Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World


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After transmigrating into a beast world, Rong Mingshi discovered that the people of this world experienced widespread mania. For example, when their emotions were abnormally agitated, they would become destructive beasts. If their emotions were abnormally low, they would shrink into their young beast form.

There is a type of energy stone that can cure this but it must be hand-carved into the animal form corresponding to the beastman. The more realistic the shape, the better the healing effect and the higher the repeated utilization rate.

In his previous life, Rong Mingshi’s ancestors started as craftsmen who grew their business and became wealthy.

Then a small store suddenly popped up on the Star Network, selling several small sculptures made with superb skill. The effect of the energy stone to soothe emotions could be felt through the screen and stirred up a sensation in the entire empire. However, this store owner was super lazy…

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First Lazy Merchant of the Beast World
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New Arrange rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c90
This is the kind of fluff I have signed up for!

100% fluffy!

The little leopard cuteness got me so hardcore I was willing to die for it. No pun intended.
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New IvaAres rated it
July 3, 2020
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5

Fluff and romance: 90%

Plot: 10%

This is a very light and fluffy novel which is mainly all about the MC and MLs interactions. They are soooooo cute! If you are looking for a novel with a ton of heavy plot then this is definitely not for you. This is what I would read if I'm trying to take a break from novels with a lot of sh*t happening plot wise. This is all full of light hearted stuff.
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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
May 25, 2019
Status: Completed
Especially Fluffy <3 <3 <3!!! Rating this 4.7

The plot doesn't have a lot of drama and critical twists. My kokoro was bursting the whole way~.

The romance was rather simple and straightforward.

The MC and ML were having the atmosphere of 'its-only-a-matter-of-time' regarding their romantic progress.


The MC was powerful but had faced a lot of challenges before he met the ML.

I like how he knows what he wants and does his best to get it~. He was really assertive, follows his heart in whatever he does and is very hardworking in improving his craft. I NEVER believed he was LAZY!!! And, he was really open with his love for the ML.


The ML was *cough.

He was more than OP by the time he met the MC. Due to this, the conflicts within the story were a breeze to handle. He, this beauty, is the MUSE of our MC. Lmao


Even though all the main characters may appear OP, I particularly liked how they were NOT nerfed just to create a ruse.

The side couples were too amazing~~~ really.

Daddy 1 and Daddy 0. I died on this.


The side characters (specifically the 18 'disciples') provided a lot to the comedy and I looo~ve them.

The little buns~~~~ aaaahhhhh!

You'll love how art-centered and fluffy this novel is so ONEGAI!!! Read it to the end!
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NyanNyankichi rated it
May 18, 2019
Status: Completed
Fun and light read. Not much dog blood conflict happens here and any conflict gets resolved without much effort (I might be wrong since I MTL'ed the whole thing). You would really enjoy how the merchant interacts with his clients. The side characters are fun to read. The principal and the 18 masters are my second favorite, following the bystanders and clients of the shop itself.

The description of the carvings are so vivid, I wish I had the skill to draw it from the description.

Rong Mingshi and Aojia developed their... more>> relationship through this whole story. Mingshi is allowed to do anything he wants while Aojia receives whatever is given to him graciously.


Rong Mingshi is a total black dragon obsessed cute leopard. You won't believe. The first time he got drunk, he carved purely black dragon depictions even on ordinary rocks of Aojia's master's home. Of course, Aojia took these carvings home and then asked for leopard-inspired carvings to complement the other carvings.

Aojia is low-key taking care of Rong Mingshi, not even telling him that he made him co-owner of his enterprise. Very much mutual love from the get-go. Still better than those stories where they met and instant bam, they are in love. Although it came pretty close to that.


Four stars out of five. More romance inclined than conflict based, slice of life kind of thing. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
August 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Light read, but s*upid. The storyline, which reminds you more of a faint outline than a decent story, fades somewhere on the BG. Why author cared about creating villains is beyond me, they were tossed out easily, they never posed any threat, everything is solved rather quickly, unticlimatic.

Most of the text is carving descriptions, pretty contrasting on their purpose, while the dragon carvings do a decent job to show the love of MC anything else sounds tedious.

Many authors who write interstellar better not touch the physics part. It's a lovely... more>> idea to to write about spaceships crossing galaxies in less time they crossed them usually just to see the loved ones. But better don't. It's belittling the intellectual capabilities of your readers. But let's pretend the fleet like that exists, let's be generous, that creates the army with a fleet practically invincible. What enemies ffs.

