Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu


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It was something that happened while I was waiting for the day of the primary school entrance exam. I realised that I had become one of the characters of a shoujo manga that I loved reading in my old life, ‘You Are My Dolce’.

The role I was assigned was a character who bullied the commoner protagonist and tried to get in the way of her love with a rich boy nicknamed Emperor; a typical villainess rich girl, Kisshouin Reika.

At the end of the story, Reika suffered the Emperor’s retribution and even her family fell into ruin. With the villain gone, the protagonist and the Emperor overcame their trials and became a couple. And they lived happily ever after.

Wait, that’s terrible for meee! The manga ended there, but I have to continue living my life after my family is ruined!

The protagonist can enjoy her romance or love or whatever on her own. I’ll erase my presence so that I don’t anger the Emperor.

Eh-? The story isn’t progressing well because there’s no villain, you say? But I’m busy saving up money and studying so that I can live well after the collapse.

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I Will Live with Humility and Dependability as My Motto
You are my dolce
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Aiki rated it
June 21, 2017
Status: c73
The all-perfect Emperor is no greater than a stalkerish, lovesick puppy.

His "friendly and approachable" best friend hides the blackest of bellies.

The dreamy, kind onii-sama is actually a borderline masochistic sis-con.

... more>> The pure-looking Japanese girl is really a devil in disguise who lives in the name of love.

And finally... the cold ojou-sama is actually a gluttonous airhead who just wants a cup of ramen at the end of the day (Don't we all?).

What I love about Kenkyo Kenjitsu is that every character that is introduced is very interesting, contrary to their cliche, one-dimensional counterparts in the original tale. We even discover that the original Reika did not just blindly obsess over Kaburagi but was persuaded to pursue him as a young child. Whether we're talking about Reika's dad, her younger cousin, or the Class Rep, I would love to know more about any of them; each and every character has a charming aspect about them and readers will have no trouble relating to this novel's content.

Not only does the author gradually reveal her characters' hidden faces, but she/he also cleverly utilizes perspective to unfold the story. The majority of the novel is told in first person so the reader gets to stumble along the MC's hilarious and outrageous train of thought at the bizarre occurrences around her. While we're busy laughing, the author will occasionally hit us with a new POV to supplement more details on an event and make you really question what other characters think of our dear Reika: "Did this character do this/say this because they like Reika?", "Do Reika's friends know that her ojou-sama-ness is a mask?", "Are people going to find out about this?" and "Did anyone see Reika do this?"

This story is DYNAMIC - Reika isn't the only one moving about and living. The other characters are also thinking and observing things and sometimes we're given hints or we can only speculate. This makes the story so interesting to read because you are constantly looking forward to the details in each chapter.

Since the story is told almost like a diary entry, it may come off as repetitive to binge readers. I think this is a novel where it's best appreciated being read slowly or in parts. Read it for the endearing, nostalgic feeling of living as a child and being in school, experiencing class trips, sports festivals, classmate drama, exam stress, first crushes... with classmates you have known since young.

There is no extended conflicts, but we get to see how the relationships slowly change between Reika and those around her. Although Reika is constantly yearning for genuine friends, I believe that she sees her "followers" beyond being novel characters, and as actual friends.

While Reika is a simpleton, she's strong when the time calls for it. Even though this novel is mainly comedic, it can randomly hit you with the feels. I cried for her when...


She discovered that her previous family did not exist in this world and when she came to terms with her new life. Not only did she accept these facts quickly, she resolved to be responsible for her own future and also her new family's future - the ones who were portrayed as evil villains in the original novel.


Also, how many other MC's can...

Honorably give up on their love? Stand up for themselves when enough becomes enough?


I look forward to reading more. Despite the simplicity and "slice-of-life"ness, I can feel the tension and suspense! I believe this is just a prelude: when the romance truly starts to kick in, things are getting to get messyyy!

Thank you author and translator!! :) <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c231
I'm very picky when it comes to "reborn" novels. The advantages of having our world's knowledge are often overblown, and random "super unsuccessful failures of society" or "shut in loners" can suddenly build railroads, save a country from economical crisis or cook every possible gourmet dish (even though they mainly ate convenience store foods in their previous life). Even if they are born/transported in the worst conditions possible, they eventually become existences far superior to everyone else.

