Horror Actress Reincarnated as a Genius Child Actor ~This time I will aim for Hollywood!~ (LN)


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“Ah, this is definitely going to be called the “horror movie curse” after my death.”

The actress Kirio Tsugumi, famed to have no horror actor nor actress superior to her, was involved in a traffic accident and her life came to an end, or at least, should have. When she woke up, what she saw in the mirror was a beautiful fairy-like girl with silver hair and blue eyes. She has been reborn into the world 20 years later. Her former seniors and juniors, and the rivals she has gained in this life – will Tsugumi be able to knock the people of Hollywood into a vortex of fear this time in her reincarnated life?

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ホラー女優が天才子役に転生しました ~今度こそハリウッドを目指します!~
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flowingcloud rated it
March 8, 2021
Status: --
Translator here, and what can I say, this novel is pretty cute.

Truck-kun added one (well technically two) more victims to his kill list. Our main character, Kirio Tsugumi, reincarnates into Sorahoshi Tsugumi She has pretty wholesome parents if I must say so myself and this life, she decides to aim for something bigger, something she couldn't achieve in her previous life—Hollywood.

Tsugumi becomes a child actor, using the skills she gained in her previous life to establish her position and reputation. Cute stuff overall. A bit of shoujo-ai. Also, the illustrations... more>> are great. Will update this review the further I read.

Update (End of vol 1) : The story took a different approach than what I thought it would. The story deals with Tsugumi from present day, and Tsugumi from her past. Honestly, volume 1 is pretty much just introduction to the bigger cast of characters the author wants to introduce. This is a really good second chance novel where the main character doesn't abuse any OP cheat abilites. I like it. <<less
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