I Want to be Your Tears


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This was a story that began and ended with tears.

Yakumo Saegusa, a boy who lost his mother to a strange disease, the “Chloride Blight,” in which the whole body slowly turns into salt and crumbles, met a girl in the music room.

She was a beautiful and gifted piano player named Yuzuki Igarashi. Her delicate fingers were capable of both piano and wring bullies. She struggled to live up to her mother’s excessive expectations in the dark while presenting a strong front. Yakumo, who had seen Yuzuki in all her various forms from a distance closer than anyone else, was unknowingly drawn to her.

Graduating from elementary school, Yuzuki grew more beautiful and charming, and by then, became the object of people’s love and admiration. By the time she entered high school, Yuzuki, already a professional pianist, left for Italy to learn her craft. Yakumo, acutely aware of the overwhelming difference between him, a nobody, and Yuzuki, an international pianist. Eventually, he began to write a novel.

His reunion with her came suddenly one day—and that reunion would come to change his destiny forever.

This was a story that began and ended with tears.

Grand Prize of the 16th Shogakukan Light Novel Award.

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Watashi wa Anata no Namida ni Naritai
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08/04/23 Travis Translations v1c8 part1
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sugar_baby_bitch rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: v1 prologue part1
Based on the synopsis (it's beautifully written and translated by the way), I think we can already guess the ending. "This was a story that began and ended with tears." The description of the novel also started and ended with this very sentence. I'm going to wait for the chapters to pile up because I think the reading experience is better if I do this in one sitting. Travis Translations, you better not disappoint me by removing this work from your site. At least, tell us the details before it's... more>> gone.

For example:

a.) Tell us if the translation of the novel will continue after being deleted.

2.) Inform us who will translate it and the name or link of their site.

Anyway, if I ever finish this novel once it's completed, I am proud to say...

Thank you for the experience you bestowed upon me (for whatever reasons). <<less
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