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Aura: Koga Maryuin’s Final Battle
JP Aura: Koga Maryuin’s Final Battle
Completed Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shounen
Ichiro Sato formerly suffered from a case of youthful delusions of fantasy and grandeur, which caused him to be bullied throughout middle school. Now in... more>> high school, he strives to be a normal student. Unfortunately, his teacher has entrusted him with the care of a girl with a similar case of delusions. <<less
Releases: 49
Black Lagoon
JP Black Lagoon
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Mature Seinen
Rock (Okajima Rokuro) was just a normal Japanese businessman, but through a series of unlikely events, he found himself part of the "Lagoon Company," a group of transporters who do a little pirating on the side. Together with Dutch, Revy, and Benny, he sails the seas of Asia aboard the modified torpedo boat "Black Lagoon."... more>>

Their base, the lawless city of Roanapur, is just barely balanced on the brink of outright war, controlled and occupied by criminal organizations from across the globe. At the head of the pack are Balalaika of Russia and Chang of Hong Kong.

Our story finds Roanapur just a little while before Rock, with Revy in tow, is due to head back to his old home of Japan.

It is a tale about soldiers who once fought united under a cause in a land of sandy winds, the strictly personal reunion of a captain and her one-time subordinate... <<less
Releases: 0
Bokurano Alternative
JP Bokurano Alternative
Drama Horror Mature Mecha Mystery Psychological Sci-fi Seinen Tragedy
During a summer camp, 15 children were chosen to pilot a giant 500m tall robot to defend the earth.... more>>

An alternate retelling of the Bokurano manga. <<less
Releases: 7
Cop Craft – Dragnet Mirage Reloaded
JP Cop Craft – Dragnet Mirage Reloaded
Action Fantasy Sci-fi
15 years ago, a dimensional gate that no one has seen before, appeared over the Pacific ocean.... more>>

Beyond bundle of a cloud-like gate that always changes its form, lies a strange world. A world where fairies and monsters exist. The “Leto-Semani”.

[City of San Teresa, Caliaena island]

A city located on a giant island that suddenly appeared together with the gate. Built in the northern part of the island, it became the front gate of both worlds.

[Tilarna Exedilica], a knight squire from another world.

[Kei Matoba], a detective of special force police department.

They have to chase after the same culprit, in this city of the borderline between science and magic.

From the same author of FULLMETAL PANIC! and illustrator of LASTEXILE <<less
Releases: 2
Doudemo ii Sekai Nante -Qualidea Code-
JP Doudemo ii Sekai Nante -Qualidea Code-
Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Mystery School Life Sci-fi Supernatural
The story takes place in a world where people continue their war against the “unknown”—the enemy of humanity. Children who have been evacuated to a... more>> cold sleep facility during the invasion by the “unknown” several decades ago wake up from their slumber and learn that their bodies developed some supernatural forces. In order to protect the country from the “unknown” emerging from the Tokyo bay gate, the boys and girls wage battles in the defense the cities of Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba. <<less
Releases: 20
Downtown Rocket
JP Downtown Rocket
The story is about a company that produces a special valve system, with a CEO who was previously a researcher until his career got cut... more>> short by a certain incident. As things proceed, his company interacts with several other companies, related to legal, business, or financial issues. <<less
Releases: 1
Four Cours After
JP Four Cours After
Action Comedy
A magical girl story, starting after four cours.... more>>

High school student Hoshigami Hina gains the power of the stars under the guidance of a horse shaped UMA, or Uma-chan. She defeats the invading threat to Earth and thinks everything is over, but then finds out that more invaders are coming, and her battles have been broadcast to Uma-chan's home star system as a children's show, and if she can't find her replacement, she'll have to be the main character for the next four cours!? <<less
Releases: 1
Comedy Harem Romance School Life Shounen
Shinomiya Kyōya is forced to become a new member of the GJ-bu (lit. GJ Club), an unidentified club that dwells in a room of the former building of a certain school.... more>>

