Former General Is Undead Knight


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Lambert, one of the great generals from Regios kingdom, was suspected for planning a rebellion against his lord at the end of unification war, and he died an unnatural death. Two hundred years later, when the era had changed and Regios kingdom had entered its peaceful era, he accidentally revived as a demon called Undead Knight… Lambert, whose entire body was wrapped in a flashy Demon Metal[Organ], set out on a journey to punish the wrongdoers while enjoying the peaceful sight of Regios kingdom. But… This peaceful era was basically an easy mode for Lambert, the greatest general of the chaotic era.

Other Version :

Betrayed and assassinated by his lord and his best friend, Lambert’s soul was unable to ascend to the heaven.

Two hundreds years later, he was revived as an undead. After finding out that the one who betrayed him has long since died, Lambert decided to take a trip around the kingdom.

Follow Lambert’s journey in his second life as an undead to seek for his own salvation as he kicking the ass of the villains along his journey.

P.S. – Organ is supposedly very heavy

Associated Names
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Moto Shougun no Undead Knight
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Cnine rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: Completed
This is Basically Japanese version of wuxia, with non-human protagonist. Here MC status :

MAX Strength

MAX Speed

MAX Defense

MAX Technique

~ Stamina

No Magic

And his main opponent is Something akin to Giant Robot, or Immortal Vampire, or Immortal Transgender Necromancer.

The plot kinda remind me of Fate/Zero.

A romance above romance, a tale of faith and betrayal, with mix of yandere and headless horse.
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Woah... rated it
August 11, 2020
Status: Completed
Not going to lie the novel is a little slow at times. The summary is accurate, but the very different at the same time. I truly enjoyed it. (Kind of guessed the ending while closing in on the end, but none of the less still made me cry). Thankfully everything connects in the end (well, all but one but that is besides the point).

The MC is overly OP, blunt and sometimes coldblooded with a side of cuteness (can I call an undead general cute?) that makes him more (even though... more>> he is dead) human.

All in all I was happy to be able to find the novel as well as the raw because good god I'm impatient. <<less
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Djcool006 rated it
November 6, 2020
Status: v1c43
I'm a sucker for very strong MCs that destroys arrogant enemies one sidedly.

MC is not s*upidly strong like one shoting a god but just overpowered enough to call him broken.

Also the MC is not like those sorry excuses of an isekai MC (the story is not an isekai, im just comparing the MC). The MC shows characteristics of a knight like he should but he will not hesitate to kill and deal with annoying problems the violent way.

Not going to lie I would have given it a 5 star if... more>> the story just revolved around revenge but thats my opinion, the strory right now is also good. <<less
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AbsAreHot rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: v1c5 part1
The background politics are already interesting and somewhat unique, being background politics. So I'm really looking forward to this!

The author keeps emphasizing how super freaking abnormally strong the MC is. We get it. They are also mindful of how little the MC knows. It's almost to the point that I think he's a little slow. Just a bit. But I think that's good, I find OP characters that just wander around with a Protagonist's Aura pretty boring tbh. Death Notice (within human cap kind of OP) and Overlord have OP... more>> MCs know how to do it. So does Berserk, but Guts actually has a whole mountain to climb. <<less
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