Well, that is not the case with Reika. Just because she read a lot... more>> of manga about rich girls, doesn't mean she has any advantages being one. Most of her common sense cannot be applied to the new environment and she doesn't remember more about school than most adults after 10-15 years. She has things she likes to do, but that doesn't mean she is good at them. She has to make an effort to become friends. And, because of that, she is very relatable.
But she is not a "constant comedic failure". She might not be perfect, but she is loved for a reason. She has plenty of good points (and strong points) and even though she is terrified of confrontations and generally avoids them, she can also stand up for others and bring peace (even if by force).

Another point in novels that often makes me cringe is when plot is sacrificed for the sake of some cheap love story, leaving you with unanswered questions and a sappy end. Only 1-3% love stories have plot that would still be interesting without the romance.

Reika-sama, on the other hand, actually sacrifices love for the plot. In a good way. Because she is not in love with the guys (like everyone else), she can see past their outwardly brilliance and meet their human side. "Normally", they would fall in love with her for not treating them like idols, but instead they just see her as a weird and funny acquaintance. Moreover,


Emperor genuinely falls in love with his "destined one" even though Reika didn't bully her (well, other girls did, but their relationship was the cause, not the result) - which I think is very sweet, because they weren't pushed together by circumstances and simply liked each other who they are.


And, of course, even though I was used to crappy translations (and thankful for them, too), reading this novel brought me pure joy, it was so neatly translated that I sometimes forgot it wasn't written in English. <<less
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meiberry rated it
January 25, 2017
Status: c294
Review on July 12, 2017 at chapter 292:

So I went and read the Chinese translations. The English translator, Estelion, is really an amazing translator. They (he?) also include extremely helpful explanatory references and I always appreciate the cute pictures of the food that everyone's eating... *phantom stomach gurgle* That said, they're really busy in life and with other translations, and I just couldn't wait anymore. If you know Chinese, I suggest you also relieve yourself and look for the collaborative fan translations on the tieba forums by googling the Chinese... more>> title: [ 谦虚踏实的生活下去吧 ].

Ya'll. I am so in love with Reika. She is such a damned coward and the distance she will go for food and for saving face honestly makes me secondhand blush in embarrassment... but Reika is a true blue friend and she works hard and she's just a really good kid. She has a truly "humble" attitude in life that's honestly kind of inspiring. She knows that there are a lot of people around her who are way more talented than her, more attractive, more graceful, cuter than her (LMAO I sound like I'm backhand complimenting her like one of her friends might in the story)... And yet she's just always honestly trying her best while following her own interests to the best of her capabilities. And she's a really respectful person who listens to people and where they come from. It's really cool.

When I read this story, I usually swing between two states: peaceful fascination or uncontrollable laughter. VERY occasionally, I get struck dumb by glimmers of emotional development. And when those rare moments of emotional development involve even rarer suggestions of developing romance between Reika and certain male characters, I get REALLY thrown off. Totally preoccupied with Reika's adorable daily antics, I always forget that this is a shoujo story. But this is a really special shoujo story. Like really special. And as you might have read in other reviews where people have read ahead:


292 chapters into this story... and Kisshouin Reika still has no true love life.... MY POOR BABY! I think that she deserves all the spring happiness she yearns for and yet all around her are these people with actual romantic developments while she's just doing her best to not be envious of all the fun everyone's having while in love. Remember her elementary [?] school fortune: "Future blessing." But just exactly HOW far off in the future is that love blessing...?! Will we ever get to read up to that point?! I truly feel for her... *cry*

I mean you soon understand the reasons why literally no boy at her school has ever dared to approach her with romantic intentions. Her girl friends cherish her maybe a bit too much... You can only just sympathize with Reika when she just sighs in hopelessness at her situation and yearns for the day she leaves Suiran's high school section and maybe finally go to gokon...

To be sure, there has been a very [like REALLY] large increase in interactions with male characters, especially Kaburagi and Enjou, but nothing has been really suggestive. If it's suggestive, it's really only our vain wishes. For sure, I always think that I want to read an Enjou perspective chapter, but even if I ever do, I think that it will still only be a chapter [albeit a really funny chapter] about how adorable Reika is, and there will be nothing particularly compelling about how anyone feels. *grumble*...