Next is the "monarchy" and "constitutional court" part that blew my mind. Author just pushes the legislation system (two of them) and that made the emperor look even dumber. Not to mention that the marshal never posed as a threat, only in emperor's mind, but if it's constitutional monarchy, means the threat to his power comes from the paper in the first place. Ugh, just messy. Why do I even care.

If you think it's cute, be my guest, but I find it rather bland, like a soup made from nothing but water :-/ <<less
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RoseAmethyst remembrance
RoseAmethyst remembrance rated it
February 27, 2020
Status: c90
Honestly, this is the worst animal themed BL novel I've ever read. To begin with, he word "Lazy Merchant" in the title was a huge turn off, but I wanted to give this a chance because A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy made me fall in love with animal-themed BLs.

If you're wondering how the novel got its name, "Number One Lazy Merchant, " it's actually pretty s*upid. The term "Number One" is derived from the instant success the MC garnered from his online business. The MC shortfall is that... more>> he is so slow to take up new orders because of the time he spends on stonecarving for....dun dun dun.. the ML, hence the added term, "Lazy".

There's quite a bit of fluff with the MC being a baby snow leopard that can stone carve, but it just redundant by the 20th or 30th chapter. The fluff takes a huge shift in the extras which features mpreg and the little buns.

The term "Lazy" reveals serious character flaws in the MC that just makes the entire novel fall..... flat:

  • He's indifferent to everything, but he has this weird obsession with making stone carvings for the ML. (Does everything have to revolve around him?) He pays attention to nothing else (not even to the ML's personal problems because the ML solved it by himself)
  • What is the point of a fantasy/transmigration novel if the MC has no motivation to explore this unique world? He lacks the adventurous spirit of the MC from A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy. He doesn't care about learning about the world. He even turns down the ML's offer to bring him around in favor of making stone carvings for him (turning down the chance of spending quality time with a loved one in favor of making extravagant gift, even if it's homemade, makes their relationship seem so superficial).
  • He likes being isolated in his home and only goes to school (only because he wants their abundant resources to make stone carvings for..... surprise surprise..... the ML). He has no interest in making friends with his classmates or the clients (who put in effort to defend him during his business scandal). Even Housekeeper Baba, who did so much for him in his early years, is kept at arm's length.
  • The relationship between the MC and ML is one of the most superficial ones I've seen in BL novels. All the relationship development we see is just the MC making his stone carvings more grand each time. It's nice that the MC handmade his own gifts to the ML, but it's problematic when it gets to a point that the MC spends more time stone carving than spending quality time with the ML. Their interactions becomes more sparse after chapter 30 and mostly limited to the gift giving. Forget the loss quality time, he never helps the ML with his problems after their first meeting even when the ML is dealing with political entanglements
  • Most of all, I hate how this novel seems to have the notion that entrepreneurship is easy. Sure, the MC is unusually gifted in stone carving, but that means nothing if you can't manage a business and uphold the brand image. The MC started his business so easily and customers flocked to his business since the start. No marketing had to be done on the MC's part to convince the crowd of his own credibility and skill in stone carving. The MC never had to lift a finger when words of skepticism rose. Most of these conflicts gets resolved by high-profile clients that the MC has no personal relations with.
To summarize the set up of this novel:

The MC (a severely ill human) died and transmigrated from modern China to this beastman world as a baby snow leopard. He gets his first exposure to mania (a fictional condition in which beastmen lose all self control during estrus) when he encounters the ML (a black dragon) undergoing mania. Without the illness that hindered his physical and mental capabilities in his previous life, he is finally able to make the highest quality carved stones in the beastman world with a perfect 100% activation rate. He learns that these stones are essential for suppressing the mania. He takes advantage of this to start a lucrative online business that quickly reaches the top in the stone carving industry.


This novel is heavily focused on the MC's stone carving process and his online business. The MC's stone carving process is described in such meticulous detail (from the material selection to the final polishing). These vivid detailing of the stone carvings are the highlights of this story and is the only thing I like about this novel. If you're someone who is into the making of artistic crafts, you might be fascinated with the stone carving aspect of the story.

My problem with this novel started with the relationship development of the CP...or lack of. Specifically, I have a problem with how their 'relationship' started. There's a difference between caring for someone in a dire situation and falling in love with someone. Not only that, their interactions are very minimal, especially once the MC's online business kicks off at chapter 30. Prior to chapter 30, their relationship is more like parent-child or sibling-like. To me, it doesn't make sense for them to have feelings for each other.


