well too late now. It's just the uncomfortable feeling it gave me. Idk if it's the writing or if it's just not my type. Maybe both. <<less
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Sep 10, 2020
Status: Completed
A dull story with a boring couple. It's fluff in that they're nice, nothing bad happens, happy ending, yay.

The way this is written so simplistic as if it's for elementary students. There's no imagery, no realism, no humor, and no plot. Anything the author wants to happen just happens.

This is basically the kindergartner's version of Stone Age Husband's Raising Journal.
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Aug 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Finally an Mpreg novel where the MC actually does get pregnant lol. There were some minor plot holes but nothing major, ah ah ah! Def give this one a read guy's its pretty good and theres a healthy amount of fluff!

... more>>

The cute lil buns!! Lin mu had one adopted child who was ADORABLE & later had 5 children (at the same time u know snakes being oviparous n all) I'm very satisfied!


normally in a lot of mpreg novels even though its usually based in an ABO, Mpreg, Beastmen type of world the MC ends up not having kids or it just gives us a half assed extra summarizing that MC had a kid... but thats it nothing more... THE END. It makes me sad to see a lot of mpreg novels with a lot of potential end like that. Like whats the point of making it an Mpreg setting when MC is never gonna have kids and even the people around MC that can also conceive never well... conceive, I'v read to many novels that were pretty good and made it seem like the main couple wanted to have a kid but it didnt happen even in the extras... just gives the storys a lukewarm feeling when it ends like that. Thats just pure MpregBaiting smh. I'm happy this novel actually lived up to my expectations. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 16, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is fluffy and makes me hungry. It's more of slice of life
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 23, 2022
Status: Completed
Why this novel has low rating ? I'm somewhat offended. Hmph...
Sure this Novel is from a Decade ago... Almost a Decade at least (Gosh, I feel old. Lol). But this is really Good!!!

Has multiple side CPs that you will Love and Enjoy~! You won't get annoyed by any of them because their characteristics are Good, and they don't steal the light or took big portion in the novel.

MC has no Golden Fingers except his Knowledge of many food ingredients, he can cook, he help his tribes how to make house, and because he also brought a little bit of futuristic things like med, clothes, etc, those stuff helps! But MC is not perfect in a way like he doesn't have amazing strength and he can't sew/use needle really well.

He had gone through a lot at the start of the story but he's patient as he can be. He may not be perfect, but we will love him the same!


But he does have way to be save in this new world because he's watched by the Beast God who after transmigrated him and love the foods MC makes, won't just throw him away after he 'use' him.


It's really story of Building Good Tribes and keep Thriving. But it does have a small Intense moments near the end.

I won't call this novel Perfect, but it does have Satisfying Ending for Everyone. I'm pretty Happy and Well Satisfied. I'm Absolutely LOVING IT!!!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 14, 2021
Status: --
Man, Idk if i'll ever read it till the end, but I'm at C 38 rn, and I'm writing up this review, unsure whether to drop this. Writing this review kinda helps me gather my thoughts on this novel...

firstly, I do love slice of life novels, especially beastmen genre, yet, after reading stone age husband, sorry, I can't take this, and sorry I'm comparing... maybe if I hadn't read that, i'd think this is fresh. This novel feels more like a fast forward summary than a novel you can actually... more>> enjoy and "be in the moment", at the start, I loved the MC, but thn he got kinda boring. His ideas are subpar, and ngl the way they carry it out e.g. the house building, is unrealistic. You can tell the author did not do her research. There are so many opportunities to take too, but he did not.

secondly, oh my god, the ML is so boring and unnoticeable. Idk why he is the puppy kinda gong. Always striving to get on mc's good side, and loyal, but sometimes rougish doing the erhem... but he doesn't really have any other personality other than that. He just serves to be mc's shadow.

Thirdly, another aspect that irritated me was the fact that ML doesn't really respect mc's "gender", MC repeatedly tried to explain to ML about earth's gender setting, and that he's a male, but even though we get the ML "understanding", he still doesn't respect that as a reason why MC is reluctant to go through with their rs, for e.g. One part where MC got angry fr him saying he's a female, even though he already said it, and ML even knows he doesn't really come from his world/these part of the world, ML then goes on still calling him a female in that same damn convo... like ??? Excuse me? Maybe it's me, but I feel like the rs is so... not equal. Even though they treat females as queens, the way they treat them so preciously is just so unbalanced... <<less
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edgar lanal
edgar lanal
Mar 21, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is so good I don't know why some people make a review to make this look bad. Making the ones who would like to read it after seeing the bad reviews give up.


... more>>

the MC is an illegitimate son of some business man but that's just like his background story. And it's actually kinda sad. The MC was transmigrated to the beastman world because he was betrayed by his brother. MC was pushed into a mountain/cliff? (I forgot 😅) and transmigrated with his body. He woke up in a forest with his bag which contains his things. He was originally going on a hiking trip with his brother when he was pushed/ k*lled by his brother. He was sad for a while and moved on (I really like his optimism). As he was about to run out of water and food (his food was just bread and biscuits) because he has been in the forest for days. The world also has a different time, they have 50 hours a day there and people/ beastman can live for about 500 years there (I also want to go live😆). When he saw a rabbit like animal/beast he followed it for food, but in the end he couldn't catch it. Although he couldn't catch the rabbit he found a water source and hurriedly drank water (I think) and he also caught fish to eat. As he was eating MC saw a wolf (this part is kinda amusing. Btw the wolf is not the ml. the ML is a python that can fly 😳). He thought that the wolf was gonna eat him so he glared at the wolf and kept eating, he thought that the wolf was giving him mercy by letting him eat before getting eaten. After he finished eating the wolf howled and MC thought that he was going to be eaten so he Just hoped that the wolf will eat him painlessly because he's afraid of pain. After the wolf howled animals/ beastman came down one after another and as they landed they changed into humans and MC was fascinated and exited so he kinda foolishly rushed to them (it was kinda cute 🥺🥰) and asked.... This is all I will give you hope this aroused your interest. Although the author says it is his first time writing I think it's a good novel. You don't have to read it if you don't want to I'm not forcing you. I'm just giving you an opinion on or my opinion and view to the novel


It turned into a summary.

This novel is great although it is not perfect and has some flaws. But as the saying goes nothing is perfect.

This is my first time writing a review so hopefully it will help you like the story too and read it💞. <<less
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Aug 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I dont know if my rating is correct but I rated this novel 4.5 stars.

You might see some comments and reviews being 3 stars below, and may be discouraged to read this novel; but, you have to try it first especially if you are into a SERIOUS SLICE OF LIFE YAOI.

I suggest not to read this if you are expecting some dog blood drama shits or some unexpected twists and turns in the plot to happen, for it is just full of fluff and cuteness (my opinion).

... more>>

Although the first few chapters are clearly dog blood shits and an irritating twist, after Lin Mu transmigrated, his life got better.


At first you may be uncomfortable once you read the beastsmen calling the males which can be pregnant (cant be considered as a spoiler since the tags deliberately shown it) "Females" but you have to get along with it since the story DOESNT ONLY circle around that specific word. Although major thing is that, yeah, females are important, but not to the point that females become the plot itself.


Lin Mu constantly denies that he is NOT A FEMALE, but it doesnt change the fact that he cant top hehehehehe. No heavy twist and turns. If you are trying to relieve yourself from a heavy novel, perhaps this is for you. BUT, the level of fluff may not suit you so dont expect too much.


Anyway, you have to try it first before judging itttt <<less
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