There he meets four girls: Mao, Megumi, Shion and Kirara. Time flies with these unique girls around. The series follows the everyday, though unusual, antics of this band of friends. <<less
Releases: 78
Hot Gimmick S
JP Hot Gimmick S
Completed Romance Shoujo
Think you know everything about Hot Gimmick? Well, think again! Hot Gimmick S, an original novelization inspired by the super--popular shojo series Hot Gimmick, boasts an ending that is completely different than how the manga series concludes. Hatsumi Narita, a somewhat indecisive coed, must navigate the choppy waters of company housing life and try to keep her love life on track too. She starts dating her extremely bossy neighbor Ryoki, but how will her dreamy older brother Shinogu feel about this? It's the ending that manga fans are dying to read and are bound to be talking about for a long time to come! ... more>>

Plus, a bonus, heart--pounding manga episode that's all about Hatsumi and Shinogu! <<less
Releases: 0
Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
JP Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
Comedy Ecchi Romance Shounen Slice of Life
Surrounded by many different kinds of companions, our protagonist: Hopeless siscon Hashima Itsuki. ... more>>

1st class genius and lover, the high end unfortunate-beauty Kani Nayuta.

Troubled about love, troubled about friendships, troubled even in her dreams, victor of the 3 crowns Shirakawa Miyako.

Brutal tax sabre, Ōno Ashley.

Natural born illustrator, Puriketsu.

Each and every one as hesitant as the next, and each and every one dealing with their own headaches. This is a busy story of a group of bewildering characters that play games together, take trips together, and work together, never a single dull day.

Watching over them is the kind and thoughtful, completely perfect, superhuman little brother of Itsuki; Chihiro, with a huge secret of his own―.

From the author that brought you ‘Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’ (‘Haganai’), Hirasaka Yomi has drawn the curtains for the latest youth love-comedy series! <<less
Releases: 36
Is it Tough Being a Friend?
JP Is it Tough Being a Friend?
Comedy Fantasy Harem Romance School Life Slice of Life Supernatural
I've encountered my ideal protagonist!... more>>

It's my friend, Hinomori Ryuuga. We've become the closest of friends after entering high school.

My first impression of Ryuuga was "This is the kind of protagonist you'd see in something like an anime." Then, that thought soon changed into conviction.

First of all, this guy almost never talks about his past. Also, he frequently slips out of class. As soon as he comes back, he gets extremely tired, blood comes out from his lips, the sleeves and cuffs of his uniform get torn, and so forth.

Furthermore, there's always beauties that are surrounding Ryuuga. The one who's like an idol within the school, Yukimiya Shiori. The cool expert of the sword, Aogasaki Rei. The mysterious transfer student, Elmira McCartney. It's very tiring for me when these people appear in front of Ryuuga. I have to frantically make a fuss by saying things like “H, hey Ryuga! How did you get acquainted with Yukimiya!”, “W, why did the beautiful swordswoman Aogasaki come to the classroom to specifically meet Ryuga?!”, or “E, E, Elmira! What is it that you see in Ryuga!”

...So why am I doing this? That's because I, Kobayashi Ichirou, am a pro at being a friend.

My life's calling is to support Hinomori Ryuuga, the protagonist amongst protagonists, as a close friend character.

―Let the curtains open for the rom-com presented by co-starring best friend, Kobayashi Ichirou! <<less
Releases: 77
Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun
JP Jaku-chara Tomozaki-kun
Comedy Drama Psychological Romance School Life Seinen Slice of Life
This stands at the forefront of strategy guides to Life (a shitty video game)!... more>>

Life is a bad video game. This commonplace phrase is, unfortunate as it might be, the truth.

After all, Life has no simple, easy rules. The rules it does have are nothing but irrational and unfair. The strong claim that Life has a high level of freedom, but the weak have no choice but to cope with an overwhelmingly disadvantageous design.

That’s why it’s a shit game.

Since I, Japan’s leading gamer who has experienced and mastered a multitude of games, say so, there can be no mistake.

— However, that person, on top of having mastered gaming to about the same level as I, declared to me that Life is a god-tier game.

