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Xie Luan had always believed in science until one day, a meteorite smashed into his yard, forcing him to bind to a heroic world saving script. The worst thing was that the script didn’t even follow common sense.

Others become superheros while he became a super-nanny. So in his left hand was a “Cub Encyclopedia” and in the right, a small milk bottle to feed the small cub clinging onto his leg.

Today, Xie Luan is trying his best to save the world.

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New Joh483 rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel is sooo worth it.

Its basically a fluffy novel, the story is very well made (the author kind of close all of the open conflicts (small and big), its so heartwarming and holesome. I confess that I cry in the lasts chapters. If you like a slow paced full of flufyness with really cute MC and ML (I absolutely love how much sensible the ML is) I truly recommend this novel.

And here come a spoiler for the overall ending for those who don't want to mtl (I just... more>> said about a thing from the nox race and the turning point of the story, with some hints).


The nox race was innocent all along, the treat come for a race that came from another space/reality (they had an ability that let them invade other spaces). The nox was the only race that could stop this new race, so they fight in a war that destroy their planet, the totem mark/black disease is actually an ability from this other race to control emotions. Well basically people were wrong, nox were good and mg was the light that helped AI yi to supress this ability. Also everyone will be happy in the end and when I said everyone I mean everyone (even those in different timeline). Also the nox race could avoid being extinct using their brains and hope. Well everyone is happy and this ending was really good.


Well I really love this story 😍 <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: Completed
I MADE AN ACCOUNT JUST TO WRITE THIS REVIEW!!!! This story is seriously goddamn cute, fluffy, and heartwarming

(It says that it's still on going but the story is already completed)


It's a happy ending, and the MC and ML are very loyal to each other and are so freaking cute. They were able to save the world of the beautiful creatures, they have a baby mermaid, muka and others, although adopted. And knox is not the only surviving creature of his lineage because at the end they found out that there are hundreds of baby eggs hidden and safe


AND YESSS IF ONLY I KNOW CHINESE I WOULD TRANSLATE THIS TO MY UTMOST POWER. But I only read mtl when I like a story and it's still far from done. 5 stars! To anyone who hates this story, bttttch u blind!

Edit: March 11, 2019

So I ran out of bl novels to read here on nu and I can only reread those novels who I really like. It still makes me cry to finish this one because its filled with love and suffering

the cubs in another timeline who suffered a lot <3 reallt makes my heart ache


*sigh* it would be perfect to have extra chapters but the storys already been done long time ago. It would be very lovely to see our MC pregnant because

cuz ML dropped a spoiler (when all ppl thought that he's the last knox) he said that knox race can bloom with love

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Talker09 rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c125
One of the best novel ever! The romance is slow paced but the story is soooo fluffy and good.

I read it through Google translate. But still enjoyed each and every chapter.

A must read novel!
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Baabaablack rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c12
You either will love this series or hate it. Unfortunately I don't like it. The general idea of raising alien children in a nursing academy sounds fun, but this story isn't. This series so far suffers from poor world building and a boring narrative.... more>>

As far as I understand about the setting is that the nursery raises alien children for mostly military purposes. Maybe? The series waffles on the idea. Kind of contradicts the fluffy image that the author is writing.

As for the story so far, there really has been no interesting characters or plot points. Which is a shame because can you image the type of personalities that find affection or fascination for some of the hulking aliens they call children?

What has happened so far is that the main character has solved every problem by accident or by virtue of being a great person. The Marysue is strong in this series, the main character loses nothing and gets everything!


Overall I wanted more out of this series and got very little instead, leaving me disappointed. <<less
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patch rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: Completed
An overloaded cute and fluffy story.

This story stays true to its name, basically how to raise cubs/children. MC is very likable (OP in someway but not too much). There was almost no conflict, no drama. It actually had a very big plot to play with but slove in a few chapters (and too easy to believe).

Anyway, This is definitely a story worthy to read.
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holizshit rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow. Seeing the majority of people leaving 5-star reviews, I was somehow afraid of sullying it. Oh well. I didn't particularly hate the story. It was okay. If you only focus on the fluffy bits of the story and disregard everything, then it's a 4.5 to 5 stars. Period. Unfortunately, the story lacks plot. It's basically 90% fluff and 10% plot. Even the plot still contains fluff. It's perfect for someone looking for a light read. It might be a charm in itself, but for someone accustomed to intricate plots... more>> like me, it felt too simple. Also, some details were missed.

Some plot holes:


We never got an explanation on MC's temperament at the start of the story. I wonder how an artist in seclusion like him can get along so well with cubs and people? And what about his spiritual powers, where did it come from and how come it was so strong? What use is it in the end? What's gonna happen to his life on earth (including his friend Lu Yuan) after going back to Gaia?