To summarize the core of my reading experience of Kenkyo Kenjitsu, I'll say this: as a reader with already impossibly low expectations about Reika's romantic prospects, the moment I perk up my ears at the slightest hint of a romantic development, the author immediately smacks me in the face like, "Hahhh! What do you think this is? A Kdrama? You fool..."

I honestly can't say that I know what will happen. I really just don't know. This story has surprised me too often (usually in a funny way). And other readers who speak too definitely could very well just end up getting smacked in the face by the author. But despite the utterly perplexing drought in romance, this shoujo fan is still devouring refreshing chapter after refreshing chapter about the adorable Reika's life...

January 25, 2017 review (~chapter 90s?) :


I adore this. It's hilarious. This is around my third or fourth "otome transmigration into the body of the evil rival" story though it's actually a transmigration into a shoujo manga rather than a game. But I adore it. I think Reika is totally hilarious and adorable. She has a ton of interesting friends, and she herself is super fun and sweet. I hope that her high school days aren't hectic.

Oddly my favorite male characters are Onii-chan and Akisawa-kun, guys that she can't possibly end up with. But that's alright. I came here for the possibility of a romance, but I stayed for Reika. I think that eventually this will turn into a romance, though, between the more obvious characters, but it's just a matter of how that will happen.

The translator Oniichanyamete is GREAT. Excellent translation!

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renuac rated it
March 28, 2016
Status: --
Review as of chapter 58.

A normal girl gets reincarnated as an aristocratic (or at least, the next-best thing to an aristocratic) villain, except that for once she isn’t reborn into a game world but into a somewhat old-school shoujo manga. The story manages to be both mellow and surprisingly fast-paced as we follow Reika’s progress through the school years. The chapters are usually grouped into short, fairly self-contained story arcs and the slightly jerky narrative tumbles on cheerfully from one episode to the next. While there is always the looming... more>> presence of the manga’s original story which binds the whole together, this isn’t a story with a grand, complex, overreaching plot. Reading this is like gorging on the snacks Reika loves so much: it’s light, fun, addictive and always leaves you hungry for more.

As often seems to be the case with these stories, the first chapters are the weakest as they go through the hackneyed motions of establishing the premise. Here, a small child suddenly has the mind-set of a teenager, all trace of young Reika’s former personality is wiped out and she spends such a large part of her time harking back to her former life and worrying about the future pitfalls in this one that for quite a long time, she seems utterly disconnected from her surroundings. While that is obviously a large part of the comedy of her situation, it was initially handled in such a way that I found it heavy-handed and jarring. That was probably the intention though and the author does eventually address the issue of this disconnect. From then on, Reika feels much better grounded in her current life and is more well-rounded character for it. Which is good, since she carries most of the story. While there is an increasingly large cast of fairly varied characters, the first-person narrative means that most of them have only received superficial and/or sporadic development. Very occasionally, chapters will shift to other characters’ perspectives, to great comedic effect. I personally wish that we had more of these perspective shifts as they add a lot to the other characters, but the fact that we don’t isn’t really something that I can hold against the author since she has chosen to focus on Reika’s decidedly skewed perspective.

And Reika really does develop into a charming character. She was likeable from the start, but as the story progresses, she becomes more nuanced and more confident in her role, while still retaining her own unique goofiness and her insecurities as a young girl growing up. I defy anyone not to find her extremely endearing. At this point, reading a new chapter feels like receiving a letter from an old friend.

Finally, one thing that deserves special mention is the quality of the writing in English. There a few to no awkward turns of phrase and while a number of Japanese words have been left in, this very much feels like a conscious decision by a translator who knows what they are doing. (And really, how could the story feel the same without the “oniisama”s?) <<less
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saekicchi rated it
July 23, 2016
Status: c254
This is such a heartwarming and entertaining story. Really slow-paced since the story starts from grade school. Major developments rarely happen but if they do, they're really shocking/satisfying/endearing. It's mostly focused on friendships and as for romance,


No clear pairing for Reika and Wakaba (game Heroine) yet. In these kinds of stories, one would expect it to be Enjou/Reika but so far, I'm afraid this story is leaning towards Masaya/Reika (or maybe that's just me?) since they have so many (typical shoujo manga) moments together. I've watched a lot of romance stories so I know that it's very, very easy for the author to go down the Masaya/Reika route. Masaya/Wakaba is not developing either and guys who use bridges in romance usually ends up with the bridge (Reika). With how the story's developing so far, I think that I won't be opposed to it.


