Chitose-kun wa Ramune Bin no Naka


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As far as normies go, it’s hard to beat Saku Chitose. The most popular kid in his high school? Check.

An ironclad reputation that can weather even vicious online attacks? Check.

A friend group that’s as attractive on the outside as they are on the inside? Check.

But when a teacher asks Saku to help reacclimate a student who been shut away in his room for months to school life, his perfect world will never be the same.

What is this, some kinda normie harem story?

Associated Names
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Chitose Is In The Ramune Bottle
Chitose trong chai Ramune
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09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part14
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part13
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part12
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part11
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part10
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part9
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part8
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part7
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part6
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part5
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part4
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part3
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part2
09/17/22 PlebianTranslation v4c2 part1
08/19/22 PlebianTranslation v4c1 part16
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Derailed rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: --
Wow, this is so good!! Seriously, first Tomozaki and now this one, we are blessed with good works in the genre nowadays. Characters feel solid and their interactions are hilarious. I think I've always waited for this type of riajuu MC. Can't wait to read more!!
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SkittleSenator rated it
March 29, 2022
Status: v1
Not really sure what all the hype about this has been in recent years. The MC and themes felt quite shallow and the focus on riajuu vs. Non-riajuu class dynamics seemed very artificial. Like someone who doesn't know how real people interact wrote it. Half the book felt like it was spent on clothes-shopping. All that 'life advice' was a real bore to get through.

Maybe it's popular especially in Japan, since it's almost like a 'how to change from hikikomori to chad" guidebook.
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Teddy623 rated it
April 24, 2022
Status: v6.5
This is truly a masterpiece for me.
This is my first review, please take a grain of salt.

This is one of the best LN I have seen. If you don't like the first arc which is helping the otaku get back to school, please don't drop this LN. The first volume of showing the main male character Chitose who is a riajuu, somewhat narcissistic, and some more personalities that you might not like at first. However, this only shows the surface which the story will develop much much better after.... more>> This series also did a very great job in showing characters' emotions, their inside thought, and things that they struggled with as well as some wonderful dialogues. Each volume has a main girl and the drama surrounding her, which is very enjoyable I would say.

The art is amazing, just google it, nothing really to say.

The characters are all very likable I would say, they all have their own personality, and each of them has a different point of view on things. The good character design leads the story to be more interesting. The development of each character is very good.

Overall, I think this is very enjoyable and I hope everyone should at least read the first three volumes and decided to drop it or not. In my opinion, this is one of the best romances, and dramas I have seen. You should definitely try reading it first, never judge too early.

Thanks for reading! Any feedback will be much appreciated :) <<less
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reftyx rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: v2
Its a very fun read. I'm very impressed with the writing so far. The interactions between the main cast didn't once felt boring and are very funny. And the author really knows how to turn it up with the major scenes. Plus the MC isn't just some shallow chad MC. Sure he might look that way in the first volume but he's given more characterization and depth later on. It's the same for the other people in his group. That's what I love about this novel. With the romcom genre... more>> being saturated with the same stuff again and again, this novel felt like a breath of fresh air. Definitely recommend to read and can't wait for more! <<less
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