Destined to be a top-tier character, that person is the school’s perfect heroine, Hinami Aoi. And to top it off, she even says she will teach me the rules of Life?

…… Normally, I wouldn’t believe such a thing. However, Hinami Aoi is someone who does not fit into a frame like ‘normal’ at all!

From the winner of the 10th Shogakukan Light Novel Award for Excellence. A low-tier character takes on life’s strategy guide, but with instruction from a pretty girl! <<less
Releases: 47
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
JP Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Seinen Slice of Life
The story is set several centuries into the slow decline of mankind. Earth has now become the realm of "fairies" - 10-centimeter-tall (about 4-inch-tall) creatures... more>> with remarkable intelligence. The human protagonist of the story serves an important duty as the international arbitrator between the fairies and humans, and she returns to her former hometown of Kusunoki. She chose this job because she thought it was an easy job she can do, even when she is as old as her grandfather. However, she learns that her job is anything but simple when she meets the fairies. <<less
Releases: 12
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
JP Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai
Completed Comedy Harem Romance School Life Shounen Supernatural
The novel features a completely original story that disparate from the series, with original novel characters.
Releases: 14
Kisei Kanojo Sana – Parasistence Sana
JP Kisei Kanojo Sana – Parasistence Sana
Action Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Harem Romance School Life Slice of Life
Karato lives a peaceful school life where his imouto-like cousin Sakura always comes to wake him up. His parents work as researchers so there is... more>> always lab material at home. One day Sakura feeds him something from a petri dish on accident and he gets a terrible stomach ache. Later that day a string like being jumps out of Karato's belly and transforms into a naked girl at his age. The girl introduces herself as the tapeworm Parasistence Sana and promises to protect her host from all dangers. This results in funny situations as Sana doesn't have much common sense as a non-human. <<less
Releases: 4
Koushite Kare wa Okujou o Moyasu Koto Ni Shita
JP Koushite Kare wa Okujou o Moyasu Koto Ni Shita
Comedy Drama School Life Seinen Slice of Life
After being dumped by my boyfriend, I — Miura Kana, made my way to the school’s roof, intending to end my life. However, what I found there was a peculiar girl who called herself ‘scarecrow’ — along with the venom-tongued ‘Tinman’ and the smiling ‘Lion’... more>>

Lion told me, “Since we’ve all decided to die, why don’t we first exact revenge before dying?”

And so, I became Dorothy, the one who would kill the Wicked Witch of the West and fulfill everyone’s wishes, the ‘Wizard of Oz’.

Underneath the clear blue sky, this was our only Sanctuary. Through interacting with others, we discovered what we lacked in ourselves… <<less
Releases: 2
Maou-ppoi no!
JP Maou-ppoi no!
Comedy Ecchi Harem Romance School Life Supernatural
I went back to the classroom to take the H-Game I forgot to bring back home, but met a Devil King instead!? Also, I was... more>> named the Hero, and from that point on, forced to have a hot-blooded adventure! Yet, I strangely spent these days lazily. The confused Devil King and H-game addicted juvenile Hero. The series of aimless comedy begins now! <<less
Releases: 8
Moon, Laika, and the Bloodsucking Princess
JP Moon, Laika, and the Bloodsucking Princess
Adventure Drama Fantasy Historical Romance Sci-fi Supernatural
The story of a young man who yearned for space and a vampire girl.... more>>

The first astronaut in the history of mankind was a vampire girl—-.

It’s the era where manned spaceflight has not yet succeeded.

The supreme leader of the republic announced the project to send humans up into orbit with rockets. He spoke passionately, “Before the United Kingdom does, let’s make mankind reach space!”

Behind the scenes, at the end of the snowy fields of the republic, at the secret town , the “Nosferatu Project” that used vampires as a substitutes for humans for rocket flight experiments was moving forward. Taking advantage of a certain incident, First Lieutenant Liev Lepus was promoted from Cosmonaut Cadet. He was ordered to supervise the vampire girl, Irina Luminesque, who was chosen by chance to be a guinea pig.

