Butsuriteki ni Koritsu shiteiru Ore no Koukou Seikatsu


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A romance comedy as experienced by a loser of an ability user! Hagure Narihira is a second year in a special high school for special ability users. He has no friends. This is all caused by the ability he has– “Drain” –which makes him unconsciously drain the energy of people in a 1 meter radius around him. He doesn’t seem to have a chance at being popular. Or have any friends. His seat is set at the back of the class. Red tape marks a 1 meter distance around him. The bottom of the social ladder? No, he’s completely off it. “Even people with weirder powers like shape changing have friends! How is this world so unfair?!” As his woes started to reach a boiling point, he met the infamous, aloof, sharp-tongued Ice Princess–– Takawashi Enju. By some weird twist of fate, he discovers her secret and agrees to form an *alliance*. He begins to suspect that birds of a feather maybe shouldn’t always flock together…. These two loners soon discover that they’re not the only ones…. It’s a superpowered school life of loners cursed by their powers!

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One entry per line
My High School Life Is Physically Isolated
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09/11/23 CClaw Translations v1c4
08/08/23 CClaw Translations v1c3
07/25/23 CClaw Translations v1c2
07/11/23 CClaw Translations v1c1
07/11/23 CClaw Translations v1 illustrations
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