A major critique coming from me is the dynamic between MC and ML. Objectively speaking, I feel little to no sparks between them. Because there are so many cubs to raise, their interaction became sparse. Aside from the first time they met, there's little chemistry coming from them. They didn't even talk to each other often... ML doesn't talk much which is a huge flaw since it makes him very 2D. Despite me feeling like they lack chemistry... they became more intimate rather quickly. I was perplexed since on some occasions no major event happen between both of them but then their relationship progresses on a frightening level. At some point, it made me feel like the romance between them was squeezed into the story.

That being said, I'm completely content with this story not being a BL novel at all, but simply a story about raising cubs. I'd prefer it that way and genuinely think it's better. <<less
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TigerCub rated it
October 4, 2018
Status: Completed
OMG this story is so cute!! I love the MC's behaviour towards the cubs so tender!!

Freaking hell, just finished reading it and the story is just an overload of fluffiness *dies*

Although the fluff is nice, sometimes you just need a little more detail when it comes to the love making... Though, the implied meaning is already steamy enough sometimes ;)


I remember one point the MC recalled how the ML used his tail to lift him up and down... if you know what I mean ;)

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SnowyRAWR rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c3
This novel is unique as the MC travels to another universe to be a caretaker for cubs. Most time-travel novels are more about the MC (female/male) either falling in love, complete missions, or finding their way home.
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ike_00000 rated it
August 7, 2019
Status: 73.1
As a whole, the story isn't bad. However, the novel is quite cheesy. It really exaggerates the MC's good qualities, such as his cooking skill or his "exceptional" kindness. On top of that, the MC has some crazy golden fingers. One of his abilities feels way too over-powered and it makes me sad that he has it, but then the story basically ignores it altogether after the first few chapters??? It really takes away some realism elements. Also, he behaves in ways that don't make sense; like he's unbelievably composed... more>> and articulate in front of a large crowd even though he has no background with such things. Furthermore, victories that it doesn't really make sense for him to win are won (the flying competition; how could training of less than a week possibly compare to what the other clubs must have done, even if PeiPei were incredible??). Another example is the Houdie Family's dumb actions in court, even I can think of a bunch of other possible counters to at least minimize the damage of the situation.

That said, it's still very cute. A huge selling point of this story is the meng. It also has a slow romance, which I like. So far, the ML's character hasn't really followed a stereotypical troupe (he's cold but not aggressive yet, most similar to ML in I'm Not Human). However, even if I know he's adult and he was "alive" during the egg stage, it still feels weird that literally, MC was there since the day he hatched... I love the familial bonding with the other cubs.

The story has potential, so I'm looking forward to reading more. <<less
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ResidentialPsycho rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: c73 part3
This is a cute, fluffy series with adorable magical pets and abilities. The MC gets partially transferred to another world to "save the world" by running a daycare, which also acts as a boarding school. The daycare x boarding schools are referred to as "clubs" in this series. Parents can visit on weekends, but they often go months without stopping by. The parents don't parent much and leave this important task to the clubs to manage. No races look for any different personality traits other than what humans strive for,... more>> and there is no difference in cultural values, even though these creatures are different species from different planets and universes. The gravity and air quality on each of the known planets is the same, too.

The MC is a Gary Stu with what is suggested to be the greatest spiritual power ever known. He uses this power to heal minds and bodies as well as develop special abilities for the cubs he's raising. He's an artist on Earth, but this life is neglected during the series, leaving his character flatter than it should be. The ML has hardly any depth at all so far and can be considered the flattest character in the whole series thus far.

The romance is uncomfortable for a number of legal, moral, and ethical issues. I agree with other reviewers that this would be better without the romance altogether.

The ML has literally only been hatched for a few months before he starts romancing the MC. He can't speak full sentences yet and still has a very undeveloped, child-like mind. He's just a baby in an adult's body. He doesn't know much about morals and can't even read or take care of himself yet. He doesn't even know how to play with other cubs, and he's already in a romantic relationship with the person who could best be considered his father. The ML is like a child who has developed inappropriate sexual conduct regarding his parent, the person who hatched him. This behavior needs to be reprimanded. This child is very young, and he needs to learn more about the world before he tries to mate with his dad. Although the ML and MC never think of the MC as the ML's dad, it is abundantly clear the MC fills that role and should have the same responsibilities as the father. Not only does the MC not put a stop to this alarming behavior, but he accepts the ML's affections. What kind of a parent is he? As a caretaker, he would be fired from and banned from working with children if he enacted such pedophilic behavior on Earth. Just because someone looks like an adult doesn't mean that person is an adult. Did the MC lose all sense of morality when his body was copied and lost any concern about taking advantage of a baby less than a year old?