Strict training. Continuous failed experiments. Can mankind actually reach space? The team was enveloped by such an atmosphere.

“Before anyone else, I will travel to space. I want to take a look at the moon from outer space, where no one has gone before.”

Irina had those exact feelings. In their chests was a pure longing for space.

Despite being made fun of by the egoist top-brass and the whims of the times, they were here, putting everything they have into aiming for distant space. Spun by a young man who yearns for space and a vampire girl, a Cosmonauts’ Graffiti tale of space and adolescence is here. <<less
Releases: 3
Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.
JP Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.
Action Comedy Ecchi Fantasy Gender Bender Harem Mecha Romance School Life Shounen
For the sake of the Earth, I will become a twintail!... more>>

Mitsuka Souji is a normal high school student with an extraordinary passion for twintails. One day, Twoearle, a beautiful, mysterious girl who claims to come from another world, appears before him. And at the same time, monsters appear in the town where Souji lives!

“Fuhahahahaha! We will gather all the twintails of this world!”

They are creatures from another world who feed on the power of the human spirit, Elemera. Twoearle entrusts Souji with the Daydream Armor "Tailgear," which is powered by his intense twintail element, and he transforms into a young girl twintail warrior, TailRed! <<less
Releases: 65
Otome Nadeshiko Love Diary
JP Otome Nadeshiko Love Diary
Fantasy Romance Shoujo
Releases: 0
Reimei no Arcana
JP Reimei no Arcana
Completed Fantasy Romance Shoujo
You will discover Nakaba's life when she was still in Senan
Releases: 0
Right x Light
JP Right x Light
Action Comedy Fantasy Seinen
Anything my right hand can hold on to will disappear——I have the ability to make things disappear into thin air. At school, I used to pretend to be an amateur magician and that's how it should've been, that is, until the day I met......Alice.... more>>

“——You haven’t a choice, you've got to believe me."

In a semi-transparent state, she ordered to me while floating down. My feet suddenly became weightless, while my body felt heavy and tired......wait, why are you doing this to me? Apparently Alice was trying to recover her body from some thief in this "Ark" thing. <<less
Releases: 2
Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai
JP Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai
Comedy Drama Romance School Life Seinen Slice of Life Supernatural
Sasami Tsukuyomi is a high-school shut-in who often stays at home and is doted upon by her older brother, Kamiomi. However, due to unknowingly possessing... more>> a god's power, Kamiomi's habit of trying to appease Sasami often puts the world into chaos, while the three Yagami sisters try to put a stop to it. <<less
Releases: 31
Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
JP Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu
Completed Drama Romance Shoujo Tragedy
Socrates in Love is a bittersweet journey of young love, enduring devotion, and heartbreaking loss. Affectionately known in Japan as Sekachu (short for Sekai no Chushin de Ai wo Sakebu), the incredible popularity of Katayama's novel developed into a social phenomenon in Japan and drove it to become one of the classic love stories of all time. Socrates in Love took the Japanese publishing industry by storm, becoming the all-time best-selling novel in Japan! ... more>>

Finally, U.S. readers will be able to experience the phenomenon that became the inspiration for a blockbuster movie, a hit TV show, and a popular manga. A national sensation that touched over three million readers, Kyoichi Katayama brought innocent love and romance to the forefront of Japan's ultra-hip mass market. <<less
Releases: 0
Seven Senses of the Re’Union
JP Seven Senses of the Re’Union
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy
In the popular MMORPG world ‘Union’ there existed a legendary party named Subaru. This party, made up of a group of childhood friends and elementary... more>> schoolers, exceeded the limits of the game with their various senses. However, due to an incident which resulted in a death, ‘Union’ ended its service and the group of childhood friends went separate ways. Six years later, highschooler Haruto logged into the new ‘Reunion’ and reunited with a single girl. Asahi—one of old ‘Subaru’ party members, and his childhood friend who should have died six years ago. Is she a digital ghost, or…? <<less
Releases: 1
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