In their first meeting, both of them are in a precarious situation and far away from outside help (the ML is having a mania episode and the MC is starving). Their interactions in their first meeting is so scarce because the ML is unconscious most of the time from his violent episodes and he only wakes up when he's about to have an episode. Where was the time for their feelings to even develop to this extent? They didn't even get to know each other all that well. So how did the ML's attitude change so quickly in their second meeting? One moment, the ML is carefully watching over the MC in the wilderness and the next moment (literally the next chapter) he's unrelentingly giving the MC the best privileges

Sure he rescues the MC and starts taking care of him, but why suddenly go through such lengths for someone you just met? I mean, he basically exploited his military status and to secure resources for the MC by demanding his subordinates to squander through the entire stone supply in the military to find a compatible stone for the MC. The only development that I see is the grandeur of the stone carvings that the MC makes for the ML. By chapter 30, the ML's presences becomes so minimal that every time he does appear, it's always about the stone carvings.


Contrary to what other reviewers are saying, this novel is practically filled with conflicts. It's just that everything just works out in the MC's favor without any effort on his part.


The most disappointing example of these self resolving conflicts is with the MC's biological father, Duke Oran, who is the first antagonist. The ML basically handled it all on his own. The MC had no clue on what was going on until the big reveal at chapter 60. The whole thing concluded as soon as the reveal happen, which is so disappointing considering we've been seeing tensions building up since the early chapters of this novel.

They basically slapped the 'big secret' in our face in chapter 60 and swept the whole thing under the rug just as quickly. The whole first half of the novel worth of buildup was toss away. Just. Like. That.

Much of it is centered around the MC's online business with people (esp. competitors) trying to slander the business's credibility. The crowd's skepticism gets appeased so easily because it just so happens that all the MC's first clients are all high-profile figures in the beastman empire. The MC has no personal connections with these high-profile clients, so how could the MC's business possibly attract their attention in? It's not as if the MC went through the trouble of contacting these high-profile figures and marketing his products to them.

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RenTheWitch rated it
May 21, 2019
Status: c8
The Fluff is precious, the literal fluff from Mingshi is 1000000% worth the reading! As a cat s*ave, a snow leopard makes me go bonkers in delight. The read is ligh, fun and detailed. The Translation is very good!
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_shinigami_ rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c30
so fluffy and full of meng 😍😍

this story will show the showdown between the ML and the butler-in-law 😂 for the MC.

so far the score is 3-0 and the butler had been "short circuiting" for almost everyday because of ml's "shameless" acts towards MC that he always have a standy by spare parts to exchange his ruined parts 🤣

i find it cute how MC was kind of jealous when he saw stone carvings of ml's beast form in their house, not knowing that he all made them when he was... more>> drunk (of course he still found them to be his work after observing the stone carvings) <<less
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SilverCyanide rated it
November 10, 2019
Status: Completed
Interesting premise that petered out into meaningless fluff that doesn't evoke any emotion from me besides boredom and annoyance because the characters haven't endeared themselves to me enough for me to enjoy their interactions.

ML is OP so no challenge poses any threat. They fall in love by what feels like the 10th chapter and MC is also the pure, innocent type that is supposed to be cute but just feels dumb. He's also supremely talented at carving so basically he's also OP as heck too. No challenge poses a threat,... more>> they never have any real enemies, and MC progresses so fast in carving that there's really no enjoyment in the weak-to-strong aspect of the novel.

Read on if you like seeing the main couple fall in love after the first 10 chapters and proceed to act all fluffy for the next 80 chapters without any build up or satisfaction from seeing them get together because it doesn't feel deserved. If you're like me and hate this sort of fluff without establishing why you should care about the couple, then you might as well skip this one. <<less
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Vannie rated it
May 15, 2019
Status: c50
I read it using MTL, so some details is still blurry to me, but all I could say is this is full of fluff and cuteness. The Daddy Butler is specially cute!


He is so cute, like how he is acting when he thought ML is taking away his child, then later he figures that he need MC to have friends, but can't find a student in the academy that is in the same level as ML

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Annmenmen rated it
April 2, 2020
Status: c90
One of my favorite stories, I have re-read it several times, it is a relaxing story for me...

Only, avoid to read the extra chapters, I hated them, I act like they don't exist and what happened in these extra chapters never happened (For me the last chapter is chapter 82).