Which is why I love the author's writing style and how the plot is being developed. There are so many possible endings but with the current flow of the story, I think it would be an acceptable ending no matter what route the author chooses.

Definitely worth reading! Let us join Reika-sama as she establishes her religion!
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Sirena200 rated it
April 14, 2017
Status: c88
This I boring. The plot revolves around the everyday life of an extremely normal girl. She is not especially smart or good at sport and she possess no remarkable talent or ability. Her personality differs from the other rich ladies, but it isn't anything special. It's tiring to hear her rant about food all the time and she is so self-conscious that it's annoying. She cowardly avoids confrontation, allows others to take advantage of her and she never speaks her thoughts. It's understandable since she has to consider her status,... more>> reputation and the expectation of others, but it's still frustrating. Well, I should have expected it, when I saw "Slice of Life". <<less
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January 16, 2021
Status: c299
Even though I know that I will never see the end of this work, I am still happy to have read it. Reika is the most fun character I've ever seen.
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millenialBoomerWeeaboo rated it
July 19, 2019
Status: c229
This review is targeted towards male readers.

I'm a guy who reads mostly hard SF and yet, here I am giving this five stars. I went and decided to pick Japanese back up just so that I can get read the source more quickly.

This is the thesis of my review: the main character is top waifu. Since the story is about her going through her reincarnated life, this is a critical point. With that out of the way, let's talk about why it's worth your time reading about Reika Kisshouin:

  1. She is reincarnated as a villainess in an otome game set in modern japan... but aside from doing the obvious to avoid the bad end routes, she gets no advantages from a past life. In fact, the past life gives her considerable emotional damage.
  2. The people around her are all significantly naturally more capable than she is. In terms of your standard isekai tr*sh ranking system, this is what we'd call a "low spec" body. She sometimes manages to get into the class rankings (only the top 30 are displayed at her school) through significant effort. She sucks at sports, but works hard to be "average." Her romantic life is the exact opposite of what you'd expect an otome heroine to go through and every inch she gains is filled with blood, sweat, and tears (all literal). The one thing she got is that she's a rich family's only daughter.
  3. Speaking of rich, she is an ojousama type who, despite being the daughter of a working class family in her previous life, still makes an effort to appear the part. This goes to the point where the only working class sensibilities to survive the reincarnation are love of junk food and (partial) immunity to 'rich person disease' (where all sense of money is warped on a completely different scale). This creates great situations all throughout the story, especially in the high school arc, where she has forgotten a lot of what it means to be working class having lived in rich society for so long. Her character's reactions to these are "Great Stuff."
  4. She gets fat easily. Often. Every other chapter she's worrying about it. This is great because it's portrayed as an important conflict. Given her lack of luck with romance, she works HARD at it despite her terrible physical specs. Given your standard reincarnator who can run a 40 yard sprint in half a second without sweating, this is abnormal. What surprised me is how endearing it is. Because she works hard to lose weight and keep it off (all the while getting made fun of and teased for it by those who know her well enough), it gives her this odd sense of reality that makes her all the more charming.
  5. Inner monologues: jap novels are famous for these and Reika doesn't disappoint. The comedy is hilarious and is often filled with "Greek Tragedy" moments where the audience knows more than Reika does. Her reactions to her wins and defeats are comedy gold.
  6. "Action" scenes without action. Lack of action in an action scene; I never would have believed it. Folding fans are dangerous weapons. You'll have to read it to believe it. Hilarious. Moving. I applauded while reading.
  7. Love interests:

    She constantly loses in love. She is so unapproachable due to her position that normie tr*sh won't even try it and the only other suitable targets all already have love targets of their own. Hopefully, things develop so the more entertaining brohans fall for her and likewise, but in the meantime, it's edge of your seat "will this bloom into something more?!" fare. Great stuff.

