Kimi wa Hontouni Boku no Tenshi nano ka


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A fake relationship with my favorite idol!?

Akira Sezai, the perfect idol.

She was my last hope, given that all the idols I admired were gradually stepping away due to issues ranging from revelations about boyfriends to allegations of harassment.

I told myself that she’s the final idol I’ll be supporting.

Suffering from gynophobia, getting physically close to a woman would make me ill. But I mustered up the courage to attend Akira’s handshake event.

Despite my nervousness and stammering, something unusual happened that night—Akira, for some reason, barged into my house.

“Will you be my boyfriend?”

With her words, my everyday life dramatically changed. Her off-stage persona, which I had never witnessed before, gradually revealed itself to me.

However, she had a purpose other than just becoming lovers.

Just by spending time with the idol I merely admired, I found myself gazing at her dazzling brilliance and the abyss that lay beneath her.

I’m afraid of women, but at the same time, I yearn for them. And while shining as an idol, Akira seems to be heading for destruction.

What lies ahead of us as we pretend to be lovers?

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Are You Really My Angel?
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