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Group Releases
Date Title Release
04/18/21 Zombie Apocalypse c219
04/18/21 The Last Rock Emperor c219
04/18/21 Gossip King c219
04/18/21 Limitless Sword God c219
04/18/21 Nine Stars Killer c277
04/18/21 Supreme Martial Artist c277
04/18/21 The Great Wild God c277
04/18/21 Killing God c277
04/18/21 Online Game: The King of the New World c277
04/18/21 Revenge of the First Daughter c305
04/18/21 Run Away from My Honey a Thousand Times c305
04/18/21 Evil Doctor Princess c305
04/18/21 The Sacred Ding c413
04/18/21 Horror University c413
04/18/21 Rule the Roost in the Tang Dynasty c418.413
04/18/21 Warrior in Turbulent Han Dynasty c413
04/18/21 Edge of the Apocalypse c413
04/18/21 The Soldier of the Ming Dynasty c413
04/18/21 Online Game: I Am the One c413
04/18/21 Princess Agent: The Sweet Country Girl’s Way to Glory c413
04/17/21 Love Affairs in Chang’an c217
04/17/21 The Immortal Wild God c217
04/17/21 Zombie Apocalypse c217
04/17/21 The Last Rock Emperor c217
04/17/21 Gossip King c217
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