I can't recommend this series enough to those who are on the lookout for top waifu material. She'll heal your heart through her antics.
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savahn rated it
April 22, 2017
Status: c88
Let me be honest, one of the biggest reasons I am reading this light novel is because of Estelion. Among the best translators out there based on Japanese-English approximations (when there is no direct translations from Japanese, he uses an equivalent English version or best fit) and knowledge of Japanese culture (plus willingness to take the time putting the necessary explanations before going into the chapter)

The other big reasons I'm reading this blog:
1. Female protagonist who is a total commoner ditz but somehow manages to come off as a total bourgie rich lady.
2. Totally NOT the type of novel with incredibly capable protagonist (well, usually in these novels the protag tends to be OP) - she isn't super intelligent and has to study like the rest of us to get good grades, struggles with food and dieting, gets stressed out over little things (and eats junk food and desserts to de-stress), is a coward, is totally unlucky (gets bombed by birds), and often we can relate to her as a real person with real problems; that is, real problems in a total bishoujo type game.
3. This is one of those really light reads that requires very little brain power but is somehow addictive - like chips (crisps). You pop the bag and nom-nom-nom-omg-its-finished.
4. I really really enjoyed this story despite it being rather shallow and silly at times.

Not recommended if you do not like the shoujo-genre.
Not recommended if you do not like the shoujo-game genre.
Not recommended if you do not like high school drama type novels.
There is no OP protagonist; she's a total normie except for her family background.
There is no magic or sci-fi or super powers involved.
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Aurinne rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: c227
(5 stars is for how much I genuinely enjoy reading this, personally, not an attempt to influence anyone else or the overall rating. It's very hard to get that fifth star from me - so far, this is the only one.)

This is a laid-back little gem that I'm glad I stuck with through the initial chapters. I didn't find them boring, ever - but I was expecting it to rush through from the time of her remembering her previous life/recognising she's living a story until the time in... more>> high school, where all the drama "originally" happened. Instead, the story properly follows her life, practically month-to-month, year-to-year through primary and middle school. It sounds boring, but the MC is a product of her current ojou-sama upbringing and her previous "commoner", ordinary life - watching her earnestly try to live up to the expectations of her current elite environment while having the same kind of ordinary (or timid or lazy) feelings and thoughts any of us would have is part of the charm of this story.

We get to watch her relationships with the characters around her grow gently - her elite classmates, the two princes of the school (and no, they don't become close, nor is this a harem story), people she befriends outside of her narrow social circle etc. I like the balance of insight and cluelessness the MC has - I think it's very realistic: sometimes she's very quick to notice or pick up on things, especially when it's about other people, and sometimes she's less aware, especially about herself. I don't think she's a s*upid character, but she's a character of very normal, unexceptional intelligence.

The main reason I like this story so much is that the whole thing is written as if the author has a little twinkle in their eye. It's just amusing. It's endearing. It's not boisterously exciting, but I'm always gently entertained.

In summary: the translation is very good; the plot/content is light-weight but intelligent; the writing style is easy to read and entertaining. It very much suits my personal taste - but it is laid-back. If you're thinking of trying it, be prepared to read quite a few chapters before you really get into the groove/style of the story. <<less
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LouCatMi rated it
November 22, 2016
Status: c197
~As of c79, November 22, 2016~
When I first saw its title, I thought: Meh. Might as well try it. I picked up this novel for the sake of having something to read while I wait for the updates of others but I ended up being attached to it.

The characters have depth to them. They felt like real people who have both their good sides and bad sides as well as the different masks they show to different people. I love how there really are character developments.

Since the very beginning, I have thought that this story has a very light tone. I love how the pace is fast yet relaxing as you read it. I love how the school drama is present yet it doesn't feel too intense and overly dramatic especially when MC is involved.

I find myself looking forward to reading this every time even though I'm used to action-packed adventure stories. I find this story greatly enjoyable; a great read; totally recommended!

~As of c197, January 21, 2017~
The translations are super slow for me, though I can understand why because of their numerous project and also stuff IRL, but I could not wait any longer and started reading the raws. But I'll say this. Translator-san, Good job!

The translations really justify how good the original material is and properly transmits the jokes and puns. Maybe not all, but most of them are properly transmitted and are actually funny. Plus, he puts the necessary references in his translations which really helps.

Although I am saying that the translator is skilled, this novel actually is good by itself even in the raws. I love the writing style of the author; how the characters have consistency; how the point of views really establish the world through Reika's eyes and also through the eyes of those around her.

