Stars Twinkle In Tomorrow World


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In a “ruined world” begins the adventures of two girls.

A girl who because of some special circumstances was branded a “witch”, Yuki Minato.

Even now that she’s in high school, her dark days are still not over.

But on the second day of school, the world ended.

The streets are now filled with lifeless beings, moving corpses, as humanity’s end approaches.

A month later, Yuki managed to survive with a familiar and “magic” left by her missing father,.

One day, to replenish supplies, She went into the streets filled with moving corpses.

On her way back, she heard a gunshot.

Even though right now there’s no one in town that’s worth saving, in the past there was a kind girl she was close to.

Remembering that girl, Minato decides to help the owner of the gun shot.

When she arrives, in front of her was that girl, Honoka Sakaki.

For Honoka’s goal, the two decided to work together, but…

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Asu no Sekai de Hoshi wa Kirameku
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12/24/21 Goon Squad v2c3 part5
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11/29/21 Goon Squad v2c3 part3
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10/18/21 Goon Squad v2c3 part1
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09/18/21 Goon Squad v2c2 part3
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09/11/21 Goon Squad v2c1 part5
09/09/21 Goon Squad v2c1 part4
09/04/21 Goon Squad v2c1 part3
08/30/21 Goon Squad v2c1 part2
08/25/21 Goon Squad v2c1 part1
08/21/21 Goon Squad v2 prologue +...
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: c1
This one seems like it's worth a look. The translation reads well and the opening conveys a very bleak picture. The author's use of first person nicely amplifies the depressing setting. Finally there is the promise of much much more to the world. Definitely a solid start.

Potential problems: It's the English translation of a Chinese translation of a Japanese light novel, that has a pretty good chance of never going past volume 2 chapter 2. While the chapter translation is well done, the synopsis and title look like they were... more>> done by monkeys. So, the quality may not be very stable. If these aren't dealbreakers this may well be a great read <<less
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