Takane-san, Kimi no Koto Sukirashii yo


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Kengo Mashima, the discipline committee president, hears a rumor from an unknown source ……

The rumor came from Takane-san herself, who wants Mashima-kun to be interested in her!

But the overly serious Mashima-kun doesn’t get it……
Takane-san, is it true that you have feelings for me?

“W-…why are you asking me that ……!?”

In fact, Mashima also likes Takane.

The unrequited love comedy between a serious disciplinary committee member and the school’s most beautiful girl.

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Takane-san Seems to Have a Crush On You
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/19/23 ElloMTL v1 epilogue
11/18/23 ElloMTL c6 part2
10/30/23 ElloMTL c6 part1
10/23/23 ElloMTL c5 part5
10/22/23 ElloMTL c5 part4
10/07/23 ElloMTL c5 part3
07/22/23 ElloMTL c5 part2
06/23/23 ElloMTL c5 part1
04/14/23 ElloMTL c4 part3
01/23/23 ElloMTL c4 part2
11/12/22 ElloMTL c4 part1
10/28/22 ElloMTL c3 part3
10/23/22 ElloMTL c3 part2
09/13/22 ElloMTL c3 part1
08/28/22 ElloMTL c2 part2
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Shut it
Shut it rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: --
sweet, way to sweet that I might get diabetes after read this novel! Highly recommend for anyone who looking for a good romcom with little to no drama and only focus on cute interactions between MC and FMC.
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