I still liked the idea of the children they had and their powers thought


In fact, I would have given 5 stars if the extras didn't exist!!!
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Aria rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: c62
I like the plot... and the characters... the interractions too... but there's just too much carving/carving-related texts

Sure, it's great to see MC being op/genius carver and all, but I'm not here to read lines after paragraphs after chapters of carving process and MC's online shop

So yeah, 5 star minus 1 cause 60% of the story is word-padding carving details which we can do without
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Hades97 rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c4
So far so good! I'm enjoying it and am itching for the next update (many thanks to the lovely translators!😭😘) It feels similar to how to raise your natural enemy (except this is a human who went through rebirth) and other fluff beast -> human novels. Rong Mingshi is talented so looking forward to seeing his business grow
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
takame rated it
November 4, 2019
Status: Completed
Haha, the shop owner isn't really lazy, he's just too in-demand and knows his priorities. He cannot just easily let others do his job tho, his creations are really OP it's hard for others to reproduce it.

I like his OP-ness. He is not a powerful warrior nor a rare magician nor rich but his strength is in sculpting. Before transmigration... ... more>>

He never got the chance to sculpt since his sickness prevented him to work in long hours. It's regretful that he has enough talent to even be the craftsman family heir but I'm glad he was given 2nd chance when he transmigrated.


My only dissatisfaction is the end and the extra chaps. I wish the bonus earth mini series featured his original family and I kinda want to see his grandpa witnessing that his poor grandson is now cured and happy with life. But I guess that's just me and my dog blood loving self. <<less
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OlivineWK rated it
August 27, 2019
Status: Completed
There's a huge focus on carving (especially a particular type of creature). Even for obstacles, they don't typically last long, so this reads more like a bumpy fluffy story - the interactions between the MC and ML are awfully cute. However, there are some things that would have been interesting to expand on, but the story moves fast as it isn't that long. If you're looking for something simple and fluffy, then this is a good story to pick up. Kudos to the translator too. There are a few mistakes... more>> but overall well done. Plus the site is easy to navigate. <<less
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teoradom rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: c82
It's good but the longer the story drags on, the more repetitive it gets. It got old for me when it reached Ch. 55. After reading all the way to Ch. 70 I gave up on the story and skimmed to Ch. 82. I didn't bother reading the extra chapters.

I recommend this if you're looking for very light, very fluff and close to slice of life type of story. But it lacks real depth which makes the story monotonous starting from ... more>>

when he begins to prepare to enter the academy which is like Ch. 20 lol

. Just not my cup of tea.

Overall, real cute, more slice of life and less adventure. <<less
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xanxan19 rated it
August 17, 2019
Status: Completed
Maybe for some people this story lack of plot but for easy read and on the fluff side, this one is really nice. If you are searching for dog blood, dont read this one but if you searching for fluff, this one is good.
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: Completed
It's so D*MN CUTE!! 🥰

I feel all warm and fuzzy after reading. What will you get if you read this story? Good question!

Fluffy cute snow leopard cub!


He's actually older but due to a defect his body doesn't form correctly.


Over protective dragon!

Their adorkable interactions!


These two are obsessed with each other... and its awesomeness!


There are some plots in the background, but they don't provide much tension so if you like light hearted storytelling, this is the sh*t!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Immortal Eagle
Immortal Eagle rated it
July 27, 2019
Status: Completed
Amazing! It's full of fluff and, like another reviewer pointed out, doesn't have much dog blood scenes. The MC and ML are really, really cute and it's such an interesting career, to be a carver. I love it and hope that future readers will love it too!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ri_n rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: Completed
4.5 for me but really fluff so I gave it a 5.

There isn't much drama and conflict. It mostly focused on MC carving his stones. MC and ML's interactions are really sweet and fluff.

Aside from the vivid description of the carvings, things aren't exactly detailed

... more>>

Like when he tried to teach or impart his knowledge about carving, the narrative just goes, they see MC carving and suddenly felt they understood something.


The near ending was seriously rushed though that a lot of loopholes were created.

The slow building up of his potential from the start, but then suddenly, towards the end, he just needs to drink wine and everything's solved. Or that peace treaty/ impending war with the Zergs was resolved so easily with a few of the ML's words. Or that motivation of the MC to earn money, by the end he was squandering his savings on a drunken online shopping spree and then (to solve that issue) turns out he co-owns the mining planet. There's a few more but just go read it yourselves.


Translation is super awesome and its MTL friendly if you're a bit impatient like me.

Recommended for light reading. All fluff. Just ignore the loopholes. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
shouahang58 rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: c49
This novel is cute!! Love then part where ML was teaching MC how to speak!!

However they go into too much detail when MC is carving the stones that it gets somewhat boring.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jwel rated it
June 29, 2019
Status: Completed
A cute little leopard MC, a possesive ML, a protective robot housekeeper/father made this novel fluffy and lovely.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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