As I mentioned before, this novel has a great characterization. The MC is not a Mary Sue, nor is the heroine. Each of the characters have distinct personalities and they just leave an impression on you as if they were real people.

The story is. super. slow. paced. The chapters from primary school up to middle school number up to over 70, but high school arc's chapters numbers almost 200. High school. arc. itself. is. 200. Can you imagine that? I know good novels get extended (do they?) and are often sprinkled with fillers all around and I'm not complaining (I am not... really!) because I can read more.

I am just frustrated at the fact that major developments seldom happen. And when they do, most of the time, I'm happy but I've also been shocked and or or frustrated at the plot twists that often occur.


My ships often get sunk. Reika and Akizawa-kuuuu~n!!!! Although I've come to terms with it and have accepted Sakurako... And also Ichinokura Haruto... I hate her girlfriend. Just when I thought Reika was going down the older man route...

Well, I'm leaning to the Enjou side for now. Although I can't give my full support to him since I don't know what he's thinking and often end up assuming that he's just a scheming bastard (just like Reika does) but
he may also unexpectedly just be a gentleman. Although this one time I did think that he just used Yukino-kun as an excuse to talk about Valentine's day with Reika and spread some rumors (indirectly).

Above all, the most I am frustrated about is how Reika still has no boyfriend!!! I understand that it's the setting but... I feel sorry for her. Do all men in this novel's world have no backbone?! Enjou, if you actually like her, just spit it out!!! Reika's so pretty and elegant (outwardly). Even if she's called the "Unreachable Flower", there ought to be atleast 1 in 10, 000 who has some feelings for her! *sigh


And enough ranting, through all of these frustrations, it just shows how attached I have become to this particular light novel. Sure, the pace is slow and frustrating but it just keeps me coming back for more. And the story actually is interesting in itself.

To sum it up, great translator, great story, great characters, (not-so) great pace, but still 5 stars. Would you believe me if I told you that as of now, this light novel, Kenkyo Kenjitsu, is 2nd in place in the rankings of Syosetu itself, just below Mushoku Tensei. It even went past Arifureta at 4th, Slime datta ken at 5th, and Death March at 7th.
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linnil rated it
December 25, 2015
Status: --
This is a very funny and interesting story!
This girl (MC) has such a moe gape!! She has the appearence of Ojou-sama but inside is a super commoner!!

You can have fun shipping her with many male character!! (Even though that ship will go to other Uwaa~)
You can say this is such a comedy and healing story!!
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Kurousagirei rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c108
Meh. It's not bad and it had the potential to be really good but the fact that the main character has the personality of a bowl of plain white yogurt just....... I get she's She supposed to be a normal girl but her personality goes way below normal and past wallflower to plain plaster. She's just so bland. The side characters are way more interesting than her utterly inane thoughts. She's a coward that completely avoids any and all confrontation. Even when someone is making her life hell she doesn't... more>> have the nerve to tell them to stop. She won't even speak up for herself when she's misunderstood (The misunderstandings stopped being funny a whole back too). Its frustrating how much of a jellyfish the MC is. It's like her spine migrated to her brain and decided to stay there permanently because she can think snarky thoughts and complains in her head but that's all she ever does. Sure she has a reputation as an ojousama to keep but that also means not being a total doormat.

She only ever made a move ONCE when it got sooo bad she absolutely had to. The fact that not one of her peers has noticed that she's a total pushover yet is only possible by the will of the mighty author.

If you can't stand novels with spineless MCs (which sadly seems to be the trend in jnovels these days) then stay faaaar away from this.

She's so self conscious, and that's okay I guess, but it stopped being funny and relatable a loooong while back. Now it's like the entire story revolves around her yoyoing weight. She's probably the most disappointing character in the story and that makes me sad.

There was so much potential, and a lot of it was met...... right up until you get to Reika -___-.

There's also the fact that what I assume to be the male lead is a douchebag in dire need of a punch to the f*cking face. Enjou is just as much of an as*hole too. Completely unlikable enough to both tie for second place as the worst character followed by Kisshouin Kuraage-sama (jellyfish-sama). I'm pretty sure that there's an otome game storyline somewhere in there that involved them but it got lost faster than you could say "mundane". If the plot with otome game was stripped from the synopsis it would leave what seems to be Reika's (inane as hell) daily blog. The stars on this story's rating would just start to fall magnificently.