This series would work better as fantasy rather than sci-fi. With the exception of one pet, each of these creatures grows up into a humanoid form. This is weird since the MC is the only human there and not much is known about humans. No explanation is given for this, and the adults can magical change between their pet-like form to their human forms and back in an instant. Bizarrely enough, they all look like creatures on Earth with exceptions for things like horns or other minor details. Most cubs look like cats or big cat cubs. There isn't much variety. Additionally, the sci-fi details are completely undeveloped with the exception of two details: 1) they can travel in space, and 2) there is a device that can mimic a different environment. That said, these things could easily become fantasy. There isn't much description or detail given about these items.

Speaking about description, the background and world-building are severely lacking.

If you came looking for a good sci-fi, this is not it. However, the story is cute and entertaining, and I had a hard time putting it down. It's definitely something to turn off your brain for, though. It could have been written much better if it had world-building, distinct cultures and planets, and species that don't all lamely look like humans. <<less
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RottenApple rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c39

(Important things should be said 3 times)

As aforementioned awhile ago this novel is full of cuteness. Your gonna die from all the meng that you will obtain from these novel. Although the MC and ML dont have lovey dovey scenes as of now. hopefully they would be more in the future. but it is a great read especially if your moving on from an angsty novel.

There are a few notes... more>> to take by:


as of now it is still not fully specified about the seemingly catastrophe that will about to happen in the future. But according to the golden ball that catastrophe seemed to be connected to the ML. It seems inevitable since the golden ball said that he already destroyed the root of destruction but the catastrophe still happened. It seems like the MC was transmigrated to the past before the catastrophe



the MC is basically a white lotus. Well basically he needed to have the qualities of a white lotus to raise cubs. But the way he accepts all the events in his life so easily kinda annoys me. He didnt even had a resistance to it (well maybe at first) but the way he accepted it so quickly.

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mrews rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: Completed
This story is really... cute.

As expected from a story abot raising pets children, its really really fluffy. The conflicts are minimum ... more>>

except for the big baddies in the end

and the MC is somewhat likeable. The setting is interstellar world where cubs of the races there are raised in the titular institution. Most of the first part of the novel are about raising the pets children cubs and the develop a good cub raising association. All the cubs featured in the story are really cute and imho the best part of this novel is just the interaction between the MC and the cubs he raised.

If you're wondering how the whole saving the world plot is connected with being a nanny, this novel provide quite a satisfactory answer and the ending, while a bit abrupt, is also good enough. There are some minor nitpick about some plotholes and the relationship between the MC and ML. The MC is the weakest creature in the interstellar as a human he somehow become this OP tamer nanny that can calm an unruly children cubs in 5 seconds.

But if you want a fluffy novel about raising children

well... until the plot kicks in and even then there's still fluffy moment

you'll like this novel. <<less
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MadamKhaos rated it
November 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I liked this Novel. However, I wouldn't read it again unless I had no other BL to read. I have no problem with 'MarySue' Novels et c. As someone before had commented, the two main Characters are very one dimensional to me. I felt that there was more Characterization in Morrison than MC and ML and he's just a blip on the map in comparison.

It felt as though the Author was going to really dig deep into the ML's past and build up his Character but it just came up... more>> lacking to me. That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy this Novel. One of my only issues was how abrupt the transition from cub to adult was for the Nox though. It kept feeling like 'Oh, he doesn't show that much emotion or talk so much because he's still adjusting' was the excuses I kept coming up with but at what point do you say 'Oh, he doesn't show that much emotion or talk because the Author attempted to make ML the strong silent type but utterly failed'. So I kind of just floated on the line of both those thoughts throughout the entire Novel.

I explained away the whole MarySue vibe by the fact that the World Conscious deliberately went to seek out the MC to save that World. It can be assumed that the Conscious probably took into consideration Luck and Spiritual Strength from the infinite number of 'candidates' it could've chosen from.

Needless to say, if you are looking for a relaxed sort of Novel I suggest you read it but don't get your hopes up that much for something extravagant.

P.S. I had a hard time with this Novel mostly because of the Characteristics of the ML with his Silver tail that reminded me of 'I am not Human'. I had that to compare the ML's and it just sort of made it difficult to not nitpick on how the 'strong silent' vibe should've been portrayed.

' <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 16, 2019
Status: c47
This novel will tug your heart strings at the incredibly adorable descriptions of the cubs, but I'm afraid that's it.

This novel isn't my cup of tea, I saw it a long time ago and avoided it, but now I've came back. Maybe will pick it up when I've exhausted other options.


... more>>

As someone that has rare heartthrob moments, there are some parts of the story that made me squeal on the inside.

It is a 'feel good' novel, you will have a sweet taste in your mouth whilst reading it, unlike a bittersweet taste in many other novels.




Too shallow. I can take stretches to my imagination and drops in IQ of MC or other characters. It is an inherantly lighthearted novel, but tries too hard to touch on deeper subjects such as racism and prejudice, thus making it come off as pandering. A cheap way for the MC to gain moral points.

Too many golden fingers. Sometimes this many not be a bad thing, but only if the MC studies and exploits his golden fingers effectively, making this 'feel good' novel, you know, feel good. But the author tries to seem informative and tries to set a foundation for good world building. Only to abandon it when the plot progresses and only bringing it back when neccesary.

An example of this is when the MC realises he could bring his items from the original world into this new world. We are then dumped with exposition explaining the rules of this golden finger. He uses it once to auction an exotic flower from his original world to the new world for money. Keep in mind he needs money to support the childcare he so desparately loves. Not only does he not go back to auction more things, the plot blatantly drops it. Then later on he has a dilemma of once again running low on funds. Go and auction some items MC????????

Oh and this novel is boring, it tries so hard but it just couldn't make the cut.

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Shizukani rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: Completed
This is purely adorable. One of the rare novels that I read through MTL till the end. The MC is one of those humans that are just too kind and the world needs more people like him. I loved almost about everything. Although the ending made me wish for more.

This is all fluff and also with the right amount of feels, especially in the part where...

... more>>

... the MC went to an alternate universe where he didn't get to meet and take care of the babies, and the life they all lived was completely different.


So yeah, totally recommended for those who needs healing! <<less
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TCSP rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c32
I really like this novel, it's unique and the MC is sweet and loveable.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hungry bookworm
hungry bookworm rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: c81 part1
If you are a lover of fluffiness, heartwarming and cute stories, this is a must.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Killgore rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I love this Book!!


The Plot is pretty good and is very well constructed. It has humour, romance, slice of life etc. It's a very Fluffy Novel - The kind of novel which makes you feel like you are hugging the most comfortable stuffed toy ever. There is basically no angst. It can be considered as a relaxing agent or a break from all the heavy plots.

... more>> CHARACTERS

The MC s very OP - Easily being the best caretaker, not being like the others who doesn't realize the needs of the cubs. The MC is very good in that aspect. The ML is also one of the most powerful species. The nursery which can barely survive has a Major General as Security (Though I felt like Zarad was just there for show - There is basically not much plot development from him). The Main characters are basically just the MC, ML and the cubs. The side characters don't have much depth or much screen time but that doesn't make the book less lovely.


As I said before, This Book doesn't have much character depth or anything - It's just focused on the MC taking care of the cubs and making the nursery famous. But that's not all - There are many side plots which are very well written. Everything is explained from the reason for the transmigration to the lives of the cubs without the MC - Which made my heart ache.

This book is definitely a great story but if you are looking for a book with heavy plot and character building - This is not for you but if you re here for a good story with a great plot with a hella load of fluff - Then welcome! <<less
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moonrune rated it
November 18, 2019
Status: c36
A lovely, heartwarming story about a MC who loves children caring for a variety of adorable cubs. Watching these sweet little cubs work through their difficulties and flourish under the love and attention every child deserves is a treat.

My only concern is that, plotwise, there seems to be a bit of an unexplained mystery about the MC's home world. Early on it seemed going to sleep in one world transported him to the other, and he could bring objects over from the home world, but that aspect has totally disappeared.... more>> I hope this is resolved later on.


edit: uhh so I thought the ML would be the General guy but ML actually... hatched from an egg MC was taking care of. Don't give me any of that "oh but the egg had awareness for years" stuff, that's an infant with 0 real world life experience and this is Weird. There's not much romance and the bulk of the story's focus is on the other kids and I really enjoy those parts so I'm trying really hard to ignore the pairing. <<less
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wabu rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c34.1
Me for the fifth time at any point in every chapter, tears in my eyes: BABY BOY. BABY. JUST BABY

Each of the cubs makes my heart so BIG. Their interactions are so gentle and loving and I need a moment what a lovely lovely story
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RottenVillain rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: --
Just like what the others commented. I ALSO MADE AN ACCOUNT JUST TO WRITE THIS REVIEW.

Actually, I saw this Novel on the recommendations but decided not to read it. I just gave it a quick glance. Because honestly I'm not fond of this kind of story. Then, one of my facebook friend recommended this novel to me and I wonder what so special about this novel. When I read the description, it easily caught my interest. Then, I read the first Chapter. This Novel, completely captivated my heart. This Novel... more>> is a gem. I love all the characters of this novel. From the MC, supporting characters, and etc. ❤️ 5 star is not enough to express my love for this novel.

I was regretting for not reading this earlier. TT_TT <<less
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