The best part of this novel was easily the flawless translation which deserves a huge thumbs up followed by those side characters. Some of them were interesting enough to replace the actual MC. -___- <<less
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Edonis rated it
May 4, 2016
Status: --
I picked this up for shits and giggles since I usually read XianXias, but this turned out much better than I expected.

The MC is a bit on the dumb side but that’s part of what makes the novel worth reading due to her interactions with the other characters. It has an interesting type of first person that makes it similar to kumo. 5/5 would read again
24 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
VelhoDit rated it
June 6, 2016
Status: c68
If you are a guy and is thinking, "what this novel have such rate.... maybe I should read, but it's a shoujo novel...", this review is for you:

I had the same though on this novel, because I'm into comedy, harem, action. Well I'm kinda tired of sh*t harem novel (there are few really good) and kenkyo kenjitsu is basically a comedy novel it is really funny and interesting why did thought: "it's not my type..." and "this one is for girls".... sh*t I want more chapters!! *-*
23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yazmin10101 rated it
January 15, 2021
Status: c299
I love Reika sama she brought Joy to my heart to the point I finished the chapters hoping she would find a prince.


and am sad I will never know who her prince is, truly the chief of the forever alone village. : (

22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fisheye rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: c299
It's been a fun ride. Although it ended in a hiatus, it doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed the read all the way.

Although this might be a stretch to ask, I hope I can continue reading this simple joy of a novel in the future.
21 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
KKristen rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c198
I don't have the time to write a full review now, so I'll update this later.

For now, what you need to know is:

  • This is one of the most fun and endearing otome-game novels I've ever read. Ever.
  • Even though I usually prefer historical or fantasy (I don't really prefer novels set in high school or the modern world), this was still super entertaining.
  • This is written so well. The character development is gradual and subtle. It's like a slice-of-life but with lively and well-timed pacing. 200 chapters and I still can't guess who the final love interest will be, but instead of bothering me, it's more believable and realistic.
  • The translation quality is excellent.
To be continued...
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sooae rated it
January 4, 2017
Status: c86
I registered for novelupdates just so I can give this light novel a 5/5; that's how good it is.

While waiting for the new translated chapters to come out, I have reread this light novel about 3-4 times now, and it just never gets old. The story line is slow, but each chapter is enjoyable to read. This is due to the translator, who does a fantastic job of conveying the all the nuances and background information needed to enjoy and understand the novel a little bit better for non-Japanese readers... more>> like me. All the food pictures translator-san attaches are brownie points. I love how the MC is not an OP character. After all, from the words of Reika's oni-sama, "s*upid kids are cuter". <<less
20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Delaura rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: --
MC is full of flaws. I think she is just a normal girl in abnormal society.

Almost everybody likes MC even when they see her as a weirdo. Seriously, she need a boyfriend. But it's ironic...

... more>>

If she get herself a boyfriend, she will be free from Emperor. BUT.... her followers are overprotective, and hoping MC will become Emperor's or best friend-kun's girlfriend. On top of that, I'm sure nobody have the guts (even tho the boys admire her), because Emperor and best friend-kun almost... ALWAYS around her.

I don't know... I don't have fav ship.

I like the stalker Emperor. He is adorable. With Reika nor Wakaba, hopefully no more brokenhearted for him. With Reika or Wakaba, surely his girlfriend will be a happy princess. If MC get together with him, its gonna be funny.

I like black belly prince (best friend-kun). He is mysterious. More importantly, he knew how to handle MC. If they get together, it's gonna be interesting.

I like the student council prez. He's just lovable. If they get together, happy ending will come sooner, haha... I mean... there's no heavy rival, right?

And finally, I am super curious with library boy (temp-Naru).

Well... even Imari is fine. With Reika, life is never a calm lake, he won't cheat on her... probably. And sure oniisama will be there. I knew, Imari already gave half of his heart to the sibling.

Reika had her first love and first one sided love. She need her first date (a REAL one), and of course her first boyfriend. And may be, a first break up.

Author... she is a high school girl alright? Give her a love life already...!


Family, sibling, friendship, school... even gourmet story. Romance, thriller, comedy, even horror feeling.

Ahh... this novel just all in one. I love it. <<less
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